Ron Paul in Iowa: Uphold the Constitution and Defend Liberty


Ron Paul: Thank you very much, I’m glad you’re out this morning. But I’m just wondering, how many of you will be in Ames tomorrow? Hey, that looks good, maybe we can get a few more of you to come too, as well. But of course, I think most people know why candidates are in Iowa this week and what’s going on tomorrow, but it’s delightful to be here and attend the fair. And also, I’m sort of enjoying the weather as well, having come from Texas here just recently. But it is great to be here, but of course, the real thing that motivates me is the issues that I think have been messed up in our country and that we have to change our way, we have to change our direction. The American people are pretty tired of what they’re getting, they know there are serious problems, there is a lot of anger going on, a lot of frustration, a lot of unemployment, and somebody has to come up with some answers. Well, a few years back in the 1970s I first ran for Congress and I was pretty concerned about what was happening then. I believed the stage was set for the kind of problems that we have today, and it happened back in August of 1971. That was at the time that we decided that money didn’t matter, we can print the money, there should be nothing to back our currency, we’ll just print the money and we can live happily ever after. That means that we believed, as a people, that if we can just counterfeit our own money, we could live and not have to work anymore.

What did we end up with? A huge amount of debt, we owe 3 trillion dollars to foreigners, our good jobs have gone overseas, and now we’re deeply in debt and there’s a debt burden and they’re very, very frustrated in Washington, which makes it very frustrating for the people across the country. A lot of people have become dependent on the government and we’re doing way too much. So my simplest explanation of our solution is we have to drastically shrink the size of our federal government. Most people are starting to realize this, but the big argument is where are we going to shrink it. You know, people say, “You need bipartisanship and you need compromise and sacrifice”. My argument is we’ve had too much bipartisanship, because it’s the bipartisanship that we’ve had that had endorsed all our problems. If we elect Republicans to shrink the size of government, they go and double the size of the Department of Education and get us involved in a bunch wars. So we elect the Democrats who said they will end the wars, and they expand the wars. And then we have Republicans that expand the budget and Democrats who are doing the same thing. So there’s always this compromise where the big spending conservatives and the big spending liberals get together and they don’t have to worry on the short run, they can always delay it. Sure you can tax to a degree, but there’s a limit to how much you can tax. You can borrow to a degree, but if you borrow too much, interest rates go up.

But there is a magic answer to this, it’s called Keynesian economics, it’s called fiat money. They think, “Oh, the miracle pill is that you just print the money when you need it”, and that’s what 1971 was always about; no restraints on the monetary authority. And all our problems in the last 40 years came from the fact that big government was subsidized and taken care of by the printing press of money. But right now the American people have awakened and are starting to realize. It has a lot to do with our monetary system, they know that prices go up when the value of the money goes down, and they’re not very happy about it, because the standard of living goes down. People can make a little more money and the checks can go out, but if the money value goes down, the standard of living goes down. That’s one of the reasons the people are very, very upset. And the people on retirements, people getting Social Security are starting to recognize this. And the tragedy here is that the production in this country is down, the productive jobs have gone overseas because of this monetary system and over regulation and over taxation. So we chase our jobs overseas. In order to get capital back, you have to have a strong currency, you have to have a tax code and a regulatory code that invites our businesses back rather than chasing these businesses overseas. So it’s sort of sad to me to think that in my lifetime we saw a point where there was a country called Communist China evolving to being our banker, there’s something about that, and we should reverse that. But we have to endorse a very basic principle, and that’s called freedom, and the constitution.

But since it was bipartisanship that got together and spent all the money, how do you get out of this mess, how do you get people to agree to cut spending? And that’s where the difficulty is, and there’s no agreement in Washington. So what I have done is I’ve tried to propose a way to try to get the two sides to come together. But I think the area that we could most easily cut is what we spend overseas. We spend way too much overseas, we have an American empire overseas, we spend trillions of dollars, we’re obligated to spend trillions of dollars taking care of the seriously wounded and injured individuals coming back home, which we’re obligated to do. And we pass out all this foreign aid, and it’s all supposed to be for national security. All this militarism doesn’t help us, it doesn’t make us secure. People won’t vote against it because if you vote against a military budget, not realizing that all you’re doing is giving subsidies to the military-industrial complex, they claim and they accuse you of being un-American and not caring about the military. I’ll tell you what, that’s the way I’ve been voting and I’m very proud of one thing; during this campaign and the last campaign, our campaign always raised the most money from the military people more than all the other candidates put together.

