Ron Paul Gaining Momentum in Iowa Straw Poll


Neil Cavuto: To keep talking about this Straw Poll many say it sets the stage sort of the plates if you will for the Republican race here, Rick Perry’s non presence is notwithstanding and then many expect to in the top one, two, three positions in that poll. Joining me right now Ron Paul the Texas Congressman now the presidential candidate, Congressman there are some talk that you could in this thing do you think that’s the case?

Ron Paul: Well I guess it’s always possible, we have the name on the ballot and we’re doing pretty well but I think most people can see we’ll be in the top three and my goal certainly has been to do better and a whole lot better than we did four years ago. So things are looking pretty good, there’s a lot of enthusiasm and I imagine everybody’s made up their minds by now because this campaign has been going on for a good many months, actually our campaign for liberty, our goal to promote liberty and the constitution, this has been going on a long time, for me it’s been 30 years but specifically here in Iowa at least for four years we’ve been concentrating on promoting the cause of freedom and limited government.

Neil Cavuto: You know it wasn’t that long ago where the prospect of Ron Paul winning the party’s nomination seemed extremely remote, I don’t think many people feel that way now, you’ve been ahead of the curve on a lot of the reckless spending, the piling on of debt, there are famous YouTube clips of you talking about this stuff upwards of a decade ago and every year and every month since. Is it all coming under the rest of market volatility and what we see abroad, here in a perverse sense reminding people of the stuff you warned about?

Ron Paul: Oh I think so, even though my broad goal is to promote liberty and limited government in the constitution, specifically it has been the economy because I have dealt with the economy from the 1970s believing that the monetary system has a lot to do with it because it’s the monetary system and the monetary policy and the Federal Reserve that dictates the business cycle, it dictates the inflation, the boom cycles, bust the recessions and the inflation, all these things come from monetary policy and that’s coming our way. Last year we had every single Republican in the House support my bill to audit the Fed, everybody wants to know what the Fed is doing, they created $15 trillion rather recently for the bailout, a third of it went to foreign banks, the people are screaming for an answer from this and of course I’ve been bugging the country and the Federal Reserve and Bernanke and Greenspan for years, so the American people have sort of caught up with that and I think it’s our time to talk about real economic reforms.

Neil Cavuto: What do you think would happen, let’s say you were to win this Straw Poll, but it’s the same day your governor, you’re a Texas Congressman your governor announces he’s running for president and the media pays more attention next day or tonight to Rick Perry announcing than Ron Paul winning.

Ron Paul: It’s always possible, it would emphasize that people still in the media probably aren’t looking at the real answers and they’re looking for the truth because if you have a candidat0e that’s part of the status quo and he gets all the attention, where are the answers going to come from? So yeah that’s possible and I understand what a Straw vote is, it’s a Straw vote, doesn’t have legal ramifications…

Neil Cavuto: Well you feel that, you’re saying that the governor… I’m sorry sir you say that the governor is part of the status quo?

Ron Paul: Everybody knows that, I mean he and a Tea Party candidate run against him in the last race and got 20% without any money, so yes and Texas has done well but just remember we haven’t had an income tax ever or a corporate tax and we have a right to work, no wonder we’re doing well. So yes after he’s announced candidate, people are going to start asking a lot of questions and it’ll be a good campaign but I think that yes he will dilute the vote of all the conventional politicians so those of us who believe in liberty and limited government and looking at the Fed and changing our foreign policy, that’s not going to interfere with our goals, he’s going to interfere with all Romney and a few others, he’ll just dilute their vote, so I don’t think it’ll affect our campaign whatsoever.

Neil Cavuto: As a Libertarian or one more of a Libertarian mindset where back off government that sort of thing, you remind people of unpleasantness to come, of nasty adjustments to come which goes right against campaigning for president 101 where you’re supposed to be [honey a mother’s milk] and you don’t do any of that. Which is why the conventional media says Congressman “You’re going nowhere fast.” what do you say to that?

