Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is celebrating his 76th birthday today!

To mark this wonderful occasion, Ron Paul’s campaign and his supporters have organized a mass donation event (moneybomb) that lasts until Sunday noon.

Let’s have a show of support for Ron Paul that the establishment will never forget!

To participate in the Ron Paul Birthday Moneybomb, go to RonPaul2012.com to make your donation.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul! : )


Happy Birthday to Dr. Ron Paul. Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous year. The fight for freedom and liberty isn’t easy. Your tireless efforts are greatly appreciated. Ron Paul – President – 2012

Best wishes always.

Richard W. Price

Happy Birthday with a Birthday Wish of continued Freedom for ALL!

Ralph Sherrin

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! You have my vote in November towards reinstating courage, confidence and honor in our beautiful country. God bless you.

Justin S.
Columbia, SC

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for your selfless service and for always being honest about what America needs. Unlike most politicians, you are about making America a better country and not about just telling the general public what they want to hear! You are very honorable! Ron Paul 2012!
Seth Nashville, TN

Happy Birthday Ron Paul! You’re amazing – have an excellent day!

Shannon Kleinsmith

Happy Birthday, Ron! The best wishes on your birthday from R.C. from Johnson City, New York.

Dr. Ron Paul,

Wish you best birthday and let’s hope all your and our dreams for true freedom come true. You have shown to all of us, how a true American should be, how a good human being should be. We will always stand by you, for the truth will win, for we want to live in a place that stands for its values and the Constitution. Politics aside, hope God will bless you with all the health, happiness, and love for many years to come. We love you!


Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Hope and change that I can believe in. Thank you for your many years of service to the American people.


Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! I am so glad you were born so that you could inspire all of us to defend liberty and become better Americans. Hope your day is wonderful! – J. Yuill

Happy Birthday, Ron Paul! You’re the man with the plan…Valerie H.

Dr Ron Paul, Happy Birthday. One of the few, if not only Political Leaders that speak the truth & wants to do the right things in & for our Country. Good Luck! 100% respect & support from me Sir. -Justin McKellar, Detroit Michigan

A big happy birthday DR. Paul. You keep the hope alive in me! – Stephen Pundrich- NW Indiana

Hi from Australia,

Happy Birthday Dr Ron Paul, not only the US but the world needs a honest and peace loving leader like you.

May god give you a long life with strength to fight the evil in disguise of peace.


Happy birth day Ron Paul from people of Pakistan.

Syed Ali Raza Gillani

Congratulations on this happy day!

Thank you for educating and inspiring us!
Thank you for being an example of courage we need so mush in this bleak hour!
We are eager to assist you in every way we can!

I wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true!


Just a Birthday wish- 76 years and still in the running. Grego.

Good luck Mr. Paul we are hoping for the best.


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
You are an inspiration and a hero to us all!
We’re all following you very carefully and wishing you the best.

Very Respectfully,
Sean DeVito

Happy Birthday Mr. President!!! You are America’s only Hope!! Hope you have a good one,
PV2 Dalton Lynn Felty. Topeka, KS

Happy birthday to you, Dr Ron Paul! Thanks for being an amazing and honest man – you’re an inspiration to us all – I just wish that I could actually vote for you. Unfortunately, in Australia, we do not currently have a politician of your calibre to vote for. Have an amazing birthday, and good luck!- Z. Trotman, Perth, Western Australia

Happy Birthday Ron Paul! All the best in your campaign, America and the World needs a leader like you!

All the best

Harry Fraser

Nottingham, England

Happy birthday. Ron Paul. San diego awaits you

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. PAUL From Daniel Mears in Phelan, CA Our household wishes you many more!

Happy Birthday and win the Presidential Election for all of us!!! Godspeed.


Happy birthday Dr. Paul!
Thank you, and your family, for all the sacrifices you have made in the name of liberty.
Thank you for giving us hope.

May all you have given be returned to you manyfold in this life and the next.

H., Washington State

Dr Paul,
Happy Birthday and Thank you.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!! Have a good one!! Jo

Happy belated birthday! After 76 years your fight for the greater good of the american people has still gone unmatched.


Happy Birthday, Congressman Ron Paul! I wish you to have many more birthdays to come! Please win! America needs you! We will be praying for your victory! God bless you!

Happy birthday ron paul u legend!!!! U r clearly chosen to do great things for this world and best wishes for ur presidential run!!!!

It said to send b-day wishes in this e-mail.
Well I made Ron Paul a video for his b-day!

I hope he sees it!
Happy birthday Dr. Paul
From Stephanie S. from Michigan

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul – you are a true American hero. I only hope your message is realized before it’s too late…..


Happy Birthday Ron Paul !!! And Keep Going Ron, Keep up the Good Work And run for you to be able to be the Next President of the United States. I cannot think of a better Candidate than you. Whenever you get the chance during your campaigning, I would Love for you to campaign in my area Lower Bucks County, PA. Pennsylvania

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Your contribution of insights and ideas is very much a gift to everyone, not to mention the gift of yourself as a candidate for the Republican nomination to challenge the philosophy of this current Democratic administration. You deserve some gifts now yourself! Please accept most of them at least in heartfelt greetings and assurances of support! God bless you and once again, Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday and thank you having the courage to stand up and say the things that need to be said. Keep fighting, we are behind you.

Happy Birthday Mr Ron Paul! I know you will have many more because the truth is with you and the truth is everything now.


Yes.Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul. You certainly will have my vote. Lynnda

Hapy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul! May you have many more!

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. We are rooting for you!

RON PAUL 2012!!!


Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!You have given me more than I could ever hope to give you.A whole new philosophy for the rest of my life.I hope to do you service by continuing to share the message of liberty,like you have done for so many us.I wish you and your family the best .For Liberty,Michael Hedrick,Moberly,Mo

Happy B-day Ron! You have changed my life learning from you. You are brilliant and I will be crying tears of joy when you are voted President of the United States 2012!!!!!!
TG Minnesota

Happy Birthday Ron,
Thanks for helping think someone in politics believes in the Constitution and for the liberty of the citizens,

Martin Jensen

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! You will make one of our finest presidents!! Amen!!


happy birthday Ron, we Love you!
thank you and Best Wishes,

Nathan & Barbie

ps…I am sporting a vote ron paul decal on my rear truck window for you here in Phoenix, AZ

Happy Birthday to our future President!!

Happy birthday, my friend. You’ve caused a revolution in my way of thinking, and that of my family. We owe you for that. Thanks!

–Greg Ward

The heart of a King, Dr. Paul, is in the Hand of the Lord. May He always have access to your heart intentions and guide you by His Grace.
Praying for you,
Bev Kistenmacher

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. Hope you continue doing well in the election process. We are 110% behind you. Do not give up!!!

MIke and Deb Sharkey

Dear Ron Paul,
Congrats to another great year of life. Another year of wisdom, advancement and experience under your belt. Sincerely the best birthday wishes to you. I appreciate your fight for our country, for our lives, for our values, for our rights. We need immediate withdrawal of our troops overseas. I am seeing to many of my friends joining the forces because they feel it is their last resort, and have no idea what they are fighting for. While they risk their young prosperous lives for what is supposed to be our American born rights, but instead for the advancement of so few in our elite leadership. It seems that they are making the rules as we go along. Are we Americans out here taking to much of their money? As far as I know, the jail system was to imprison crooks, and unlawful citizens. The people in the government are citizens too, and as well if they cannot abide by the rules, thats perhaps where some may belong…This has gone too far. (And why are the people in jail cells not put to work?? Why are we not educating them on the decision they made and show them the opportunity of where they could be. Put them into some of these jobs. You want to hire immigrants for less pay..Put the ppl in the systems to work. Its our tax money. Atleast put it to some use). Too many American lives have been risked and are continuing to be risked as we plummet further and further into the debt. This is a great country. A great country of prosperous things. Where taxes were once offered by citizens voluntarily to help advance our country. Where we hoped it was going to good cause and would benefit for the country as a whole. Now it seems our tax money is like playing in the lotto. Once you put your money in, you have no idea where it goes to. Where has this world come to? The ridiculous television propaganda and deliberate ommittance of truth, such as yourself has experienced Ron Paul. I could go on and on. I just pray we get it right. We all come together. At the end of the day its a war of Them vs US.Your help is needed now more than ever Ron Paul. Please help continue to take us there with your leadership. There is a big lack of education. Our youth suffers poor education, hopeless “American Dreams” to turn 18 and be thousands of $$ in debt already;poor eating habits, leading to obesity. I saw a three yr old little girl yesterday waddling into the WaWa. It was a sad sight to see such a young child so overly overweight. A lack of discipline in our society. While there is time left, we still have an opportunity to stop this nonsense. It ends with our people in the communities all over the U.S and our Congress….if we all choose to. We have to get it right. We have to get it right soon. We have to stop these 4 and 5+ wars and stop ridiculously spending. Thanks Ron Paul. Very Happy Joyous Birthday to you again.

Dr. Paul,

Wishing you a very happy birthday with many more to come! Thank you so much for your effort.

Seth & Donna
Erie, CO

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you so much for everything you are doing. Stay young and keep fighting the good fight! Much love from St. Louis, MO. I’m doing my best to help get the word out too. Your work is definitely appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Jessica E. Lake

Happy Birthday Ron

You have my support 100%

Rick in Maine

Happy Birthday to a true hero!

Gary Paquin

PS. Count me in your camp for 2012.

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!!!!!!!

I hope you have an amazingly relaxing, and rewarding day, for that is what you deserve. I hope the next year brings you closer to the goals you have long strived to achieve, and that you come closer to becoming the President of the USA.

As a young RN, who works in Labor in Delivery, I was not at all into politics, I walked out of the room when typical interpersonal debates would begin.

My long-time significant other, started questioning the truth, the path America was on. Why we both worked so hard and had no money, time, or freedom. Then he found you, as videos on YOUTUBE , which has led us to your books, websites, television airings.

We have made aware to the fact that YOU ARE CHANGE, you are a real person, a doctor, a good man. Something this country needs now more than ever before. Your ideals are envious, and give hope to my generation and those to follow.

The media may shun you due their controlling politics, but your name will rise, your ideals will spread, and humanity will come together and allow you to lead us back to The Constitution.

I will do all that I can to support you, to make your name known. I see fireworks, and I yell your name. My boyfriend yells it out the window driving through town. I post your videos on my facebook page. I debate with my father, my mother, friends about my beliefs.

Have a happy birthday, may your age and ideals be timeless.

Mallory Parker, RN


Keep up the spirit of 76! The solution to 1984 is RP76! RP4EVR 😉

Dr. Paul. I have prayed for years: “Father, where is the modern “Jeremiah” to cry aloud and spare not?”

I think he showed up, in you, Senator Paul. You are so very anointed for what you are doing.

Happy Birthday! with prayers for angels to protect you…and fight for you!

Lindy Combs
Whidbey Island
Coupeville, Washington

Have the Happiest Birthday Ever – – You’ll soon be our Commander in Chief !


Happy B-Day Ron!

The next time the media talks to you about gridlock or compromise, remind them that compromise is not the art of turning your back on your principles, it is the art of finding common ground. Even democrats agree we need to cut spending and Republicans don’t so while we can compromise on how much we cut, we should never compromise on increasing taxes if we don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

I think the founders knew what they were doing when they put together the divided government. If there is no consensus among the American people, we should have gridlock. Eventually one side will win the day and they will elect the candidates who agree with them. Sometimes the best thing to do is to remain in the desert until God gives you the Promised Land. Thanks for continuing to stay true to your principles!

BTW, I was disappointed when I heard you don’t support capital punishment. If it’s being executed wrongly, the problem isn’t the law but the application of it. Don’t worry…you still have my vote!


Jerry Moore

Happy Birthday Ron, lets celebrate this next year of your life as one which changed the course of this country for less government,more freedom,and less taxes, Good Luck and hang in there! Pat Aprea

To the Honorable Ron Paul:

I am voting for you in 2012. I support you 100%. You are my candidate. Happy Birthday. I hope to meet you and Alex Jones in person one day. Doing the right thing is never popular. I am counting you to gut the US government. I think we should leave some spies in other countries (we need to know what is going on) but bring home the troops. Stop foreign aid. Get rid of the NAFTA superhighway and toll roads. *Get rid of $700 traffic
tickets and stop signal cameras*. It is invasive. We should not be filmed 24/7. Cameras on buses. It is ridiculous. Scanners at airports and groping? Because of the underwear bomber that was a CIA plant? Stop war from being a profitable business and make war only when we are threatened. Get out of the rest of the world’s face, get out of Libya. Stop assisting
heroin growers in Afganistan, stop the CIA from selling drugs in South Central. Stop alot of the BS that goes on. Legalize drugs. Jail only for violent offenders. Get rid of the FCC, SEC, the treasury, print our own money, and alot of the other over regulation. *Make sure the people who paid into Social Security get out what they put in at least.*

*I wish you and your family all the best in 2012. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON PAUL!!!


I would like to extend a very happy birthday to Mr. Paul. I wish you many more, hopefully from the White House grounds. It is refreshing to see a politician with as much honesty as you possess. It is a rare quality in a politician. Thank you for standing up for the average Joe. You are truly the only candidate who could beat Obama. Ron Paul 2012!


In 1776 we started something…you being 76 will continue it. ONWARD, DOCTOR!

Richard Erickson
St. James, NC

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul, and many happy returns! Your voice is heard beyond U. S. borders and even here in Sweden (of all places, when it comes to constitutional limited government)! We are grateful for your standing up for Liberty and try spreading your message and thinking through the occasional press contribution or similar means. Lucy & Markus Mage from the shoreline of Lake Vaner, Sweden

Happy Birthday to America’s last true statesman.
Rick Russell, Reno, NV

Happy Birthday ! Dr. Paul

*You are our Hope* to change America!

Best Regards

Nick Liz

Happy Birthday to you , Dr. Ron Paul!

Dr. Zuopan Li, Boise, ID

Happy Birthday!!


We can ignore reality but we can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
And I promise you, Dr. Paul, that the people of this country will not ignore your straightforward truth.
Happy Birthday to you…and many more.

Happy Birthday Dr.Ron today be the beginning of new victories and a new dawn for America. Ad Multos Annos !
M.Sarrocchi – Charleston,SC

Happy Birthday to a true Patriot!

-Angad Sachdev

Happy Birthday, you remain the hope of Americans like me……….don’t
give up the fight.

Ted Sayle
Phoenix, AZ

Happy Birthday and Best Wishes to you Dr. Paul!
– Brian Eldridge, Moreno Valley, CA

Oh I wish I’d have seen this yesterday but HAPPPY BDAY RP! Thanks for being a man of your word!

God Bless you and your family!

Sarah Perry

Happy birthday Dr Ron Paul! I am honored to work on your election America needs you!
Ron Paul 2012 it’s happening! Happy birthday again!!
Amanda and Darrin Ron Paul’s biggest fans:)

Happy Birthday Ron!
My wife and I belive in you! My whole family believes in you! We trust you and are convinced that you are the last true congressman to stand for what is really right and true. Please be safe among the rest of the bloody reptiles. You are our last hope and seemingly the last real human with a soul in the US government. Long live Ron Paul! We wish you the best! Happy birthday! -Kevin and Adri, New Jersey

Happy birthday Ron! Keep up the good work and thanks for being true to the people and the constitution.
~Bryce L. From phoenix Arizona

We wish you the very happiest birthday!
Rose & Larry

Your enthusiasm and inspiration is palpable! Thank You for your tireless spirit. Thank You for remaining constant and steady on your beliefs and values. Thank You for your vigilant stance on The Constitution and your relentless and brilliant efforts to stay on message by constantly citing what The Constitution says.
Jana Stanfill
Pelahatchie, Mississippi

Happy birthday, Dr. Paul!!! Sending love all the way from Egypt!! I can’t wait to get home and vote for you! Wishing you all the best in the coming year and beyond!!-SPC Christian L. Rivera

Dr. Paul,

May God keep you *safe* and *healthy*.

A rather selfish wish, perhaps; so, let me thank you for your courage and wisdom.

Marty Becklenberg
Chicago, IL

happy birthday Dr. Paul, from C.P.K. in Buffalo, NY!

Dear Ron,

Happy 76th birthday!!! Hope it is a good one for you. Thank you for your hard work for liberty. I sincerely hope you win the nomination and the presidency for freedom. Happy birthday and much luck on the campaign trail.

Erik Kelley,
Libertarian in Tempe, Az

Dr. Paul,

You already have a place in history amongst the ranks of Mr. Luther King, with all the efforts you make towards making your fellow human being free(r), as we are meant to be. The most important thing you may do is to break the chains and allow a truly free society take shape according to a higher value: love.

Congratulations, and best wishes,

R. Rivers
South Dakota

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul! I wish you love, joy, & prosperity ~ Ann Marie Whaley, Lancaster, PA

Happy Birthday Dr. “No”, Paul. Thank you for your dedication to medicine, patriotism and liberty! You have been and continue to be a champion for that which defines us as a county of individuals in our pursuit of happiness.
– David, California

Wish you a victorious birthday Dr Paul in your campaign. I also like to dedicate Psalm 37 to you. 🙂

May God bless you as you seek to do what is right for the people of America and the world.


I want to wish Dr.Paul a Happy Birthday and wish him good luck on his bid for President.He has my vote. Yours Truly Mac Shepherd

Happy birthday Ron!

You are the only hope for not only the USA but the rest of the world. I hope that politicians here in Ireland can learn a thing or two from you. If you become president and I sincerely hope that you do, will you please come to Ireland and talk some sense into Enda Kenny, Please? We are being strangled to death by the ECB, the EU and the IMF. Our money is worthless. The only hope that I have is that you will become president and sow the seeds for change around the world. If our country sees the difference that you will make maybe we will follow suit.

Good luck in 2012,


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Best wishes for success in the Presidential campaign!

Jason from Chicago

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!

Thank you for being a consistent voice of reason firmly rooted in the principles of liberty. I have been very discouraged with the idea of lasting positive change through politics until the increasing popularity of your message gave me hope.

It is not my hope that you will succeed as a champion of my liberty. My hope is that liberty will eventually no longer need any champions.

I hope for the day when liberty is considered as necessary to sustain a moral society as breathing is to sustain life. This can only happen when enough people finally realize that government cannot provide solutions to problems they can best solve for themselves — when Bastiat’s “Government is the great fiction, by which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else” beats within a critical mass of human hearts. Bastiat’s truth rings in my heart because I heard about him from you. I know there are millions of others like me. I think the number is growing. Thank you.


Tyrin Price (retired Navy CPO)

The best of wishes Dr. Paul! U r a TRUE AMERICAN HERO! I believe u to be one of the most well-intentioned people in America, perhaps even the world. Your moral drive to expose the truth does not go unrecognized congressman Paul. Thank u for your service to we the people, you truly are an inspiration, sir! Long live Ron Paul..!
-Tom Flowers, CA

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul!

