New Ron Paul TV Ad – “The One Who Can Beat Obama”

Ron Paul released a new 60-second TV spot this morning. It goes live in Iowa and New Hampshire today.

After a forceful buildup, the ad comes to a triumphant conclusion with these powerful words: “Ron Paul: The one who will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs, bring peace. The one who will restore liberty. Ron Paul: The one who can beat Obama – and restore America now.”


It’s the story of a lost city, lost opportunity, lost hope. A story of failed policies, failed leadership, a story of smooth-talking politicians, games of “He Said, She Said,” rhetoric, and division.

One man has stood apart, stood strong and true, voting against every tax increase, every unbalanced budget, every time. Standing up to the Washington machine, guided by principle, Ron Paul, the one who will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs, bring peace. The one who will restore liberty. Ron Paul, the one who can beat Obama and restore America now.

Ron Paul: I’m Ron Paul, and I approve this message.

  • biggernworse300

    i love this ad… Ron Paul Keep going….. Teach the Main Stream Media that they cannot ignore u…


  • Oceania

    I have been watching RON PAUL since 2007 and he has been getting a raw deal by the media and even his own party is afraid of him because HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH. Because HE is NOT a member of the Trilateral Commission, because he is not a member of Bilderbergy, he is simply a HONEST human being. He CARES about YOU.

    The reason the CHINESE do so well and other countries…THEY RESPECT the WISDOM of the Elders. This man is sheer genius, packaged with a sense of humor, but do not let that fool you. The USAF VET has strenght of a Ligthing Bolt.

    For once….let us do it right, let’s VOTE FOR US by VOTING FOR RON PAUL.

    • Lone Puma

      Oceania: I couldn’t agree with you more. In addition to Ron Paul, With the supermarkets now supposedly needing to raise the food prices by 3 plus %, I think American’s had better start figuring out how their going to come against big business. This continuing price increase for our necessities by big business that controls our country must be addressed in the most serious way. We’re going to have to fight fire with fire. You mentioned the Trilateral Commission, and as I understand them, they are the enforcers of the elitists. They are a part of the Builderberg origination or I should say their enforcer and Bill Clinton is its head. I don’t know if you remember NAFTA, but when Bill Clinton signed this agreement, which was fostered by the evil Builderberg, he was asked if it wasn’t actually the World Trade Organization? He denied it, but it came out shortly afterwards that it was. He did say however, if it effected our economy, he left it open to reverse its course. Even so, there hasn’t been one president or congressman that has suggested we close this ideology, as its been destroying our country. It is big business that is collapsing the the American economy today. There is only one thing left that we can do, American’s must somehow organize against the Trilateral Commission and the Builderberg group and those in it or you may find yourself in a food line!
      America must be praying that God will intervene!!
      Best regards

  • Coolbrinkman1

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win the presidency, then the polls were rigged.

  • Xylit0l

    The only thing that makes me hesitant about voting for Ron Paul is that he is against raising taxes. Raise the damn taxes on the rich AND cut useless spending!

  • Bunbundoolooey

    How come everybody leaves all the socialist & communist countries to come here, and now we’re turning into a socialist communist country?

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Paul doesn’t even understand basic economics, that if the Federal Reserve prints more money then every American automatically becomes richer! That’s how big of a moron Ron Paul is and he wants to go back to the gold standard? I dunno about you, but I have alot more dollars then I do gold, and so do most Americans, so why would anyone wanna switch to that? How stupid is Ron Paul anyway to take us Americans for fools?

  • spaceghost996

    instead of licking Ron Paul’s nuts, you should GET ON HIS ASS TO BE MORE ASSERTIVE… if you really want him to win

  • amm8399

    Happy Birthday Ron Paul and Mr.2012 President!!

  • 8325124

    No ones here to argue.

    If you dont like him, then you dont like him.

    Dont bug us and we wont bug you.

    Get over it you oppositioners.

    Make your donations supporters, even if its 5 bucks!

    Ron Paul 2012.

  • poopieheadface

    ron paul campaign funds well spent.

  • Podwiczka

    Ron Paul R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution 2012 FTW!

  • Kallister18

    ronpaul2012 Let’s give the man a little help on his birthday, okay america? An all day money bomb for the campaign. If the rich boys can have their candidate then let’s us try to raise a few bucks for our guy. Even if we only give five bucks. It’s all good.

  • JizzonTheDark

    The ONE indeed!

  • Realtruthfukillu

    ur so stupid dude ron paul the new puppet of the elite in power(rich ass jewsih’family like rothschild and rockefeller warburgs schiff etc..) , al quaeeda and bin laden r all bullshit to brainwash all the sheeps!! they want u all to vote for ron paul so the riots can start so they can apply martial laws with the military busting everybody who is not agreed with the new orld order orchestred by jewish richest familys who control everything from banks to media to army to everything

  • Shadownian

    working on my own RP commercial….sub me…or just keep an eye on my channel in the next few days…thanks all…

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Interleave

    That is an AWESOME AD!!!

  • SuperSpidey25

    This man embodies the founding fathers and what America is supposed to be all about. Vote for him, and you’ll get your liberty back. It’s time to stand up against the banksters and corporations and show them how strong Americans can be.
    READ Simple Wealth by Andrew Costello / VOTE Ron Paul.

  • MrXx0xx0xx

    I think there is a very real possibility that Ron Paul will be assassinated. If you look at some history you will agree with me. Every president that has promised to end the establishment has been assassinated, or attempts have been made. If Ron Paul gets elected as president, don’t be surprised if you see the newspaper headline “Ron Paul dies in sleep”, or “Ron Paul dies in car crash”. If this does happen, there WILL be massive retaliation, there will be a martyr, and we will grow stronger.

  • BAP3221

    i hope he can become president before the world economy collapses and these bankers and corps set up their world government! 1 year and 5 months is a lot from now.

  • generalelectro

    Just Donated $20.12 for real change in 2012!