Ron Paul: I don’t even fully understand that, I go to college campuses, we get turnouts and no matter where I talk, I do talk about the dangers and if we can keep doing this, how terrible it’s going to be and how horrible these wars on the tragedy we had, but what amazes me is when I talk to the people afterwards and I talk to a lot of them, shake a lot of hands, it’s mostly that of optimism and upbeat, it’s sort of like, well if we declare the truth and know where we are, there’s a chance we’ll solve our problem, they come away as optimist, but I always do finish my talks because I say there are answers, we’re in a mess, it might take a year to adjust but if we do the right things, at least we’ll get back to growth again, you have to liquidate debt and get rid of all the problems and the mistakes. So I am surprised myself, I say I keep talking about these negative things and yet everybody get’s upbeat because they get excited because in freedom we can find our answers, in peace we can find prosperity. So it is a really upbeat message and evidently it comes across more upbeat even from my viewpoint because I sound like I have to tell people the truth, but maybe telling the truth makes people upbeat.

Neil Cavuto: Congressman, would you buy stock these day?

Ron Paul: Well maybe if they invested in Gold and Silver I might buy stock but no I wouldn’t be buying stock but I’m not an investment advisor I’m not doing that right now.

Neil Cavuto: But you do like Gold and Silver, tangible assets more than I guess these paper assets.

Ron Paul: There you go, paper assets are very bad and the history is with me, because paper money never lasts, they say that it’s ridiculous to go to something as ridiculous as a gold standard, but most of history has picked gold and if history proves us correct, we will go back to a commodity standard of money because people are now and in the midst of losing trust in the paper money system, the FIAT dollar system that has been around for 40 years, it’s never happened before, it’s the biggest financial bubble in the history of mankind, and it’s unwinding, it just started four years ago it started the weight of the unwind bond market and the dollar reserves around the world, believe me, there is going to be a demand and an outcry for monetary reform.

Neil Cavuto: If you became president would you dramatically cut social security, you said a lot of big government programs are simply outliving their usefulness and going way beyond what they were originally supposed to do, so was that your way of saying “If I become president, I’m scaling social security way back?”

Ron Paul: That’s not exactly my position, but I do believe adjustments are necessary but what I would do and what I emphasize is that young people ought to be able to opt out, you can opt out we argue the case, all Republicans argue the case for opting out of Obama care, I want people to opt out of all the social program, let the young people going in the marketplace, get out of the social security system and all these government program, but then the question is how are you going to take care of the people, does that mean you’re going to cut those on benefits? No you really don’t have to, you work your way out of it, but the big problem is there’s no desire to cut because they’re still arguing there’s the militarism and the Pentagon buzz nobody is allowed to talk about it and we’re spending trillions and trillions of dollars on wars that we have no intention and no possibility of winning. So that’s where we get hope by bringing these troops home and saving enough money to take care of some of these people that we have taught to be so dependent, so no you do not have to start by throwing people out on the streets that have become dependent unnecessarily on government welfare.

Neil Cavuto: Well quickly and finally, he didn’t work out as a roommate for you, if you became president would there be a spot in your administration for your son Senator Rand Paul?

Ron Paul: Well I don’t know whether that’d be legal or not but I’d certainly call him up on occasion because he’s pretty good at politics and he’d be a pretty good advisor.

Neil Cavuto: Well John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy they got over that issue, alright Congressman, good luck today, we’ll watch what happens, very good having you.

Ron Paul: Thanks Neil.

  • AlexKrycek411

    Ron Paul finishes less than 1% out of 1st. Higher than even his own campaign honestly expected.

    Ron Paul has shows his support increase 4 fold since his 2007 campaign.

    The fact that he now has the exact same message as he had in 2008 is highlighting his strong idealism and unwavering knowledge in what is wrong in this Country.

    He is surging unbelievably right now….

    A NIGHTMARE for the powers that be.

