The Ron Paul Tipping Point


[Video: Drew Griffin]: If you get video of Sarah Palin, or get a sound bite from her, bring that back to us. You can hold the Ron Paul stuff.

[Video: Stephanie Miller]: The one thing Donald Trump has ever been right about is that he’s unelectable.

[Video: Howard Kurtz]: We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race.

[Video: Rush Limbaugh]: Ron Paul is going to destroy this party.

[Video: Juan Williams]: Paul is doing very well out in Iowa. And I don’t think that’s going to thrill a lot of the Republican establishment.

Alex Jones: My friends, we have reached a tipping point in the United States. Congressman Ron Paul, a true defender of liberty and freedom, a man who has never compromised; in his speeches—but more importantly, in his actions—with his votes in Congress. A person who has an absolutely perfect voting record, when it comes to the Constitution, is surging right now. He has won the coveted CPAC Straw Poll two years in a row. He has dominated the New Hampshire Straw Poll. He came in second place—despite the fact that Michele Bachmann admitted bought 4,000 votes in the Iowa Straw Poll.

[Video footage pull quote: “Bachmann, for example, handed out at least 4.000 free tickets to supporters. She got 4,823 votes.” — CNN]

He is winning all over the country, other straw polls, other online polls, scientific polls. He’s gotten more money from the military than all the other Republicans combined, and he’s gotten more than Obama got! Think about that. And the list goes on and on and on. He is routinely in the top five search terms on Google. Other candidates don’t even show up. But, something else is happening here. You may go outside and see that the sky is blue; the so-called mainstream—and they’re not really mainstream anymore, and that’s the tipping point I’m about to get to—the so-called mainstream media has been beating the drum with this mantra that “Ron Paul can’t win. Ron Paul’s a joke.”

[Video footage pull quote: Rick Santorum: “And I really feel that Ron Paul can’t win this caucus and can’t win this nomination and the other three candidates have a potential to do so.” — CNN]

The system is running scared in a headlong panic of Ron Paul. They knew his potential in 2008 and successfully sold the hoax that he was unelectable. But this time, the shrill cries are deafening, from Rush Limbaugh hatefully talking about how Ron Paul will destroy their precious neocon warmongering party…

[Video footage: Rush Limbaugh: “Ron Paul is going to destroy this party if they keep—this is nuts on parade.”]

…to CNN pundits saying there’s no way he can win…

[Video footage: Candy Crowley: “If you look at the top two here—Michele Bachmann followed by Ron Paul—you could argue that the polls are showing, those are among the two that do the worst put up again President Obama.”]

…to reports at Politico, where they say Michele Bachmann gets first place, Pawlenty get third; no mention of Ron Paul. Why are they so scared of Ron Paul? Well, the ruling class of this country—the Fortune 100, the private Federal Reserve—have amassed their wealth through monopoly. They’ve amassed their wealth through insider, anti-capitalist crony systems. And now their system is basically imploding because of their corrupt policies and activities and looting. And here’s Ron Paul, who’s called it every step of the way with incredible precision, who has the Constitutional answers to get our country back on the right track, and the system is scared to death. They’re like vampires faced with a cross, or holy water, or a truckload of garlic.

They are in absolute panic mode because they’ve looked at the numbers, and they know Ron Paul is the real frontrunner in the 2012 election. And they know that if he continues to catch on, even their electronic voting machines won’t be able to stop a landslide. And if they did, the public would see right through it. So they have to convince you that he is unelectable. They have to sell you on the idea that, “Oh, I like Ron Paul, but he’s not available; he can’t win.” The fact that Ron Paul is the true frontrunner and is popular across the political spectrum—and major political analysts have had to admit that only Ron Paul can effectively beat Barack Obama—that’s why the system is scared of him.

[Video footage pull quote: CNN: “Who does best against Obama? Paul. The congressman from Texas, who also ran as a libertarian candidate for president in 1988 and who is will like by many in the tea party movement, trails the president by only seven point (52 to 45 percent) in a hypothetical general election showdown. Huckabee trails by eight points, with Romney down 11 point to Obama.”]

And that illustrates how awake people are, that Ron Paul is the most popular and, if this was a fair game and wasn’t rigged, would be our next president.