And having served in the military – I was drafted in 1962, I was in the air force for 5 years -so I understand a little bit what it’s like to have a bad war going on and people being sent around the world and ending up with no-win wars. So I’ve been very conscious of that. But we should be able to defend a non-interventionist foreign policy just on principle, moral principle that you don’t start wars, you don’t initiate wars, you don’t fight unless is constitutionally declared. So it’s a very simple answer as far as I’m concerned about how to start off by saving a lot of money, and that is be non-interventionists, stay out of the business of these other countries, mind our own business, and bring all our troops home. That means that the Middle East, Japan, Germany, South Korea, the whole works. If you do that one thing instantaneously, and the president does have the authority to move the troops around, that means bring the troops home. If they’re going to get paid all this money, let them spend the money here rather than in Japan and Germany. So that just psychologically would give a tremendous boost to our economy. But you have to change a lot more than that, you have to change the nature of what the people want. The appetite for big government has been around for a long time. There’s a lot of blame to go around, you can blame our presidents, you can blame our Congresses, you can blame bad philosophy; the philosophy of economic intervention. But you can also have to look to the people, how many people ask their congressmen, “I want you to vote for this, I want you to vote for this, yes I believe we should be over there, you should fight this war and do all these things”. Congressmen have, over the years, voted for these things and have got re-elected. So government, very frequently, and most likely, will reflect the attitude of the people. That’s why I’m interested in changing the attitude and understanding of what government should be. The role of government, that is the question that we must ask; what should the role of government be? Should it be to police the world and finance a welfare entitlement system? Or should it be, as the founders wanted and our constitution dictates, that is the purpose of the constitution is to protect your personal liberty. And if you understand where liberty comes from, and it comes to us in a natural way, you should have a right to your life, right to your liberty, and you ought to have the right to keep your own money; and that would solve a lot of our problems. But the other goal in my effort to spread the message of liberty is that to have an understanding of liberty, we have to get this splitting up of what freedom is all about into two bunches. One bunch says, “Well, liberty means that you can run your life as you please”, which sounds like a good idea to me. And the other one says, “No, we want to run your life, but we want to allow you to spend your money as you please”. What would be so bad about a country that said, “You have a right to your life and run your life as you please, and allow you to spend your money as you please, as well”.

But the correction has to come not only with the change of our foreign policy, we have to deal with the monetary system, because it is coming to an end. The financial markets are in shambles, and they’ve been that way for several years and it’s going to get much worse, because we’re trying to correct 40 years of mistakes, 40 years of debt accumulation and mal-investment. And the one thing that is a little more difficult to understand, but it’s a very important economic issue: if you have a pile of debt, in order to get growth again, if you’re spending all your money on paying the interest, it won’t work. You don’t bail out bad debt, that’s why the bailouts were so bad, and it was a tragedy that the people who made all the money got bailed out, they got your money and you got the bad economy.

If an individual is bankrupt and has too many credit cards and too many cars, and they lose their job or downsize their job or their income, they know they have to cut back, get rid of the credit cards, sell a couple of cars. And once they get out of the debt, they can have economic growth again. And a country has to do the same thing. But politically, it’s virtually impossible for the politicians to do that, because there’s always one group saying, “Do it, because I want to keep what I earn”, but then there’s another group that says, “No, you’re going to cut my check”, and they get very angry. And that’s what’s happening in the world, this is a worldwide phenomenon, it is not just in the United States, and it’s because we did issue this funny-money, this paper money. Paper money never works and never lasts, it’s just for a short period of time. The real money of the world, for thousands of years, has always been something of real value, like gold and silver. But this is a worldwide phenomenon, we had the privilege of printing it, sending it overseas, buying goods and services, living beyond our means, accumulating debt, owing 3 trillion dollars of debt now. And what did the foreigners do with the money, they loaned it back to us, they used treasury bills as their reserves; that became their gold standard, owing our debt. So it’s a worldwide phenomenon, and it won’t last. That’s what causes the shambles in the markets today, and by next year, by next summer, you’re going to have a lot more price inflation, because all they have been doing in Washington is spending and inflating. We got into this trouble because we were spending too much, regulating too much, taxing too much, and then printing too much money. So they recognized this and they said, “Hey, we’re in deep trouble, and we have to do something about it”. So they accelerated the spending and the borrowing and the regulations and the printing of money, and then they say, “I wonder why things aren’t getting better”. Well, it would be logical to expect that if you try to treat a problem by doing more of the same; it’s not going to work. But understanding how the business cycle works and what you have to do and the liquidation of debt and the sound money. But all this can be summarized by defending liberty, and that is what America was all about: liberty and freedom of choice. We had the largest middle class and the wealthiest country in the world, and we’re losing it. The middle class has been shrinking now significantly for 10 years, we are losing our jobs in this country, but this can all be reversed and it’s not difficult. Understand and respect where our liberties come from in a natural God-given way. Defend that and have confidence that it does work, and also what fits in so perfectly with this is all you have to achieve this, is ask anybody you vote for, how serious are they and how consistent were they in defending the constitution. If we go back to the constitution, we’re going to solve just about all of our political and economic problems.

Thank you very much.

  • AiresQX4

    I’ve never seen such a brain dead crowd. I guess Paul didn’t spark them up with MSM talking points.