You are the guiding beacon that our nation, our World, needs in these times. Please don’t give up the fight!!!

Jim P.
Baltimore, MD

To America’s Hero,

Mobilizing millions of people from around the world, Dr. Paul you are beyond the shadow of a doubt the most inspirational figure of the 21st century. May your 76th birthday be as great as the R3VOLUTION you’ve started!

For Liberty,
Scott Bain

Happy Birthday, Ron Paul !!! Another Leo…I celebrated mine on the 16th of this month…a born leader, you are! Now if we can just get the rest of the country to recognize that, we’ll have a new President soon…RON PAUL for President 2012!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! It was great to see you at the Iowa State Fair! I can¹t wait to help out with your campaign. Keep fighting the good fight. I¹m behind you and your message of liberty all the way!

Peter Babcock

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. Keep up the good work and keep being a man of
principle! Best wishes to you and may you have many more Birthdays to come.
– The Keffler Family

Happy Birthday Ron , keep doing all that you do to bring the message of
liberty and sound money, the two most important virtues of our great nation,
to those yet to hear and understand it. I support you 100% and do
everything in my power to spread these ideas on the grassroots level.
Together we can bring our nation back to true greatness!!
Brad J. Rothman

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul I hope God grants your every wish and grants you many more years to live. I hope you receive even more wisdom and patience to help fix our country into the country that we all love.

Best wishes from Houston, Texas. Y.V

Happy Birthday Dr Paul,

We love and support you both with our prayers and financially.

Keep up the faithful fight against tyranny!

We can see you taking the pledge as our President in January 2013!

Jerry & Amber Ogert
Chesapeake, VA

Have a Very Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Grzegorz Bryniak

Hello Dr. Paul,

I want to briefly mention that I am a new supporter of your’s (I was an idiot in 2008), but since joining your campaign I have had the joy of learning so much about economics, about free markets, about silver and gold-which has recently saved me and my fathers 401K’s…keep up the good fight. Us here in PA love your cause, and the eduaction you are providing for us.

God Bless,

Scott McDevitt II

Happy birthday, Ron!

You’re a great man, fighting for a great cause.

-Jared N., Venice, CA

Birthday wish for Dr. Ron Paul
Dear Dr. Ron Paul,
They say with age comes wisdom, I believe with liberty comes wisdom. You have been speaking about restoring our Liberty and freedom for more than THREE DECADES, that’s THREE DECADES before Romney and the “status quo gang” caught on, you have been preaching wisdom long before it was popular, and true wisdom at that. And you are the only man who I know in modern history that gets stronger as the years go by, no wonder CNN admit you changed American history. Happy Birthday Sir, and may God bless you and may God bless America!
Sincerely,Omar Faruk

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for standing for liberty with no apologies! You’ve given us hope!
Michael Critzer

Dear Dr. Ron Paul,

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul.

I watched the Presidential Debate of the Repubilcan Candidates. I was impressed. Although I do not have the right to vote(I am from China), still I really hope you will win the election in 2012.



Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! You’ve single handedly changed my life!!!
Rachael K! Richmond, Va

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul! Thank you for your continuing inspiration and fight towards everyone’s freedom. Have a safe and enjoyable day.

Miami, FL

Good Afternoon Sir,

Wishing you a Happy Birthday!!!

Very Respectfully,

Rajeev Negi
Brentwood, CA

Happy Birthday future President Paul!!!


Happy B-day RON! Wishing the best for the 2012 election.

Eric W.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Cheers, Trip Baker

Happy 76th birthday, Dr. Paul! God bless you and our nation. Best, Jim W – San Diego, CA

Happy Birthday Congressman. You are one of three politicians whom I can proudly say represent me.
El-Kevo, Houston Texas

Happy (belated) birthday, Dr. Paul! Thanks for bringing knowledge about the Fed and the gold standard to the American people. All the best, and God bless.

Christopher Henderson
Long Beach, CA

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Hopefully many more to come.. we need you!
-Oscar (Currently deployed in Afghanistan)

Count me in for now Ron!!!
David Passarelli

Happy Birthday Ron!

M Thompson – Patriot to the Concept of a Nation that Owes its Greatness to the Liberties its People Demand

Happy Birthday Sir!

Your honor and integrity shine as a beacon in the darkness that has become the US government. You epitomize that which the Founding Fathers envisaged those many years ago. I respect you not only for your values but for your unrelenting pursuit for what you know to be right, your refusal to get caught up in the game that is laughingly called politics and your steadfastness in the face of ridicule, corruption and greed. I have the utmost faith in your ability to pull off the task you have set for yourself…here’s to your sojourn in the White House and the consequent resurrection of our country to the mighty nation it once was.

God bless you,

The perfect birthday present for you would be a guaranteed position as the President of the United States of America. Lounging in the Oval Office. Taking down unnecessary government agencies (like the IRS!) and bringing all our troops back. You’re a living, walking inspiration and there are people who refuse to see it… From one veteran to another, happy birthday, Ron!

–Anthony Austin
Friendswood, Texas

Happy Birthday Ron Paul =) . The ONLY real candidate for the presidentship.

Sthefan Stockholm ,Sweden

Happy birthday Congressman Paul from Billy and Jessica Ryals in Ellisville, Mississippi!

Happy Birthday Ron!!!

You are a very courageous and amazing man, and we admire you.


Happy Birthday…now keep up the fight, Restore America…The Revolution!

You have my vote! (Florida)

Kyle Hadfield

Happy Birthday Ron Paul !! please consider joining my group on facebook
“Georgians For Ron Paul 2012” thanks and enjoy many more birthdays!!!


Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul !!

Tanti auguri di buon compleanno…from Italy

I wish you a great year and I wish Us that you become the New President of America, the entire World needs your wisdom.

Emanuele Pistone

Best wishes for a Happy 76th Dr. Paul! Here’s to hoping we can all celebrate
your 78th at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. END THE FED!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thanks for making the world brighter for 76 years.


Happy Birthday Congressman Paul.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to restoring our nation to the
values that our fathers, fathers held dear and true.

You have inspired me for many years and I look forward to your taking office
as our next President.

Very sincerely,

Randy L. Ferrand

El Paso County, Colorado

Happy birthday Dr. Paul!!
Your supporters in LaGrange, GA wish you many more years in the fight against economic collapse!

happy birthday. hope you win in the elections


Happy birthday President Paul.


Happy 76th birthday Ron Paul! You are the most brilliant man ever!

-Alex Pridgen

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. You are a true hero.
Devon Ward

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul.

You have my vote.

Pam, Nurse in Kansas

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Hope you have a wonderful celebration. God bless.


Happy Birthday Dr Paul! Keep on with the fight to save America and never give up!!
Nik Budisavljevic

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul & many many more!

I hate to hear you’ll be leaving Congress at the end of your term, but am grateful for your service to our American Republic. =)

Keep up the good fight!!
Dustin Bryant
Terre Haute, Indiana

Happy Birthday Ron (our next and best President). Wishing you many more!

Best regards,

Stormy Brinson

Ron, you are our only hope. Happy birthday! May there be many more to come. We desperately need you. Sincerly – Humanity

Happy birthday mr president

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul,

Thank you for running in the election. I am so excited that we have a candidate with integrity, honor & truely loves our US Constitution to support. Many of my friends have joined the revolution as well. Good luck sir and have great birthday.

David Like
Bloomington, Indiana

happy birthday your a great american,hope to see you here someday

mark from mass

Happy 76th Birthday Dr. Paul. May our Heavenly Father follow you wherever you go and may He place His hedge of protection round about, above and below, and on all sides of you to keep you and your family safe from harm. May He give you strength to keep on keeping on. We need you more than ever. America needs you more than ever. We believe in you.

Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Tom and Frances Nettles

Happy Birthday! Remember to choose either David Duke, Allen Keys, or Larry Bates as your running mate.


A Very Happy Birthday to Dr. Paul from Keith & Deb A. in Minnesota!
Ron Paul…2012!!! You are our Hope to help Save & Restore our country to it’s former glory & be Proud to be an American again!

KS — Maryland, United States: Please live 100 or older. And may you enjoy
abundant happiness, wealth and health in those days

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul.
Thank you for all that you do as you represent the American people.
May you continue to live a long, healthy, prosperous life.

All the best,
Adrienne Robbins

In a bleak political landscape yours is the voice of reason. Is it any wonder they choose to not give fair time to your views.

In so many ways our times reflect the angst of the first “Star Wars” with the “Empire” being the global banking cartel that cannot stand to see our Founding Fathers’ dreams succeed.

I wish you continued health and happiness. I pray for your success. Happy Birthday!

Jim Langendoen

Dear Dr.Paul,

If I could vote for you I would. You are a beacon in a Dark World. Good luck in your coming battle to win back your country. “As America goes, so goes the rest of the world”

Happy 76th. I hope I have as much energy when I’m 76 years young..

Phil Hingston
Sydney Australia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angie from Canada

Happy Birthday to you Dr. Ron Paul! I wish you much joy and peace on this very special day.

You give so much hope and inspiration to me and countless people of my generation. Thank you for your strength, courage, integrity, and commitment to our constitution. You’re a model citizen to the world.

Light & Love,


Happy Birthday!! We support you in NV!!

Brandi & Steve Hearst

Happy birthday Dr. Paul!


Happy birthday doc and all the best with the uphill battle you face in the coming election.
Don’t let the corporate media thugs get to you. Viva la revolution.

Jimmy, Melbourne, Australia.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!! We are rooting for you and behind you and the Revolution every step of the way during your campaign! — Josh and Kat S., Baltimore, MD

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul thanks for being an awesome leader. Todd Taylor Manhattan Beach, CA.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! You are a true patriot.

Ron Paul 2012

Mary Frey

Lancaster, PA

Happy birthday sir!
You, who have stolen my heart, cured my apathy, raised my hopes, inspired me to hold on just a few more years, are the greatest beacon of liberty we have seen since Ronald Raegan and I will always be right beside you my old friend! The 2008 inspirational campaign videos made me cry tears of joy, then and even today. Keep up the good work, we’re all counting on you to do what’s right!


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

What to get for the man who gives so much, spreading the message of Liberty? How about a Presidency! Also, a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Restore Liberty to America in 2012! You have my vote, Sir.

Sincerely and respectfully,
Seth Wallace

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!! The last honest man in congress!! Thanks for all your hard work!! Thanks for inspiring others to take up the banner of freedom!! Many happy returns!


Happy Birthday young man! Keep up the good fight because myself and millions of others are behind and alongside you! Happy Birthday!

Scott Wruck
Green Bay, WI

Happy Birthday,

To our next President of the United States of America – Dr. Ron Paul!

Michael Papacoda Jr.

Happy Birthday Ron! Best wishes!

from me and my wife.

We wish You healthy, long and productive life.
We always need to know, that* the reason and hope* did not abandon the
United States.

Happy Birthday, Doctor Paul!

Vitaly and Marina

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON PAUL, I VOTED FOR YOU, instead of Obuma (lol) I will vote for you in 2012.


Happy Birthday Ron Paul!

I hope that you have had a great birthday and I want you to know that I feel like you are exactly what this country needs.


Happy Birthday Ron,
You have fought the good fight for many years and your fighting as made a difference.
Congratulations on having a son who is following your footsteps.
Percival Beacroft

Hope you will win on 2012,.I remember that my son and husband took picture with you in Houston TX, my son was 1 years old now he is 23 he is voting for you, we have been waiting for so long ,once you become our president i wish we take another picture with you. take care . hope to see you in the white house soon as our presidents.Go Run Paul…..

Happy Birthday Ron! I’d donate but I’m only 14, and don’t have a job to back it up..


Happy birthday Mr Ron paul
How it is so wonderful to finally hear a politician who speaks the real truth. I pray for and support you in all you are doing.
Thank you so very much.
New York NY

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, from one of the moms in L. J. whose babies you delivered. I have supported you all along, and still am. I’m so proud of you and am praying you become our next President.
Marilyn Townsend

Happy 76th Birthday Dr.Paul… your going to give ” the Spirit of ’76” a whole new meaning. How appropriate for your winning drive to the White House and the pursuit of Liberty.

Keep up the good work. The media may not be paying attention but the world is.

Happy Birthday President Paul 2012.

Ernaleen Fedder

Happy 76th, and wishes for many more.

You absolutely have my vote, even though the Office of President is going to be very hard on you at 77. They say you age 2 years for every year you serve as President. You will face a hostile Congress, a hostile media, and a hostile establishment – and a grateful constituency!

Consider, however, your opinion on non-intervention. It did not work with Japan, and, in the end, would not have worked with Hitler. The world would be a very different place if we had just sold our goods overseas and waited to be attacked. I have studied a lot of history, esp. monetary policy and
World War II, and I can tell you we (and the world) were very lucky to have had FDR and Churchill. I most certainly did not agree with FDR’s domestic policy, but with regard to England and the 1938 start of naval build-up, he was absolutely right. He was correct on lend-lease too, even though I personally would have voted against that policy had I been in the position to do so.

Andy Anderson
Wylie, TX

Dr. Ron Paul
Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays. And I pray Our Father blesses you with many more. There is probably no other Man alive on Planet Earth I admire and/or respect more then you. Thank You for your continuous fight for Our Liberties and Freedom. Once again, Happy Birthday
Hershel Croy Sr.

Happy Birthday Champion of Liberty!


Happy Birthday Mr. President,

I am 62 years old, and when I was a child, I thought that nothing compared to our great Nation. I was always so proud of our beautiful flag flowing in the breeze. I would stare up at it and my heart would swell with pride. In school we always started our day with a prayer and the National Anthem, and always pledged our wonderful flag, but I guess those days are over. I truly do hope that you can restore these Great values in our great Nation, our children as well as the adults need this desperately.

We were taught in the 3rd grade that we are the Government, and we were taught our constitution, and I’ve often wondered where it all went, and truthfully I never thought I would ever see it restored… But thanks to God and you, if I live until 2012, I will enjoy seeing you become President, and my Grandchildren may be taught the same as I, and can feel the pride that I felt those many years ago. I AM VERY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! This is the greatest Nation in the world.

Happy Birthday and many more to come,

Linda Barnes
Lone Tree, Colorado

I love you and wish you the best ! I am so glad you ran for the 2012 election. even if you don’t win the american people win because you are showing them the real issues and people are starting to see the truth.
god bless you Mr. Paul and keep up the fight for truth and liberty and freedom , people like me are with you and will support you with our hearts and our votes.


Happy Birthday Sir! Now you embody the spirit of ’76 in more ways than one! Keep it up.

Anthony McLean

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul!

For the first time in my 26 years I have finally found a person who I could look up to besides my parents Dr. Ron Paul. I admire all the unique qualities you posses integrity, passion, courage and above all emotional intelligence. I support Dr. Ron Paul.

Mike Ankoyan
Glendale, CA

Happy Birthday Ron Paul you have my support!!!!!!


Dr. Paul,

Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a great one. I just want to thank you. You are truly an inspiration. Your words are educational and they lift my spirit. Your unwavering belief in Constitutional principles and unaltered liberty for the American people is truly something rare among politicians. It’s wonderful to know that with you in the running, there is finally a candidate worth supporting, and the choice is not simply between ‘the lesser of the evils.’

I know the media’s habit of ignoring you can be annoying, discouraging, and disheartening. But don’t let it get to you. The number of those who hear your message and support it is growing daily. I’ve spread the word to my friends, and now they’re doing the same. This peaceful revolution for the restoration of America can’t be stopped. I know you’ll be the next president of this great country, and it will be an honor and a privilege to support you sir.

Again, happy birthday, and may God bless you.




I’m a strong believer in Ron Paul and would like to see him as our president. I do understand that funding is of utter importance but I am starting to feel alienated by the amount of monetary contribution request
you are emailing out (one or more in a day?). I’m just giving you my perspective and reaction to this to reflect over. (I have contributed money) and as a suggestion, I would love to see more information on how I can engage in voluntary work to influence other voters to help the campaign.

Thanks for your great work, and Paul bless America.

Thank you very much for your ideals, your beliefs, your patience, especially without the media help. You’ve been an inspiration to me and admire your leadership in this crusade to the personal liberty and limited government. I’ve been raised and brainwashed through education and current media, falling for every trick in the bag, that have us give up liberties for the sake of something else and that it’s justifiable. Your message rings true to me and have brought the light of truth to the other current issues. Your message is consistent all across the board to your belief; whereas, the others may have some truth but others will conflict against that standard.

I pray for your health, safety, and strength to continue your campaign for presidency and pray fervently that others will open up their ears to hear your message of truth to save us all the direction we are heading.

God bless and happy birthdday,


Dr. Ron Paul, I am a Latin American woman who admires you, and respect you
immensely, and who also wants to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Thank you
very much.


Hope you have a very special birthday. God bless you. Keep up the good work for our country!~Rebecca Roesch

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. Let’s hope America gets better?


Dr. Paul,
You are my hero! Thank you for fighting for liberty! Happy birthday!!

Richard Frillman III

Wishing you all the best and congratulations on you 76th! Dr Paul. You are an inspiration to us all. I hope you and family have a chance to celebrate and enjoy this day. As a retired Special Forces soldier I can attest to missing many a birthday. Here is hoping we are successful in bringing the troops home so that they don’t miss any more. Thank you for running and doing all you do.

In Liberty

MSG Mike Maull (ret)
US Army Special Forces

Happy Birthday Ron, For your birthday I give you Dennis J. Kucinich as your running mate. Give him a call you both would make a great team that I could vote for. Kevin Gershom Sicard

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
Bruce Graves, Livermore, CA

Happy Birthday Mr. Future President of America! Thank you for all of your hardwork and dedication throughout the years, it is much appreciated!

Vanessa Alonso from San Mateo, CA

Happy birthday Dr. Paul. Thank you for standing up for freedom. May you have many more!

Sincerely yours,
Sugar Land, TX

Happiest of birthdays, Dr. Paul. We are truly honored to have a true patriot like yourself, that is willing to step into the fray of the corruption of politics to fight for the people of this country. Many blessings on you and your family. May God protect and preserve you and this nation.

Cary Prejean
Baton Rouge, LA

A very Happy Birthday Ron!

You are an amazing man. obviously I am not an American, but, I wish only the best for your people.

Good on ya Ron!


Ron Paul – A very Happy Birthday wish from the Leonard family here in Cincinnati OH. May God bless you and your family and may our prayers be answered that you’ll win the white house in November.
Many thanks for your efforts, Gary

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. Good luck, you are America’s last chance ~en, Nevada

I’d just like to say I have the utmost respect for Dr. Paul as do many of my friends and I’m a New Zealander!
On the other hand many of my American friends know very little about him…go figure..and GO Ron Paul! He’s your only chance.

Kerry and friends.

Happy Birthday to Ron Paul. Straight talk is very much needed these days, and never welcome in Washington, DC. Keep up the good work.

G. Sallust

Happy Birthday, President Ron Paul!

Brooklyn, NY

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!!

