Ron Paul’s Pro-Life Speech in Ames, Iowa


Ron Paul: Thank you very much, thank you very much, it’s great to be here, looks like a very exciting day, and we’re delighted with the way things are going. The one thing about our campaign it’s been identified with one particular word and I’m very proud of it, we are identified with the cause of liberty. I’m convinced that liberty and an understanding of that and the constitution can bring us peace and prosperity. But today I’m going to emphasize something slightly different from just the cause of liberty because there is something that precedes liberty and that is life. I believe in a very limited role for government but the prime reason that government exists in a free society is to protect liberty but also to protect life and I mean all life.

Now I want to tell a very short story because time is short about how I came to be very strong right to life. When I was in medical school in the 1950s it was a non issue, it was assumed everybody was prolife and abortions weren’t to be done, in the 1960s as I was a medical resident studying at OB/GYN, the doctors in the medical centers were defying the law in doing abortions. This shook me up, one day I walked in to an operating room and they did a hysterectomy which is a caesarian section, lifted out a baby that was crying and breathing, they put in a bucket in the corner of the room and let it die and pretended nobody heard it. That was rather disturbing, but as I walked out of that room, because I was a student, an observer, I walked out of the room and walked down the corridor and a baby about the same size was born prematurely, and all of a sudden, 20 people, nurses and doctors all rushing around to save the baby’s life, which seemed very logical.

But my conclusion that very day is you cannot have relative value for life and deal with that, we cannot play God and make those decisions, all life is precious. If we are to defend liberty and allow people to spend the money as they want, go to the church that they want and run their lives as they please, you have to understand where that liberty and that life comes from, it does not come from the government, it comes from our creator. But there’s a lot of ways you can defend liberty, in many ways, in a personal way and an intellectual way, in a religious manner. But also as determined as I am to promote the cause of profile and making sure that governments don’t slip to defeating life and taking life. One of the most atrocious position this country could have and that is where government will come along and with force, the Armed Force or IRS and take money from people who strongly believe in prolife and commit abortions with that, that should be reversed.

Being prolife can be extended and pro-liberty even into all ages, yes it is good to be prolife and we must be prolife or you cannot be pro-liberty the way I understand it. But I also think it’s being strongly prolife if we work very hard to have a policy when those young people, those babies that are born, when they come of age, that their lives are just as precious and they are never required to fight in undeclared, unwinnable wars. I find it very difficult to protect liberty if you don’t truly understand what the Patriot Act is all about. I understand I was in Washington with a great concern on the day after or the day of 9/11, but the Patriot Act is an attack on our liberties and the Fourth Amendment, it does not solve the problems that we face, we cannot protect liberty by taking liberty away from the American people.

If you want to think about the issue that comes about, if you get careless with protection of liberty, the Patriot Act along with the TSA just think of what is happening at our Airports. If we tolerate that type of interference with our liberties, I believe that we have to be pessimistic about the outcome of what we’re doing. But you cannot repeal the Fourth Amendment in order to say “Yes we can give up a little bit of our freedoms to be safe.” You never have to give up liberties to be safe. Foreign policy has been a big issue in our campaign because the country is tired of the war and we’re all so broke. The wars have been going on for 10 years, they’re undeclared, they’re fought under international banners NATO and United Nations and we don’t see an end to it, but it’s also costing us a lot of money, we’re into wars that are costing us trillions of dollars. Those trillions of dollars should have been left in the economy to build jobs and produce prosperity here at home.

One other symbolism of a failed foreign policy is what we did in Iraq, we went into Iraq, we were supposed to go into Iraq to get the Al Qaeda, there was no Al Qaeda. We went in there to get weapons of mass destruction, there were no weapons of mass destruction. Today one half of the Christians have been run out of Iraq, we have not done a good job and the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people now are closer to the Iranians than they have ever been. But symbolically I want to tell you what was done in Iraq, we built an embassy there, the embassy is big as the Vatican and just recently the DOD budget authorized the employment of 17,000 people to work in this embassy. That is not the way to achieve prosperity in this country.

But there is a lot that we must do to promote growth in this country, but you have to know why we have problems in this country, why do we have boom periods and bust periods? It is related to something very important if you want to understand economics and you want prosperity, you have to understand the monetary policy, you have to understand the mischief of the Federal Reserve System and we have to change it. In order to attract investments and attract capital into a country, you cannot have the weak currency. We inflate endlessly, which means we print too much money to pay for the debt that weakens the currency and it chases capital overseas, it goes to the stronger countries, now guess what? We’re the greatest debtor in the history of the world and guess what, we owe $1.4 trillion to China then we wonder why we have a problem. You have to have a strong currency, there’s nothing wrong with us reinstituting the constitution because it’s still on the books that only Gold and Silver can be legal tender.

Also you have to have the proper environment for companies to bring their money back home, you can’t have a company make money make money or park money overseas and then double tax them when they come back and charge them 35% again, that’s chasing capital away, that has to be changed and it would be a good idea for us to give serious consideration to get rid of all this income tax and corporate taxation. And of course with a strong currency and with a change of the tax system you also have to deal with the regulatory system. We have to shrink the size of the Federal Register, not constantly expanding the size of the Federal Register, we need to want less regulations not more regulation.

It is said that those of us who promote the free market system that we don’t care about regulating those ruthless big corporations, but just think of how the marketplace and sound economic policy and the constitution would regulate those companies and banks that are ripping us off, that’s the regulation that we have to have and we don’t need to be bailing out the big banks and the big corporation, dumping the debt on the American people causing the unemployment and causing the little guy to lose his house. The problems are very large, they’re very difficult, the solution is not complicated if you understand how we got into this mess. Basically we got into this mess because we have lost respect for our law of the land, the constitution and we have lost our enthusiasm for freedom that we ourselves can take better care of ourselves and to take care of money and our lives and our children’s education the works is done much better without the Federal Government down on our backs and in our wallets, it’s time we restored freedom to America.

