Ron Paul: Cut Foreign Aid, Unshackle Israel, Leave Iran Alone


News Anchor: Well, the candidates last night did not just focus on President Obama or the economy. Listen to this exchange when Rick Santorum and Congressman Ron Paul mixed it up over Iran.

Ron Paul: Here we are building up this case just like we did with Iraq; build up the war propaganda. There was no Al-Qaida in Iraq and they had nuclear weapons and we had to go in, I’m sure you supported that war as well. It’s time we quit this, it’s trillions of dollars we’re spending on these wars.

News Anchor: Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul joins us now. Congressman, I want to read you a quote from Charlie Cook, the noted author of the Cook Political Report. He writes about you in the National Journal today, “Perhaps only Ron Paul had no need to prove anything; he has always marched to the beat of his own drum and runs a campaign more about promoting his libertarian views than winning the White House.” How do you respond?

Ron Paul: Well, I think it’s a pretty good position because I think you should go for the person who has principles and believes in them. If you noticed last night, most of the other candidates were all challenged for their flip-flopping, and rightfully so, they should be challenged. But I was never given a question about flip-flopping because they know where I stand. But it is true, if you’re a philosophic candidate, it can be just philosophy. It just happens that the philosophy of this country is shifting, and it’s shifting in the direction of the constitution, limited government, a foreign policy that is different, balancing our budget, having sound money. So I would say it’s coming together, the philosophy is coming together with the political change. And we’ve talked about this even 4 years ago, it was coined as a revolution, and it is an intellectual revolution, and I’m proud to be very much a part of it.

News Anchor: Our viewers ask better questions than I do, so let me get right to some of them, talking about where you stand. Don Peterson in Hemet, California wants to know, “Where does Mr. Paul stand on Israel? He seems to have dodged the question everything he’s been asked.”

Ron Paul: I disagree with him, because I don’t. We should be friends with Israel, and I don’t think we do a very good job at it. But I don’t think giving money to our friends is the right thing to do. I’m against all foreign aid, and if we cut out all the foreign aid today we would cut out 7 times more foreign aid from the enemies of Israel. But I wouldn’t give foreign aid to Israel. I want Israel to have their own national sovereignty. I don’t want them to depend on us either for the money which socializes their economy and they’re in financial trouble as well, and I don’t want them to depend on us to tell them how to draw up their peace treaties or what to do with their borders. So yes, we should have friendship with them, we should trade with them, but total dependence on United States and on our money is a bad risk for them because we’re in bankruptcy. We’re not going to be there forever, we are going to come home and I think their dependency on us is very, very harmful to them.

News Anchor: This question comes from John in Amana, Iowa and it relates to that argument that you got into with Senator Santorum: “When Iran has a nuclear weapon,” he asks, “and attacks Israel with it, how will President Paul respond?”

Ron Paul: Well, Israel has 300 of them, so you think Iran is going to attack them with a weapon that they don’t have? And our own CIA says that there is no concrete evidence that they’re actually building on it. So we are going to turn the world upside down and attack Iran because someday they might have a nuclear weapon. And yet our leaders talked to the Chinese as well as the Soviets when they had thousands and thousands of nuclear weapons. I don’t think it makes any sense to take on Iran and fight them, and that’s essentially what some people want to do, they say that we have to have another war. Even Robert Gates after getting out of the position of Secretary of Defense is saying, “Anybody who thinks we need another war needs their head examined.” And that’s the way I feel about it. The Iranians are a third-world nation, they don’t have an army or a navy of any sort, they don’t have intercontinental ballistic missiles, and a country that has all that oil in their country and they can’t even produce enough gasoline and they have to depend on importing gasoline, and we’re supposed to build up war fever and go to war over this? I don’t think for a minute that if they got those weapons, they would dare think about attacking Israel. Israel would take care of them, especially if they had no restraints from us, they would take care of them in minutes; it’s not going to happen, it’s all war propaganda.

News Anchor: Alright, on that topic, a writer named “Political Tool” says, “Here’s a question for Ron Paul; does he really believe letting Iran develop a nuke is okay? His isolationist ideas are fantasy.” Your response?