David Fiorito

happy birthday ron paul. just to let you know im active duty navy and there are a bunch of us supporting you. we need you.
paul h. a naval station in va. bch

Happy Birthday Ron! You are one of my heroes!
Robert Szeles

‘Happy Birthday’ Ron Paul!!! America needs you! You are the only sane voice in the sea of madness! Wishing you every good thing!
Frank D’Angelo

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul,
I want more than anything for you to be my president. I donated to your campaign today. I am also buying signs. I know that you are the only hope this country has. Go getem Dr. Paul. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Happy birthday Dr. Paul,
I wish you to become the next president of US and make the world a better

M.J. Serbia

Happy birthday Ron! Let’s give birth to a new America!

Happy 76th Dr. Paul. I hope you enjoy a wonderful birthday and I’m rooting you on everyday as you continue to roar. Big Happy Birthday to “The Only Guy for the Job”
Theodore Hartman
Simi Valley, CA

Happy Birthday Ron, Keep it rockin
Ian Hurst
New York

Happy birthday Dr. Paul. Thank you for standing up for liberty, the constitution, and our rights for so many years. -Ahmer Israr CA

We love you, Dr. Paul!
Thank you, for being you!
Scott Hutchinson

Happy Birthday Dr Paul. You’ve been an inspiration to me and millions of freedom loving Americans. If we can rescue this country, someday you’re birthday will be a national holiday. God bless you. From Jason B

Happy Birthday, Dr.Ron Paul!!! Thank you for your dedication to American Citizens’ freedoms and liberties!!


In the true Spirit of ’76, we wish you many more!

The Matz Family

Happy Birthday to the best hope for our nation! My whole family is behind you 100%. We hope that you can enjoy your special day with your loved ones! See you soon in the White House!
This message approved by- Amanda Louise Preputnik
Lakewood, Ohio

Happy Birthday Ron. We love you and America needs you NOW.
So refreshing to hear a real American speaking the truth and bearing the consequences from the adversaries of liberty and our constitution.

Sally Smith

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dr. Paul and may God Bless you sir! I supported you in ’08 and will do whatever I can to help you got elected President of the U.S.A.!!


H B day Aug 20th

America has reached optimum with horizontal growth, what we need is vertical growth which is only possible with your leadership !

Ron bless America !

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!

I have never contributed to another candidate. You are the president for all those who love and cherish liberty and the American Dream! Thank you for your integrity and consistency in fighting for freedom! I and other legal hispanics salute you! May God grant you good health and great success. May this nation under God be blessed once again!

With Love and prayers from Florida!

“Happy Birthday” Ron Paul
May it be one to remember!

Even if Massachusetts is terribly collectivist, we hope you can make an appearance in Boston during the campaign! (But then, there’s always New Hampshire ;-). What a difference 3 years makes. Have a wonderful day!

Janet & Craig Holmes

May you have a very happy day and may the Lord God bless you with MANY more…WE NEED YOU! Happy Birthday, Mr. Paul! 🙂

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Today is my birthday too! In ’88 i turned 18, the first time i voted was the presidential election. I thought: “i get to decide the next president!” My second thought: “what’s a Libertarian?” 🙂


And I hope you’ll become a founding father. I believe in you Ron.
Even though you’re a politician. At least you appear less influenced by lobbies and back-door dealings and secret societies and corporate interest,the wealthy, the media..
America needs to be great again. I hope you’ll be president.
Maybe no one will come pouring out in the streets
But perhaps we’ll have some hope again and can see some change.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You better take good care of yourself young man.
All my best,
Theo Eastwind

Hey Ron,
I just wanted to take a few moments to share with you that on your 76th birthday, a year that reminds me of the year of our Independence as a great, INDEPENDENT nation. A time in which we declared ourselves free of government tyranny, excessive taxation and oppression of the worst sort, the kind that prevent creativity, resourcefulness and a shared, unified pride.

We’ve lost our pride as a unified nation. Our freedoms are increasingly being taken away, our abilities to create wealth for ourselves and others is oppressed by excessive taxation on the very people who are inspired most to succeed. Our financial resources have been stripped by those who favored greed and those in Congress who created the opportunities for them to exploit the resources of the middle class.

In these trying economic times, I fault our government first and foremost for betraying us as a nation and for dangerously pushing towards a socialistic society. The one glimmer of hope, perhaps our last if measures are not taken now to correct course quickly, lies in your beliefs, integrity and the changes you would enact if president.

I’m 43 years old and have never felt as strongly in my support for a presidential candidate as I do now, for you.

Once again, Happy Birthday. May you and your family be blessed always.

Carl Hays
Jacksonville, FL

Best wishes President Paul.

Huntington Beach,California

Happy Birthday and many more. I’m a new RP supporter and will see you in the White House.

My Regards,

Tony Sloterdijk
Bastrop, TX 78602

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON PAUL. You have my full support and vote as our next President of the United States of America

Daniel Toss Derreberry, Nebo, North Carolina

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
Keep charging forward America needs you!


Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! It will be a pleasure to vote for you! I’m an Independent, but I will become a Republican for the first time in my life to help get you through the primaries.
Reno, NV

Happy Birthday future President Ron Paul!!

Ken S.
Nashville, TN

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

In celebration of your 76th year on this earth and in consideration of the amount of that time in service to this country and your fellow citizens, I would like to extend an invitation to take up residence in our nations’ white house. It is an old house which has at times suffered from neglect and infestation but it is a cozy place and we hope you and your family will enjoy its amenities for many years to come.

Best regards,
Eldon Fox

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! I hope you have a great one!


Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!! I hope this is your year, it’s long over due! Keep fighting the good fight, You have all my support.

Michael Christopher Davis
Jersey City, NJ

its alex kern from chicago wishing you Dr. Paul the best of birthdays with many more to come. been supporting since 07 and i’m glad to see how far we’ve come. thanks and have a good one.

Dr. Paul,

I don’t care if they have to push you around the White House in a wheelchair and change your diapers, you are what this country needs. I pray for your success everyday! Happy birthday and God bless your campaign!!


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! This country needs you as president in 2012. Let’s go!


Have a wonderful birthday Mr. Paul!

I have great admiration for you and really look forward to having you as my next president, you are what this country needs.

God bless you,

Ernesto Rascon
Yuma, Az

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

We LOVE YOU! Keep strong and steady in our fight for the constitution. God bless you and your family, sir 🙂

I hope you enjoy a wonderful day that is leading up to what I hope for you to be the best years! You are the only leader, only hope, only sane voice that I have heard, and I mean really heard, in all my life as far as politics goes. Although I live in Canada, I see your vision being the bar for all of us in North America and the rest of the world. Please keep going, please keep telling the truth no matter what. I am sure the pressure on you is going to get hotter and hotter the further along in the race you get. Stay strong and know that you have supporters in all corners.

Best regards,

Susan White
Calgary, AB, Canada

Dear Dr. Paul,

On your 76th birthday, America owes you a debt of gratitude for the sacrifices you and your family have made for our benefit. God bless you and yours, and my fervent prayer is that you will continue in health and prosperity.

In Hope for America,
Tom and Donna Rode

Happy birthday! Keep the Faith!

Rodney Boyd

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!!

In the words of Senator Albert Beveridge, “A party can live only by growing, intolerance of ideas brings its death…”

Thank you for being one of the only ones in congress strong, and courageous enough to stand up against the establishment.

Ron Paul 2012!

Dear Ron Paul,

I want to congratulate you on this beautiful day, which is that of your 76th birthday. I do believe that winning the Presidential elections in 2012 is very possible, if you use all your wisdom and strenght that you have gathered during these 76 years!

My name is Alvin Leito, I’m a psychologist and public administrator that lives in the Netherlands. I am not an American citizen, but I was born on the beautiful island of Aruba, where 70% of the GDP of the island comes from tourism and where 70% of the tourists are American citizens. So, I can honestly say that I know Americans, I know how Americans think and live and I saw and see how Americans do enjoy living the good life and I can honestly say that I not only Love America, but I feel that I am an Dutch – American citizen and for me it does not mather that I don’t have an American passport to prove it!

I would love to have the possibility to contribute to your campaign, not only as a birthday gift to you, but as an endorsement to your views of freedom and liberty, that is not only important for America, but I believe that the world needs you right now! And the reason why I think that the world needs you right now, is not because you want to change the world, but because you want to save America by changing its views on that it does not have to be the policeman of the world. The world does not need a policeman of the world. I do believe in your views that what the world needs, is that all the countries take care of themselves and the way to do that is not by going to war with each other, but to have strong economic bonds with each other.

Because I am not a U.S citizen, I can not send you money as a gift, so the only gift that I can give you know is my own advise to you, and that is; stay true to yourself Dr. Paul! I see now in debates and in interviews that you are having more troubles with coming up with words to defend your views on the issues that are more important to you. And the way I see it, is because you are actually believing that you can win the Presidential election (and I do and have for some time now believe that you CAN win the elections in 2012), but by starting to believe in yourself that you can win in 2012, I see that you are trying (or your advisers) are trying to go and search for things and issues to please a bigger crowd. And by doing that you are letting yourself go and you are taking some chances to say things that are not coming from your heart. And I’m not sure if that is true of course, but that is what I see and feel, and that is way I’m now honest to you, because I really want you to win in 2012! So, I see and feel that the stuttering or stammering you are having, is because you are saying (new) things that are not coming from your heart. And because you are truly a honest man, you may have subconsciously problems with that, and that is the reason that you are stuttering or stammering when you talk.

So my dear friend and our future president, my gift and advise to you is: stay true to your heart, no mather what! Winning the elections while rejecting the wishes of your own heart is not worth winning at all!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

Lots of love,


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. The world needs you.
God bless you
Leyla in Morocco


Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul! I want to thank you for sustaining and defending The Constitution. I spent 29 years as a big government Republican, but after reading your book and following you on Youtube, my views have totally changed! I owe it all to you! May God Bless you in the important work that you are doing to protect and reestablish freedom. Ron Paul 2012!!!
– Matt Turner
Mt. Washington, Kentucky

Dr. Paul,

I hope you will win and wipe the floor with wall street


As an 18 year old Portuguese who has discovered the ideals of freedom thanks to you, I sincerely hope that you continue to have a successful campaign and are elected president of the United States in November 2012. Not only will your country be better off for it, but so will the whole world.

Tomás Costa

Hey young man!! Happy birthday 🙂 hope it’s a good one- you’ve got our vote!

Sarah Cathryn Kuntz

Way I sees it, Perry an’ Bockman will be repubs choice and will win lessen you read Harry Truaman’s bio ’bout his 48 election. What goes ”round has come ’round a’gin, an’ we need some give ’em hell Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for all your dedication as a TRUE American patriot. NAL, Valley Forge Pa

Many happy returns of the day Dr. Paul.

J Gordon,
United Kingdom.

Dear Mr Paul,

Happy birthday!

I’m looking forward to celebrating your 85th birthday when you are about to leave the White House as the best president that the USA has ever had.

Best wishes,

Jan Sapper

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!!!
Marshall Moretta

Happy birthday, Ron. You not only have given millions world-wide hope for honesty and integrity in our government, you have inspired millions to to carry the torch of liberty. I am spreading your message of liberty every day and every where I go. You are a blessing to this nation and I pray for you and your family.

– Jonas Oblouk
Palm Coast, FL

Happy 76th….a great number 76. A number that has historical meaning in terms to our country which we need someone like you in the white house. Go get em Dr. Paul! And many more happy years for you.

David D. Frye III
Monongahela, PA

Happy Birthday Dr.Paul! I am behind you 100%!
William, Apex NC

Happy birthday to this great country’s next pres




Dear Dr. Paul,

Thank you for not compromising our liberties on the alter of party lines. I pray you live another happy, healthy, and productive 76 years!

To Liberty!
Kyle McAllister

Seventy-six, as it relates American history, brings to mind the begining of the profound birth of our country and the ideals that we, as people who care for liberty and justice for all, strive for.

On this special day, it is especially appropriate that “We the people” declare our gratitude for your service. We honor you for demonstrating, through action and deed, the principles which make America Beautiful. We thank you for your many declarations on behalf of those who value them.

And today, we wish you joy and blessings on your very significant, patriotic, 76th birthday.

Dear Mr. Paul,
Your struggle is important not just for the US. Your message of liberty is a message of hope for the whole world. It is thanks to you that I discovered what true liberty really means. A country that would elect you as a president has a lot to be proud of.
Zorana Kozomara
Yogoslavian born Canadian living in The Netherlands

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!

In an America where both sides agree on 90% of decisions and make a show of fighting bitterly for the remaining 10%, you offer a real choice. If you can make it, we can have an America that is liked and respected internationally and Americans can have a choice of very different candidates for the first time in decades.

As we say on Australia: “On ya’ mate!”

Robert F.

Brisbane, Australia

Dear Dr. Paul,

Congratulations with your 76th birthday!

May USA soon be blessed by your wise leadership…

Bc. Simon Lucas van Woerekom

Happy birthday to a great patriot and defender of our freedom! R J Cherry, Tampa Florida

Happy Birthday Wishes to a true Patriot

May you continue to speak the truth and wake up the American people.

Let freedom ring!!!!

In Liberty

Mark Eckhoff //Thornton Pa.

Happy birthday from EQ of washington state.

Happy 76th and thank you for everything Dr. Paul! No matter what happens in the 2012 election, you will be always be immortalized in history as a shining beacon of hope during the darkest of times. I’m very excited to campaign for you in the coming year.

Best wishes,

Gordy Boone
Baltimore, MD

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!!! We appreciate your true Patriotism and wish you all the best!!! Godspeed.

John Yeatman Jr.

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!!! It was great when I first heard about your ideas. I thought to myself: FINALLY a politician that is exactly what I would want in a leader.

Happy Birthday! Hope You WIN!


May God bless and protect Dr. Paul on this his 76th birthday. May He strengthen Dr. Paul for the journey and continue to give him wisdom in the days ahead. May the Lord open the eyes and ears of our countrymen to hear the message of liberty from Dr. Paul as he shines the light of truth in a land overtaken by lies and darkness. God bless America and God bless Ron Paul.

Happy birthday Dr. Paul

GySgt Charles Speitel USMC

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for your dedication to our country!!

Jim & Nien Carmel, Indiana

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul!

When Fox and Fox Business News ignored your victory in Ames Iowa, before folks got angry about it – I was furious. I watched it happen and from the debate I was already looking to find out more information about your views. I next looked to quite a few of the major tea party sites and saw the same politics at play – the idea that anyone of the candidates would work except for you. Being an American I really don’t take kindly to someone telling me I can’t or we can’t. I was more than insulted – I was angry to see such a blatant display of favoritism…once again the politicians wanting to run the show and pick our direction for us. That day I started studying and reading and listening – and I have diligently done so ever since. I have looked at your record, your views, your historical perspective. I have checked out what you said….and I am blown away.

By what I have not considered, for what I have accepted without questioning, for what I have not bothered to check out for myself…and yet, I, like so many others have known there are some inherently wrong things going on in and through our government.

I must say this is the first time in years and years and years that I feel some REALISTIC hope…instead of thinking we are sinking ever deeper in the mire.

Thank you for sending me back to our roots and back to our history to learn from both and thank you for teaching me and others so we can work with you to change the course of our history – right back to our roots – our Constitution!

On this your 76th birthday know that you have turned so many longing hearts to reconsider, to look, to listen, to search…and to begin to understand where we need to go. Thank you for the bright hope that is before us now in this country,

And thank you for being a man of God – He receives praise through you! May God continue to shine His light through you in all sorts of ways! Happy Birthday and for our sake, my sake and the sake of our country I hope we are all blessed with many more of your birthdays!

Sandy Monroe

Godspeed and Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul! Thank you for all that you do. Gary Rowe, Texas

Happy Birthday! Thank you for your integrity, your perseverance and your determination to help this country!

Very Sincerely,

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!! ~ Atteberry Family, Rock Island, IL

Best wishes, from The Riina!

Dear Dr. Paul – Have a Happy Birthday! Know that we are praying for you, your family and for a successful run for the White House! My folks, husband and I all support you, and we are working on all our neighbors to support you as well. Anne Yanez

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Keep up the fight for liberty!


Christopher Fox (Saint Louis University graduate student)

Happy Birthday , I wish you well in everything you do, especially what you do for OUR country , god bless you and god bless the U.S.A.

God Bless and stick around for at least 8 more. Good luck in 2012 too. Consider my next donation your birthday present.

Love you Ron Paul!

Happy Birthday, Dr Paul !!!
Thanks for all your hard work to make America better.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
If this country were smarter, you would already be President!
Keep up the fight!
Joshua Graham

Happy Birthday, Mr. Future President!!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul,
We’re looking forward to you winning the Presidency next year! You have our full support and best wishes!

Dustin Allen
Stateline, NV

Happy Birthday Ron Paul! Wishing you a wonderful day and many more to come! You are a great man and I am happy to support you in every way! Irina C., Brooklyn, NY

Irina =)

I wish you the happiest of birthdays and as one fellow REPUBLICAN TO ANOTHER let me know how I can help you in the coming election. I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do thank you for everything.

John Trippiedi

Dear Dr. Paul,


Thank you for being one of the rare sane and honest politicians in Washington DC.

Your expression of your well thought out views reassures me that it is not myself who has lost sanity and perspective.

Decency, logic and caring for America and it’s people have largely disappeared from our nation’ capital.

Thank you again and best birthday wishes.


Marian Socash
Miami Beach, Fl.

Happy Birthday Ron! Best of luck in the race, I’m backing you all the way to the White house!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!! I apreciate your efforts, and cannot wait until we take back the White House!!

Dale Kerns Jr

Happy Birthday Dr Paul.

When are you coming to Canada?! If you were here, many would be voting for you.

We hope those who do vote in the USA vote for you…we ALL need your policies everywhere.

Lloyd Merrifield
Vancouver, BC Canada

Happy birthday! Thank you for being a man of principle and helping so many of us believe that we really can change the world for the better. You are a great man doing God’s work. I pray that you become president in 2012.

Dallas Ballmer

Happy birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for waking me from my apathy!


We love you Ron Paul…. you’re our hero!!! Happy Birthday! CR

Happy Birthday!!
-Owen Family
Irving, TX

Happy bday Ron Paul trilla here. Your the best and an inpiration for me to
make a change. I believe in you and freedom

Happy Birthday & Best of Luck in 2012!!
S White
Brandon, MS

Happy birthday Mr. Paul. Thank you for being a common man for the
people. May things continue to get better for you. -Aaron Hall, Kentucky

Thank you for all you do.
Vince Perna, Charleston, SC

Happy birthday to Dr. Ron Paul!

May God bless you, because you’re a man of ideals and principles, who stands for truth, freedom and justice up to the Washington machine. You are the man capable to bring back the prosperity to this country and to save this great nation from the abyss. Many people don’t like you or criticize you, because of your views, but remember what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount “Blessed are those who make peace, because they will be called children of God.”. So, Happy birthday from me Dr. Paul and I wish you many more birthdays to come, because you are a great man.

