So Close! Paul 27.65%, Bachmann 28.56%

Ron Paul came in a strong second at Saturday’s straw poll in Ames, Iowa.

The Congressman gained 27.65% of the vote, closely missing Michele Bachmann’s 28.56% by only 152 votes, but easily surpassing Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and other candidates.

Ames Straw Poll Results

  1. 28.56% (4,823 votes) – Michele Bachmann
  2. 27.65% (4,671 votes) – Ron Paul
  3. 13.57% (2,293 votes) – Tim Pawlenty
  4. 9.81% (1,657 votes) – Rick Santorum
  5. 8.62% (1,456 votes) – Herman Cain
  6. 4.25% (718 votes) – Rick Perry (write-in)
  7. 3.36% (567 votes) – Mitt Romney
  8. 2.28% (385 votes) – Newt Gingrich
  9. 0.41% (69 votes) – Jon Huntsman
  10. 0.21% (35 votes) – Thaddeus McCotter
  11. Of the remaining 218 votes, 162 were presumably cast for random minor write-in candidates, and 56 were presumably invalid.

16,892 total votes.

Ron Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton said:

“Dr. Paul is surging in this race, and today’s results show the strength of his grassroots support and top notch organization. These straw poll results, our growing poll numbers and our strong fundraising shows that our message is resonating with Iowans and Americans everywhere.

Our message was the same in 2007 as it is in now in 2011, but this time we have quadrupled our support. That means our message is spreading, our support is surging, and people are taking notice. We are uniting a coalition of longtime supporters, fiscal conservatives, constitutional conservatives, independents, tea party and anti-big government activists to take on the Washington establishment.

Today, Ron Paul has emerged as a top tier candidate and is a serious contender to win the Republican nomination and the Presidency.

  • David Palmer

    Where were the Sarah Palin write-ins, to bad a couple hundred didn’t write her name on a ballot, we would have won then.

  • Tom Weiss

    Congratulations, Ron Paul!

    A squeaky-close second place win (within 1%!) is a stunning achievement, especially given the monolithic across-the-board opposition to your candidacy by the Mainstream Media. It will be fun to see how they try to spin THIS one away.

    Well done, Dr. Paul – you have LOTS of people out here rooting for you – GO GO GO!

    Ron Paul – America only hope in 2012.


  • VoiceOfReason

    wOw that is CLOSE!! Congrats Dr. Paul and supporters!! Everyone really needs to turn it on now though, he needs Americas help more than ever now. People are beginning to recognize what independence means and what it looks like again in this country. Its a proud moment for us all in these bleak times. A little bit of light in the middle of a disaster area. Thank you Ron Paul for UNITING us. We’ll bring those troops home yet! To ignore him now is to deny what is staring you in the eye. Woot!!

  • Jeff

    Had she not consistently played the “I’m from Iowa” card, Ron would have won. Just wait until NH, if he finishes in the top two again he’s on his way to the nomination.

  • Ryan

    Bachmann sounds like a broken record of sound bytes to me. She’d never get my vote.
    I’m voting for Ron Paul no matter what happens between now and the election.

    It was a very close 2nd place for Ron, and a very good showing of Ron Paul.
    So I’m going to celebrate this as a complete victory.

    Good job Ron!

    Ron Paul 2012!

    • Tom Weiss

      I hear you, Ryan.

      I will go skinny-dipping in a septic tank before I vote for ANYONE who used to be an IRS (the Federal Reserve’s collection agency) Tax Attorney.

      I don’t care how many bumper-sticker sound-bytes they parrot.

      In New Hampshire, Ron Paul will beat Michelle Bachmann like a DRUM. Heck – he came within 1% of getting her in her own home state!

      Ron Paul 2012! – Or else welcome to Global Bankster Serfdom.

      • Ryan

        New Hampshire here we come! 🙂

  • Mark

    Ron Paul is doing a good job on keeping his message positive.

    Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • LOL, People like McCain, Graham, Snow, Romney et al are chewing rolaids like candy…..GOOD. And Sarah, stay out, we don’t need another status quo Republican, all you party people prepare to get schooled about the power of truth.

  • Khix

    WOOHOO!! Congratulations, Dr. Paul!!! 🙂

  • Dean Williams

    Less than 1% between them with all the media against you. You are the bomb.

  • The Media is pushing for other people but EVERYONE I know is voting for RON PAUL. I watched the debate and the crowd cheered every time he spoke and had an 80% approval rating (the highest) during the debate while Mitt Romney only had 20%!!

    Don’t let the media fool you! Get informed! It doesn’t matter what political party you’re affiliated everyone should vote Ron Paul. Vote Ron Paul for REAL CHANGE!! END THE WARS!

  • Asian voter

    She only got the silly sympathy votes from the Iowa people. Ron Paul was the real winner.

  • The Jay Man

    Congrats Ron, we are all very proud of you!

  • Fantastic Finish!! Michelle will have a little tougher time in NH, Ron Paul will bury the competition in the NH primary and will never have to look back after that. Ron Paul 2012! The ONLY candidate telling us the truth!

  • A Young Guy

    Fox ….is…..going….to….go….ballistic….

    • Ryan

      … But Fox Business Channel, with Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch and Stossel are jumping for joy. 🙂

  • Hughes

    Nice nice……not bad at all though……152 votes difference is a pretty good showing for Ron Paul……:) This means trouble for the establishment regardless….hahaha. I cant wait to see the faces and their attempt to discredit Ron Pauls win…….lol 😀

    Congrats Dr. Ron Paul!!!!!!

  • I’m so proud on behalf of dr.Paul.

    As a norwegian I really hope he’s the next president of the US.

  • Ryan

    152 out of first…within 1% point… Sounds like a win to me!!

    Santorum is right now dismissing RP. lol.

  • logic

    YEAH Dr. Paul!! I really enjoyed your speech earlier today, and clearly many others did as well. RON PAUL 2012

  • Awesome! Go Ron!!!!! We need to take ‘OUR’ ‘Constitution’ back!!

  • Carnage2012


    Good showing however.

    Go RP!