Ron Paul: Bring the Troops Home NOW!


Wolf Blitzer: The Republican presidential candidates are focusing largely on two early primary states today, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul are looking to build on their first and second place showings in the Iowa Straw Poll last weekend.

And joining us now from Manchester New Hampshire, the Republican Congressman Ron Paul, he’s a candidate for President of the United States, Congressman thanks very much for coming in.

Ron Paul: Thank you Wolf, good to be with you.

Wolf Blitzer: Thank you, at that last Republican debate, you really differentiated yourself from all the other Republican candidates, there I say the Democratic candidate, that will be the president of the United States, as well, when you made it clear that on national security and foreign policy, you want to bring American troops home immediately from Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, South Korea. Is that right?

Ron Paul: That is correct and immediate of course can be qualified a little bit, you know it takes a few days to get over there and pick them up. No, as soon as possible, the American people are with me on that, the majority respond in that manner, I don’t think we can afford it anymore, I don’t believe it’s in our best interest to be there because I think it undermines our national security.

Wolf Blitzer: So including Germany and South Korea, bring those thousands of troops home?

Ron Paul: Yeah, you know, the immediate benefit before you reorganize and decide how big the Army and Navy should be is, just think of all those troops spending all that money back at home. A few years ago and they’re thinking about then, again to close down all the bases here at home. Well there are some bases in this country that probably shouldn’t be open, but the ones overseas are more important to be closed down than the ones here, so I’d bring the troops home and have them spend all their salaries here at home, ‘cause Germany actually likes us to be over there for economic reasons, that helps them, helps their economy as well as the other countries. So I would say the immediate effect would be even the psychological benefit of knowing, “Wow, things are changing, he’s bringing these troops home, this is going to help our economy.”

Wolf Blitzer: And I just want to clarify your position on Iran, do you believe Iran represents no real threat to the United States?

Ron Paul: No real threat, I think it’s a threat just like there’s a lot of threats around the world, but if you compare it to what? Compare […] Soviets that we stood down, they had 30,000 nuclear weapons and that’s when I was in the military during the Cuban crisis, is when I was drafted. So yes, there’s always some threat but there’s not that much from a country like Iran, they can’t even produce enough of their own gasoline, they don’t have any intercontinental ballistic missile…

I see this so similar, Wolf, to what was happening to the lead up to the war in Iraq because remember they kept saying “Oh there are Al Qaeda over there, and there’s weapons of mass destruction, we have to go in there” and it turned out not to be true. Just think of the tragedies that have occurred since then.

So, no, I don’t think it’s a real threat and our CIA as well as United Nations does not argue the case that they’re on the verge of having a nuclear weapon, so the last thing in the world we should be talking about is a war, and remember just recently Bob Gates coming home, he says, “Anybody that’s thinking about another war needs their head examined” and I think that’s the way the American people feel.

Wolf Blitzer: Because the president and other top officials they express fear that the Iranians are working to try to build a bomb even though they may not be on the verge of having it, they’re in the process of trying to develop one, you don’t agree?

Ron Paul: Well I think they certainly would have an incentive but we haven’t been able to verify it, that’s what my argument has been. But I even extend it one step further, what if in one year from now they have one nuclear bomb, what are they going to do with it? They can’t deliver it, and if they try to, they’d be wiped off the face of the earth because there’d be retaliation.

So they aren’t that threat that people play them up to be. Matter of fact, Iran has a pretty good history of not invading other countries and looking for these kind of fights. The last time they were in a war is when we instigated Iraq’s invasion of the Iranians, so no, I just don’t see that as a major threat. I see the radicalization of Islam fundamentalism as a result of our foreign policy going back all the way to 1953.

Wolf Blitzer: For years, you’ve been an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank in effect here in the United States. Now Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, your opponent for the Republican presidential nomination, he’s going one step further and blasting Ben Bernanke, the chairman who was originally named by President Bush. Let me play the clip and then we’ll discuss.

Rick Perry: If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what you all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. I mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous, uh treasonous in my opinion.

Wolf Blitzer: Alright Congressman, your fellow Texan, what would you do to Ben Bernanke if he came to your state?