Best regards,

Dimitar Stoyanov

Hope you are what you say and get a chance to do the things you say as Pres. thank you for inspiring me again. Chip McClain

Happy Birthday!
Praying we can make it all the way tothe White House!
TL Coleman



Sergio H. Gonzalez.

Happy Birthday Mr. President


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul.

Thank you for everything you’ve done so far and your continued efforts to better not just our nation but this world.

Los Angeles, California

Happy Birthday Dr Paul!
Cory Faust

A sincere wish for a happy and healthy 76th birthday Dr. Paul. Thank you for being our common sense voice in Washington DC (aka District of Criminals)….you are our hero.

Please come to Michigan’s Leadership Conference at Mackinac Island.

Bruce Hartdegen
Plymouth, MI

Happy Birthday & thank you. The Mister & I are pretty broke right now, but we donated a little to your money bomb, because the promise of the future you could improve for our children means so much to us. Please don’t stop or let the media or Capital Hill SOPs quiet your voice! You are reaching the youth & the frustrated 40-somethings today, and we want a better tomorrow!


May your birthday wishes come true. Peace freedom liberty and truth now.
Joel Soucy

Aloha from beautiful Hawaii. It takes courage to uphold our constitution, freedom & liberty.
America needs a president that stands for these values that our fore fathers and military have protected all these years.

Thank you for your courage.

Ewa Beach, HI

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul,

Your views on issues presented on RonPaul.com are close to mine. Still, one issue on the list there (as well as in your interviews) is conspicuously absent; it is oligarchy vs democracy: what the US needs in the 21st Century. I think this is the major issue and should be discussed as courageously as your views on the US Foreign Policy.

Best wishes,

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. I wish you well in your campaign and the moneybombs.

Good luck

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!! HAPPY Birthday from Germany!!!

Dear Ron,
I wish you all the best for your Birthday and a
successful presidential campaign. I hope you will be the next President of the
United States. You make so much sense in every issue you talk about. I hope more
people wake up and listen to you. You are a true hero!

From Germany Greetings
Sibylle and Family

Happy 76th, Dr. Paul! Remember, you’re not getting older, you’re getting BETTER!

Keep the faith!

Camarillo, California

Hello Ron:
Happy birthday. I hope, God Willing, you live long enough with great health to have two terms as a president and you can teach others how they should run the country as a president and they can learn from you how to run the nation for the next thousands of years after you. God bless you and your family and friends. […]

Hamid Aghili

Happy birthday Mr. Paul,

I am celebrating my 34th today too, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard we share the same birthday.

I think you are America’s and by extension the world’s best hope, the establishment will try to stop you but I think the message cannot be ignored any longer. They have sent out fake talking heads to try steal
your thunder and it’s not working. I fear for your safety and i hope you have taken necessary precautions, if you do not get the republican nomination then run as an independent, as I’m sure you have already have planned. Even the brainwashed can see you have only the best intentions for the common person, slowly they are waking up. Keep up the good work, I will spread the message about what’s been happening and what your policies are so they can see there is a better way of doing things. More and more I find people who see it as I do and I have faith in just telling it the way it is. Can’t dispute the facts, no matter how much they try.

Thanks for standing up to the tyrants.

Bubba Freedom Fries Brown

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

James Madison warned us that “Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm.” That has been true for most of my life, but it’s going to change when you are elected in 2012.


Chuck Esposito

We thank God, especially today, that you were placed on this earth to champion the American people, defend our constitution and hold Washington and the Fed accountable. When you blow out your candles, we will be wishing that you become our next president! Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

Eileen Barlow
Dr. Mark Barlow

Wishing you Happy Birthday and may God bless you for your tireless defense of freedom!

Alice Losasso
West Warwick, RI

Dear Dr. Paul,

Happy Birthday!
Thank you for your stand and inspiring messages. I can’t conceive of anyone else winning the presidential election. There is hope for America

Yours truly,
Gordon Nordstrom

I have made a donation as your birthday gift. Ron Paul for now and ever. Tai Vo from NC

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul! When I get to be your age (if all goes well that is I’m 24 and at Cal Poly Pomona) I wish to be as healthy both mentally and physically as you are! I recall you challenging any candidate underestimating your physical ability to a 10min bike ride in 100 degree Texas weather haha classic! Also I want to congratulate you on your success on this campaign! You have already won so much; concrete evidense that the American Media is not honest with the American people. Also, you have made some presidential candidates speak about the federal reserve and monetary policy (despite their obvious lack of knowledge regarding these institutions and worse lack of passion). That alone will make some people see that perhaps we should read and think for ourselves rather than let the main stream meadia dictate what matters and what does not since that is evidently what they do. It’s insulting that American politics have come to this theatrical weekekly showdown of uniform talking points from both sides. Thank you for jumping in on the show and pulling the curtain to expose the truth of our fiscal situation because it is what our country needs more of today. If you are able to change the course of politics this county currently operatetes to a productive system then I honestly believe you may go down as one of the greatest presidents our country had ever seen. That is the kind of change people wanted in 2008 and the kind of change I hope people will demand in this election- I hope they see that in you like we, your supporters do! Once again happy birthday I wish I had money today to send you but I help by telling people about you and with success! I hope some of them have money to send you today haha Be well and don’t slow down now in you have pocket aces suited with a good flop (Iowa)!!!!!

Sincerely, a Ron Paul revolutionist,

Moises Rodriguez

Here’s hoping you will soon be addressed as President of the U.S!
From an American living in Canada for the present time.

Lorri B.
Prince Edward Island

*Happy Birthday Ron, sick um. I will be voting for you in GA. May god bless.

Happy birthday Ron,

Your life has enlightened countless more, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing, through your example I will not be the one to do nothing.

Happy birthday Dr.. I’m form San Antonio, Tx. 78217. Once again you’ve got my vote. I want true freedom back in America. I want the right to make choices for my family and me. Just because I think some thing isn’t right for me doesn’t mean I don’t want other American to have the right to make that choice for themselves. Please don’t let the culture of waist continue to destroy America as we know it. My greatest fear is that my generation will leave behind an America that is not free to our children. RonPaul HELP!!!!

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Here’s to a many more years of fighting for liberty.

Scott Keefer

Happy Birthday Ron
Americas dates its birthday from 1776. This is your 76th year. So this is your liberty year. Thank you for your many years of faithful service to our country. And thanks in advance for your upcoming service as President. We are lucky to have you as a ‘keeper of your oath’, the one you and I took when we stood in that room and said ‘I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I took it once when I enlisted. You have taken it many times, and proved you were serious. God bless you Sir, and God bless America.

Happy Birthday Doctor Paul! I wish you have a Great day!!
Greetings from Chile.
Sebastian Aratto

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! My family and I wish you a wonderful day with
your love ones.

Erick, Gloria and Nova Belshe
Ron Paul 2012!

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!

The media may try to ignore you but our country sure can’t! Cheers to the most genuine and groundbreaking man in Washington.

Best Regards,
Lizz – College Student and RP Supporter

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! We’ll be sure to raise plenty of money as your gift! Keep fighting for liberty!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for defending the Constitution and standing up for our rights! Go get ’em on the campaign trail!

The R3VOLUTION is alive and well in Asheville, North Carolina.

In Liberty,
Greta Langhenry

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Best wished to you and your family. I work diligently to spread your message of real freedom and daily I work to get my friends on board. You have truly inspired me, never before have I felt like there was a candidate who has the right message and was trustworthy enough to deliver on what he says. You have my support 110%.

TSgt David Ruehling (USAF)

Happy birthday Dr Paul! You give me faith in American politics! Ron Paul 2012, if your not the candidate, im writing you in!
-Jake Catchings from SPRING TX

Best wishes and a hardy “thank you” from the southern tip of America, Key
West. Carl D.

Happy Birthday Ron Paul —Keith in Missouri Go get em”

Happy birthday Dr. Paul. I hope next year you’ll be well on your way to changing it to President Paul. Keep up the good work sir.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul! You have renewed my faith in liberty and America. I have learned that when the individual’s liberties are honored our Republic becomes STRONG! and not weak. Thank you so much.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thanks for keeping up the fight, someday we will all understand. I really appreciate all you and your family have done.

Arlington, VA

Happy Birthday to a very remarkable gentleman who understands and is willing to put himself before the public that does not understand! We can only hope that more people will eventually understand.

Bobbi Bynes

I would like to wish Dr. Paul a very happy birthday. It was Dr. Paul who awoken a fire in me to stand up for liberty and freedom, to provide a better future for our children, and to resist tyranny. Long live Dr. Paul and the revolution.

Shaun La Greca
Niagara County, New York

Happy bday Dr Paul. Keep up the good fight. You are an inspiration to us all. Mike Ash

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, keep up the good fight for our liberty!

Thank you Dr. Ron Paul for your discernment, dedication and courage in speaking the truth. May God grant you many years – and may you spend your future birthdays as our President ! – Anne Troy 10038

Happy birthday Dr. Paul and many many more to come. Please send me an invitation to your 78th birthday party at the White House in 2013. God Bless you and your family. I pray for all of you, especially you and Rand daily. You and Rand are the only honest statesmen left.

Happy B-Day Dr. Paul!
Thank you so much for your promotion of peace and liberty. Peace and Liberty are rare subjects for most politicians these days.
Keep up the great work!

Happy birthday Ron Paul! Thank you so much for fighting for all individual’s rights for over 30 years.
We are all more free and have more knowledge thanks to you! People are waking up!
We’ve got truth on our side and we’re winning! The whole world is watching and rooting for Ron Paul!
Everyone hit the streets peacefully obviously and spread the good news of our chance to take America back with Ron Paul!

We cannot be “laying low” from society just worried about taking care of ourselves.
The sooner we realize we’re the majority and face this tyranny the sooner we’ll be able to get out of this slow downward spiral monopolized debt based economy and bring back a free market and the constitution!

Do all your purchases in store go towards the “donation” money?
Appreciate your work and effort so much!

-The Last Relapse(band from Atlanta, GA)

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul! I would love to see you as the next President and Herman Cain as the next Vice-President. What a dynamic team of experienced professionals and a great way to represent America’s diverse demographics. -A.D., California

Happy Birthday Dear Dr. Paul from Middletown, NY. Hope you have a great day with family and friends. Wishing you the best. Barbara Regelski

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Arizona eagerly awaits the return of the Champion of the Constitution! -Ross T

Happy Birthday Ron! Good luck with the money bomb!


Happy birthday dr. paul
I wish you success in your presidential journey! America needs a real president.
Hooman Rigi, Vancouver, Canada

As the English oligarchs and their little helpers (aka The banking cartel) are trying to set up the Americans (using liberal Capitalism) and the Chinese (using liberal Communism) to exterminate each others in the same fashion in which the Russians (using rigid Communism) and the Germans (using rigid Nazism) had been set up to do the same to each others earlier in history, a statesman has appeared amongst the Americans who understands the Divide-and-Conquer geostrategy same as a fine craftsman understands his everyday tools. To not make Dr. Paul the leader of the World in this critical moment, and give him the one-shot historic opportunity to finally do away with possessed England and its helpers, would in fact enable mankind’s collective suicide on scales as unfathomable as darkness itself.

Many Happy Birthdays, Dr. Paul!

Dr. Mensur Omerbashich



Happy Birthday Ron Paul! You are a true hero! <3 Sile

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! I am a big supporter. I can’t begin to tell you the profound influence you’ve had on my political views 🙂

-Anthony Bolos, Chicago, IL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Paul!! We wish you the greatest success in becoming our next President.


Cindy Hill and
Gary Tillery

Wishing a wonderful birthday to an inspiring man!

Kathy Shahbazian
Fresno, CA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ron Paul!!! We are with you Dr. Paul! You get my money and my
VOTE! Ron Paul Revolution 2012.

Doug R.

Wishing you a Happy Birthday,May God Bless You and your family, May God give you many more years to live. May God give you wisdom and strenght to fight the corruption and evil that hinders our nation and the whole world.

The Lopez Family in south Florida

Congressman Paul, today is truly a day to celebrate as without you whom would we look to to lead freedom loving Americans in restoring our country to the founding rule of law, namely the Constitution? Happy birthday to you and thank you for being a true statesman and representative of the the people and for all you’ve sacrificed to do so.

Travis B.
Cross Plains, TN

Happy birthday Ron Paul!! You are a wonderful person and a great leader.


~You’re not getting older, you’re getting better.~

Wishing you all the best on your special day.

Best Regards,

Ruben Mireles
Hanford, California.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul, from one Leo to another. My birthday was August
11th. I voted for you in 2008 and I’m voting for you again in 2012.

Judith M. Weigle

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul!!!!

You speak to all Americans Dr. Paul. Take your campaign to Democrats & Independents. Fight the media blackout by enlisting youth from all sides. Your ideas are winning when they are being heard.

God bless you, Dr. Paul! I prayed my Rosary last night for you and will remember you in my nightly Rosary from now on.

I just bought some nifty gear from your store and I got two other people to join the moneybomb too. You are the first candidate to whom I’ve donated.

We need you to win, Dr. Paul. I hope you have a great birthday and lots of good news from the donation ticker.

With love,
Jessica Rae Leland, J.D.
West Brookfield, People’s Republic of Massachusetts

Happy birthday from Tulsa OK

Cheryl Ide, Tulsa

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul!!!!!
~ Christina Esposito, Naperville, Il

TD in Seattle, supporting your birthday celebration, candidacy and ideas

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! I am very thankful for the perseverance you have shown during your career. It took a long time for your message to reach me so I’m thankful you didn’t give up. Thank you so much for your resolve and for the patience you display when communicating your message. I hope you have a great birthday! It was a pleasure to donate to your campaign today!
Christy D.


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! May your 78th and following 3 to 7 birthday anniversaries find you in good health, in great spirits and in the White House surrounded by friends and family!

Take America back!


Happy Birthday President Paul!

You are changing the game. My kids call you Thomas Jefferson! On that note you have inspired me and my family to get back involved in politics after years of avoiding it as we believe the political system is corrupt and does the opposite of what our founding fathers intended. You are the only one we believe in (and your son!)

Happy Birthday!

Nevadan family.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
Santos Adams- Gastonia, NC

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for being the one voice of sanity in our out of control government. I wish you represented my home state of Florida!


Adam D. McCowan, PAS-2
Student Physician Assistant
Clinical Year – Class of 2012
Nova Southeastern University

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! You give me hope in the all else hopelessness of changing the way this country is accepting what has been going on in Washington for far too long as the norm. You are our last chance, for if you are not the next President our country will never be released from the grips of the banking elite as it near to closing the door on the hopes of ever being what it was meant to be, and once was!

Happy Birthday! You are amazing and I love you! Keep smiling your adorable smile and keep spreading your message!
Victoria (Olympia, WA)

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!!
– David Alspach, Clearwater, FL

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul.

I wish you an excellent birthday and a swift road to victory. This country wouldn’t be better served by anyone but you, sir. I hope, for our world’s sake, the the American people can fight past the biased media and hear your voice. Thank you for fighting the good fight and leading the pack. I’ll continue to do everything I can to get you into office.

Thank you, and God bless.

Happy Birthday,

Evan Peters
Louisville, KY

Wishing you Happy Birthday
Hope you have many more..

Take Care, Dennis Marville

Conor Watt
Fife in Scotland

Happy Birthday Ron Paul many happy wishes and good health to you.
May many great deeds be done by your hand, remain steadfast in our goal of a prosperous international libertarian society. Let not the small group of international elites that own and control the media and central banking system hinder you path to presidency. Do not forget that China, an authoritarian communist country is fast acquiring the means to become a global superpower and will quickly set about its task of imperialising the free world and attempt to crush libertarianism. Not only does America need you, I and the rest of the free world need you for if America should stumble and fall then so do we.

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul! You are the only candidate who speaks the truth, and fully understands what is going on with our economy and this country. We wish you all the best, and are rooting for you to restore the republic. We have one of your huge car magnets on the side of our car, and a poster in our back window. We are continually trying to speed the message and get your name out there to anyone who will listen to us. Thank you for everything you do and again happy birthday

Marina, CA

Happy birthday Ron! This masters in Finance Student from Villanova wishes you the presidency and amazing health. At your age, I wish to be as rocking as you. Go Dr Paul, you have plenty of support in Pennsylvania. Get in contact if you would like help here, I’ll whip a team together faster than you can say tiddlywinks. Once again Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Ron Paul! Today we celebrate you and the liberty you tirelessly champion! — EGD

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!


Feliz Aniversário Tio Ron,

Pessoas ao redor do mundo estão assistindo e esperando que a América não perde todos os princípios fundamentais que fez ela grande em no primeiro lugar. Ela perdeu seu caminho mal e você é uma inspiração
para todos em todos os lugares que apires para um mundo livre da tirania e guerras sem fim. Que este seja o ano mais gratificante e emocionante de sua vida. Amor e abraços, D,C,K e DJ no Brasil

Happy Birthday Uncle Ron,

People around the world are watching and hoping that America does not lose all the foundational principles that made it great in the first place. It has lost it’s way badly and you are an inspiration to everyone everywhere that apires to a world free of tyranny and endless wars. May this be the most rewarding and exciting year of your life. Love and hugs, D,C,K,DJi in Brazil

PS: In Brazil friends of the family are often called “Uncle and Auntie” to their kids. We therefore extend that to Ron!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. You continue to do great work.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Best wishes from Clayton Hunt in Houston Texas!

Congrats! We are really looking forward to the next 8 years

Berrien Sutton
Homerville, Georgia

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul. I hope we can get you in office this year so we can get our wonderful country back on track.
Best regards C Rundio Columbus Ohio

Happy birthday sir! Mark Keating.

Happy B-Day Dr. Paul! Here’s to another decade of amazing health and the preaching of truth.

Steve from Vista, California

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! You are a great man and a true American patriot! Keep fightin’ the good fight!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOCTOR PAUL!!! By this time next year we’ll be going head to head with Obama and getting ready to help you pack your stuff into the moving van on on your way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Eric Goertz
West palm beach, FL

Happy birthday to the future President Ronald Ernest Paul on his 76th !

I know you are quite happy because your primary goal of delivering your the message of what personal liberty is all about; sound money policies, obedience to the US constitution, a non-interventionist foreign policy, free market, cutting the Federal government down to size, etc. is succeeding and getting traction with the American people.

I am also aware of the fear that your message has engendered among those from the establishment, including the other candidates, the media, and the current members of the Congress and corporate lobbyists.

We love you Mr Paul, hang in there to the very end, including being a write-in candidate in all 50 states, if current efforts fail. We need your voice . . . .!

Isipone of jersey city, nj 07305

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! We love you in Westchester County NY!


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, Thank you for standing for the American people even when it isn’t popular- my prayer is that you go down in history as the true “change” this country needs! Make it a great one!

Happy birthday !


Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!! I hope this is your year, it’s long over due! Keep fighting the good fight, You have all my support.

