So Close! Paul 27.65%, Bachmann 28.56%

Ron Paul came in a strong second at Saturday’s straw poll in Ames, Iowa.

The Congressman gained 27.65% of the vote, closely missing Michele Bachmann’s 28.56% by only 152 votes, but easily surpassing Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and other candidates.

Ames Straw Poll Results

  1. 28.56% (4,823 votes) – Michele Bachmann
  2. 27.65% (4,671 votes) – Ron Paul
  3. 13.57% (2,293 votes) – Tim Pawlenty
  4. 9.81% (1,657 votes) – Rick Santorum
  5. 8.62% (1,456 votes) – Herman Cain
  6. 4.25% (718 votes) – Rick Perry (write-in)
  7. 3.36% (567 votes) – Mitt Romney
  8. 2.28% (385 votes) – Newt Gingrich
  9. 0.41% (69 votes) – Jon Huntsman
  10. 0.21% (35 votes) – Thaddeus McCotter
  11. Of the remaining 218 votes, 162 were presumably cast for random minor write-in candidates, and 56 were presumably invalid.

16,892 total votes.

Ron Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton said:

“Dr. Paul is surging in this race, and today’s results show the strength of his grassroots support and top notch organization. These straw poll results, our growing poll numbers and our strong fundraising shows that our message is resonating with Iowans and Americans everywhere.

Our message was the same in 2007 as it is in now in 2011, but this time we have quadrupled our support. That means our message is spreading, our support is surging, and people are taking notice. We are uniting a coalition of longtime supporters, fiscal conservatives, constitutional conservatives, independents, tea party and anti-big government activists to take on the Washington establishment.

Today, Ron Paul has emerged as a top tier candidate and is a serious contender to win the Republican nomination and the Presidency.

  • Anthony

    Ron Paul 2012..Its not Left VS Right..But rather HUMANITY vs elitest..Spread the word!!


  • Michael

    Ron Paul should articulate his plan on unemployment and how to lower it. Right on! And he should articulate his plan on Social Security. Right on!

    And if he did then I could support Ron Paul too. Yeah, right on!

    There’s only one problem remaining. Ron Paul won’t do either and that’s why I don’t support him and I know that he will never get close to winning. Ron Paul’s great numbers in Iowa are wonderful and they tell us something. They tell us that Bawwwkman has about as much chance as Ron Paul. Zero! And it’s not hard to read between the lines here and see that you supporters of his know that too.

    And so who does have a chance? Well, that’s a difficult question now. Perry is just as wingnutty crazy as any of the baggers and he’s got way too many problems. He’s out. Ron Paul? Crazy! Bawwwkman? Just as crazy!

    How about Mitt Romney? Not crazy at least but not a candidate that the tea baggers could support. So who does that leave for president in 2012?
    Obama obviously.

    The results of this straw poll should give sane people a lot of hope now. The baggers are no longer taken seriously.

    • tm

      He did articulate his plan on unemployment. The plan is to lower taxes and to get rid of unnecessary taxes, to put golden and silver standard, to get rid of fed and printing new money and therefore inflation, to get rid of unnecessary laws in other words to put the wheels in motion. It is not presidents job to create jobs. President can do that only in public sector and then you have higher taxes and more new taxes. As for social security, the people who works pay social security and are secured and for those who can’t work (physical or mental injuries) state will provide. All others can’t be users of any social security.

      As for Obama he doesn’t have any solutions for current state. (unemployment or social security included)

  • Asian voter

    When the media interviews Bawkman why does she sound like an un-educated Ron Paul?

    Ron Paul needs to find some sort of media outlet that will educate us all. The main stream media won’t give him the time to say what he needs to say. If they did then then election is already over with a Ron Paul WIN!

    • Asian Voter,
      Your very correct that Ron Paul should find a media outlet that will let him speak. I have combed through as many past Ron Paul speeches as I could find on youtube and I cannot find where he has been wrong. I agree with 99.99% Ron Paul says. I personally think that if more Americans regardless of race, color, creed listened to Ron Paul he will be the next president of the U.S.A.

  • BlackSunshine84

    It’s not being shown in all the results online, but I watched the poll on CSPAN and they said Scattering – 162 votes. (I don’t believe it was a person’s name because it didn’t have any other info on the screen. I at first took it to be write-ins, but they had tallies for the write-ins… )That leaves 56 votes unaccounted for.
    Maybe it’s no big deal, but we’re not talking about a large number of votes to count here. The count could easily have been done with 100% accuracy. And ALL the candidates deserved better. Pawlenty dropped out after these results!
    Anyways, I have emailed the Iowa GOP and asked for an explanation. I’ll let ya know if, when and what they respond.

