Ron Paul 2012: From Underdog to Serious Challenger


Judge Napolitano: Tonight, on the docket, why the Republican Party will never be the same again. If ever a presidential hopeful embodied the notion of personal freedom and fidelity to the Constitution, it would be Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul.

He’s a genuine fiscal hawk, who refused to vote to raise the debt ceiling because he knows that government borrowing causes inflation. He voted against the Patriot Act because he understands that it is a massive assault on Americans’ freedoms because it lets federal agents write their own search warrants.

And he’s the dark horse who was the runner up in this weekend’s Ames, Iowa, straw poll, leaving winner Congresswoman Michele Bachmann with a mere one-percent margin over him.

So, what does this mean for the Republican Party when an anti-establishment candidate is quickly making his way to the top? It means the Tea Party is well on its way to returning the GOP to its small-government roots. It means the power of the people will be restored to the people because the people have chosen a Ron Paul, the Ron Paul, as the man to take on big-government Republicans who legislate like they’re Democrats. It means the end of the big-government party and the resurrection of a Republican Party that will be faithful to sound money and personal freedom.

Or am I getting carried away with his showing in Iowa? Here to tell us just how far he’s gone from underdog to serious challenger and what this all means while maintaining all of his core beliefs, the man himself, Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul who joins us by phone from his home in Texas. Congressman Paul, first welcome here and, second, congratulations on your phenomenal showing in the straw poll on Saturday.

Ron Paul: Thank you very much, Judge. It was an exciting week and it sure inspired a lot of the supporters there, raving and raring to go. So, it’s given us a real boost. And, like you mention, I think it’s a strong vote for limited government and small government in a special way, in a constitutional way, in an American-tradition way. And it sort of challenges this whole concept of liberty, that liberty comes in pieces. You know, “you can have a little economic liberty here, and you can have a little personal liberty there.” And then you have a flip-flopping type of foreign policy. I always say that freedom comes in a package. I hope that we have packaged this well because, for me, it’s a clear-cut message that we’re delivering.

Judge Napolitano: Congresswoman Bachmann, of course, has enjoyed her victory, slim though it was over you, and will claim that she is the anti-establishment candidate, that she represents the virtues of the Tea Party, that she represents the return to small government. But I think you put your finger on it, Congressman Paul, when you say that she has parceled those areas where she believes in big government, where she believes in strong government. She wants to amend the Constitution to define marriage. She wants to amend the Constitution to allow the government to prosecute pornography. She is in favor of hundreds of billions in foreign aid. You are in favor of personal freedom and small government all across the board with no exceptions. And I suspect that that message is finally resonating.

Ron Paul: Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. Now, I give Michele credit for coming across with an image which is somewhat similar and appealing to Tea Party people because obviously a lot of Tea Party people voted for her. But her message is quite different, obviously. But if you give her the credit for portraying her message similar to ours, isn’t it amazing the number of votes that came in for the first and second place? What does that say about the establishment candidates?

But our job is to distinguish ourselves from the others. And I do put them into one package. I think they all, all the other Republicans, represent the status quo because they do support the foreign policy that both Republicans and Democrats have supported. Monetary policy: the same; personal liberties and the PATRIOT Act, they all fall in the same category.

Judge Napolitano: Right. It is interesting, though, if you do add your votes to Congresswoman Bachmann, it is, if you believe she is anti-establishment as you say in some issues she genuinely is, some other issues it’s debatable. It is the anti-establishment taking on the establishment because more than half the votes went to the two of you.

I do want to ask you about defense. There was an interesting repartee during the debate the other night between the questioner and you and then former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum over whether or not Iran should be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. Basically, as I heard it, Senator Santorum said he’d bomb the bomb, and you said you’d let them build the bomb. Can you explain the difference between the two of you? Or can you explain your view on that, Congressman Paul?

Ron Paul: Yeah. One thing I want to make clear is, when you are a little bit more cautious about bombing foreign countries, it doesn’t mean that you like and enjoy and endorse what they do. It’s sort of like, when you endorse the First Amendment, you don’t endorse what everybody says with the use of the First Amendment.

But this whole idea of another country getting a bomb, we should put it in proper context. And I pointed out that the Soviets probably had thirty thousand of them and we lived through all that. And, here, they don’t even have a bomb. And the Iranians aren’t likely to use a weapon. What if they get one bomb and they bomb Israel? That’s always the same. But they have to depend on imported gasoline. So, they have their problems in Iran but they’re not suicidal. They’re not completely stupid.

This whole thing is fearmongering, it’s warmongering. There’s been a lot of people in Washington who’ve been itching for a fight and a war with Iran. I think it’s so unnecessary. And I think that, if you think of it strategically, is it the worst thing in the world that Pakistanis got a nuclear weapon? And Indians have nuclear weapons. What if only India had nuclear weapons? Wouldn’t they be the powerhouse? It sort of does bring more neutrality. What if only the Soviets had nuclear weapons during the Cold War? So, there is a sort of balance. But this in no way means that I think that’s a good idea to have more nuclear weapons. If I had any opportunity and it was reasonable, I’d reduce the number of these nuclear bombs. We don’t need them all.