Michael Christopher Davis
Jersey City, NJ

Aloha & Happy Birthday
Hau`oli la hanau (Happy Birthday) Dr. Ron Paul!

Sean K. Hitchcock from Makaha, Hawaii

Ron Paul you are amazing!! A true patriot and an inspiration to every freedom lover. You have my vote and I wish you many more happy birthdays to come! Love From MANY MANY UTAHNS!
~Spencer J. Marsing

I will be supporting you for president sir, happy birthday!

Paul Pope
Palm Springs, CA

A very Happy Birthday wish is coming to you from around the world Dr. Paul! People everywhere hear your message of true Liberty. You are not only America’s answer to returning to our roots, but the world will benefit tremendously from your courage to change the status quo. Thank you for standing your ground, and Happy 76th Birthday!

Terri & Curtis Rutherfordton, NC

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul!!! You’re the only man that can save liberty and America at this time!!!


I say President because I see you as the only viable candidate running for president. Thank you for being an honest and forthright individual. It is rare to see an honest politician, but I truly believe you to be the REAL deal my friend. Keep up the good work and please continue to spread your message of peace, liberty, and prosperity. I would like to wish you a very happy birthday and many many more. You definitely have my vote.

Best wishes to you.

Kenneth Cooper

Life is short ol man. Lets get er done. Ron/Michigan

Dr. Paul, thank you for a life dedicated to protecting America from those in this country who would seek to take away our liberties! May God continue to bless you and your family.

David and Susan Heekin and family.

Dear Dr. Paul, Wish you a very happy birthday, May God grant you courage, health and zeal for years to come. America and the World need you more than ever.
-from a well wisher of USA, in India

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

-A1C Adams

I hope you have a great birth day. And may all your wishes come true. from jerry marsh: and family. In bmt.

Birthday greetings, Dr. Paul.

As a separate non-cash gift to you I’m sending you this poem I wrote some 20 years ago that seems to fit out situation today. If it interests you, feel free to use it in your campaign.

Jim Wright


In this our land of milk and honey
To which oppressed have flown,
There’s a vicious army loose
A worse you’ve never known.

Few there are that seem to care.
Most indeed are bored,
For as of now it’s not their own
But another’s ox that’s gored.

Lift your heads you foolish ones.
Brush from your eyes the sand,
And see the booted goons that march
With clubs across our land.

See where those clubs are wont to fall
On whose heads and backs the bruise,
‘Tis on those few who raise their voice
To spread the evil news.

For who do these the puppet goons
Perform and do theirs acts?
And do their victims have recourse,
A place to air the facts?

The Courts, you say? Alas, my friends,
The Puppeteer has strings
That reach into the Courts, and so,
Our Justice hollow rings.

The trail of strings leads quite a ways,
To aliens at the top,
Whose battle plan we know quite well,
Even know as how to stop.

But there are traitors in our land!
Betrayers of our trust!
These are those who sit and scheme
And find against the just.

In this our war, as in any other
We must identify our foe,
And boot out surely from our midst
Such rascals with our toe.

By default we have earned our woes,
By living in a daze,
Letting others chart our course
And taking easy ways.

So, friends, get off your easy chairs
And spend some time and wealth,
And know that if we all dig in
We may restore our health.

Time is short, and the enemies reach
For our very heart and soul.
Our children cry: ‘Don’t let us die!
Don’t let them reach their goal!’

J. Wright, 11/89

Dr. Paul I want to wish you a happy birthday as you share the same birthday as my mother it is a good day for me as well for I would not have been born. The day will come that our country will change an credit you for helping plant that seed. As the joker said to batman “you changed things forever” happy birthday you great great man.

Dr Paul thank you for giving me a reason to believe our country can once again thrive & return to the land of the free. Thank you for being the voice of reason, liberty & peace! We love & believe in you! Happy Birthday!! Ron Paul 2012 & Beyond!

Happy Birthday!
Dr. Ron Paul

from Bonsall, CA.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Keep fighting the good fight for liberty!
K. Greenwood
San Angelo, Tx

Live long and prosper! America needs a president like you! You have had my best wishes for over 20 years… may you enjoy many more in health and happiness with your family. God bless you! David McElroy Alamogordo, New Mexico

happy birthday Ron !!

and may you have many more.

john daye

Indeed, Happy Birthday! Best wishes.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

Nathan Smith


Happy birthday!!

Dear Dr. Paul,

I hope you have a great birthday, but (no offense) I hope you win the Republican bid even more. Keep fighting!

Peter (age 18)
Brookeville, MD

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for dedicating so much of your 76 years to the cause of liberty! The countless lives you have touched and inspired are here with you today, and we will be behind you all the way to the White House! Ron Paul 2012!

Adam Timperley
President – Student Veterans Org.
Senator – Student Government Assn.
Aviation – Management
St. Cloud State University

Dr Paul,

Keep up the amazing fight, there are more people than you realize that believe in your cause. You are still a youngster and have plenty of life left. Think of all the vacation you will get once you are president.

Jacob Davis
Waco, Texas

Happy birthday to you….

Happy birthday to you….

Happy birthday dear Ron…..

Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!

…and many mooorrreee!

The best B’day present I can give is to pledge to continue my efforts to point out the ominous portent of the (lack of) media coverage of you. Every newspaper article (I’ve had two responses printed on the last two weeks), every news report (I’m always leaving the comments…), every UNmention of you (blogs and Facebook…)…I’m there to point it out.

Stewart sees it…..(great job, John!)

Stossel sees it….

Even some CNN anchors see it….finally.

We WILL make a difference!

“…Ron Paul isn’t the grassroots supported candidate….he’s the guy that PLANTED the seeds to grow the grass!”

Bo Shaffer
Longmont, Colorado

Mr. Ron Paul,
Thank you Mr. Paul. You have been an inspiration to America. You are one of few Americans who know what our Nation truly needs to survive the next decade.
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday, surrounded by people you love. Mark my words, if your speeches become mainstream, where everyone sees them and hears your honorable views, they will see what I’ve seen. They will elect you, and you will lead us well!

Thoughts and Prayers,
Bradley N. Smilo

Happy Bday RP!!! I’ll give you a donation as a present when I get a chance.

Happy birthday, Dr. Ron Paul! May God bless you on this day and everyday!


Julie Dearing
Elkton, VA

Happy Birthday

Jameson Ogborn
Rapid City, SD

Dear Ron,

Happy birthday. Keep talking, keep running, give the American people the chance to show once again how stupid they are, for not electing you.

Happy B day Mr. Ron Paul!!!!!!!!! You’re the MAN!!!! Do your thing!

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul. May God give you 76 more years!

Best wishes on your birthday Rep Ron Paul.

I thank the Lord frequently that he provides such good men who are honest and appreciate this great nation He has allowed us to live in. Men like you are rare.

God bless you,
Byron Kern
Richardson, Texas.

I want you to have the best birthday ever. We love you and you have our votes. The question that needs to be asked or addressed at the iowa straw poll in Sept is “what does the “new world order” mean to each candidate? I think everyone who is a Christian knows that is bad. Wake Christians up to Rick Perrys answer!

Happy birthday Ron! Your message resonates with the sound of truth. Your passion for truth keeps us going Ron. Keep going!
-Adrian Barona of Hialeah, FL

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul.
I wish you all the very best from the United Kingdom.
I hope that you can rescue our planet from this evil, corporate dictatorship.
Have a lovely birthday and get in there and show them that we the people are the bosses, not they, nor those sly, suited minions they employ as the public face of their ?democratic? government.
Go get ’em!

You’re the best!
Trevor Allport
United Kingdom

Dr Paul,

Happy Birthday!

You truly are a modern-day founding father and you must be our next President if we want any kind of future not only for our children and grandchildren, but for ourselves. I’m confident that we can keep up this fight and wake people up to the true problems our country is facing. Stay safe and remember that no matter how unfairly you are treated in these coming months, people will see through the media bias and it’s your message that really counts.

Dan Gallegos
Northwestern University
Evanston IL

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
Lets make the revolution for liberty happen!

-AE from NM

Happy Birthday!! I hope all goes well for you! It’s my birthday as well!

Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul, from Alabama-James Rodney Wyrosdick

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul! I appreciate your honest dedication to this country; you have my support every step of the way! From Myles.

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul. Thank you for being one of the few truth-speaking politicians in Congress!


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for being the only real politician, God Bless. We’ll be voting for you!

The man of the hour! Honest, Loyal, never changing on his Philosophy. Ron you are the first person I have ever supported politically in my 60 years.

We/I Love you! I am behind you 1000% Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

In Liberty!
Larry Jaquess/Indianapolis In.

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul you deserve it!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. Thank you for your faithful service and great leadership example. Have a great day!

David Vickery
Hampstead, Maryland

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul.I hope your quest for the Presidency comes to be and all your supporters hope that as well.We need to do something about Fox,MSNBC,CNN,etc. not giving you the full support you deserve,maybe on your birthday they will show some attention to the progress you have made.The thing that everyone is over looking is that you actually won that straw poll in Iowa,coming only 152 votes from Bachman is a win when your in her home town.Sorry for rambling,have a great day.

Daniel Price

I wish you many more! Thank you for everything that you have done for the people of this great country!
Shawn Marpoe

This is for Ron Paul, the people’s candidate!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul and thank you for being the voice, defender, and candidate for the our Liberties! The support is growing like wildfire and this time we are going to win! Geaux Ron Paul!

From a Cajun down south,
Tory Deshotel

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul:

Please accept our wishes for a Happy 76th Birthday from Florida!

Terry and Shirley Smith


Happy Birthday from a 1961 graduate of Gettysburg College! I just attended my 50th reunion at GC and was so impressed with the college today. I wore a NIXON/AGNEW campaign button to the breakfast at the Gettysburg Hotel, just to get into the spirit of things. Fred Fielding (you probably know him – also class of ?61) found it very amusing!

The best of luck to you in your campaign to lead this nation. Going back to basics, making decisions with integrity, doing what is good for the country – what a start! My biggest concern is the media not giving you the same coverage as the President and the Republican leaders.

An aside – my uncle was, at the time of his appointment, the youngest appointed President of a Federal Reserve bank. He was Watrous (Bob) Irons, president of the Dallas, Texas Federal Reserve, their 7th President, serving from 1954-1968.

Good luck, Ron. You will have more than one alum rooting for you!

Nancy Flemming ?61
Gettysburg College



God Bless Ron Paul, and God Bless our Republic! May your 76th birthday be full of pleasant successes and renewed vigor! You are truly the Son of Liberty, Dr. Paul, and history will remember you as a one-of-a-kind hero in some of America’s darkest hours. You have our prayers and financial support to go all the way for presidential office in 2012! Please do not lose hope, please keep being the voice for freedom and justice, please stick to your guns, and please oh please keep fighting to shut down the monstrous institutions that have enslaved America for far too long! Happy birthday and many more, we salute you Ron Paul!

Marc Rivera, Amarillo, TX (USA)

Happy Birthday!

Thomas R. Buchenauer CD
Major (Retired)
Chilliwack, BC

Happy birthday God bless you and your family.

Happy Birthday President Ron!! Keep’em fair and honest!
jk. Hawaii

Happy BDay Dr. Paul!

You need to take on these people more in the debates. They are afraid of you, ask them direct questions and get the world to see their lack of intelligence!

Happy Birthday Ron!
Hope that you enjoy your day and I’m behind you 100% in every angle of your campaign!!
Restore America Now!

~ Casandra Kluber ~

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! You have my full support for presidency.

Thank you for a chance of real change,

Happy Birthday Ron……We were born the same day the same year! I am 76 today too…& happy to be around to challenge the system messing our world up today, along with you!!

God Bless & have a wonderful fulfilling day to make it special for you.

Anne Lindemuth

Happy birthday!!! I pray for you and your family. Save our country!!!


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! So happy you are running for pres. I don’t think I would vote without you!

Warm Regards,


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. May you have many more birthdays as President.

You’re the only candidate I’ve listened to so far that makes any kind of logical sense.

Rest assured you will have my vote.

Again, Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
You are my man! Go get ’em! Its time for the revolution!
<3 lisa marie cox Bath, maine

Happy 76th Birthday to you Dr Paul. May God continue to bless you
throughout the remainder of these campaigns. You will be our next
President of the United States!!! We will soon see you at Presidency
5 in Orlando and you have our delegate vote in the straw poll.

Carlos Fernandez
Dagny Johnston

Panama City, Florida

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Ron Paul 2012! Alex J. Wilmington, North Carolina.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON PAUL! Thank you for opening the eyes of many Americans.

Jolene Fajardo

Happy birthday from the Marshall`s!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul
from: Damahco and Jen

Best wishes Dr. Paul! Keep up the good fight. I wrote you in in 2008 because I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either candidate. Glad to see your base is growing. Run as an independent if necessary. I won’t vote for anyone else!
Janine G., Fayetteville GA

Happy birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you so much for introducing me to Austrian Economics, and I wish you the best of luck in the race for the Presidency in 2012! Ron Paul 2012!

Best regards,
Jeffrey Ludwig

Happy Birthday to you! Hope it is a great one! I hope you are our next president!

Jaime from PA

Happy birthday Dr. Paul,

Thankyou for your efforts to better the country … i voted for you in ’08 and will do so happily again. You are the only candidate/Patriot with a clue and a cause, you know whats wrong with the country and what the solutions are!

Health, Happiness and Good Fortune Always !
fellow Patriot and Supporter,
Rich W.

Most Happiest of Birthdays Dr. Ron Paul!

I’m right there with you all the way to the White House! Thank you for your outstanding integrity and constant call for Liberty. You’ve inspired more than a few of us here in Iowa!

Have a great day!
David W. Couch

Happy Birthday from Austin Texas. Everyone is anticipating your success in 2012. Have a great 76th!

David Hagel


Happy 76th Birthday!! God bless you & your family!

KW from Kennesaw, GA

From Aggie & Robbie – houston tx

Happy birthday Dr Paul, we love your message and trying to help you get it out!

Happy Birthday! Good luck in the election!

Toronto, ON


I Appreciate all that you have done for this great country, the years as a flight surgeon in the airforce, delivering over 4,000 babies and being elected to confess consistently since 1976. You are definately someone with much experience and Wisdom.

Thank you for the way that you lead by example. After watching your Dignity and Integrity during interviews it has made me exam the way that I approach issues even in my everyday life. It makes me want to be a better person.

I have seen many, many comments from other countries of people sending their support. You are opening up peoples arms and minds and it is beautiful.

Happy Birthday Ron Paul.,

Happy Birthday….Wish You well and i will continue to support you…Go Ron Go…..Allen Hebert…..S,C.

happy birthday dr. ron paul, the only hope our country has left. you inspire me in so many ways

cory larmour.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for standing for Liberty and Peace all of these years and not wavering on your convictions! Thank you for serving your country so well! My family is praying for you and cheering you on!!!

Go Ron GO!!

Chandin G.
Seattle, WA

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul!! I Wish you an amazing birthday Sir. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers to Freedom and Liberty!

From: Jeanette M.

Happy Birthday! You are my true hero, a hero of liberty, peace and free market. Today you celebrate 76th great years and a job well done.

Much love from Canada,

Michele Moscarelli
(Your biggest 14 year old fan!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON! You have my husband and my support. I switched parties to vote for you in the primaries in Pennsylvania. Enjoy your day and visit Kennett Square, PA soon!!!

End the Fed!

Renee Wright and Tom Petragnani

Happy Birthday Congressman Paul !xoxo Denise & Jerry UBE, PA

Happy birthday, Dr. Paul. Thank you for what you are doing. – Eddie HIatt

Happy Birthday — wishing you the best for the election–SS- New Bloomfield, Pa.

Happy Birthday Congressman, today is also my birthday I guess we both like and live by the truth!

Joelle Verbeke

Happy 76th Dr. Paul!

Thank you so much for your persistence and consistency in supporting freedom and liberty!

Yes you can win!

All my best,

Mike Read
Dana Point, CA

Happy birthday Ron Paul. Wish you the best on your 76th. You’ll have my vote in 2012.

Dr. Paul

Happy Birthday.

Dr. Ross -New York

Dear Dr. Paul,
Your efforts in educating the American public have been extraordinary. Your conviction, persistence, and perserverance have been an inspiration to both those of us who have been long-time supporters since your humble beginnings in the 1970’s, as well as those of us who have just recently discovered your message of liberty.

May you have the strength to overcome the obstacles ahead of you in your campaign, the wisdom to manage your efforts deftly, and the courage to continue being our go-to man for fighting the good fight and preserving the Union as the Founders foresaw it.

Happy Birthday Ron.

Mike Marcinkowski

You are the one, Ron Paul!! I’ve been a supporter for many, many years. I wish you A Very Happy Birthday (belated?); I wish you the gift of a successful candidacy–and I consider your integrity and wisdom a gift for us all. As a New Hampshire resident, I look forward to doing all I can on your behalf. Sincerely, Tina Smith-Krause

Dr. Paul, Happy Birthday to an honorable man and defender of Liberty. God Bless You, and for the sake of America, please win in 2012.

Doug Pace
Loveland Ohio

Happy Birthday Ron.
I sincerely hope you win.


Happy Birthday Dr Paul

all the very best from the McMillan family in Oban Scotland

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul – let’s win in 2012!

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul! You are an inspiration to the world and stand second to no one in politics. I will not stop spreading your message until you are the President of the United States of America. We love and need you now more than ever. 2012 is our time to rise you up!

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul. We need you leadership and vision. Bring the troops home. Victory 2012! Dr. Steven Witt… West Bend, Wisconsin

Happy birthday, Ron Paul!! We are supporting you in every way we can, and the word is out and spreading like wild fire, regardless of media censoring! Thank you for giving us a glimmer of hope for the future of this country!

Laura (a fellow Leo from California… Rwarrrrr! :-))

Happy Birthday Ron! Keep up the Good Fight for America!

Owen McAteer

Happy Birthday Ron, the man we all hope is the next leader of the free world. Michael Ortiz

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul and many happy


Dr. Ron Paul, you are the only representative in the whole world committed to liberty in it´s real sense. I wish I could vote for you. Keep fighting, you can make it, we can make it, liberty can make it.

Julio Vera, Uruguay


I don’t care if you don’t make it as the Republican candidate next year. You’re the only man getting my vote. Even if I have to write you in.

Happy birthday Dr Ron Paul
Charles Brooks
Fort Worth, TX

Have a great birthday and thanks for all you try to do for hardworking and hardly-working Texans. My family and friends support you and will vote for you in the Primary. We appreciate your candor and honesty.

Peter & Dolores Stern
Driftwood, TX

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Keep up the great work.

Randy VanVoorhis
Bartlett, TN

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!!!

Your presence in the 2012 Presidential Race is as important an event as when our Founding Fathers created this great Republic!!! Best Wishes!



Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for all you do for our country! You truly do care and are refreshing in our world of politics….may God continue to bless you and the U S of A!

