So Close! Paul 27.65%, Bachmann 28.56%

Ron Paul came in a strong second at Saturday’s straw poll in Ames, Iowa.

The Congressman gained 27.65% of the vote, closely missing Michele Bachmann’s 28.56% by only 152 votes, but easily surpassing Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and other candidates.

Ames Straw Poll Results

  1. 28.56% (4,823 votes) – Michele Bachmann
  2. 27.65% (4,671 votes) – Ron Paul
  3. 13.57% (2,293 votes) – Tim Pawlenty
  4. 9.81% (1,657 votes) – Rick Santorum
  5. 8.62% (1,456 votes) – Herman Cain
  6. 4.25% (718 votes) – Rick Perry (write-in)
  7. 3.36% (567 votes) – Mitt Romney
  8. 2.28% (385 votes) – Newt Gingrich
  9. 0.41% (69 votes) – Jon Huntsman
  10. 0.21% (35 votes) – Thaddeus McCotter
  11. Of the remaining 218 votes, 162 were presumably cast for random minor write-in candidates, and 56 were presumably invalid.

16,892 total votes.

Ron Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton said:

“Dr. Paul is surging in this race, and today’s results show the strength of his grassroots support and top notch organization. These straw poll results, our growing poll numbers and our strong fundraising shows that our message is resonating with Iowans and Americans everywhere.

Our message was the same in 2007 as it is in now in 2011, but this time we have quadrupled our support. That means our message is spreading, our support is surging, and people are taking notice. We are uniting a coalition of longtime supporters, fiscal conservatives, constitutional conservatives, independents, tea party and anti-big government activists to take on the Washington establishment.

Today, Ron Paul has emerged as a top tier candidate and is a serious contender to win the Republican nomination and the Presidency.

  • Carnage2012

    Dr. Paul MUST get better at articulating his plan.

    It needs to be an actual plan that people will follow and be able to hold on to and talk about.

    I am all in for auditing/ending the Fed, etc. However he needs to put forth a clear and concise plan as to what exactly he will do. Give a “In my first 90 days as president I will……”

    He makes beautiful sense but he lacks a point by point plan….

    This is what is missing….

    It needs to be something that people tell their friends about and that the media will eventually have to cover, although I am sure in a limited way.

    He has enough name recognition now….it’s time for him to propose a plan that gets more and more people behind him.

  • Chad

    msnbc doesn’t mention Ron Paul regarding the straw poll. It’s about Romney and Perry. Check it out. What a joke.


    • BlackSunshine84

      I watched Face the Nation on Sunday. They announced the results of the poll and then began their discussion, “So the GOP’s leading contenders now are Perry, Romney and Bachmann…”
      We need to start an online campaign that the GOP’s “anyone, but 0bama” strategy isn’t good enough. Post it everywhere!


  • Chad

    Ron Paul did well in Iowa considering all the factors stacked against him
    1. Bachmanns home state / huge bias / huge advantage / 90%
    2. According to you guys Bachmann spent 10X more $
    3. Bachmann’s a Minnesota representative. Close proximity.
    4. Tim Pawlenty Governor for Minnesota / some Iowans are mn sports fans
    5. Tim had a great debate /
    6. Tim spent more time preparing
    7. According to you guys Bachmann “hand led”? 200 people to the polls
    8. What are the odds of two Minnesotans in one debate.
    9. Wait until they debate in neutral territory. How will Ron Paul do then?
    10. Iowans that don’t like Bachmann might vote for Pawlenty just because of their argument.
    11. Ron Paul didn’t get any breaks from the media.
    12. Bachmann spent more time preparing

  • Ross Johnson

    Michele Bachmann feigns outrage about the rape of the US economy,but she is just another pretty puppet who will do the bidding of our monetary masters.

    The conga line of suck holes in Congress is just too long to articulate or name.Perhaps they no longer possess mirrors.

  • Joe

    If @wondering is correct. 218 votes just got ripped. Clearly RON PAUL won! His message is crystal clear. And everyone can relate on what he’s talkin’ clearly the polls is bias.


    Although the mainstream media continues to attempt to marginalize Ron Paul’s success, I am absolutely convinced that people as a whole are beginning to perceive him as a viable candidate. People at work, those in my neighborhood, as well as other friends and family are for the first time (unlike four years ago) asking me and my wife where to get Ron Paul bumper stickers such as the ones we have on our cars. Also, more people on the road are blowing their horns in approval when they see our RP bumper stickers. We are yet to spot any 2012 bumper stickers here in Florida of any of the other candidates. For cool Ron Paul bumper stickers at the lowest prices, please check out

    • JAMES

      The corrected website address for the bumper stickers is
      Although the mainstream media continues to attempt to marginalize Ron Paul,s success, I am absolutely convinced that people as a whole are beginning to perceive him as a viable candidate. People at work, those in my neighborhood, as well as other friends and family are for the first time (unlike four years ago) asking me and my wife where to get Ron Paul bumper stickers such as the ones we have on our cars. Also, more people on the road are blowing their horns in approval when they see our RP bumper stickers. We are yet to spot any 2012 bumper stickers here in Florida of any of the other candidates. For cool bumper stickers at the lowest prices, please check out,

    • BlackSunshine84

      If you buy gear from the money go towards his campaign.

