151 responses to “So Close! Paul 27.65151, Bachmann 28.56151”

  1. W. Kimball Englehart

    Alright People, LISTEN UP!

    We all know that Ron Paul is our only hope for restoring America and like most of you, I believe he can trounce Obama. The problem is, he has to face Obama and to do that, he has to first win the primary.
    People, Nov. 2012 is not the problem. Getting there is. Now is the critical time not then.
    We all need to get the word out. Call your local news stations and demand equal time.
    Tell everyone that you can of the good Doctor’s site.
    Pull together People, we can do this.


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  2. Hershel Butts
  3. Hershel Butts



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  4. Karen Rachford


    This is what the country needs to see. They need to understand what we are and what we are to stand for. Just my opinion….

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  5. Daniel

    Look at all the stupid people voting for Bachmann, anyone that goes against the united states constitution is a traitor.

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  6. DavidUllery

    Paul Ron Aldish III Supports Ron Paul 2012, and he created a youtube video saying so. I agree, it is time to move on! Ron Paul 2012!

    Paul Ron Aldish III, The UPGRADE 01A Science Fiction and Comedy actor announces his support for Ron Paul for President of the United States in 2012. Aldish reminds us of what Thomas’s Paine and Jefferson had to say about liberty and religion.


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  7. M J

    I agree with Jason’s commentary above. The Iowa Straw Poll was the only game in town, so to speak, for the news media. I can’t concur with Gary in his accusation of a dark conspiracy to hide Ron Paul from the public, yet he does seem to be under-reported.
    I’ve a strong suspicion that I’m not the only one in the moderate left (member of the Liberal Party of New York) who responds favorably to Dr. Paul’s message. His legislative agenda will turn off some, yet the doctrine of US demilitarization will appeal to many — cut spending by liquidating the US empire of foreign military bases. My dream is one of a Paul presidency with a progressive Congress. If Dr. Paul wins the GOP nomination, I will contribute my time and labor to his campaign (as if he had any chance to take New York.)

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  8. Jason

    You were better off not spending 10’s of thousands wasting money on buying voters from that pointless Straw poll. Spend your time getting your message out via Facebook and Youtube.

    I just hate how mainstream media won’t even mention your name Ron Paul. I’ve got a few ideas and may implement a few in the coming months. Just isn’t fair to silence one guy who is clearly well liked…

    Guilty news stations:

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  9. Julie

    I forgot here is the article showing Michelle Bachmann bought votes:

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  10. Julie

    Since Bachmann actually bought 4,ooo tickets at $30 a piece so her supporters could vote for her….that means Ron Paul should have won by a landslide. Ron Paul can win!!!!!! If we can hype him on a grassroots level and get the word out to people who like Ron Paul but think he can’t win, I think we can do it. I really do. Spread the word everyone!

    I think the best way is to really show that Ron Paul is anti-war and look at it from an economic issue with other anti war people that would lean democratic. Because you know Ron Paul would get us out of the middle east unlike Obama’s promise. This will hit home with many people who would not normally vote republican. Also Rick Perry will be his opponent for the nomination. He is going to try to emulate Ron Paul, we need to show people that he is NOTHING like Ron Paul.

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  11. Mikky

    We love you Michele Bachmann!!!

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