[Video footage pull quote: The State Column: “According to the [July 26, 2011] Harris poll, Obama and Paul would split the vote right down the middle if they were to run against each other in 2012.”]

So some of you then say, “Well Alex, why are you supporting Ron Paul? You think it’s rigged.” Well, we’ve got to fight whether it’s rigged or not! Ron Paul is in there, injecting real issues about the Federal Reserve, torture, pre-emptive wars, the inflation tax. Everything that he’s warned us about is now coming true. And so he’s there, bearing testament to the truth and rallying more and more young people. The Bilderberg Group, three years ago, panicked—according to our sources—and said the kids aren’t into mainline neocon conservatism, they’re not into communism—both systems we control—they’re into true libertarianism. They’re into constitutionalism. They’re rediscovering the laws and the systems and the civilization that defeats tyrants. They’re discovering the shield that allows people to grow and live and be prosperous.

And in closing, that is the most important point: the tipping point is reached. Ron Paul’s popularity is growing exponentially, and it is a manifestation of how popular liberty is and the fact that the spirit of 1776 is being rediscovered. And the tipping point is more illustrated by the full-court press. When they saw him getting standing ovations and winning that Republican primary, with all those other wolves attacking this lion, and the fact that the public was there watching, was totally sold on his message, they panicked and threw everything they could—Friday, Saturday and Sunday—at him. They sent in Bachmann to buy the votes. They did it all. All the stops were removed. They gave full power to their system. And what happened?

They failed. And so today, on Monday, oh! Politico changed their headline! It was “Bachmann won and Paul came in second.” And Associated Press came out and said, “Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race.” He’s the leader. Associated Press: that’s the proof of the total tipping point being reached. We’re right on the cusp. We’ve got to put our maximum effort in. It’s article after article after article after article saying Ron Paul was treated wrong, Ron Paul was screwed, Ron Paul can win. It’s a hoax that Ron Paul can’t win.

They already knew that beforehand, but you caught them! They came and told you that you couldn’t have Ron Paul. They told you that he wasn’t an option on the menu. You came in and you said, “I want the filet mignon, with the au gratin potatoes and green beans.” And they said, “Sorry, sir, it’s not on the menu.” You said, “It is on the menu.” And they said, “Oh, it’s a mistake; it’s not.” And you looked over and watched them deliver a plate of it to somebody. You’re going, “No, I know that’s on the menu.” And so they’re like, “Oh! You’re right. He is on the menu. Okay, Ron Paul is in the forefront. But let’s look at Rick Perry over here. You know, he was Al Gore’s campaign chairman in Texas. He does support forced inoculations. He has nice hair. He talked about secession; how’s that sound?”

They are throwing everything at the American people right now. The bankers either gain the whole world through their fraud, or they lose it all now. They have gambled everything. They will either succeed now or fall forever.

And it’s the same thing for the march of liberty. We succeed because we resist. And the system is running scared of Ron Paul right now. Their attempt to sell the public on the fraudulent idea that he’s unelectable—no one is unelectable if you decide to elect them! Don’t let them choose for you. Their scam may have worked three-and-a-half years ago, but now when someone so clearly is a frontrunner, he should be our next president. And they’re going to pull out every stop, just like they did with Rand Paul.

[Video footage pull quote: Des Moines Register: “If Ron Paul runs for president again, he won’t receive the same brush-off he experienced from the Republican establishment four years ago, his son said this morning.”]

But as that election illustrates, no amount of lies and spin is going to stop the People once they’re aware of the fraud. Once you’re aware of the magician’s trick, no amount of bull will sell you on the fraud anymore.

The tipping point is here. They got their hind ends handed to them when they ran the hoax that he couldn’t be elected, and now they’re backing off. But only for a time; they’ll be back with new tricks. Maybe they’ll say Ron Paul kidnapped a woman, like they said about Rand; or that he kept black slaves in his basement; or that he’s part alien. Maybe they’ll say that he hurts little puppy dogs. You better know they’re going to try to assassinate his character and his name, because they’re trying to assassinate the idea of liberty and freedom. But all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can not put the New World Order’s garbage and propaganda back together again, because we know they’re a pack of criminal liars.