  • Jason Lucas

    Good riddance to Tim Pawlenty. Now if that conservative propagandist, Rick Santorum, would drop out of the race, we wouldnt need to waste time listening to his utterly worthless pro-war rhetoric on future republican debates.

    Putting those two losers aside, I would like to congratulate Ron Paul on the awesome Straw Poll results. He gets almost no media coverage whatsoever, and still managed to get within less than 200 votes of Bachman.

    I strongly believe that if he can manage to win the Republican Primary, he will most definitely defeat Obama in the general election.


      I agree with Jason. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can seriously challenge Barack Obama. I think Ron Paul could really pull off a victory!
      But first we need to sort through the neocon trash like Santorum. Guys that just don’t understand that their warmongering and deceit are not at all popular.
      The sooner the herd thins out the sooner Dr. Paul can get down to the business of getting elected and changing the course of our country.

      The GOP should face the simple fact that they have one candidate with a wide variety of grass roots supporters hence one electable candidate among the sorry bunch of losers and posers it calls “candidates”.

  • Thinker

    This is certainly something that needs to be addressed. If Ron Paul is to win then he needs to get out there even more. It is true that he has many more supporters now but a biased media is what allowed politicians and companies to take over.

    He needs to be on the front page not Bachmann (unless its something incriminating) Oh wait? What’s that? Right I forgot that RON PAUL HAS BEEN IN POLITICS FOR 30 YEARS AND HAS NOT ONE FLAW IN HIS RECORD!!!

    • Bob

      In my mind, when you factor in the fact that Bachmann was born in Iowa and has played that trump card heavily, and still only won by 152 votes, I don’t think that the real winner has yet been determined. Paul’s support and message is universal, I don’t expect Backmann’s support to show up in New Hampshire.

      But Paul has one obstacle that has been and still is, his Achilles heal. He publicly has supported dismantling the Fed. These people have more money than the total of all of the Paul supporters put together, or can even earn. They (the Fed) can pay the TV news to just ‘not’ talk about him, to call him and us names and even to buy the election through the electronic voting machines. Do we forget the NH primaries in 2007 when 17 Votes for Ron Paul disappeared. Those 17 caught the fact that that their area was under reported and let others know about it, but how many other votes disappear but are not caught? If we want to have a real prayer at Ron taking his rightful position as president of the United States, we need to get rid of those damn electronic voting machines. A real message, that will wake up sleeping America, is a grass roots push to give Americans back their voice by giving us back our vote. This means petitions and lots of them. Does Ron Paul have that kind of support? I guess we will see.

      • Rick

        You make a valid point Bob. Anything electronic can be changed so the posted results are different than the actual count.
        Can elections be bought? Do bears s*** in the woods?… (or another obvious question – Is the federal government corrupt?)

  • Rock ON

    Ron is the reason the “Tea Party” came to be. Most people don’t give him credit and today, even most “tea partiers” don’t realize he is the catapault of the tea party. The tea party started shortly after the documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism” which Ron was in briefly. (google it and watch it from your computer… you’ll need some popcorn, a bunch of friends and a remote to stop it and re-wind several times just to freak your self out with what you see and here. Also, google “Joe Bannister”, the ex IRS agent who is in the documentary as well… unbelievable stuff.) The Tea Party formed as a way to support him and his ideas on ending the Fed and the illegal federal income tax which no law exist for. However, the media has changed the American mindset and shifted the viewpoint of the original “Tea Party” who formed to support Dr Paul because the media does not want the American people to know the truth about the Fed/IRS and federal income tax law that doesn’t exist. If all Americans saw that documentary, this country would shift overnight and the FED would be history. Rock ON RON! All the lies we were taught about “paying your fair share of federal income tax is what makes you a good American” will soon have you puking when you see this documentary. Approximately two weeks after it’s release, it was removed from theatres and can only be seen via the web or by purchasing the DVD.. Warning: This documentary is not for “robotic citizens of America…. it’s for Americans.”

  • Joe Siano

    First of all this is great because more people will begin to listen to the Ron Paul message which is much bigger than the messenger himself.

    Secondly, it is significant that neither Representatives Paul nor Bachman are mainstream, establishment Republicans. This straw poll bears out that the Tea Party factor is real and is taking hold. Voters are looking for sincere and committed advocates for radically reduced government, not Johnny-come-latelies who just woke up and smelled the Tea.

    Dr. Paul may or may not get it done. Nonetheless, he will go far in driving the debate and the agenda. And for that we should all be eternally grateful.

  • Chris

    Ok this is great news but how do we mobilize against Fox news? It seems during the debates and after that Ron Paul isn’t focused on (which is not shocking in the least) and the average uninformed citizen who only gets their news from the mainstream would think the the race is up for grabs against Bachman, Pawlenty and Romney. The mainstream media is the first line of defense for the status quo and if we don’t change that we’ll never improve our nation.


      Truer words have never been posted.Bravo!!!!

  • Fem

    I like Dr Paul, but I don’t like the constant name calling practiced by his apparent followers.