  • Anthony

    In the 60s and 70s a MOVEMENT created civil rights and ended the vietnam war..NOT any legislature..The people came together and rallied against the powers that be..I think they were misguided and infiltrated by powers,that were NOT what started them.Exactly like what is going on with the Tea Party..This movement CAN and WILL start again..To ALL college students that support limited Government,free market,libertarian ideals..Go to your colleges and get support for Ron Paul..I will start with my local colleges,here in Southern Cali..Let this spread all across the USA,and we will not be stopped!!If Bachmann or Perry or even Obama get elected,we are looking down the barrel at world war 3..Bachmann herself has said nuclear war is not off the table..She and the rest are very Dangerous.They must be STOPPED!!Get out there and make a diffrence!!! We The People can do this!!!

  • Lily

    Don’t listen to those who want you to run as an independent. No third party candidate will ever win. Anyone who wants to vote for the third party won’t to avoid splitting the vote. If we really want to shake things up, we need to eliminate the parties we currently have. We need to clean out everyone in the legislative and executive branches, start over, and have an internal revolution of sorts resulting in more parties or better yet, no parties! It will never happen because too many people have their fingers in the pie from each party, and too many people feel the need to organize to protect their interests. Though enough fed up mice can kill the fat cat. But Ron Paul should continue on his path. He’s proving that he has an impact and can change things with enough support from those who want something different.

  • Anthony

    If you guys remember the 2008 elections,and compare them to the present.You will notice ALOT of similarities.First,the media is cramming our choices down our throats!!And not just conservative media,but the liberal media is talking and promoting the same candidates..Now to another similaritie,the candidates that are being promoted,AGAIN have little to no experience..And yet another similaritie,would be how the current candidates are all about bad mouthing the current person in the White House..All of these things,were also going on in the 2008 elections..Have we not learned anything?It really blows my mind,that the Tea Party can back Bachmann or Perry,over Ron Paul..I think FAUX NEWS and the Rag Tag Cheer leaders,that have latched onto the Tea Party,have talked so much about HATING Obama,they have LOST there original meaning.Lets remind them WHEN,they started,and HOW!!! When you ask,when George the NEO CON Bush was still in office..How you ask,Mr Ron Paul himself..The Tea Party needs to get this message..It is VERY IMPORTANT,that they understand,they have been hijacked by silver tongue devils!! Exactly like the liberals,with Obama..

  • Jeff

    The missing votes are disconcerting, but they could have just been write-ins with a statistically insignificant total. I’m not going to speculate there.

    Regardless, a couple of hundred votes is the best lead Bachmann can manage under the following conditions: in her home state, spending substantially more money, 100 miles away from her home town where she announced her running less than two months earlier, and in a relatively small community setting. I think with those obvious advantages, it’s pretty clear Paul won on merit of ideas alone, and pretty sad that Bachmann’s plans are so bad that she nearly gets whooped under the aforementioned conditions.

    • BlackSunshine84

      The recorded McCotter’s 35 votes, and like I said, the reported on CSPAN a scattering of 162 votes. That still leaves 56 votes unaccounted for, which makes the whole poll seem bogus.

      I believe I could count 16,892 votes 100% accurately…It’s not such a large undertaking.

  • Chad

    Ron Paul actually received 41% of the vote like he would have in the past. Tim Pawlenty voters would have voted for Paul. I think Pawlenty stole a lot of Paul’s and Bachmans thunder during that debate. Nobody on that stage wanted a piece of Pawlenty that night, but now that Pawlenty dropped out you can expect Ron to pull ahead. Bachmann and Pawlenty supporters are obviously deeply divided. You either support Bachmann or Pawlenty, but not both since they have very different views. Like I said Pawlenty happened to bring some serious heat that night and I think he took a lot of the Ron Paul supporters votes. I am a Paul supporter, but was quite honestly taken back by Pawlenty’s knowledge and ability to bring the heat. Pawlenty did the right thing if he truly wants Obama out of office. The focus will be on Paul and Bachman now. The way I support Paul is by emailing his YouTube videos to my contact list. I will say some good things about him and tell people to forward the messages to their contacts. It is more sincere through email and people that are undecided tend to listen to their friends. If everyone forwarded to their contact list you can reach an exponential amount of people. Thanks Chad

  • Dear Congressman Paul,

    Even though the below would include you as a person who has had multiple terms and ‘massive’ wealth, I’d like for you to spread this among Americans to set a precedent to end unlimited terms and plutocracy in Congress. As I have much regard for your attitude towards the ‘masses’, I will consider you as a upfront American who does not need and even dares rally the citizens of America to REMOVE unlimited terms in office for ALL echelons of Congress, even though you are a careerist politician who is effectively unlimited in term yourself ! Only a person who demands Fed Reserve disbanded (NGO anyway), or advocate PMs over fiat could think to do this, hence you are the politician to be contacted about this.