    And a DREAM COME TRUE for The People.

  • erentheca

    Ron Paul’s humility is what always impresses me the most. He emphasizes the message, the movement, and what people are doing, not what he has done or will do, although he has the best record of anyone running in this field. Everyone else is trying to take credit for feats they didn’t even accomplish themselves… everyone else is making grand promises about all the great things they will do… where Ron Paul states that even moving successfully in the right direction will be hard at first.

  • IllegalsLeave

    Ron Paul isn’t liked by big business, big government, big media, or big politicians. Ron Paul is for the CITIZENS of this formerly great country. We deserve a man like this in the White House.

  • bennyb2992

    hes trying to make him look bad with every question he asks

  • Delores De Jong

    Thanks Cavuto–I am really upset with Chris Wallace and Bair as thet rehashed in Ames this morning!! They acted as though Dr Paul wasn’t even a part of the straw poll!!! What are you guys afraid of?? Are you a part of the establishment?? We need to wake up!

  • Volcano2014

    Whoa dude reporter. What a crappy question. I would rather FINALLY hear the truth that listen to one more election campaign of USELESS milk and honey. We just don’t believe it anymore. Oh… reporter dude is worried about his stocks and how Ron Paul might effect that. That’s why the status quo doesn’t want him president.


  • edarotag84

    Ron Paul was 2nd in the Straw Poll, because Barbie was born is Iowa, but on Fox News Sunday, they only said his name twice, why are they so afraid of him, is it because their scam federal reserve will end when he becomes President?

  • nagasako7

    If Ron Paul is to win, he needs more volenteers than Obama or Bachman.

  • wineverytime1

    If you are not voting for RON PAUL you have your blinders on and ear plugs in. Or just dumb as a rock.

  • seanthemedicjudoman

    “in freedom we can find our answers. In peace we can find prosperity.”

  • IllegalsLeave

    Ron Paul is the only straight forward candidate on the ballot in decades! RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!

  • TakeBackAmerica2012

    Cavuto you are a complete jerk. YOU are the establishment! You are what is wrong with this country–a brain dead media content to put up with the same BS year after year and NEVER hold these crappy politicians accountable.

  • TakeBackAmerica2012

    Rick Perry was a C and D student at A&M as you saw from his transcripts online. He refused to debate his Democratic opponent in the Texas governor’s race in 2012 and he deliberately timed his announcement so as not to have to debate in Iowa. He will NOT get away with not debating this time around. Michelle Bachmann thought the American Revolution began in New Hampshire. Ron Paul puts them to shame!

  • katsfanman

    Ron Paul is Truth !

  • classicalliberal11

    If only we had a politician half as brave as Ron Paul here in the UK.

    Republican or Democrat, I don’t care what you are, at least just listen to what the man has to say.

    If after that you decide you’re still sticking with Wall Street Servant A or Wall Street Servant B, well, it’s like the old saying goes… You get the government you deserve.

  • njcarlos1

    Wow, nice “setup” FOX. You see how they thought they could make him look like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

    past week performance statistics…
    6:45 … -1.5% DOW, -1.0% NASDAQ, -1.7% S&P
    6:50 … -5.5% GOLD

    Problem is, they show gold at the start of the week at a valuation of ~$1650/oz and at the end of the week at a valuation of ~$1730/oz… how is that a negative move? It’s not, it’s +4.8% to the UPSIDE!

    Class is in…

    FOX News 101 – How to Spread Misinformation and Propaganda.

  • mikailmari

    vote ron paul , obama is disaster

  • MiranUT

    Was that a threat at the end: JKF and Robert?

  • EdMan2012

    If Ron Paul would’ve gotten 1st, he would still be treated like a 2nd place finisher. What a bunch of sh1t this media is.

  • ronheri

    This great man is our Creator’s gift to the world not just America. He could be elected President to any country on the planet. We all want peace and prosperity. We love you Ron Paul!