Ron Paul: I’d try to educate him, I’d try to explain to him why he’s embarked on a terrible course of history and that he’s not going to be remembered well unless he changes his way. But hopefully, you’ve never heard and at least I try never to make it the individual as much as the philosophy, the Federal Reserve System. Sometimes they’ll ask me, “What would you do, would you immediately get rid of Bernanke, will that solve our problems?” And it really doesn’t, it’s the system, it’s the Federal Reserve System, it’s the fiat money, it’s no backing to the currency, the monetization of debt, the way they do it in secret, the $15 trillion that they worked with in the bailout, the way they bailed out foreign central banks and foreign governments during the crisis, and a third of that money went over there.

So I would say it’s the philosophy, it’s the monetary policy that we have to deal with, so he is not my target even though I hopefully address it in a different manner when he’s before the committee and try to ask him questions to expose what he’s doing in running the monetary system.

Wolf Blitzer: So did Rick Perry cross the line in talking about treason, talking about getting ugly, I mean you know your governor, tell me, is he temperamentally qualified to be president of the United States?

Ron Paul: Well, it may surprise you, I don’t know the governor; I don’t recall ever having met him.

Wolf Blitzer: Really?

Ron Paul: No, I haven’t met him, I didn’t know he had an interest and I don’t know exactly what he’s up to, so I just don’t use that language. I would think that he wasn’t being literal, I just don’t believe that he believes that but those words did come out of his mouth as you just revealed. But I think it’s different, in politics it’s very easy to target somebody thy name and target your opponents and talk about them specifically; in many ways I try not to do that.

Wolf Blitzer: It’s hard for me to believe, he’s been governor for 10 years and he doesn’t know one of the most distinguished members of the Congressional delegation, but let me move on because we’re almost out of time. Has the national news media been fair to you?

Ron Paul: Well a lot other people say they have not been…

Wolf Blitzer: What do you say?

Ron Paul: Well, I think candidates have this belief that they’re never treated really fairly, but generally speaking I would say it was really weird and in that sense I guess that verges on what people are saying, it was very unfair that I did pretty well in Ames and achieved a bit of a victory from our perspective, and then to have five networks not take any interviews, and then we had one major network on Monday morning that got cancelled at the last minute, so it was definitely different.

But I don’t dwell on the word fairness and what am I going to do about it, I just try to keep doing my job and presenting my case and I figure we’d probably sort of won that little argument because we did get many, many interviews and many, many things on the Internet where I think we benefited by showing, what are they afraid of? Why can’t they recognize what Ron Paul is doing? So I would…

Wolf Blitzer: I was wondering, sorry for interrupting. but I just want to ask you one final question, a Twitter follower asked me to ask you, if you don’t get the Republican nomination, would you consider running as an independent?

Ron Paul: I haven’t thought about that, right now I’m concentrating, I’m in a middle of a race, I described it today as like, I used to run track. I don’t think much about the end, I just run hard and see how things come out. but as far as contemplating third party, that has not given me any serious thought at all.

Wolf Blitzer: Congressman, I’ll see you September 12th when CNN hosts the Republican presidential debate in Tampa Florida. Good luck.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Wolf.

  • im1greatman

    Perry will try to sell you water with you standing right next to a free natural spring.

  • Ron sounds so calm, collected and rational. It would seem like he may finally have a chance at this.

    Other revolutions around the world have been fought and won with the help of technology, such as Blackberry and iPhone.

    It would be nice to have a free RonPaul or $1 RonPaul iPhone app (if that were a legal way to collect funds). It could filter out all of the Ron Paul videos, podcasts, webcasts, statements and articles about him all in one place and make it a mobile app that is easy to look at while at the local coffee shop. My work is more focused on middleware and data cleansing. I think you need an Apple computer to do it too, but I could be wrong about that.

    A very clever Ron Paul supporter and mobile phone programmer/architect could think of an even better idea, I am sure 😉

  • destiny

    Why do they call Ron Paul an isolationist?

    Have you seen all of the comments showing support from other countries?