Heather Wells

Happy birthday Ron! Keep fighting for liberty! VLH- Katy, TX

Ron, Happy Birthday! I hope you will get to celebrate with family and friends soon. You are our hope for the future, and our hopes and dreams for Liberty and a constitutional government. We are supporting and rooting for you here in Raleigh NC, with warm regards; Sara Baucom

This time should be your time to get the nomination for your party. You truly deserve it; there is no one better prepared to be president. Happy Birthday and God bless you.

Happy Birthday Paul, keep up the good work and continue fighting for freedom and peace best regards EB

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul, from Kathy Armour, Portland, Oregon.

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul! May you have a enjoyable day celebrating your 76th birthday with your family & friends!
Sharon & Robert Forshee,
New Hampshire

Happy Birthday! RP’12!

Happy birthday to the best presidential candidate and the ONLY person qualified to be president. Best wishes.

Phillip Spring
Riverside CA.

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul! I’ve been supporting you since 2007 and wrote you in on my ballot in the general election!

Celia Andrus
Grand Rapids, Michigan

happy birthday dr. … get elected…

Happy 76th! That’s the Spirit! Drew Peterson Greenwich, CT

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! I am rooting for you! I am corresponding with a leading news anchor to get him to give you respect and equal coverage. We have exchanged many emails back and forth about you. He doesn’t think you’re a viable candidate and I’m arguing that you are. It isn’t an easy battle, but I’m not giving up. You keep fighting and I will keep at that news anchor to get you the news coverage you deserve.

Sincerely yours,
Scott Jensen

Happy Birthday Ron Paul. You are a class act.

Laura Finn
Coto de Caza, CA

Happy Birthday, be blessed!! Laurie in FL

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!!!

Nicholas Harris

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!
Your hard work is finally paying off!!!

M Romson in Stockholm, Sweden
(my 60th BD is August 21, 2011)

Happy Birthday! You are courageous!
Christy, Lexington SC

Aloha Kakahiaka and Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

Bryan Lee
Oahu, Hawaii

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Keep up the energy and God Bless!
Alex Canfield from Boise, Idaho

Happy Birthday to the greatest man I know. May you enjoy this day and know your supporters wish you all the best!

Kristen M. Edwards
AF Veteran

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!!! Good luck with winning the presidency. You have my vote when I turn 18 next year 🙂

Best wishes,
Joey Marchio

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron!

You are a *National Treasure*!

How blessed we are, at this harrowing moment in history, to have the comfort and guidance of your integrity, dignity, and wisdom.

At the mellow age of 68, I’m encouraged to see so many brilliant, thoughtful young people joining and strengthening the revolution. Their energetic presence is the sorely needed vaccine and antidote to a sweeping, National *elderplague*. This is not a systemic affliction, but one of the spirit.

Administration after administration, many of us have felt betrayed, neglected, stuck in a state of silent torment and asking, what has happened? What have we unwittingly done? What dismal future have we created for our children and their children? And, what have we managed to do to poorer nations – our global neighbors?

Last night I spent several hours watching Ryan Dawson’s *War by Deception*. It was painful beyond words. Beyond the tragic and pointless loss of life, enough, alone, to savage the human soul, I finally “saw” the depths of evil intent, alive and well in our present political system. There is no justice harsh enough to reconcile the unthinkable human suffering created in the name of money and power.

Ryan and his associates have created a journalistic masterpiece. For those of us leaving the planet sooner rather than later, he and like-minded young people everywhere afford a faint glimmer of hope, and a renewed sense of social spirit. Ryan is an exuberant supporter, and I can only ask that his articulate diligence be reviewed and perhaps recommended.

Matter of fact, a website dedicated to recommended reading and viewing might be helpful in implementing awareness. This would be a great volunteer project. Like Obama, many Americans have been on a costly detachment cruise/vacation from the rapid-paced reality that confronts us. As we return “home” to our ransacked lives and futures, better locks and alarms are needed, if we are ever to feel safe again. We’ve very fortunately received the gift of your presence. What better way to install locks and alarms than with the tools of knowledge and awareness?

Janice McKee

Have a happy & glorious 76th birthday doctor.

Eric Mazun

To Our Dear Congressman Ron Paul,*

HAPPY 76th BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIR! *Best wishes to you and your loved ones on your special day! I wish for you good health, physical / mental strength, and the best in all of your endeavors! May you continue to be a HUGE inspiration to me and all of your supporters!

With love & best regards from your supporter!
Riza De La Cruz. – STOCKTON, CA

Happy birthday Dr. Paul. ALB Tallahassee.

Happy birthday Dr Paul,

I must thank you for the work you do and for the high personal values and your integrity to stick to your goals and the constitution. You are a role model for many people inside and outside of the United States. Please continue, the world needs you. The example you set travels around the globe.

You are by far the best politician alive.

All the best,

Gabriele Strasky, Vienna, Austria

Dearest mr. Paul, firstly happy birthday! We must continue our fight against the super congress and the interests that pushed for such a “comittee” to be implemented. You have my support as well as the support of the country, even if the main stream media won’t admit it.

Thank you sir,
Josh bosma, a young american.

Dear Dr. Paul,

Thank you for a life of standing up for my freedom. You don’t even know me but through everything you’ve done and continue to do myself, my family and my future family have a chance to be free. God bless you on this most special of days. And God bless all of our efforts to bring liberty back to America! Happy Birthday!

Kaimi Pelekai

You got my vote! Happy B-Day Ron.

Mark Mathews

Happy Birthday and best of luck with the campaign!!! Hopefully the rest of America can catch up with you in time for the election as I have done over the past four years since elections have consequences and we need someone with your foresight and principled conviction.

Happy birthday Dr. Paul, you bring hope to America when we need it most
Justin Lee in IL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A person that I consider a great American and a person I hope all of us use as an example.

happy birthday ron you are the best and all of my friends and i are pulling for you and stand behind you no matter what!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

We hold the vision with you and for you!

Followers of the Way Worldwide

Happy Birthday Ron Paul! You are my hero!

David Rengo

Happy birthday Dr Paul!

You really are a hope for the whole of western civilisation!

Kaare Johansson (66, and from Sweden)

Happy Biirthday Dr. Paul I can’t wait to have you as our president.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Dear Dr. Paul,

Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday, you deserve it. Your tireless efforts in defense of our liberty, and unwavering adherence to the principals of the constitution, is inspirational. I’m happy to support the money bomb today, and will continue to support you as much as I possibly can. Thank you for giving us a candidate we can truly trust and be proud of.


Jeffrey Castro
Napa California

Happy Birthday Dr Paul. Good luck in your campaign. We are all praying for you.

Joanna Burke

Happy Birthday to the man who has become an inspiration to so many wordlwide.

I have been in the freedom fight since the early ’70s… Never have I seen such an explosion of interest in Liberty since you decided to run for the Presidency in 2007.

You have brought people together and taught so many of the principles and ideals of Freedom and Peace.

May God continue to bless you with health, vigor and wisdom and us continue to pour his grace upon you.

Vin Sabella

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. I am so glad you were born!! OBXAg from Outer Banks of North Carolina

Ron, Happy Birthday!! Thank you for bringing common sense to Washington. The revolution is happening! Jeff A. – Roswell, GA

Happy Birthday Mr. Paul!

You’ve got one vote in me for President of the United States!

Neil Roberts
Wonder Lake, IL

Happy Birthday and good luck in the election – we need you!!


H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y 🙂

arron davis

I wanted to give you my best wishes and hope you’re celebrating with family and friends. I also wanted to thank you for all the work you have done in Congress and in spreading the message of Liberty. End the Fed is a book every American should read to at least get an idea about what is going on with our currency. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you will continue to do for Liberty… now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go get active for your campaign! I’m at College and in YAL and would like to say it is finally a place where I feel ideologically happy and at home, beyond that it is a great place to discuss philosophical and moral arguments. God Bless Congressman, and hopefully soon President, Ron Paul.

– Dennis Kendelbacher from Houston, TX

Dr. Paul,

I first want to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope that this money bomb surpasses all of the others.

Isn’t it such a wonderful thing that your contributions are from actual tax payers (not special interests) who even in a “recession” (but truly a depression) send you money because we want you to succeed. We believe in you Dr. Paul. You are the people’s candidate. You are hope for America. You embody the beliefs that we as Americans have bled for and hold so dear to our hearts. Sound money, ending government squadering of tax payer dollars, and abolishing the fed with their continual printing of our “money” (which is becoming more and more worthless by the day), are just a few of the important topics Washington has failed to address. Thank you for your perserverance and your constitutionalist spirit. We love love you for it Dr. Paul.

May God bless you and your family as you have blessed this country with continued education and determination. 2012 is closely approaching and I can say without reservation that you are the candidate to save America. Thank you Dr. Paul.

Dr. Jennifer York
Board Certified Internal Medicine

Dear Dr. Paul

We are in all of the trouble you have warned us about for over a decade.
Please find a way to get out in front and save America.

Happy Birthday.
*Gary Marquardt*

We need you President Paul!

Happy birthday and looking forward to supporting you 150%

Best wishes and thanks,

Jonathan Ramaci
Charleston, SC

Dr. Paul……you are 76 years young today. Happy Birthday. I hope you and yours have a lovely celebration. Best Wishes from one of your loyal supporters in California, Alexa Abrishamian………….

Dear Dr. Paul,

Happy Birthday! Thank You for taking a stand for Freedom and Constitutional Government. I spread your message to anyone that will listen. We pray for your continued safety and the safety of your family. Today is also my son’s 9th birthday. I teach him and my other children about Freedom, Constitutional Government , Ron and Rand Paul, and Sound Money. Thank You for everything you are doing to wake up Americans.


Brian Day

Happy Birthday President Paul !

No more Vietnam type conflicts!
No more private money printers!
No more JFK and RFK murders!
No more NWO!
When you are my president, the world will be a better place!
Praying for your victory Mr. Ron Paul and a Happy Birthday!
Ronald Reagan would have been proud to know what you are doing and have accomplished!
Dr. NO, you have my support in Minnesota!
Daniel Kurtovich

Thank you for your hard work and courage. Sending you much love, happiness and health!!!!

Debra McManus & Sandra Newton

Happy Birthday Sir. I’m a liberal yellow dog Democrat but I would be happy to vote for you if you would bring our troops from around the world home. If the Republican Hawks could find it in themselves to nominate you they would win the election but I don’t think they are smart enough to do that. Best of luck to you with your effort.
Steve Brewster

Happy Birthday and God bless you.

Daniel Cazaubon III

Happy Birthday Doctor Ron Paul!!!! Our Republic is in desperate need of a President of your stature. You are the smartest man I know of. Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution are your back stops and we love you for standing up to tyranny. I tell everyone this is the most important election in our lifetime. We absolutely are in dire straights and need you for protection against our own govt cronies. I am so excited for your campaign!! I know you are the best, most acomplished, trustworthy individual. It has been decades since we have had a president we can believe in and trust. Someone who will save our country!!!

God Bless America and God Bless Ron Paul!!!

Matthew J Brinck
Winston-Salem,NC 27127

Happy Birthday to the coolest kid on the playground!
-Ryan Hendel

Christian Brazil Wishes You A Very Happy Birthday & Many More Happy Birthdays to Come In Good Health !

-= Happy Birthday =-
Ron Paul

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, you are a true leader with a noble purpose. I look forward to the next step. A great deal of love and respect for your message and you! Thank you!

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Wish you the best of luck in the election. Looking forward to restoring America!

Dr. Ron,

At 69 myself, I can appreciate what it takes to maintain your energy, focus, and commitment to common sense government. Ad multos annos, my friend.

Mike Schulte

Happy Birthday from West Virginia!!!!

Brian Englebright

Dr. Paul,

You have given me a new hope in the future of the United States. For a long time, I feared that all had forgotten the founding principles of this republic – limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. Your eloquent defense of these American traditions, however, has not only kept them alive, but also given them more meaning than I can ever remember.

When I heard you explaining the truth behind the “Civil War” (in my family it’s “The War of Northern Aggression,” thank you very much) I must confess that my eyes got a bit misty. After generations of propaganda indoctrinating Americans to loathe the South and states’ rights and revere Lincoln and the centralized nation-state, hearing someone finally speak the truth on national television was beyond inspiring. Your courage has set a strong example for all real conservatives.

Thank you!

– James Rutledge Roesch –

best wishes from phoenix

Dear Ron,
Congratulations! Now that you left behind 76 years of your life, your biggest accomplishment is yet to follow: Implement the philosophy of liberty at the highest office.I wish you the very best with your campaign and hope to see you become President in 2012. We need a founding father like you in the 21st century that leads the effort towards peace and prosperity for all individuals all over the world. America needs you to become the envy of the world once again.
In the name of liberty, I salute our modern day Thomas Jefferson and wish him and his family all the best and many years to come.
Greetings from R. de Graaf, Netherlands.

Dr. Paul,

As a college student, I thank you for providing the upcoming generation with such an excellent role model for political principles – you have truly been a beacon of light in the political world. I wish you a very happy birthday!



Dr. Paul, I wish you nothing but best wishes on your special day.
Thanks for always stick’n up for the people and telling it like it is.

Cheers, Dylan King


J.R. Wagner III

Happy Birthday Ron…we love your genuineness and devotion to your family and to ours..you’re the man!

ge li,

I love and appreciate my fellow neighbors who are awake and able to see the real truth for themselves in this great country that is still OURS.

Patrick Henry “The Constitution is NOT an instrument for the government to restrain the
people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government –
lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”

Dr. Ron Paul, you already are my president!! You Dr. Ron Paul are the best thing to happen for Americans since our government has become too big, too powerful for it’s own good.

Let all of us who can hear and see the truth continue to tell and share our stories and continue to share our knowledge and beliefs about what Dr. Ron Paul believes is good for The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. By the way, I love what you said during the recent GOP debate, when you said, “the senator is wrong on his history.”

Voting is a privilege that none of us should take for granted. In 2008, I didn’t vote and the reason I didn’t vote was because I didn’t believe and have any faith in my heart about any of the candidates. From knowing my history, that is how we are suppose to vote. Vote with your conscience!! Vote with your heart!!

Happy Birthday Ron … don’t let anyone ever convince you of your actual age 😉 We not only service the Lord in my house, we also believe in Ron Paul!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul from somebody neither republican nor democrat but someone is who believes in the right thing for American people and the people of the world. I pray that your present as one day in office has a significant change for generation to come. You empower the people to make change for the better. God Bless you brother as we go through this lifetime trial together for peace amongst the people. Ron Paul for President 2011!

Happy birthday Dr.Paul. You have truly inspired me to live for freedom and logic. Your books and speeches freed me from the chains of ignorance and conformity I was stuck in for so long. You are my hero and I always do my best to spread your message to the people. Thank you for being so awesome. I can’t wait until the day I see you in the White House.
-John Barrios, Pico Rivera, CA

Dear Mr Paul,

I do wish to send you my best birthday wishes. I believe you and you companions are the real hope for the future.

Best regards

Maria Papis, Warsaw, Poland


I just wanted to say that before I became aware of you, I had lost all hope in any honest politicians. We’ve heard it said we have nothing to fear except fear itself. What that is really saying is that we have nothing to fear except that they will kill off our hope. Once hope is gone, you’re in a perilous position and doomed, short of a miracle. And that is how many of us view you sir. Without your years of recorded votes to prove your principals, you’d have already been laid to waste. Your patience has not been in vain.

Thank you, for being wise enough to know continuing on was the answer, and never giving up. The fire you started will allow us to continue to spread light to the darkness of deceit that surrounds us, and breath new life into the pickled minds among us. Truth, will set us free.

— Jason A. Benoit

H A P P Y B ! R T H D A A A Y Y Y Dr. Paul

Here’s to you Sir : “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can qu…ote them; disagree with them; glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Jack Kerouac

I believe in all that you are, Sir. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Much love from San Jose, California

Happiest of Birthday’s to you Dr. Ron Paul

You are a natural born leader and history sings your accolades. You are so important to the future of freedom and balance and we love and honor your work.

Debra Thatcher

Birthday Greetings, Dr. Paul!

I believe that God has been pleased to grant you a healthy & long life in order to lead us, at this crucial time, into an era of Life, Liberty & Freedom.

Rich blessings to you & yours as you celebrate your 76th birthday anniversary!

Glyn Taylor


I hope you’re having a well-deserved day of celebration and relaxation!


Happy Birthday Mr. FuturePresident of USA —

You are the only one who can probably get us out of this mess that we’re in right now !!!!

Liberty Forever!

I will definitely vote for you and already made a bumper sticker with RON PAUL 2012 President of USA

Good Luck!


Bob Manley
Mustang OK

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Behind you all the way for 2012! Working hard to get the word out!!!!


Happy birthday Ron Paul all the very best.

Have a wonderful Birthday Ron Paul, kick back and relax, you certainly deserve it!

Happy Birthday Mr President!

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. I am so pleased that you decided to run in 2012. Thanks for all that you do!

Dear Ron,

Eric and I want to wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you for being the man you are. We believe in your wisdom and character. We also believe you are just now in the prime of your life.

God Bless,
Pastor Eric and Michelle Hensley
Orange County, California

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul,

Thanks for your stance on medical freedom!

Mary Marston, R.N.


Thanks for all you do, and all you have done. You are the only politician who gives me hope that we might someday get our country back. I hope you have the best year ever.

Happy Birthday!

Terry Lewsader
Santa Monica, CA

Congressman and Dr. Ron Paul, I am grateful that you have taken such good
care of yourself over the years so that you may lead us in this r3volution!
May you remain safe and healthy and always be surrounded by love. Happy
birthday Sir!!!!

Lynna Mandernacht
Ashland, Oregon

May God bless, keep and guide you! You are the ONLY man in Washington that
we trust to salvage freedom, liberty, justice, The Constitution and Bill of
Rights at this time. Thank you for your faithful service to our nation’s
sincerely, J.S.


Thank you so much for your honesty and giving a confused Libertarian someone to count on.

Happy Birthday


Dear Doctor Paul.

Millions of people around the world are counting on you.
Happy Birthday.
Chris Zarnecki

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.


i just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for me and for everyone else in this country. i went to a book signing of yours in new york and bought your book and waited in that long line for your autograph. it was well worth the wait. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Jose Reyes

Millions of us hope you celebrate several of next birthdays sitting in the Oval Office as President of the United States Of America.

Jim Ryan

“Happy Birthday Ron Paul” ~ The *”Real American”* President 2012



doug ricci

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! I am a huge supporter and believe that not only are
you the best candidate, but you are the ONLY candidate.
Wilmington, NC

Happy Birthday to the best man running for our leader! Barbara. Illinois
“May you have a long life and the good sense to live it”.
Lew Wallace

To: Dr.Paul

Happy 76th Birthday, the revolution continues!

Jason, Vancouver, BC Canada

Dear Dear Dr. Paul,

You are soon to be our PRESIDENT of America ! Why? Because you have NEVER relented in YOUR message of Freedom, Liberty, and following our beloved Constitution. And, you have never stopped educating us and giving us deep food for thought, waking up Americans, to now recognize the truth and acknowledge their burning desire for Liberty.