I’m Alex Jones, reporting from the front lines of Infowars. Thank you for watching.

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    Make this video viral people! It only has damn year 9,000 views and you let Bieber have millions of views? What is that?

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    We need to bombard the news outlets with requests to interview Ron Paul! We can not give up on this! The Government and media controls everything WE DO!


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    That.. was.. POWERFUL!

  • antonooooo

    Paul has been a guest of Jones for YEARS… before 2008 even… yet in 2011, Paul has more support than EVER. But judging by some comments, Jones’ support will make Paul look like a nutjob and he’ll lose the election!

    Get real. How about real nutjob stuff from previous and current Presidents? Stuff like, oh I don’t know… multiple illegal wars? Multi-billion dollar banker bailouts? Tripling the size of government? It makes “9/11 Was An Inside Job” sound tame.

  • MichaelNooneable

    After studying what has happened in the US for almost ten years I believe that Ron Paul is the only man who has a grip on the reality of the mess we’re all in AND who is prepared to do something about it. He gets my vote.

  • Volcano2014

    So true. The think tanks are working right now on how they are going to attack Ron Paul’s character. He’s too old for a sex scandle so I wonder what they are going to come up with. What evil people they are. It’s just purely amazing. I pray for Ron Paul, a man of integrity. I won’t believe anything they come up with because I already know it will be a lie.

  • RoyalGrigsby

    “They are like vampires faced with a cross, or holy water, or a truckload of garlic…”

    That was BEAUTIFUL!

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    Ron. Paul. For. President.

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    PLEASE don’t emphasize any more connections between Ron Paul and this schizophrenic conspiracy theorist–you’re hurting his chances more than you’re helping. If you believe in the NWO, Illuminati, Bilderberg, hell, even Reptilian conspiracy theories, fine; just don’t mention it in the same sitting as Paul. Conspiracy theorists are just like apocalyptic evangelists; none of their dire predictions have ever come true (Bush didn’t rig the 2008 elections to keep his presidency+he didn’t cause 9/11).

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    Ron Paul, you have my support from Saudi Arabia

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    Go Ron!!

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    Alex Jones is a crook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 He is fucking Zionist Jew. Believe me with this builderbergs and Illuminatis and others he just shifting the truth from the real people who runs the US. The real people your officials and their advisers, not some mystic creatures that never existed. Ron Paul is in the same family, but the only thing why he deserved a credit, because he had been consistent for 20 years. I tell you he is the same thing, but he is the least worse candidate. Preplanned

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    Ron Paul is the best for USA, the best for world peace.

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    Amazing. Right on, Alex.

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    Ron Paul going fire those News Media liars people like those in CNN except for Jack Caffetery, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and other media in the US. Ron Paul going end police state in this country. He going end the TSA and replace it with private security, and police dogs. He would increase of protection of our national security. He will put more US nationals Guard on the US and Mexican borders decided by the state. Ron Paul can promise everything while Democrats and Republican are bunch of Liars.

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    Ron Paul going win the 2012 US Presidential Elections. When Ron Paul become the next US President he going to pick his son Rand Paul as Vice President, Jesse Ventura as Secretary of Defense, and others he trusted. He going get rid of not trusty worthy and criminals of the FED, NEOCON, FEMA, CIA, FBI, and Secret Service. Ron Paul going to charge them of War Crimes, Human Rights abuse, and other crimes.

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    Alien and puppy dogs. LOL! Obliviously the Neocon, their puppets, and news media are afraid of Ron Paul, Veterans, Tea Party, and Liberal people.

    Ron Paul is Liberal not Republican. Democrats and Republican are bunch of bullshit LIARS. They are the same like raising more taxes than ever, give more jobs to China, Destroying the Dollar, blaming on Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and so on. Neocon may joke, give us more fun, and others but it won’t stop us.

  • BlameTheFirst

    I don’t normally agree with Alex Jones, what with him being the tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist that he is, but he’s dead on in this video. The establishment is against him: the media, the Democrats, even the Republicans. They all fear him, and rightfully so, for he stands firmly against them and their agenda.

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    Hard to assassinate a person’s credibility when they stay the course and don’t lie. Hopefully our country will wake up before it is too late and we go the way of every empire before it.

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