    I have seen comments of support from Canada, Australia, Hungary, Norway, EU, Sweden, Britain, Germany and more.

    Thank you everyone for caring!


  • destiny

    Go to RAWA website.

    Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanastan.

    Read about how the organization started and what it stands for. These people use to be begging for help from the United States but now they just want us out of there.

    Read their article about how much the wars cost the United States and who is actually getting the money that we send to them for foreign aid.

    RAWA is a brave group of women fighting for human rights and freedoms in Afghanastan. The founder was murdered shortly after founding the movement.

  • profaneslave

    I understand bringing the troops home but we better bring the jobs back home too. You think unemployment is bad now, wait till the military industrial complex (formerly the United States) comes home in this job market. There is no easy answer. World bankers have turned this country into a war empire right under our noses.

  • James

    Ron Paul is the shining light for the American people. His concerns are the concerns of Americans. He speaks common sense. We want to stop all this nation hopping. Syria is heating up. Is that our next stop? BRING OUR TROOPS HOME!!! Lets liberate AMERICA from the heinous Powers That Be that have been dictating the path of this country for over a century!

  • Naps

    I just read an article online where the writer said “I respect Ron Paul,he is the candidate the others should aspire to be,I also fear that he will make all of his promises come true if elected president,I will not vote for Ron Paul,because I respect him”-What friggin sense does that make?! So your gonna vote for the candidate who you don’t trust nor respect!
    WOW…..RON PAUL 2012

  • yaaaa10

    Perryisms already starting

  • Guido

    Ron Paul has my dutch support! I got the goosbumps when he said he would ‘educate’ bernanke… fighting aggressive treatments of Rick Perry with peace!
    Rich Perry finds out the FED is bad and he is talking al like ‘treat him ugly’… <3 Ron Paul

  • TheGreatPenetrator

    The War is Over – if you want it!

  • ckreuzb

    Why did they cut out his opinion on Iran? Ron Paul 2012!

  • jacrockett1

    Naive to think that US security can be protected without a strong global military presence. Isolationism and appeasement is what led to WWII.

    What would Ron Paul do next after bringing troops home?… scrap the US Navy, or at least all of those expensive aircraft carriers? Al Qaeda, Iran, China and the pirates in Somalia would love for Ron Paul to get elected.

    Too bad Ron Paul is soft on foreign policy… otherwise I’d gladly vote for him.

  • scorchedearthdj

    Those terrified of Iran listen to too much Israeli propaganda. Israel likes to paint Iran as a threat to everyone because Iran are a threat to Israeli/US domination of the Middle East. As if Israel is really in any danger with its arsenal of nuclear weapons. *rollseyes*.

  • Aahlookoutbehindyou

    I like how they keep bringing up Perry every time they talk to Paul. It’s almost as if the media wants to equate them. Either way, Perry has friends with deep pockets in high places the way they have been blasting him all over the media.

  • RonDukeSilverSwanson

    Wolf didn’t get the memo to not mention that Ron Paul got 2nd place in the Ames straw poll. Wolf and Cafferty are going to get moved to the 3 AM slot if they aren’t careful.

  • wolfie

    CNN is still trying it’s best to downlay Ron Paul.

    The mainstream consiracy is to keep the message of Ron Paul out of the mainstream. CNN tries it’s best to find opponents to Ron Paul’s common sense approach, and they are failing. CNN only proofs to the public whom they are. CNN = warmongering, media monopolists in support of a fiat currency. CNN wouldn’t attack Ron Paul if they supported ending the FED, Bringing the troops home, stop the wars, etc.

    How much bail out money did the fed give to CNN? What favours does the FED need in return from CNN?

  • ghostKurt

    Gotta love how the Dinosaur media is all of sudden giving Rick Perry this attention and trying to demonize Paul

  • ghostKurt

    Gotta love how the Dinosaur media is all of sudden giving Rick Perry this attention and trying to demonize Paul

  • 1Openminded1

    RON PAUL 2012! let’s do it! BRING TROOPS HOME!

  • 1Openminded1

    RON PAUL 2012! let’s do it! BRING TROOPS HOME!