Judge Napolitano: Forty years ago today, President Richard Nixon committed one of the greatest assaults on the free market that he ever did when he separated the dollar from gold. Steve Forbes is coming on right after you. And I think he’s going to predict that one day the dollar will be back attached to gold. Do you agree with that?

Ron Paul: Oh, absolutely. If you know monetary history, you know that inflation has been around a long time, the destruction of currencies. And, finally, when it gets out of control, people have to sit down and say: how do we restore the confidence of our currency? And it always has to be something of real value and the people have to believe it.

We did it after the Civil War and it worked. But, you know, it’s ironic. Nixon closed the gold window. He didn’t want our gold going overseas. And just think of where the gold’s gone in the world in the last fourty years. It really virtually has left the West and it’s gone East. The Indians have it, the Japanese have it, the Chinese have it. They’re owning the gold now. So, he never really closed the gold window. He just shifted it. He said he was protecting the dollar by going off the gold standard. And can you look at any statistic to defend that position that he has protected our dollar and jobs? He was doing this to save jobs ironically. And look at the mess we’ve had after forty years.

And it’s coming to an end. That’s what this campaign is all about. And we’re in the midst of this shifting away from the dollar reserve standard which was established in 1971. And it will end. It’s just a matter of time and just how it will come about.

Judge Napolitano: Congressman Paul, it’s always a pleasure. Sorry for the satellite problem. But thanks very much for joining us.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Judge.

  • wyatt9600

    I’m not American. And I’d rather see Ron Paul than any other Republican or Obama in the White House again.


  • WillSee11

    Right on! I recommend Judge Napolitano for either Vice President, or even better, Attorney General in the new Ron Paul Administration!

  • Dr Ron Paul is to America has DR Caroline Lucas is to Britain both tell it the truth but not Listened to .

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    Dr Ron Paul is to America has DR Caroline Lucas is to Britain both tell it the truth but not Listened to .

  • annebeck58

    No, nobody is getting carried away.
    Ron Paul IS the man.. it IS time for the USA to figure it out and vote-in the RIGHT man (wow; first time I am advocating a Republican).
    Other then Dr. Paul, who is going to really CHANGE back to where we need to be (as of 50 years ago)? It is not Bachmann, truly!

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    Ron Paul is the best hangover cure… everytime!

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    Ron Paul isn’t for the Republicans, Ron Paul isn’t for the Democrats, Ron Paul isn’t for Big Business (right Rick Perry), Ron Paul isn’t for Big Government. RON PAUL IS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The PEOPLE deserve a President like Ron Paul.

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    Big media covering Ron Paul…..I don’t believe it……. RON PAUL 2012!

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    Ron Paul would easily win the general election. But it’s up to us to help him in the primary because not every Republican will be behind him! We need to help him win the primarys and then he can easily win the general election when people see him debate Obama!

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    END THE FED!!!!!!!! Support Ron Paul for a better America! A better life!

  • 11dra1

    END THE FED!!!!!!!! Support Ron Paul for a better America! A better life!

  • First we called for reform…

    Then we revolted through civil disobedience then we got the munchies and fell asleep at the wheel for about 30 years or so…

    Then we revolted through unconscious economic strangulation (52% of us aren’t paying taxes, mostly because we cant afford to).

    Now we have the opportunity to hire the right guy for the job (we hope! Ron you better get it done!) If that doesn’t work there will be a bloody class war…yes, another actual civil war, MARK MY WORDS! The “toothless uninformed” have guns and they are as tired of the veneers of government as they are of the shiny fake pearly white ones hiding behind this dubious house of cards, fully protected, funded and happily putting your children to death in war, malnutrition and the steeping rhetoric of failure! These hillbillies will come out of the woods in such a righteous fury firing on this establishment and anyone wearing a suit it will make “Pulp Fiction” look like a PBS Saturday morning show for kids!

    Be careful how far you dumb your society down, a smart dog doesn’t attack his master. A free man will overthrow this illegitimate government though. A free man will allow the loose cannons, wild dogs and fools to run wild and reek havoc while those of us who know how to win this thing through peaceful civil disobedience, effective PR and the use of the very constitution created to protect our country and our people from any threat foreign or domestic. You are welcome! We will use EVERY tool in the shed to free the people from this corporate tyranny. We will win at any cost as True Freedom is never too expensive. And George, old buddy…Mr. Cheney, Carl Rove, Barak aka “the banks bitch” and special interest friends…YOU ARE EITHER WITH US (The People) OR AGAINST US!

    There will be no disclaimer on this joke because it is funny and so far I am the only one with the balls to say it out loud though I am sure many have thought it…

    How do you systemically lower the credit score of the largest economic power on Earth? …………………………………….Hire a…………………………………………………… (drumroll please) black man to run it! 😉

    Or maybe a more truthful punchline would be…”hire a gutless politician to try and save it after a retarded Texan kicked us all to the curb!”