Ron Paul: I’m not an isolationist, I’m a free-trader. The isolationist are the ones who won’t even trade with Cuba, and they’re the ones who want to put on sanctions, they want to isolate these countries and they always use sanctions. So I think that’s wrong, our founders advised us that we trade with people and be friends with as many as are willing to accept our friendship. And we’re doing the opposite, we get involved in these entangling alliances, we go to war under NATO and the United Nations. And, like I said, there are nuclear weapons all over place over there. If you’re an Iranian, I’m sure you would say, “Oh, it’s in our best interest, we ought to gain some respect because if we have a weapon, maybe they might not attack us.” But they’re surrounded by nuclear weapons; Israel, India, Pakistan, China, United States, Russia; they all have these nuclear weapons and they barely think about it. When they try to enrich for peaceful purposes, they get condemned for it. So yes, there’s a lot of bad people over there, there’s a lot of violent people around the world, but believe me, the Iranians don’t have a tradition of sending troops and invading countries 6000 miles from their shores and occupying another country. Matter of fact, they’re pretty respectful of their borders and the wars they got into in the 1980s was because we instigated the Iraqis to go into Iran. So I would say a good assessment of that would give you a better appreciation of their position.

News Anchor: Alright, Congressman, we have time for a couple more questions.

  • Ernie Mink

    I support Ron Paul 100 percent, regardless of anyone who tries to put him down or spread misinformation. His stand on cutting off foreign aid and wanting to expose the deception of September 11, 1991 and September 11, 2001 is so important. People are waking up to the fact that this was an inside job both nationally and internationally, and there are proven facts to support this overall no matter what the guilty people behind all of this corruption tries to hide. The real truth is coming out in the wash. It is truly heartbreaking and tragic that 4,500 plus troups and many victims of 9/11 have died or are suffering because of this. How cruel and evil are some people!!!!!! I am a Christian and I know full well what the Bible says about evil, satan/lucifer and unholy wars like we had in the past 200 plus years. They are NOT about your freedom and NOT about true Christianity. They were NOT about terrorism either. The true terrorists lurk in the background, even in our own shadow U.S. government, now connected to a one world government. They do NOT care about you and they hate Jesus Christ, aka the God of love and creation. It is time we stop supporting these evil wars and put the funds back in our own country. Ron Paul for President!

  • Why is Israel so crucial to Americas survival? I am sure the worlds only superpower/hyperpower will do fine without a few hews in sand in Israel infact Israel is a burden on you Americans dont bring yourself down to the Zionist level free yourself! LET YOUR PEOPLE GO!!

  • It is time for the Americans to wake up and rule their own country rather than letting power hungry people . ron paul he looks like to be the WISE MAN out of the whole of America. America is not far from bancruptcy, I see this man is the only chance to slow that down, other candidates would be America as a nation is going down the drain so quick.


  • watch?v=5LI5Zo4OA6E – He is not for ending Foreign aid.

  • William1

    I am so tired of even hearing the word Israel. I have spent 8 years living years living in Europe and only in the USA do I hear ISRAEL, ISRAEL ISRAEL. I am so sick of that name, country and it’s people. All that “nation” does is commandeer American resources towards their own interest, the nation behaves as a parasite to the USA, taking everything and giving nothing. Well perhaps not nothing, the USA get something in return. The USA gets Terrorism, deficits, American soldiers die, we are spied upon by Israel, they sell our secrets to the Chinese, Etc… Etc.. Ron Paul just wants to cut them off along with every other nation that gets aid. Most of whom get aid because of our dealings with Israel, (ie. Egypt) as a “balancing” measure for the 3.5-5 billion annually given to Israel for the past 40 years. The US never had issues with the middle east until we got behind israel. We were never bombed, they did not burn our flags, in fact we had very good relations especially compared to the colonial powers of Europe. Israel & it’s lobby changed all that! Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) once quipped that the only western friend the Arabs had was America. They loved America for its stance on freedom and equality and they asked that an American presence be at all of their deal & treaties with the european powers. Now thanks to the Israeli lobby & it’s complicit diaspora who hold dual nationality (ie. Wolf Blitzer) they hate the USA only second to israel. Our citizens must endure privacy intrusion, must worry about bombings, travel has become a chore rather than a pleasure, Oil prices are through the roof. Remember the oil embargo of 73, remember that it created the OPEC cartel, do you remember why it happened? It happened as retribution for our interference in the Yom Kippur war; the USA supplied the Israelis essentially fighting the Arabs by proxy. They would of won if it were not for the USA. People do not forget easily, it is time that our foreign policy take a position that protects American interest, an interest of peace with the world and that world includes all of the middle east not just Israel!

