It’s Official: Ron Paul Was Ignored by the Media

In the days after his runner-up finish to Michele Bachmann in Iowa’s August 13 GOP straw poll, Texas Congressman Ron Paul complained about a lack of media coverage, accusing the press of being “frightened by me challenging the status quo and the establishment.”

As pundits debate whether Paul is getting the attention he deserves, a PEJ analysis of campaign coverage this year indicates he is the 10th leading election newsmaker— trailing far behind non-candidates Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and as well as floundering Republican hopeful Newt Gingrich.

From January 1-August 14, Paul has been a dominant newsmaker in only 27 campaign stories. (To be considered a dominant newsmaker, someone must be featured in at least 50% of a story.) That is less than one-quarter of the media attention generated by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (120 stories), who is the top newsmaker among Republican candidates. And he has received 25% as much coverage as Bachmann, the Minnesota Congresswoman (108 stories).

Paul’s coverage also lags far behind Trump (94 stories), who dallied with a run before opting out in mid-May and Palin (85 stories), who has given no indication to date that she will enter the race. In addition, Paul trails longshot candidate and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (44 stories) and Texas Governor, Rick Perry (33 stories) who only announced his candidacy on August 13.

Read more at the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism.


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  • American Muse

    It is embarrassingly ridiculous for the the corporate and bankster-owned media to ignore Ron Paul, the 800 pound gorilla dominating the game. They are very fearful of Ron Paul because Dr. Paul will bring a sharp scalpel to their national and international scams.

  • Ursula for Paul

    Being a contributor to your campaign, I was disappointed to learn that you declined to appear on Bill O’Reilly Factor. Personal opinions about the show aside, it is a forum for conservative ideas and has great viewership. While it appears to be true that media don’t give you the fair share in their coverage considering you to be a fringe candidate, avoiding hard hitting but popular venues will only reinforce such an opinion about you. Four years ago I dismissed your candidacy for this reason ( marginality ), this year I am giving your attempt at Republican ticket a consideration but you need to win for yourself not only 10% of die heart enthusiasts but a majority of moderate conservatives and independents who have many other choices besides you. You shouldn’t have decline this or any other appearances. Respectfully and wishing you success .

    • bill

      I used to like fox. I no longer care for fox do to there unfair coverage of RON PAUL and also for pulling there origanal poll were ron paul was winning by a land slide! MR PAUL is his own man, and he will do what he needs to to win this one.My wife and I have spent the summer traveling the united states I have put rons stickers on the both sides of my truck cap as well as the rear window of my cap.We have had many people give us the thumbs up while diving down the roads of america this summer! We have had many conversations about ron pual with total stangers, just do to those stickers.there are many americans that are more aware these days,and know that we need real change this time.So going head to head with oreilley means nothing at this point.As of lately oreilly and fox have not been on my things to watch list .RON PAUL 2012

  • Ron Paul is the Only Man For the JOB of Cleaning up this Country. He says What he Means And Never has to Back track or wonder What Lie he Told Yesterday ( Because HE Will Never say one thing that is not exactly how IT IS.) YOU Can Bank on him All the WAY. He Is not Throwing Empty Promises out here in order to Get Votes. Ron Paul is TRUE Blue ! WE Need This Quality in our LEADER..And When it is Missing, WE soon Feel the LACK. So..Ron Paul..You Are The Man ! Happy Birthday !!

  • VJS

    The more that Fox ( faux) News omits any coverage of the newsworthy Ron Paul, the more he rises in everyone’s estimation. Does Fox still think that we are so gullible as to not realize why they are purposely ignoring him and any mention of his real win at the Ames Straw Poll. How insulting to our intelligence. It is simply because Ron Paul will not march to the tune that Fox has set for all the other candidates to march to ! This has been their ‘treatment ‘ of Ron Paul every time he has Run as a Candidate for the Presidency. That is why Ron Paul is far and away the only candidate worth our vote…we know that He cannot be Bought, while all the rest of the others have already been bought.
    That idiot Interviewer only showed her Ignorance and her Bias when she tried to drag Ron Paul into a stupid ignorant question that only the most lowdown Rag would have attempted with a Serious Presidential Contender. Just shows her character is at rock bottom as a Journalist. But…that is par for the course with all of Fox News ! Else she would look for more decent journalism employment.