And we have that opportunity, people are starting to recognize, people are accepting the argument that the economy is now in shambles, that there was a housing bubble and there’s been a collapse of the housing bubble. The American people now by a large majority are saying “We’ve been overseas too long, we don’t need an American empire, we need to defend our borders and forget about the borders in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s time to bring the troops home, there is no argument that is viable to say that we have to keep troops in South Korea, they’re been there since I was in high school, they’ve been in Japan since World War II, they’ve been in Germany since World War II, we’re flat out broke and we bring them home and let all the military people who come home to help protect our borders and let them spend the money here at home, we need a boost in the economy.

If we got in to this trouble by a lack of loyalty to our rule of law and our constitution, it is not all that difficult, all we have to do is restore the belief and freedom, restore the belief and what made America great, restore our conviction that the constitution works, it would take a while, but it might only take a year, we’re into the fourth year now of this recession, yes we got in this trouble by not having respect for the constitution, we can get out of this trouble by respecting the rule of law and sending only people to Washington who know and understand and will obey the constitution. Thank you very much.


  • mariaseahorse

    I’m getting off my lazy ass and hitting the polls… We need to make this guy president.

  • ItsMeLegit

    I never imagined a pro-life video getting such positive feedback. You rock Ron Paul.

  • MrLittlelawyer

    -An underground church was found while road work was being done all the people inside were laid out on the pavement and rolled over by the steam roller they were using to pave the road. This is what atheism has brought about (the creator communism was an atheist) and the french revolution! It all sounds so nice doesn’t it so reasonable to huh? Honestly which BELIEF is better when you look at it.

  • MrLittlelawyer

    Why isn’t there a thing inside any of your comments that doesn’t refer to something sexual? Also I think Aitheism has worked out well for the world to! I recently was sent a link to a list of Biblical atrocities. Many of these horrible things were punishment for thing those people had done such as the Egyptians keeping the Hebrews in slavery .But none could compare to a man named STALIN He committed horrible crimes as did the atheistic Communists before him as a result of Atheism in North Korea-

  • MrLittlelawyer

    is no proof against it. We might find fossils of one or there might not be any left that have not been destroyed!Who knows maybe Russia destroyed the last ones accidentally in a nuclear blast!Or I could say that maybe there is evidence that God does exist he has given us his word the things he wants us to know and do. Why can’t that be accepted as evidence?Maybe simply how much countries seem to prosper when they turn to God, such as this country whose founding fathers believed in God.

  • socrplaya009

    10:30 – 10:32

  • ajfelix67

    I am Canadian…. and I endorse Ron Paul 100%. Bring the troops home, get back to sound money…gold and silver….. end the FED. Reduce size of government, less regulation…. if my fellow American’s don’t get the message…. then… I fear the worst. God Speed….from an atheist.

  • dynaweb

    Ron Paul Rocks!

  • Patriot1

    To RonPaulVoter – You’re right, issues on abortion and marriage ARE states rights issues. Before Roe vs. Wade, abortion was against the law in every state, until the Supreme Court unlawfully usurped their authority and declared it to be “legal.” Same with the gay thing. Before Lawrence vs. Texas, sodomy was against the law in every state, until the tyrannical Supreme Court once again hijacked the Constitution and null and voided all state laws on this matter. I think the best solution is for states to re-assert their sovereignty and enforce their anti-abortion and anti-sodomy laws regardless of what the Supreme Court says, in other words, just ignore their unlawful rulings, and declare them to be irrelevent. This is the best way to counter the lawlessness of the radical marxist left.

    • GP18

      “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      You sir/madam, are one of the tyrants of which Jefferson spoke. You have no concept of liberty. You only want to force everyone to conform to your beliefs and ideals. You are certainly no “Patriot”!

  • ingyplubinod

    If you Do Not Vote for Ron Paul your an idiot and your not a real American. Your basically allowing this shitty government ot get bigger and weaken our nation. Kinda like Obama putting us in debt 3 times higher than any president!

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    everyone thank cnn and wolf for giving Dr. Paul good air time, make fox,msnbc,cnbcand cnn again start to fight over inteviews for him. MoneyBomb! 8/20/11

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    I want to put this in dubstep

  • RonPaulVoter


    Getting entangled in social issues is a mistake.

    If someone specifically asks you about abortions, traditional marriages, etc., just tell them it is not a federal responsibility and that those decisions are up to the states and the people (10th Amendment). And that is the end of the argument.

    To get our country back on track before it collapses, we must focus 100% on FISCAL matters–massive spending cuts, balance the budget, reduce the deficit, eliminate regulations and mandates, eliminate undesirable departments, end needless “wars,” and reduce and simplify taxes.

    I am with you all the way to defeat the Traitor in Chief.


  • btunink1986

    Please donate to the Ron Paul August 20th Moneybomb!

  • an50331

    What makes your argument so scientific? Heres where I stand, I DO believe that unborn babies are alive. Human DNA + being alive = A living human being, saying they aren’t alive until they in visable proximity is laughably ignorant. However, we as a society understand that we got to kill these things off or we will cause overpopulation, and die. I used to be a pro-death militant atheist like you, but I have come to understand why people believe what they believe and see where they are coming from

  • shawner0511

    to those of you that keep mentioning rape victims and abortion there is adoption there are many people in the USA that want kids and cant have them I dont care what your reason of not wanting your unborn baby is give it up for adoption or to a loving family member

  • MrLetsdothisthang

    ron paul is the only trustworthy person sense jfk

    • GP18

      You think JFK was trustworthy?

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