I thank you so much for following your destiny to the Oval Office and restoring its dignity and true purpose. I thank you so much for giving me and my fellow Americans a President we can in truth support, which has not happened for many of us since John F. Kennedy. I thank you so much for giving all the children of America (and the world, in many ways) a future that they can respect and strive to imitate. I have followed you since the late 80’s and worked for you in my California precincts knocking on doors in 2008, spreading the word about you ever since. It is so rewarding for all of us to see you already leading the pack and all our efforts are moving into warp speed! So, God Speed!

Happiest of Birthdays to you and Thank you, Thank you, for being born!

Judith Heavens

It’s gotta feel great to hit 76 and stronger than ever… I’ve been a supporter since 2007 and I’m so glad we get to take another shot at this corrupt establishment!!! LET”S GO GET THESE ASSHOLES!

Happy Birthday Doc.

*John Roncone
Santa Rosa, CA*

Great man, patriot, American. It is an honor to know you even if it is on the internet. Thanks!!!! Have a great Birthday.

Nancy Sanfrancesco

So happy to see you’ve made 76 years!
35 plus in congress!
I hope this time running for President you’ll hold out till the end!
Your ideas are good ,but need refinement!
Electric from Belgium!

Happy birthday, Ron!
My oldest brother shares the same birthday as you. Coincidentally, he was born in 1976, and you’re turning 76.

Happy Birthday!!! My birthday was the 18th I will celebrate for you tonight in Miami. I’m 24 years old and loving it and I’m also a huge supporter in south Florida.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul
We need a Doctor in the White House…
Bring all the boy’s Home. Enough is Enough. Flat Tax all those people (49%) not paying any taxes & no one should have a choice not to pay Social Security…Build federal Medical Center’s for those who do not have Ins. Do not add them to the Insurance rolls. Immigration is a far bigger problem than the main stream wants to deal with. Every one inside our boundries need to be registered and apply for Citizenship.
Thank you Sir. for all your service.
Jack Freeman…

Dr. Paul –

I am a *fierce* supporter!!!

About a month ago I was pulled over on the I-80 in Illinois for a Ron Paul sticker!! I will display it all the more!

I wish you not only many happy returns, but a landslide in 2012 and liberty for us all!

Alice Lillie
Las Vegas, NV

Happy Birthday and thanks for being the one politican that we can trust! Keep up the fight!!


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for your tireless efforts to speak out against all of the things that hurt our Republic. Thank you for defending the concept of personal freedom, and the positive things that enrich our country as a whole. We all love you and support you, as you run for President of the United States of America. You are truly the only person who “gets it”. What a genius you are! Thank you for your sacrifices and service. Go on to win this election!

All the best, Beth Wilson, Arizona

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul

Gonçalo Pimentel
(Porto, Portugal)

Dear Dr. Paul,

First, let me wish you a very happy birthday. I have been a big fan of yours for many years and am SO happy you decided to run for president in 2012. As one of the only principled politicians in Washington today, I don’t see how you can lose. YOU ROCK!!!

Cathy Daly

Dr.Paul, Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday ! I have been a supporter since 2007 when I first heard about you . You are the only politician I have ever sent money to andd probably ever will. God bless you ! By the way you look like your in your 50’s

Jon Long – Linesville, Pa

I am campaigning for you as hard as I can, by myself, in Elko NV! I post “Ron Paul for president” flyers around town as often as I can. I hope I am successful in waking up enough people to your message in time for the republican primary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Ron Paul!!! May you be surrounded by family, friends,
and merriment! Here’s to many more birthdays to a truly patriotic and
inspiring person! HUZZAH!
–Zer0, Alabama, USA

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

Thank you for your Patriotism and your vision for restoring American Values and Liberties.

God Bless You!

Ken Eyring
Windham, NH

Dear Ron Paul,

I hope you win the presidency, Happy Birthday, I’ll send money.

Blessings, Paul Darby

Dr. Ron Paul, Constitutional Statesman,

First off, Happy Birthday!

Second, I thank God you were born!

Ron the more I find out about you, the more I know I have found a friend, a patriot and a champion of the Constitution, the American People and our Founders – THANK YOU!

I have finally found a Man that has principals and dedication, that acts with integrity in everything he does, even when it isn’t popular. I have always said, the best way to measure any man is how he acts when the chips are down – anyone can be a hero in good times!

Ron, all my life (61 years) I have been ashamed of our Washington leaders, their lies and their traitorous acts against the Constitution and the American People. They all take an Oath and then cater to special interests. I remember when we use to hang traitors!

I have finally found a Man that does represent me, my beliefs, and my love and appreciation for my Freedoms and the Sacrifices our Forefathers.

I now have a peace about the future of our country, as when you lead from the Constitution, the future is powerful, decisions are easy and there is little debate.

Unfortunately, Washington & the biased News continue to lie, distort and try to make us feel guilty for being Proud Americans. It is time for America to reclaim our heritage and decide our freedoms are more important than wealth, special interests and looking good. After all, if anyone would take a minute and look at our history, we were once the best educated country in the world, mothers could stay home and raise a family, we were world industry leaders & innovators, we were a proud, wealthy country and we were all free. Then Washington moved in, got greedy, got big, made us guilty and ashamed and made everyone of us an Encumbered Citizen. Washington stole our Freedoms to cater to Special Interests and to give themselves money and power. And in the process, stole your freedoms – did you know that a true Free Constitutional Citizen can NOT be taxed, ticketed, licensed, or repossessed? Did you know that over 95% of the suppressive laws of the land do NOT apply to you if you are free?

Washington made you an Encumbered Citizen and as such, they can do anything they want to you and they have been doing it for far too long. I am still proud to be an American, but I am not proud of the Traitors in Washington! Please give Ron Paul a chance to turn it all around! He is the ONLY ONE I trust with my Freedoms, My Constitution and Our Future!

This is America, not Russia, not some already proven to fail Socialist experiment or some incompetent politician’s attempt at dictatorship. We have a plan, a proven plan, a plan that thousands died for and have sacrificed for, we have a plan that works and is the best plan in the history of the world. Washington, we don’t need a new plan, we need Statesmen that honor their oath and make the plan work, Statesmen that have the guts and integrity to keep their word, to defend the Constitution and the American People, first and only. America, we finally have a Constitutional Statesman with Integrity and that Represents us all, Dr. Ron Paul!

Happy Birthday President Ron!

Robert Fox
Prescott Valley, AZ.

Many Happy Returns! Best Wishes from Canada!

I do fervently hope for your FULL SUCCESS in this year’s Presidential race!

I despair the prospect of our future if you and your supporters fail in your mission – I see you as the sole possibility of saving our liberties and, yes, our entire society as we know it!

It may seem surprising to some in the USA to hear this from Canada – how can we care? Why should Canadians care? We have NO hope of our politicians – a pack of murderers and thieves – toadies to the NWO!

Without Ron Paul in the White House, we, that is all of North America, will die in servitude, with ZERO HOPE for our children and their children.

I plead with everyone involved in this campaign to sacrifice all possible time & effort to get all Republicans behind Ron Paul -> expose Perry as the fraudulent toady he truly is!

Without Ron Paul we are doomed!

PS: Today the Toronto Star quotes an editorial of the Washington Post (Wednesday, 17 Aug.)

“Printing more money to play politics…… is almost treacherous or treasonous, in my opinion” —Rick Perry.

“To play politics?” excoriates the article. Continueing it said… “Bernanke was appointed chairman of the Fed by a Republican president (G.W.). He was reappointed by a Democratic president in an acknowledgement of how indispensible he had become in a time of crisis”.

The editorial goes on to say … “But there has never been a whisper, let alone any evidence, that Bernanke’s actions have been motivated by anything but patriotism and determination to see the U.S. economy regain its footing”.

This illustrates how intellectually bankrupt our nation (Canada) has become! The editors can’t even create their own pap!

Without Ron Paul, I despair!

David Pirie Burlington, Ont. [email protected]
Any comments are welcome!

Dear Dr.Paul,

I just wanted to take the time to wish you a Happy Birthday. I am thankful that someone with your convictions and integrity is running to make history. We do not need repreats of past failures in economics and foreign policy.I have not been a fan of politics and the “system” for years now but in 2007 when you announced your decision to run your campaign captivated me. I have been on board ever sense and no politician has ever made me feel so proud to be an American.When I read your words I almost get a glimpse of seeing the kind of man that would have been a contemporary of Madison,Jefferson,Washington,Monroe.. Here is to you on your Birthday and hoping that you become President. If you by some tragedy do not win,you will be President in the hearts of millions and in the dreams of liberty.

Doug Gueydan Jr.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul,

Great Job in Iowa! You are a true American and I am here to support
you in our struggle to take back our country.

Harry J Shelhamer
Allentown, PA

I have just read a huge number of birthday wishes sent to ronpaul.com and I am re-energized! I suspect you are as well. You are one great and inspirational individual. It was awesome to see greetings and blessings coming to you from people from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

I am so glad that people are beginning to wake up. My hopes and prayers are with you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Boyd Parks
Georgia Ron Paul Supporter

76 and stronger than ever! Happy birthday Ron.

Mike Nasisi

Happy Birthday Ron Paul !!!
You’re the Man !!!!

Happy Birthday Ron! My family and I are with you!

Sincerest Birthday Wishes!
Joe R. Anaya

You got my vote, again, regardless who is running.

James C. Beavers

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Good luck with your presidential campaign as well!



Happy Birthday !!!!!!

Happy seventy-sixth, and keep ’em goin’ Congrats for New Hampshire poll numbers. So glad you’re speaking out against the wars we find ourselves embroiled in and against all the money our middle class is giving to the fat cats in a bunch of foreign governments – money that buys disrespect, and for good reason.

Roy Gregory, MD, Mandeville Louisiana

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! You truly are an inspiration!

Happy Birthday Mr. Ron Paul! Hope you win the 2012 election!


G. L. McClinton

Dr. Ron,

Happy birthday! I am taking this moment to write to you to thank you for all
of your years of dedication to the cause of Liberty and for fighting for our
freedoms against the Statists in Washington. I have read all of your books
and truly look at you as a teacher. You have even changed my mind on the
issue of abortion. Every life is precious and even the unborn fetus is
deserving of Liberty. Thank you for all that you have done.

David Scherer

We look forward to all the experience and wisdom only a 76 year old can bring to the White House.
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mr. Awesome! 🙂 – Haley Omar from Denver, CO

Happy 76th Birthday Dr. Paul!!

-Frankie: Pasadena, Tx

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! You are a beacon of hope in today’s dismal society.
Never give up the fight, for the future of America rests on your shoulders.

-Best wishes from Montgomery, NJ

David Neville from Salt Lake City, UT thanks you for your inspiration, and for sharing your knowledge.

David Neville

Happy birthday Dr. Paul, without you who would be able to bring truth and
passion into politics again.

Dr. Paul,

Been a supporter for years, thrilled to finally seeing you making everyone THIS nervous. Saw you in East Aurora, thanks for taking time to do that and was thrilled to have to park so far away to get to see you. You are an American Hero in every sense of the word & I consider it an honor to support you. Happy Birthday & Get’m!

Mike J / Upstate NY

Happy Birthday, Ron! Best of luck in the election! You have my vote!

Amanda Jo Meeks
San Antonio, TX

Happy B-Day future POTUS!!!


Happy birthday Dr.Paul, thanks for your service to freedom!

From Emmet.

Happy Birthday Ron! I believe in you!
-Jonathan Kempe

Dear Dr. Paul,

We all love you so much and are so grateful for what you have done and are doing to restore the Republic.

Wishing you the best birthday ever and a victory at the polls in November 2012!

Yours sincerely

David Keat
Siglistorf, Switzerland

Birthday blessings to you Dr. Paul. Here’s to continued prosperity, health, and freedom!

Jess Ernst, Phoenix

God’s richest blessings on you. Thank you for being a great servant. Thank you for demonstrating how one can devote mind and body for the cause of freedom.


Happy Birthday!

John G Maffei
Korean War Vet 69th Pilotless Bomber Squadron

I am marching with you.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

We LOVE you
MORE than you know!!!


Dear Dr. Ron Paul,

Or should I say “Mr. President”? Just letting you know that we’re all behind you and can’t wait for you to take this country on the 1st steps in the right direction.

God Bless and Best Wishes on your Birthday and your upcoming Presidency .


David Wood
Queens, NY

Dear Mr. Paul:

Happy birthday. Thank you for all the efforts you put forth. The media can’t keep ignoring you while the people champion you.

Thanks Again


Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul
We love you up here in Boston, Mass.
Let’s take back this great nation of ours !

Larry Diaz
Boston, Mass.

Happy birthday and many more. God Bless

Ray Gatley

Feliz Cumpleaños Ron Paul happy B-Day

Carlos Proa
Atlanta Georgia

*Happy Birthday Ron Paul from Orlando, FL WE HOPE YOU WIN THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE! And thank you for everything you do!*

Dear Dr Paul,

How are you there? I wish you A Happy Birthday & Great Health always to you & all at home. What more can I say………you touched my heart. I love listening to your speech/vision and I love to share your name (Dr R Paul) to all my close friends and ask them to help me by passing your name to others.

The first time I get to know you from youtube…I know…..I knew ……I felt it, you will bring peace & liberty to all around the world. Also, I admire you been married for 50 years 🙂 now, that’s a blessing Mr Paul.

Please save this world we are living in. My wife and I thank you for all your hard work you gave to all living people in this world. “God bless you Sir” & I will pray for your health, happiness & love.

Sir, you will be the next President 2012.


Daniel Kwok

Happy Birthday, Ron!!

Deby Jolley

Happy Birthday Ron :), I hope you and your family enjoy your birthday and time together. I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do to fight for our constitution and freedom. It is an honor to support such a patriot as yourself. I will be voting for you and will do my best to spread the message of liberty to others in hopes they will vote for you as well. Thank you for being such a man of integrity, strong Christian values, and a voice of reason in Congress and in your run for President. I’m praying for you sir and hope God will bless you and your family. You bring real hope for restoring America.

Thank you,

Steve Wilson

May God continue to bless you on the campaign. Also …….Happy Birhtday

Jesus Christ is King and Saviour!

Taurean Houston

Ron Paul,

You have shaped a debate in this country and you will be remembered as a Patriot.


Gettysburg college…my father went to school with you, same fraternity.

Being Ron Paul.

Steve Egeland

Dear Ron Paul, you drink from the fountain of knowledge, the others just gurgle. Your forthrightness and courage are an inspiration. You truly cuddle und tickle my soul. I thank you dearly and wish you a very happy 76th Birthday!


A great man is made up of qualities that meet or make great occasions. Make it a great day. Happy Birthday.

The Harlan Family

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul

Thank you for executing your oath of office while nearly all of your
fellow congressmen fail to do so. Violation of the oath of office has
lead to the total break-down of our socio-economic system and the only
solution is a return to a strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

Thank you for your service, integrity, and loyalty,

Joseph A. Katalinich

I am amazed and disturbed that I only really became aware of Ron Paul and his vision for our country yesterday, August 19, 2011 – and that was only by chance – by browsing You Tube videos about hyperinflation.

Obviously, his views have been squelched and scoffed by the media and the establishment for years.

I should be embarrassed that I haven’t known more about him earlier, but I am more shocked that such a voice and vision has been kept from mainstream America in this way for so long.

Imagine a government that can once again hear, and even listen to the voice of the People, the People that created it and gives it its power.

Happy Birthday Ron Paul. May the vision become reality.

Jonathan Tatun

Happy Birthday Dr Paul.

You should know that you have supporters here in the heart of Europe, and that we try to spread your message to the people here.We admire you and what you stand for and don’t just think your America’s only hope right now, but the whole world’s. Thank you for being true to yourself and for inspiring us to change the system from within.

God bless you Ron Paul,

Yours sincerely
Farhood Fazeli

Dear Ron Paul,

You are an inspiration to the youth across the country. As a 16 year old student, I have full confidence in you congressman Paul. Before I became your supporter, most of my family and friends had no idea who you are. They didn’t think you had a chance at winning. However, thanks to my influence and your strong showing in Iowa… my parents are now full fledged Ron Paul supporters!

We are capable of making a difference. Yours supporters are here for you, and people like myself have full confidence in you. Enjoy your birthday, and continue to build up your campaign. Although the media might ignore you… you can be sure your supporters won’t! Happy birthday Ron Paul, good luck!

Your friend,
Michal Lodziana

Many best wishes for you on your birthday Dr Ron Paul – with many more to

I look forward eagerly to next e mail congratulating you on your
Presidency of the United States !

My sincere respect to you and your family.
Shimon Ellison, England

I want to thank you Dr. Paul, for not only curing my apathy, but restoring a sliver of faith in humanity. From a Navy Veteran who wishes for peace and good will toward all, Happy Birthday and many happy returns! May whatever you wish for come true as the Last Knight of Constitutionalism (ie the Rule of Law), just as your mentor was the Last Knight of Liberalism (of the classic variety). I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and prepare for the storm ahead, because this campaign season is going to be very ugly.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,
MM1 Stearns (USNR)

Carolyn Karger

Dear Mr. Paul,

A HUGE happy birthday from Australia! I hope and pray for your continued health and strength to keep fighting for those who have no voice. I watch your debates and interviews and it’s obvious you are a genuine, honest and consistent politician. You don’t say what people want to hear in order to get more votes. You talk about real issues and real ways to fix the problems.

Sometimes I would wish that I lived there so I could vote for you. You don’t only speak for America. You speak for the world and what we really need.

I would love to donate but I’m not sure if I can. If you could please let me know that it’s possible that would be awesome.

If America doesn’t choose you, you are most welcome to come here in Aus! Hehe.

I sincerely hope you win.

– Aussie Fan

Have a happy and blessed birthday Ron Paul. Today is my birthday as well. Hope we can both have a blessed day giving thanks to God with a renewed resolve to serve Him more faithfully each day. And may God Bless America!!!

John Amberger


I am e-mailing you in order to wish you the happiest of birthdays and the best of luck on your campaign. I look forward very much to watching you continue to educate your fellow candidates and the american people on history and economics in these debates.


Thompson, Matthew R
Staff Sergeant, UA Army

Happy Birthday Ron!!

Joakim Eriksson


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
You have forever changed our lives by just being yourself! A man with integrity and passion who is not afraid to tell us the truth no matter how it hurts. Thank you for all you do for us. God bless and keep you, not just on this day, but each and every other. We love you!
Williams Family

I’m truly grateful for everything you do, especially fighting the good fight! You inspire me and many in my generation to be a people of character who always represent and fight for the truth & liberty as unpopular as it may be. May your birthday be blessed as much as you have been to me and to our country. God Bless you Dr. Paul.