  • Dawid

    This is why we don’t have cable/satellite tv. Why waste money on this kind of censored media. I really don’t watch any tv, it is all the same. TV does the thinking for us so thats why we watch it and we need to be more open to the issues.

  • PeoplePower

    Who needs bs media, Ron Paul has real supporters who are smart enough to turn the bs tv off.

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Aleeta

    Let the media eat dirt, because we have the shovels to bury them.

  • richard

    The media is run by liberals who want to point their fingers at everyone they have dirt on. They have nothing bad to say about dr. Paul, therefore they have no story. Not to mention, if ron paul (pr should I say “when”) becomes president this country will start making sense again and will be ran logically and be much improved. These liberal dems aren’t adult enough to admit they were wrong when everyone with common sense (aka conservatives) says “I told ya so!”

    By the way, thanks you jack cafferty for finally throwing in a story about the truth with dr ron paul.

  • Ajeebmjeeb

    It’s a long marathon the worst of the media has yet to come. Wait till they dig up some dirt not that they will ever succeed because RP is the cleanest politician and a gentleman with history on his side. Truth will prevail and RP2BP.You just wait and see.


  • Robert A.

    It is ironic that it took Jon Stewart to be the first media person to bring some light to the issue, of MSM downplaying or ignoring Ron Paul. I know after the debates, I saw what was going on and began emailing every MSM show complaining on their deliberate steps they have taken to ignore Ron Paul. I am sure hundreds or thousands of other Ron Paul supporters did the same. I began seeing segments like CNN’s Jack Cafferty bringing more light to it. I know it was damage control, but the damage had already been done. I encourage everyone to call, email, these media frauds and complain. Watch who advertises on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and write them and tell them you are boycotting their products because they advertise with media frauds who are being unfair in their coverage of Ron Paul. I encourage everyone to take whatever action you can, so the media and their advertisers get the message that we know what they are doing. This is a Revolution!

  • I watched about 15 minutes of the new show “the 5” on Fox news that replaced Glen Becks 5 o clock slot and couldn’t stand it any longer. They sat there and discussed all the Republican candidates except Ron Paul after they said they were going to discuss “ALL” of the candidates. I haven’t put it on since, Fox News is for the NeoCon Rebublicans and not Freedom. Then in March Bill Hemmer dubbed a booing crowd over Ron Pauls first 2011 straw poll win, when in fact Ron Paul got a standing ovation. I pray everyday that most of te people in this country are on to all this media BS, and vote in a real freedom loving Person like Ron Paul in 2012. God Bless…

  • Ryan

    The more the mainstream media shows its Liberal bias and hatred for Libertarian values, the more people will come to Ron Paul. In a strange way, they have actually done Ron Paul a huge favor. People don’t like to be manipulated openly by the press. Ron is actually getting “more” attention since the media blackout immediately after the Iowa Straw Poll because they tried their best, very openly, to suppress “any” attention going to Ron Paul. The omission was so obvious, their plan backfired and had the opposite effect! People are talking about Ron Paul more than ever!

    Their attempt to ignore Ron Paul has only increased his appeal to moderates and independents. And because of it, people that otherwise weren’t paying much attention to Ron are now eager to hear what he has to say.
    And thank goodness for that!

  • Kale R.

    I will be extremely disappointed in Bachmann get’s any more positive coverage. The woman is a grade A moron.

  • bill

    As per the norm, the media is lop sided! and that goes for fox news! my wife and were fox fans for a long time but no longer,do to the coverage or lack of coverage on ron paul. When they had the debate they were showing a poll, and ron pual was winning it with a land slide then they pulled that poll,what a joke tell me fox was not being unfair! RON PAUL took 2 second place but yet no fair coverage once agen what a joke. Are pick up truck is coverd with ron pual stickers and my wife and I are traveling the USA for the summer we have had nothing but good comments along the way about RON PAUL. He will win if the public is awake this time. GO RON PAUL !