    OK, OK, this is not about color…OK, yes it is…Its about the color yellow and I do not mean Chinese…I mean yellow like the belly of Obama, LACKING COURAGE…. that is ….to do the right thing…need more proof I am not racist? I voted for the guy! Yep, I had hope along with a little doubt…I had a desire for change…but a little doubt…and I desired to return the government to the people….and a little doubt. You know what the doubt was? That he was gutless and that he wouldn’t stand up to the special interests that are killing this planet and our people along with the ridiculous posers calling themselves conservatives manipulating the mindless through Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and that Glenn Beck freak and that Tucker guy with the bow tie. You call them Republicans! I don’t care what you call them but they are not true conservatives. They are spinsters, pure and simple and you have been fooled almost every time they open their mouths! Well, I was right and I am voting for the only one who is saying everything I know it will take to save our country. Truly, Ron Paul should be an independent, but I think his loyalty keeps him chained to the second biggest joke of a political party we have in this country! Here is another one for you…

    George W and Dick Cheney were walking down the street and they came upon a dog licking its balls and Dick said to George…”Look at that Mr. President! I sure wish I could do that!” and George replied…”Don’t you think you oughta pet him first?” ………..At least some of us saw those too maniacal fascists coming! I chose to abstain that year… I just couldn’t quell my violently turning stomach long enough to vote for Gore! What a sad point in American history! Bush whacked! Then we get Gore as the only option?… Gore, the other white meat… Another guy who didn’t grow balls until he was safely out of the cross hairs of the corporatocracy…literally so smart about how all this works when you are doing the right thing that he was too afraid to be President! (W was too dumb to be afraid!! and that worked out real well for us didn’t it!?) Nice documentary though Al, but hey its not “Global Warming” retard! It’s called Climate Change! Some areas get cooler and others get warmer. Some areas get cooler then warmer and then cooler again….other areas dry up and others get more rain than usual…and then it all freezes…guess what happens next? Yep! It thaws out and all that happens again and again over and over until the Sun swallows everything in our little curve of the universe. Its been going on for billions of YEARS! Welcome! Yes, we have poisoned the planet and need to clean it up, but lets call it what it is and eliminate some of these retarded right wing CORPORATE SPONSORED arguments against the REALITY that we are IN FACT poisoning our planet and each other through ignorance and greed and WE NEED TO CLEAN IT UP and create a new sustainable economy…oh, we already did that! You aren’t on board yet? Enjoy the horse and buggy style old world results you are getting then! Get your shit together man!

    The last President who was truly willing to die in office for his country standing up to the status quo, did so…he was killed by the ideology running the country and the world today and every day since his death! Let’s hope that Ron Paul has that kind of courage! I am voting for him to find out! I am writing myself in as VP though just to keep him on his toes…he is kinda old and I don’t want him dying on us! Besides after everyone reads my book they will want me in there fighting for them too! That’s right! Vote for Michael Huskey as your VP, because I am second best! Oh, wait a minute! Then I would actually have to hold down a job for more than two years! Hmmm….

    My doubt is not so much about Dr. Paul’s courage, but the courage and intelligence of Congress to work with him for sweeping change and his ability to get them to act NOW!…Maybe Congress needs to meet with the Hillbillies out in the woods for a little bonding exercise over a weekend somewhere….oh, not the tax payer paid junket you had in mind Mr. Congressman? Sorry, to hear about your sudden hemorrhoidal outbreak! Good luck America…as Greg Brown a great American folk singer says…”I couldn’t be good so I’ll just be free!” What about you?

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    Ron Paul is the only politician ive ever seen answer a question without hesitation straight to the point, unlike others who change the subject or just lie

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    Happy Birthday Ron. Ron Paul 2012!

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    People said Reagan couldn’t win–they laughed at him–an actor? Bedtime for Bonzo”–really? Yet he won 2 terms AND won by a landslide! Let’s make sure we get Paul through the Primary–even dems & Independents need to vote Repub, even if just for the primary. All the other candidates are part of the big gov, same ol’ same, check their backgrounds & you’ll agree….don’t let their looks, talk or lies fool you! Only Paul is the real constitutionalist & pro-American…let’s rescue the dream!

  • Americommandops

    People said Reagan couldn’t win–they laughed at him–an actor? Bedtime for Bonzo”–really? Yet he won 2 terms AND won by a landslide! Let’s make sure we get Paul through the Primary–even dems & Independents need to vote Repub, even if just for the primary. All the other candidates are part of the big gov, same ol’ same, check their backgrounds & you’ll agree….don’t let their looks, talk or lies fool you! Only Paul is the real constitutionalist & pro-American…let’s rescue the dream!

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    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!! Ron Paul for Liberty, Peace, Strong Money, and an end to the Federal Reserve and the Establishment!!!