New Ron Paul TV Ad – “The One Who Can Beat Obama”

Ron Paul released a new 60-second TV spot this morning. It goes live in Iowa and New Hampshire today.

After a forceful buildup, the ad comes to a triumphant conclusion with these powerful words: “Ron Paul: The one who will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs, bring peace. The one who will restore liberty. Ron Paul: The one who can beat Obama – and restore America now.”


It’s the story of a lost city, lost opportunity, lost hope. A story of failed policies, failed leadership, a story of smooth-talking politicians, games of “He Said, She Said,” rhetoric, and division.

One man has stood apart, stood strong and true, voting against every tax increase, every unbalanced budget, every time. Standing up to the Washington machine, guided by principle, Ron Paul, the one who will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs, bring peace. The one who will restore liberty. Ron Paul, the one who can beat Obama and restore America now.

Ron Paul: I’m Ron Paul, and I approve this message.

  • tonytg909

    Ron Paul is only the start, people need to start thinking for themselves and take back control.
    The people will get the president they deserve, so don’t sell yourself sort.


  • excelerater

    Ron has great ideas but no balls,still just another pushover

  • wedonthavetofakeit

    Lolo – please, every time I hear a comment like yours, I know that it is someone who hasn’t seen much of the world… America, the prime example of corruption?,,, c’mon, you gotta get out of the house more. Try visiting Mexico or Africa or India or the Phillipines where corruption is out in the open and part of every day life… what a joke your uninformed comment was… sorry, try reading a little or traveling.

  • some bum

    rick perry sucks I know I am from texas. RON PAUL WILL WIN!!

  • bambeenito


  • blackraider777

    Ricj Perry – what a joke

  • unikum71

    why do they always have to say “I am XX and I approved this message”?

  • jimmi161

    68 people fear liberty.

  • whbon73

    What is Paul’s plan to pay for Bush’s wars without tax revenues?

  • ruffiantilian
  • ruffiantilian

    This ROCKS! Great and strong. I know there will be more, so hang on to your seats! This is fabulous and outside the box of typical political ads. Believe me, it works!

  • edwardsson777

    Ron Paul is not a psychopath as many in Washington are (video: “freedom from conscience – psychopaths”). So many in Washington care only about themselves and are as warm as a snake caught in a snowstorm.

  • findingoutthetruth

    if you have to go ALL the way back to 1964, you are already searching for
    “husks” is all I can say. Paul is the ONLY ONE in this whole horrible mess who says and does the SAME THING. AND THAT is hard to find—-you have to go back to 1964? Why don’t you check his birth certificate, while you are at it.
    Like you should have checked obama’s.

  • gomogi1
  • go2mikerenzi

    Such searches are a “waste of time,” says one Democratic operative who’s been involved in previous efforts to build an opposition research file on the Republican. “Perry has been vetted to the max. And the press in Texas is no pussycat. They looked into everything too and found nothing,” added the operative.

  • IllegalsLeave

    You can’t argue with the truth!!!!!! RON PAUL 2012!

  • go2mikerenzi

    Ron Paul backer Robert Morrow ran an ad in a Texas weekly newspaper seeking “stripper…escort…or ‘young hottie’ ” who had been with Perry. The headline on the ad, splashed around the Internet: “Have You Ever Had Sex With Rick Perry?”

  • go2mikerenzi

    What you have is a a candidate for president, Ron Paul, tweeting a link to a blog that cites the only poll in existence that shows Ron Paul leading. It also just so happens to be from the Azimuth Group who has only been in existence for a few months, whose domain is registered to known Ron Paul supporter Dave Nalle who also happens to be chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus which also happened to endorse Ron Paul.

  • go2mikerenzi

    the Paul campaign is tweeting out an article written on their campaign website touting a poll that came out days after Rick Perry announced but was actually released months earlier, conducted by a man with serious ties to Paul and freely admits that the poll was skewed. Is this a ploy for money, attention, or what?

    Does this seem funny to anyone else or is it just me?

  • innulja

    American People don’t even realize how lucky they are to have someone like RON Paul to run for president, I would give anything to have someone like him be president in mine.