    I like Paul’s proposal on a true free market economy, but with so much corruption I find it difficult to see through a clean free market. If people can not even go to the bathroom in true privacy, how can a market be free of abuses?

    So values, such as respect, have to be represented across the markets, across cultural differences, race, nationality, etc. And products and producers have to be accountable, not because of the fear of punishment, but because of pride on a great product or service. The longer the utility of such wonder the higher the value.

    If currency and markets are not clearly outlined for the public the lesser the chances of a free market economy.

    Assuming no corruption, the worst challenge is that of jobs for those in need. Every year that need will be proportional to number of people going into adulthood and acquiring self maintenance, graduated or not. So that maybe more, rather than less, companies are needed.

    More people will really mean more capital is needed to cover a larger economy.

    No one really talks about that, clearly, even economists!

  • greg

    Great job by Dr Paul ! Its a long race so stand strong. The media will continue to dismiss Dr Paul and that should be no surprise to all of us because we are fighting the elite regardless of the news network or party. Its simple, the Repubs dont like him because he is not part of their estabislhment he never has been. The demos dislike him because Dr Paul actually reflects the views of pure democratic voters that support anti-war and personal freedom. I think Dr Paul is right were he needs to be and we the people need to keep up the financial support even if its $50 a month and also continue to talk to friends, family and do what you can in your local community.

    Im excited at what I am seeing, Im seeing real hope for the future.

  • Chad

    Someone who is knowledgable in marketing should build the Ron Paul supporters a nice email message we can cut and paste to our own email contact list, so we can help promote. I’ve been sending various emails to my contacts supporting Paul using YouTube videos. I tell people that with a few clicks they could spread the word through their contact list. I want to help and I feel the internet is the best way to reach people. Ron Paul is a powerful man and appeals to people WHEN they get his message. Just think if everyone knew who Ron Paul was. He appeals to all walks of life. It ticks me off that the media always puts a bad spin on him. They also censor him. At this point time is on our side. We can reach a lot of people, let’s keep this ball rolling and get the facts out. If someone doesn’t make a nice message I will do one, but it probably wouldn’t be as nice as someone who knows their way around the computer. Watch these. send them out.

    His political record begins @ 2:53 on this video


    Has anyone here heard from the RP camp with reaction to the recent poll??????

    ive been looking all over and nothing

    clearly lame stream media has nothing but where can i find any statments!??

  • Joe

    I appreciate Ron Paul’s experience and wisdom.

    I must say however what should be obvious to all of his supporters and to Dr. Paul himself.

    If he does not learn quickly what it takes for him to overcome the mainstream media bias so as to break through to the people with his message, consider his fight for the white house as good as lost.

    His style of communicating his ideas reminds me of that of a professor’s.
    He runs for the White House, however, and so it’s inevitable that he MUST demonstrate to the American people WHY he qualifies for the highest office more so than his competitors and America needs to choose HIM over others.

    He is doing a bad job of it, unfortunately. He absolutely does not address the labels bestowed on him such as “radical”, “extremest”, ” isolationist” .

    He needs to realize that this image stands in the way of his campaign and is being mercilessly planted into people’s minds.

    Republican debates offer excellent venues for Paul to “remake” this image by showing that it’s not his views that are radical but (as an example) ‘meddling in the affairs of other nations is radical, going to wars is an extreme and radical foreign policy’.

    He needs to participate in the debates not just wait for somebody to either attack him or ask him a question because millions are watching him at home.

    At the last debate, for instance, if it were not for Rick Santorum picking a fight with Ron Paul, the good doctor might as well have stayed home.

    It would be helpful if his website included well articulated positions on the issues American people are concerned about (unemployment, social security, medicare etc…)

    Basically only when people start seeing Ron Paul for what he really is as opposed to what the media say he is – a viable candidate because of his fresh and clear constitutional vision – Ron Paul will find himself in the Oval office…

  • Joan

    You have to remember that Iowa is the Christian conservative vote. Huckabee won in Iowa because he is a Baptist minister. So for Ron Paul to have spent far less money than Bachmann, and Bachmann is far-right religious, whereas Ron Paul is not, Ron Paul did very well. It proves his message is getting out to all different groups of people in this country, IMO. He came in a close second by talking about ending the Fed and not having a a war in Iran in a place that typically votes on social issues.

    Go Ron Paul. I hope Fox can’t stop him. I have been getting the word out about Ron Paul in political chatboards for about two years now and will continue to do so. Ron Paul has got to win or this country is finished.

  • BlackSunshine84

    Okay, one last thing and then I’m going to move on until I hear back from the Iowa GOP. Watch this video on CSPAN. At the very very beginning (look fast) before that guy starts talking, you can see CSPAN had a card for Michele Bachmann, but after he thanks everyone and leaves, they go straight to Santorum’s card, skipping Dr. Paul altogether. Later on in the video, they reshow the cards, all the cards, including Bachmann and Dr. Paul.
    The FOX News reporters on seen thought it odd enough that that guy didn’t say how many votes Bachmann received before leaving stage, odd enough to comment on it.

  • George Washington