  • In 1981. Israel bombed Iran’s nuclear power plant because they “thought” it could make bombs. There was no proof that bombs could be made there. ?How is it fair that Israel has 200+ nuclear weapons and Iran is not allowed to have nuclear power plant?~ ?Will you help Israel launch an attack to “prevent” Iran from getting weapons? QUOTE: RON PAUL ~NO~ “Israel has 200-300 nukes and they can take care of themselves WE DO NOT HAVE A TREATY WITH ISRAEL!”

  • More appropriate questions would have been..
    1) ?Is it fair that Iran cannot defend themselves against a nuclear attack from Israel?
    2) ?What will you do if Israel launches a nuclear attack against Iran?
    3) ?What steps would you take to downsize Israel’s supply of nuclear weapons?
    4) ?What is your policy about the use of nuclear weapons in general?
    5) ?What steps would you take if any to prevent Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan from obtaining nuclear weapons?

  • More appropriate questions would have been..
    1) ?Is it fair that Iran cannot defend themselves against a nuclear attack from Israel?
    2) ?What will you do if Israel launches a nuclear attack against Iran?
    3) ?What steps would you take to downsize Israel’s supply of nuclear weapons?
    4) ?What is your policy about the use of nuclear weapons in general?
    5) ?What steps would you take if any to prevent Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan from obtaining nuclear weapons?

  • PettyPettyWoodChuck

    Guy is sharp with his history


    1. Why is that many U.S. Citizens don’t openly question about our relationship with Israel considering the human rights violations and practicing Apartheid against palestinians??
    2. How many Americans actually know that their hard earned money ($8M/DAY = $3B/YEAR) to goes to Israel without regard our existing conditions here such as unemployment >10%, 40M in poverty, teacher layoffs, no or less money for natural disasters, etc.
    3. Why a country with 7.7M in population needs $8M a day???
    4.Why is that US is always worried about Israel’s secuirty when Israel already has between 100 – 400 nuclear weapons??
    5.When will an average american going to question about AIPAC dictating our foreign policy?
    6.How come the congressional ethics commitee does not question the junket to Israel sponsored by AIPAC foundation?? When will our citizens question the 81 reps who recently went to Israel when our country is in the middle of debt problem, record unemployment, etc.??

    • Libertarian777

      when will the politicians wanting war with Iran send their sons and daughters to be on the frontline in the first wave on the beaches…

  • thedesertsux

    i am going to be 18 on october 7th of this year. I will definatley be voting for Ron Paul

  • thedesertsux

    i am going to be 18 on october 7th of this year. I will definatley be voting for Ron Paul

  • spinnersmetal

    guy is a fucking crazy person

  • Ijustasking

    Fox seems only obsessed with Israel, is it really the only questions american people have in their minds to ask their candidates….

  • Dean

    ron paul is a complete kook. If, God forbid, he wins the Republican nomination, i will vote for and financially support Obama. At least let the democRATS be responsible for Israel’s and America’s destruction. No wonder empire buider Putin and his propaganda channel Russia Today (google it) love insane ron paul so much !

  • Dean

    ron paul is a complete kook. If, God forbid, he wins the Republican nomination, i will vote for and financially support Obama.

    • anarchist


      I just love “kooky”, “insane”, “demented” Dr. Ron Paul to death! I suppose that makes me wild and crazy; you damned straight it does!

      Louisiana Creole

      • Libertarian777



        If the current contenders and the current administration are ‘sane’ and Ron Paul is a ‘complete kook’.. then i rather have him run the asylum.

        When the crazies run the asylum (current GOP candidates ex RP and current administration), the ONLY SANE person (RP) will look kooky.

        • anarchist

          @Libertarian777 @anarchist

        • anarchist


          Very well said!!!!! I really enjoy reading your

          Louisiana creole

  • FPSdaybreaK

    is that a green screen behind him haha because everyones just ignorning him and the camera

  • pureperil

    The media treats Ron Paul badly because of his stances on the Middle East and Israel. The media is OWNED by jews, and they shaft Ron to punish him. Think about it. . . The candidates who get the most attention are the ones who show the most support for Israel.

  • jinchodemierda

    Who hates Jews more? Arabs or Nazis?

  • JabrilAbdullah

    Wait, so he’s not an Israeli dog?

    I see why the Republicans and Democratics don’t like him.

    Unfortunately for him, he’ll never get that Zionazi support every US president needs. Seems like US will always be IsraHELL’s whorish mother.