Jack Cafferty Cuts through the Propaganda

Jack Cafferty: “One other note: Ron Paul finished second in the Iowa Straw Poll, a very strong second, to Michele Bachmann.”


Michele Bachmann: …spending that we have seen. Rather than dissing the Tea Party, we should be praising the Tea Party in Washington.

Reporter: Leaving little time for one more wildcard to make her move.

Jim Acosta: But there are many months to go until the voting begins in Iowa next February. Perry will now be vetted like never before, a process Bachmann and Romney know all too well. Wolf?

Wolf Blitzer: Alright, thanks very much, Jim Acosta reporting for us. Let’s bring in Jack Cafferty right now, he’s got the Cafferty file. Jack?

Jack Cafferty: One other note… Ron Paul finished second in the Iowa straw poll, a very strong second to Michele Bachmann. Now that Texas Governor Rick Perry is officially a candidate for president, we thought it might be a good idea to spin through…

  • Allenpwnsu3

    Terrorists threaten Dave Letterman!


  • jskjtm

    The media had better get on the bandwagon, or become even more irrelevant than they are now. RON PAUL will be our next President, period. I have never been a campaigner, but I have 3 children and I would like for them to have a future. It’s high time to start calling these crooks out, and locking them up for crimes against humanity, let alone treason against their own country. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The time is at hand. We either get our country back now, or prepare ourselves for absolute tyranny.


  • Dear Mr. Cafferty, Very few journalists have the courage and decency to express their opinion at the risk of defying the mainstream agenda of excluding, in this regard, Congressman Ron Paul. I watch your program more than the others, and know you seek the truth. Our nation needs more men like you, who have courage and conviction. We, the people support you and stand with you for justice and liberty for all. God Bless you sir and stay the course on truthful journalism.

  • Remember to register as a REPUB. About 18 states wont let you vote Ron Paul in the critical primary (which determines the nomination!) ,if you are a registered Dem.Dont take that chance – change to repub to make SURE you dont get cheated out of your vote ! U can always change back after Ron Paul gets elected !

  • byteusa

    Cafferty have a fan page on facebook? Like him!

  • TheUnsignedmusicians


  • TheUnsignedmusicians


  • mmyr123

    Jack you badass! nice job

  • mmyr123

    Jack you badass! nice job

  • marksky57

    Like Paul, one of the few honest men in his profession!

  • songforamericans

    i long for the day this Nation will watch Dr. Ron Paul…..DEBATE Brobama Face to Face…………i bet Brobama has night mares about the same???…..

  • mattbau76

    they just love to show their bizarre collection of clueless bimbos, sold out tools and religious hypocrits. And thx to Cafferty for having the courage and decency to mention Ron.

  • jose vivarelli

    Each day comes and America is getting more and more alike Brazil : corrupt politicians ( hundreds , thousands , millions!) , corrupt midia , the socialist Barack governing very much alike conrad Lula .
    God salve America !

  • Well it’s the “mainstream media” and they are supposed to cover everyone right? I’d bet he’s already gotten some emails from some powerful people already… people who are PETRIFIED by the mere mention of Ron Paul.

  • kakompo

    Well it’s the “mainstream media” and they are supposed to cover everyone right? I’d bet he’s already gotten some emails from some powerful people already… people who are PETRIFIED by the mere mention of Ron Paul.

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  • Padrag12

    Ummm, this is a response to Jon Stewart calling them (MSM) on the bs. Jack can go suck his namesake.

  • gsus7125

    Good job Cafferty, you earned some respect from the people just then.

    Thumbs up all these Ron Paul videos as much as you can, it helps get them a better placement and higher visibility on Youtube, thus increasing awareness of him. Gotta do everything we can.

  • yutakahosokoawa

    Love it! bachman bought her votes and still barely made it past Ron!

  • ColonizingTheSun

    No fear Jack 😀