    Please promote to the Americans, that when in doubt, vote only for Joe Publics who are worth no more than 200K, and amendable to the pledge/questionairre issues below. Get them to ask their Governor candidate or Congressman candidate, current Governor or current Congressman to sign with a cam taking down the signing in the presence of as many media reporters or people as possible :

    (Governor as an administrator descriptor needs reterming – who needs to be ‘Governed’ in this day and age – might as well be a Grand Vizier especially when compounded with limitless terms, worse if nepotistically handing the seat to a relative or family member as well – rename with a more power neutral term like State Administrator maybe?)

    Try the comment/response below for an idea of why laws need to be set up to prevent careerist politicians and limitless terms AT ALL LEVELS.

    If you can espouse and promote this form of TRUE democracy (not the partial representative one that USA has now) with all kinds of term limit protections and freedom promoting pledges, the citizens would certainly consider you the best candidate for president.

    Best wishes for your Presidential campaign (especially if you take up on the nepotism and term limit issue, the politicians in Asia are power mad and most have balked (via silence) or disinterest in erstwhile citizens as members of their political party because the ‘Cult of Personality’ political paradigm is still 3rd world fixated here.

  • Alice

    I think everyone should sit up and take notice of “missing votes”. After all it was by the skin of his teeth that Baby Bush became president…TWICE! This is one of my worries for Ron Paul that in the future there will be deliberate vote fraud.

    • Chad

      Read my comment below. Pawlenty’s 14% would have gone to Paul. Pawlenty dropped out of the race today. Pawlenty undeniably had a great debate that night. If you support Pawlenty, you DO NOT support Bachmann. I know because I am from Minnesota. These two have polarizing views. They were at each other’s throats during the debate. The numbers make sense. Historically Paul has done well in Iowa. Thanks Chad.

    • BlackSunshine84

      It’s Ron Paul delegates we need to look out for in the primaries. Remember 0bama was locking Hillary delegates out in…

  • Don’t dive into the deep, very murky waters of the deep, brown tea.
    Atheist for Ron Paul. Liberty is a new, self-correcting experiment, not that much older than Darwin.

  • In your comments I noticed some are upset that Ron Paul came in 2nd. You have to remember that he only spent 1/10th the money that Michele Bachman spent AND she hand led voters (about 200 of them reportedly) to the voting booth. Just saying…..

    • And it is her home state… And she appeals to the authoritarian mainstream.

  • Kim

    I dont believe that Ron DIDNT win this. Same lies different poll……

  • Emily Caper

    Ron Paul is a straight shooter. Ask him a question, and he gives a straight, honest answer. Ask Bachmann a question, and all she can do to go into one of her memorized rants.

    The narrow margin that Bachmann had was more like a loss. She must be privately embarrassed, ashamed.

    Ron Paul proved that he a message, and the people support his beliefs.

    Go Ron Paul!!

  • wallace

    Although it is disturbing that the mentally deficient Michell Bachman barely came out first, I am thrilled that Dr. Paul came out a close second.

    It was probably the evangelical fanatics that voted for her. It will be the independent voters that will decide the general election and Ron Paul is popular with them.

    But, I agree with other commenters, it is high suspicious that over 2oo votes are missing and Dr. Paul was only 200 votes behind the dimwit.

    The GOP needs to give up the globalist neocon agenda and accept Dr. Paul as the gift to the Republican Party that he is. If the continue to play their games we’ll have 4 more years of Obama.

  • Wondering

    If the official tally of votes in the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll was 16,892
    (is that correct?)

    Michelle Bachmann – 4823
    Ron Paul – 4671
    Pawlenty – 2293
    R. Santorum – 1657
    H. Cain – 1456
    Perry – 718
    M. Romney – 567
    Gingrich – 385
    Huntsman – 69
    McCotter – 35

    so, lets add this up.

    4823 +
    4671 +
    2293 +
    1657 +
    1456 +
    718 +
    567 +
    385 +
    69 +
    35 = 16,674

    So if the Grande Total of everyone’s votes that were counted in the poll comes to 16,892, and the numbers of votes shown above, for 10 candidates comes to 16,674… Then what happened to those 218 other votes?

    I’m not being a bad sport. I’m only curious what happened. Were they votes for an ‘other’ candidate Perhaps? hm.

  • BlackSunshine84

    There were only 16,892 votes cast total. If the Iowa GOP can’t add, they should refund every candidate the money they spent on the straw poll and issue a formal statement nullifying the results and apologies to the participants and supporters.

  • BlackSunshine84

    The numbers don’t add up. It totals 16,674. When I add in the reported 162 scattering (?) to 16,674, it adds up to 16836. Why the discrepancy?

  • Rick

    I’m very pleased with the results of this poll! I’m not too concerned with the media bias as it’s still early in the race, though I agree it’s a good idea to comment on their websites about their obvious disregard for Ron Paul. I believe Dr. Paul will continue to gain momentum and emerge as America’s clear choice for President in 2012. Remain united and strong! Continue to spread the word about Ron Paul to others. God Bless President Paul!