Ron Paul: Corporations Are NOT People


Mitt Romney: And there are various ways of doing that. One is we could raise taxes on people. That’s not the way…

Audience: Corporations! Corporations!

Mitt Romney: Corporations are people, my friend. We could raise taxes on… Of course they are. Everything a corporation earns also goes to people.

Audience: Hahaha

Mitt Romney: So… where do you think it goes?

Audience: Pockets.

Mitt Romney: Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People’s pockets. Okay… human beings, my friend.

Interviewer: Real quick question for you… What did you make of Mitt Romney’s statement that corporations are people yesterday?

Ron Paul: Well obviously, they are not. People are individuals, they’re not groups and they’re not companies. Individuals have rights, they’re not collective. You can’t duck that. So individuals should be responsible for corporations, and they shouldn’t be a new creature so-to-speak. Rights and obligations should be always back to the individual.

  • emmeeemm

    Corporations are not people. They have all the rights and none of the responsibilities. I refuse to recognize any claim of corporate personhood until they share our responsibilities in addition to our rights.

  • rustymetal

    Welp at-least in 20 years when they ask what I did when America was being destroyed. I will say I voted ron paul, even though they told me not to.


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  • 1ex1uger

    Romney is a corporate tool. So corporations are people, huh? How many people do you know who can live forever?

  • 7eeeeeees

    Corporations are a separate entity from the individual. Basic accounting.

  • cbburtraw

    Romney’s argument is correct in this context: raising taxes on corporations is no better than raising them on individuals- both end up costing the common tax payer money in the end as the corporation will either raise prices or worse yet, pack up and move. Also both serve to further the rhetoric of big government, the already tax and spend too much.

    As for them being “people”… uhhh… yea… pretty sure Ron Paul was right on that one. No, they should NOT be able to make contributions!

  • Allenpwnsu3

    Rick Perry attacked!


  • RequiemForChange

    They stand at the edge of the abyss, look down, laugh, then yell ‘CHARGE’, as they leap off the cliff of lunacy and into insanity…
    What Have We Become…
    Ron Paul 2012 or Bust…

  • timeoftroubles

    If Corporations are people, then they are in-fact, a race of 1000 Ft tall Giants… Should we allow 1000 ft tall giants to prance about unchecked without cause for concern as to the probability of many little folks getting trampled under foot? Or is it wiser to have rules so that each benefits from each other in a symbiotic relationship? Just a thought…

  • killuminati1871

    ANY doubt 9/11 was an inside job watch this watch?v=yC3LRdjocmc

  • Livefreeordie2012

    LOL good explination Ron

  • coltor9

    Is this one the GOP MORMON?? The GOP WITCH?? The GOP RACIST?? The GOP Lunatic or the GOP SENILE FOOL??
    Can’t keep these lunatics in the GOP straight!


    To Romney and any other moron that says that “corporations are people my friend”, just when do corporations fulfill their civic duty as “people”?

    For instance, when do these corporations serve on jury duty?
    How about paying taxes? Most of them don’t.

    It’s beyond idiocy to see a corporation as a “person”.
    There is not and never has been a Supreme Court decision on the subject!
    So this idea that corporations are people is more corporate BS with no foundation.
    What we need to return to is what the Founding Fathers did when addressing corporations-corporate charters!!!!

    • John

      I think you’re missing the subtleties of what he’s saying.

      Corporations are COMPOSED OF people, they are not literally human beings, and he’s not saying they are. That would be like attacking someone for saying that “lamps are atoms” by pointing out that lamps don’t form covalent bonds with one another, or something. Yes, lamps are not literally atoms, but they are made of atoms.

      There’s no such thing as a corporation without people.

      Corporations don’t pay taxes, only people do. This is a point that Milton Friedman made constantly. Buildings don’t pay taxes, patents don’t pay taxes, copy machines don’t pay taxes, staplers don’t pay taxes… etc., etc. Some way, some how, “corporate” taxes are paid by a person. Some businesses increase their prices to pay these taxes, which makes consumers pay the tax. Some businesses pay their employees less, or hire less of them, to pay the taxes. Some owners absorb the taxes. In every case, eventually, a person pays taxes.

      I think that Romney’s point is that a lot of the taxes we pay are really cleverly hidden. You accept the price of gas as, say, $3.80/gallon, but something like 20 cents of that goes to taxes. Some of THAT tax money goes to funding things like public transportation, which if you’re driving your own car, you probably don’t use.

      Take social security as another example – you pay some portion that comes out of your pay check, but your company pays a portion too. If the company wasn’t paying that portion, where would that money go instead? In a company of even modest size, if they didn’t have to pay all of that money towards social security, they could hire one or more new employees instead. Look at it this way: why doesn’t the company just pay that amount to you instead, and then you pay that amount towards social security? The reason is simple: people don’t understand that corporations ARE people, and that people are the only things that pay taxes. By having some other entity pay the tax, it obfuscates what is really happening.

      Having some kind of a chartered business system would be a direct attack on the liberty of the people. You should not have to justify the existence of your business to the government. There is simply no way that Ron Paul would support such a system. It flies in the face of the free market ideals that make him great in the first place.


        I think not.
        I’m not missing the point at all and neither did Dr. Paul.
        As far as corporations and taxes I have one word for you -offshore.

        • John

          Uhm, I can tell by your handwaving that you either didn’t read or didn’t understand what I wrote.

          Corporations are people because they are composed of people. The context of when Romney said this was someone telling him that they should increase taxes on corporations to pay for entitlements. The entire point is that any tax on a corporation is ultimately a tax on people. If you “tax corporations” you’re taxing the owners, workers, customers, or all three. That will not help our economy.

  • rotnflesh

    Correction: “Does IT consume real energy?”

    The Government was chartered by the Constitution FOR the united States with 7 mandates: “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” (source: the Constitution).

    They have failed miserably.

    People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn. You should read it.

  • CommonSenseJoe

    I hate it when people take what someone said out of context and apply it to a totally different discussion. You must understand that raising taxes on corporations is the same as raising taxes on the people. All taxes in our economic system are ultimately paid by the consumer. It is like the jury that gives millions to someone from an insurance company, not realizing that it is only going to raise the cost of insurance for everyone else.

  • KenMacMillan

    What America needs is honesty & accuracy. Ron Paul is both.

  • freethinker4liberty

    In a real law sense, corporations are people, and that is one of the crazy laws that have made the world a pawn for the elite to play with. Once a corporation was recognized as a person (it became this way under the guise of people trying to sue them, it was a neatly played trick by the mastermind elite to seem as if the people wanted corps to have status as a “person”), it became an entity and individuals within it no longer responsible for anything. Ridiculous, and economically broken.

  • TheWarmplate

    Mitt Romney is a dumb fuck.

  • Smann54

    Ron. Paul.


  • rocksfan21

    oh that crazy Mitt Romney… how dumb does he think people are?