  • thelazlob

    Big business and the corrupt status in Washington are really afraid of Ron Paul, because he is the truth. The brainwashing of our government is being eroded by Ron Paul. Vote Ron Paul in 2012, for yourself, your family, and your country!


  • He is right go Ron Paul the only want to make sence.
    Quick spending.
    Quick invading countries.
    Bring our men and women home.
    Stop printing money.
    Leave whiting your means.
    Goverment no should be a piggy bank for everyones causes.
    For all this best luck Ron paul I will vote for you.

  • jblatino2009

    He is right go Ron Paul the only want to make sence.
    Quick spending.
    Quick invading countries.
    Bring our men and women home.
    Stop printing money.
    Leave whiting your means.
    Goverment no should be a piggy bank for everyones causes.
    For all this best luck Ron paul I will vote for you.

  • megamogx

    If you care about the military you do not send them over see to murder people for their resources…

    oil, cobalt, lithium, opium(Heroin) etc etc…

    Opium war no it could never happen right, America would never fight for massive profits….

  • pam883r

    Once you know the truth
    you can never go back…
    Ron Paul 2012. The Answer.

  • carl hammel

    ron paul is not a politician. he is an obstetrician. that’s why he doesn’t lie. ron paul is a statesman.p.s. i accidentally clicked like on michael’s bullshit at the top of the page!

  • Michael

    And the results mean: Ron Paul can’t even beat the Bawwwkman, one of the other wackjobs. It’s over Ronnie, it’s time to be put out to pasture.

  • pennjersey83

    I like Ron Paul’s ideas but he sure isn’t a great public speaker like Reagan

  • rhinolimits21

    RON PAUL 2012 Ron paul 2012 ron paul 2012

  • Brian120579

    Jesus Christ, could his crowd be anymore lackluster? They need an adrenaline shot!

  • Samson

    I saw waay more Ron Paul supporters there than anyone, and they were the only ones that seemed to actually know what their candidate stood for. And that’s probably because he was the only one there who actually stood for something.

    Most of the people who I have met and heard trying to dismiss Ron Paul are either bandwagoners who dismiss him because the media tells them to and they want to feel smart for going along with everyone else, or they have focused on one thing the man said and taken it totally out of context because they either don’t understand liberty, or hope that the people they’re talking to don’t understand it well enough to see that Ron is right.

    Before I was a Libertarian, I was a Conservative and I thought the things this man was saying were crazy too, but then I actually started to listen and learn. Not to Ron Paul, but to the founding fathers, to historians, and to other Libertarians. When I viewed the things Ron Paul said from the standpoint of liberty, I could no longer find any fault with it. Every bit of it is logical and right. Furthermore, everything that is wrong with our government, on the Liberal or Conservative side is a direct result of doing the things this man is against.

    If you hate Ron Paul, and hate what he stands for, at least make a real argument, and not this strawman, ad hominem crap. Educate yourself, learn what freedom actually is and why we have it, and then come back here and tell us that giving up a little freedom for a little comfort isn’t a slippery slope, and that the government should get to legislate morality, and that the government should diminish all of our freedoms because we’re afraid some people might act irresponsibly.

    In other words, if you have a real argument to make it, then make it and we’ll be happy of the debate. But if you’re just a troll looking to insult someone out of a misdirected desire to lash out, go bother someone else equally superficial. You’re pretty much just going to get dismissed here anyway.

  • mike hill

    I’m agree with about 90% of what Ron Paul has to say, unfortunately i don’t live in Iowa. I think the ‘hill he has to climb’ tho is a tough one though. While his observations and conclutions are correct, in my option, it takes alot of ‘background’ information to explain them to someone who has not observed the symptoms and problems of our broken economy. My excitement for the Ron Paul campaign comes not necessarily from Ron Paul, but from seeing a growing number of my fellow voters taking the time to study our nations problems and derive conclusions of the best courses of action. I forget who said it but to paraphrase “A democracy can only exist in the presence of educated voters.” For many decades now times have been wonderful, plentiful. This bountiful economy allowed voters the luxury of ignoring government and politics, and focus on their own personal lives. However just like an unsupervised kindergarden class, our government has gotten itself into problems that it can not get out of without the ‘adults’ (in this case the citizens) getting involved. I’m not sure if Ron Paul will win, but I do get very excited and optimistic to see his campaign coming to the mainstream. And his message has not changed, its the voters that have. For me this is the most critical, and exciting thing Ron Paul has brought to the campaign.

  • RealTalkification

    I love RON PAUL!

  • moonhawk6

    great speech!!

  • DeadEndFed

    END THE FED! my favorite Ron Paul Book. No its my favorite book of all time. Its a must read.

  • iluzzyew

    Ron Paul is an enemy of freedom, if you want to get real results vote for Rick Perry.

  • You have earned my vote.

  • You have earned my vote.

  • You have earned my vote.