Jonathan Garcia 😀

Dr. Paul,

I just finished watching your 1:20 minute grilling by the press, and I have to say that I’m impressed beyond belief! I have had some pretty tough interviews in my time, but this was absolutely ugly! But you handled it better than I could have imagined. You really know your stuff, and I’m ready for you to be my next President of the United States. Please win this for us!

Chris Abbey

Dearest Ron Paul,

Happy 76th Birthday and best wishes for many more to follow! You are a what feels like a lone voice of sanity in what I consider one of the darkest times of US and perhaps world history. Keep shining your light and speaking the truth. From Lael, an American living abroad who is very grateful for all your hard work.


Annie Massi

Dear Mr.Paul,

You are going to be remembered as one of the, if not the, heros that changed the course of history. I am not even an American citizen yet my family and I follow your campaign every day via the internet. What I hope you realize is that by fighting the status quo in Washington you are saving people from oppression around the globe. Washington is the base of operations for some of the most ruthless and selfish men to have walked the planet. The whole world is with you Ron. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, you are an example I wish I could live up to.

Happy Birthday President Paul.

David Pigot

Happy Birthday to you, sir and may you rekindle the flames of liberty in the American people.

Steve Miller

Dr. Paul, I hope you have a great day today. Your a man thats hard to find
these days. You speak the truth, you have integrety and you put others
before yourself. Lets make next years birthday a White House event!!!!

Leslie Shultz

Dearest Dr Paul,
I just want to wish you a happy birthday. Its likely it would fall on the sabbath, because I believe your our last hope at saving the precious project of a republic built on the trust in God,our creator. I pray that your endeavors will be blessed, and that your truth will quash all arguments and scandals that the corporation will throw at you. I am hoping I can work for your campiagn in my area of Zion Illinois. I have already asked friends that live on major travel routes to allow me to put big signs in their yards. I know this is for all the marbles, and I pray everyone will awake to your message. Bless you Ron, your an inspiration, and all I can say is give me liberty or give me death, and if we prevail in liberty then I will say sic semper tyranous! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON, cant wait to vote you in.I pray for that day
In Yahushua’s name,
Jeff McGullam

Dr. Paul,

The first time I heard about you was in the year 2007. Ever since then I have been hooked! Happy Birthday and I wish you many more to come; and with any luck at least four of those will be as our next President.

Thank you for consistently standing up for our country and the Constitution that makes it great.


–MacJames Flynn

the whole world is following very closely the steps of a great man in search of truth and justice. and that man is you, sir .-
thank you for everything you do to achieve peace and truth in these times of great challenges. God Bless you and your family : )


Hello, Dr. Paul

Just want to wish you a happy birthday!

Four years ago, I didn’t know who you were. In fact, I didn’t know who you really were until about 3 months ago. Knowing what I know now, I was a fool to vote for anyone other than you the last time around, so I have been making up for it and telling all of my friends and family about you. So far, I have been able to convince 7 people why YOU are the only REAL candidate running this time around, hands down.

I wish you the very best of luck this election season, and I want you to know you have my unpaid support! I’ll be out there (South Mississippi) spreading your ideas out! Thanks for being such an influential person in my life.

With uttermost respect and admiration,
Scott Colson, Jr.

Happy Birthday Dr Paul! I hope there are many more to follow. This country is in deep need of a man with Principals. We are hoping for your next Birthday that we can say Happy Birthday Mr President. Much success to you.

Kat Webb

Happy birthday, Dr. Paul!! You’re an amazing man and politician. You stick to your guns regardless of how much opposition you receive from other people, and that’s what I admire most about you! Keep up the good work and stay strong! Please come visit Oregon. I really want to meet you!

Best wishes,

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! May the candles on your birthday cake continue to carry the ambers that light the fire in the hearts of all Americans! God Bless You and Yours as we carry on.

Sheree Sepulveda

To the next President of The United States of America…. Happy Birthday Ron! …. We are behind you 100%

Susan Harder

Dear Dr. Paul,

Happy Birthday!! You are what this country so desperately needs right now.
You’ve been fighting for the people and our constitution for so long and
it’s time for us to return the favor. Thank you so much for everything
you’ve done for us. May God continue to bless you and bless our nation for
giving us people like you.


The Mingo Family
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mr. Paul, I am a MAJOR SUPPORTER!!!! I REALLLLLLY HOPE U GET INTO OFFICE! People need to wake up! How can folks see election after election and keep falling for this stuff! Happy Birthday!

Preston Moore

Happy birthday Dr. Paul!

We’re all behind you.

-George Coiron

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! I hope you have a great day and gain increasing popularity among our fellow population. I admire your STRONG stance against congress even if it has to be ONLY YOU DR. PAUL! It is time to bring this country back to its grassroots and bring life back to our economy. Not fake paper money. PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012


Justin Parsons

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

I have followed you since I attended a lecture you delivered at MIT (Cambridge, MA) back in the late 1980s (I believe it was 1988). I have learned a lot about our Constitution, the Federal Reserve, and Economics by listening to you and reading your writings over the years. You have voted consistently for over three decades!…a feat that no other politician today can claim. In my view, you are and have been the only man of character, integrity and honesty in politics since Washington and Jefferson.

Kind Regards,
-Greg C

Hey Ron,

Wishing you happy birthday and I want you to know you have my full support from Florence, SC. I understand at a young age that this country’s leadership is for sale. You are the only candidate with the integrity it takes to lead this country back to its prosperity. I pray for your success, saftey, and health. May God bless you and your campaign as I believe you are the next president of the United States.

James Fagan

Happy Birthday wishes to the one and only man who can save our country. I want nothing more than for you to become our next President. As far as I see it, you are the only candidate worthy enough to hold the title of President of the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave.

Since finding out about you back in 2008, it has become abundantly clear to me that you are the only one that is truthful, sincere, peace-loving, God-loving and want the best for your fellow man. You embody many of the qualities that our Lord wants all of us to have, and I truly appreciate you and your family.

God bless you and Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Mr Ron Paul

Dwayne Baker

I Just want to say Thank You for loving this country and liberty so much that you have taken on the establishment and the corporate media.
This is a monumental task but you have many people of America waking up to tyranny and the fact that the Constitution is becoming irrelevant in Washington.
You are freedom lovers only hope.
I support you for presidency 2012. I pray every day for your continued safety. May God Bless you and your family.
Happy Birthday and many more Mr. Future President.

Kathy Montgomery

Dear Dr. Paul,
Sincere Happy Birthday wishes, Sir.
Voted for you last time (had to write in here in IN).
Look forward to voting, as the Lord allows me to live, for you again.
Agree with MUCH of what you stand for!
(My first vote was for Goldwater.)
Blessings on you.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Wishing you a wonderful year!! We are excited to see what the future holds for you!

The Fay’s

I rooted for you in 2007, and I am rooting for you again in 2011.
I still have a $1 bill in my wallet that has a Ron Paul 2008 stamp on it.
While its monetary worth might be pretty much null, it has sentimental
value, as my lucky one dollar bill.
Words can not express, you are a hero, keep the good fight great.

AJ Whitehead

Thank you for your dedication to the USA. We will be praying for you and
the success of your 2011 campaign.

Kirk Hochburger
Georgia, U.S.A.

it’s not just america that needs you — the entire WORLD needs you. desperately. bless you for all that you do and attempt to do.

All the best from
beautiful West Side El Paso, Texas
The Place To Be!!!
BN Newman

Dr. Paul,

I want to wish you many more years of health and happiness on your birthday and to tell you what you have given me lately. I have been concerned and focused on many of the negative things happening with our foreign policy, monetary policies, and the list goes on and on for years now. You have set a wonderful example of how to combat these issues by focusing on the much more positive and uplifting issues of personal liberty, constitutional principles, and freedom among others. I already have felt a change in my personal life as my attention shifts and you are a root cause for that shift. You were asked in an interview what you though about Bildergerg meetings, etc and you very calmy answered ‘well they’re probably trying to figure out how to maintain economic control and maintain control of the money supply, but I dont have time to really focus on that because I’m too busy focusing on promoting liberty and freedom!’ (paraphrase). Hearing that was a refreshing wake up call and I try to give back as much and often as I can by spreading your message and the ideas you stand for as widely as possible. And I suppose I don’t have to tell you this, but people are really ready for it. Almost everyone I talk to seems almost hungry for this new/old way of thinking. Keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to see you trounce everyone in the next debate!

Happy Birthday
Pat from RI

happy birthday, Dr. Paul! -AP and TM from Pennsylvania

Happy birthday Dr.Paul.I hope your 76th is the best. Let me tell you that I’m an 18 year old who was apathetic about voting and politics until I heard your call for liberty. Im from ST Petersburg florida and your defence of liberty has all of the youth here riled up and we’re ready for a real change.

We love you Ron Paul, keep up the fight. The good always wins in the end.

From Albert Gutierrez

HBD Dr. Paul.

Shaun Adkins IL

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
You are the first person who ever showed any incontrovertable proof that the system in which we live was not designed to benefit us and that a debatably simple solution would reawaken the principles upon which this country was founded and allowed to prosper. I thank God you are here.
Happy Birthday America!
Appreciate your gift!

Happy 76th Birthday Ron Paul. It’s time for 1776.

Tom Bradley

Dear Dr. Paul,

May the Peace and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. May God give you the strength to do His will and bring about the changes needed in our country to be more in line with His will. For we all need to take up His Cross and follow Him. Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. May God Bless you on this your 76th Birthday in Jesus name I pray, Our Father . . .
Jon from Mondovi

A Happy Birthday to a true American patriot, a man who sincerely has
American citizens’ best interest in mind. Keep up the great work and PLEASE
PLEASE PLEASE come to Delaware or some venue nearby, I’d like to witness you
in person, and possibly get my “The Revolution” book signed.

Best wishes,
Michael Lewis, New Castle, Delaware

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Dr Pau-aul

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Woo-Hoo!!!!!!! “76” Yeah! Good number! 😀

I’m so proud to be supporting your efforts for 2012 The TIMING is SO RIGHT FOR YOU NOW!

You’re a firm believer in LIFE LIBERTY & FREEDOM and we so desperately need a Leader that stands for this.

Not only is our economy on the brink of destruction, but so are our American values.


The money-bomb ticker shows that despite the media’s fret over “real leadership” the people SEE you. All around the world they’re seeing you, too. Fight the good fight! We’re behind you all the way!

Enjoy your birthday!


Happy Birthday, Ron!

Thank you for your integrity, your principles, and your consistency in advocating such principles.

The Soule’ Family
(Evan, Jennifer and Ian)

All the Best to a fellow Leo Dr Paul <>< This Viet Nam Marine is Healthy thanks to Natural Health Products www.genisistoday.com Let's Pray that your next Birthday is in the White House . My Prayers are with you <>< Rev. Dennis B. Drake

Ron Paul
Best wishes on you Birthday.
Thanks for your hard work. It appears you?re the only on that can straighten out this corrupt Government. My hopes is that you will win this election then go after these corrupt positions in office and lock them. Have you given any thought to your VP. Judge Napolitano or John Bolton or Sara Palin. Good Luck and we’ re behind you sir.
Thank you. Dennis Clark

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday today! Thank you for your dedication and persistence! You are inspiring the young and the old to embrace the idea of Liberty! Oh and by the way, you look great for 76! 😉 Enjoy your cake but don’t burn the place down with all of those candles. Here’s to many more blessed years, Sarah Bacavis

Dear Dr. Paul,

I live in upstate New York, and have watched this countries decline over the 27 years I have been alive. I have been directly affected by our economic situation, being unemployed for almost an entire year now, as have many of the people I know. My faith in our great country has never been as low as it has been lately. I sit here and watch our country go broke for no good reason. My freedoms are taken away from me a little at a time. Our government continues to trash, rewrite, and ignore our constitution and the opinions of those who drafted it.

After learning about you, and your stance on the issues our government has put itself into, I finally have faith that one day we might be a great country again. Faith that my young sons will have a world to grow up in free of crippling debt and a federal police state. Free to grow up in a world that no longer resembles George Orwell’s ‘1984’.

I want to thank you for giving me and my family hope. I want to wish you the best of luck in being able to sway the people to return to our constitution. And, most importantly on this day, I want to wish you a wonderful 76th birthday! May you be with loved ones and know that America stands behind you!


Mykel Smith

Dear Dr. Paul,

I would like to wish you a happy birthday from a supporter in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. I hope you have had a wonderful 76th birthday and I hope you have many more to follow.

Thanks again for keeping up the good fight.

Justin McGehee

Happy Birthday Ron,

My support for you grows stronger every day!

Thanks, Dave

Dave Heck

Dear Dr. Paul,

Wishing you a birthday full of laughter, cake, and tons of money toward your
campaign. You are creating a real revolution in America and I support you
all the way and am making it my mission to spread the word about your
Campaign for Liberty.

Best wishes,

AMG -Pittsburgh

Happy Birthday Dr Ron Paul, I’m a Texas Democrat that is ready to vote for you. I like what you advocate and agree with you. One of the main reasons I voted for Obama was his promise to end the wars with Iraq and Afganistan, so much for his promises.
Charlie Ellenburg

Happy 76th Sir.I hope you get to be with your family and friends today. Keep fighting for us, our children and our freedom.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. May your day be filled w/ joy. And may your money bomb be a super huge, happy birthday to you, success!!

My support & Best wishes, Dawn Waters

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. Your consistent principled stance is a tribute to your character. We need more of your kind leading the nations of the world. You are now getting the attention a man of your standing deserves and you have the support of the American people. Take it down sir!

Cian Mc Govern
Republic of Ireland

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul best of wishes and you have my vote.
Brian Sumner
FT Riley KS

Thank you Ron Paul for standing up for what is right. Telling the truth and refusing to be a “politician” and selling out the American people. You have our prayers and support. thank you again

KB from Ohio

It’s ironic that, on YOUR birthday, we’re the ones who are given a gift –
your life’s work to preserve liberty is an inspiration to me! I hope you
have the happiest of birthdays. Bless you for all that you do.

Taylorsville, KY

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you so much for everything you fight for! I’m a college student, and you are truly the only politician I can identify with. Best wishes and good luck on the campaign trail, I hope I can intern at the White House for your administration soon!

Phoenix, AZ

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!


Mr.Paul, I cannot express the deep respect and admiration I have for you. Not to sound corny but you are my hero! Your tireless fight for life, liberty and justice is amazing! You have motivated me to become an activist for the cause of liberty and freedom and I thank you for that. You and your family are in my prayers and I hope God blesses you with MANY MORE birthdays! God bless and happy birthday Sir!

Frank Leap

Happy birthday from your supporters in Maine, Dr. Paul!

You are an inspiration to us all.

-Nicholas Graham

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul!

Joshua Knight

I wish you the best on your Birthday! Thank you for being one of the few brave ones.


Think about all of the things that get better with age… wine, antiques, Scotch, cheese, Dr. Who and more! You are in good company. Keep strong, it’s that awesome fighting spirit we love! Happy birthday, Doctor. May you live long and prosper.

Cheryl Phillips

Have a great day. Thanks for all your efforts. God Bless you and America!

Happy birthday Dr. Im so proud and honered we have a candidate like yourself to fight for our country as it was founded by our fathers. God Bless you with this birthday and many more to come. Im going to register to vote just so you can count me in as one more number in your miriads of thronging fans. Please take a battle axe to Obamma and his worthless reversal of this great nation. Chop him down to his real incompetent, lost without a lying teleprompter size. Help us win this great country back for us, our children, and all who get to walk the soil of this great country!!!!! Your the man with the plan, and I believe in you!!!!! RON PAUL 2012

Clint Schermerhorn

Dear Congressman Paul:

Not only is this a heartfelt birthday wish, but more than that a note of deepest gratitude and support for being the voice of truth and liberty for this heart of mine that had basically given up on supporting the government because of what it has become. May God continue to guide and protect you and your vision from those who would try and silence truth! Have a wonderful birthday!

Cindy Wood

I hope your day is filled to the brim with lots of love and laughter Happy

Happy birthday, Ron. Keep fighting. We’re with you.
The Shapero family.

Happy B-Day Mr. President!! God bless you and yours!!

Happy Birthday Ron Paul,
You have touched so many hearts and minds.. God Bless you today and Always.
We love you.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many many more.
Ken and Connie Gress

Happy 76th.

Happy Birthday to you, Dr. Ron Paul! Have a good safe fun birthday! 2012
is coming and YOU will be the NEXT President!

Best from Bill Cappello

Happy Birthday!!!! We’re supporting you and spreading the word!

Rachel H., Mesa, AZ

Happy Birthday
May you be blessed in your activities to bring politics in the USA back to the founding father’s vision.

Best wishes
bob (from the UK)

Happy Birthday from Mindi Hennie in GA

Dr Paul,

Happy Birthday and thanks so much for all that you do! Please keep up the good fight!

Dr Kurt Mosteller
Nashville, TN


Happy Birthday… keep the faith and continue to only speak truth! America NEEDS you and we will get you into office!!

God Bless the Future President.


76! How appropriate. Happy Birthday Dr.Paul!
Kyle G.
Justin, TX

Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Have a fantastic day, and good luck with your campaign. – Zach Nichols, Maine

Happy Birthday Ron !!!

Wishing you only the best, health, joy and happiness and lots of strength for the presidential race !!!

The Kortes

Happy birthday Dr. Ron Paul , I am thankful
To live in this generation to see a beacon of hope
Of ideas and freedom..


May all you’re blessings come down from heaven and all you’re dreams come true. Happy Birthday Ron Paul. You are already Mr. President in my heart. Stacie Spiers

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for sticking with us over the years and finally getting the masses to see what you’ve seen for decades. I wish we had all gotten on board in ’88! The country needs more people like you… especially with your foresight!


Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul!!!!
Debbie Paxton

Happy Birthday Ron! My sincere thanks for keeping the flame of Liberty lit.

Dan Schwartz
Danbury, Connecticut

Birthday Greetings from Leeda in Texas!! (original photo.. so it’s cool to use it 🙂

I hope everyone on this planet hears what you have to say. Happy Birthday!

Happy Bday señor Paul, you really are one of the few men we can look up to, and know are country still has hope!

Miguel, Boston.

Happy birthday Ron! I believe…


Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! I wish you good health, lots of strength, and everything you might wish for yourself.

Please keep up your presidential campaign – we need you in the White House!

Ilya, Ph. D., Research Triangle Park, NC

Happy birthday Congressman, and good luck!


Happy Birthday Ron from the McEldowney family in AZ.

Happy Birthday, RP!! Wishing you many more fantastic birthdays and lots of hugs from California.

Happy birthday Ron Paul!! We appreciate all you do!!
-Bryce Childs – Las Vegas, NV

Happy birthday, Dr. Paul! You are our hope and inspiration. Thanks for all you do.

Alisa W.

happy birthday ron paul!
we are so thankful for your work, your teaching and your leadership.
thank you.
we’re spreading the word. the revolution is here.
the felmley family

Happy Birthday! Dr Paul! May God Bless you and keep you safe!


Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!All the Best!

Michael Kitayama

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for having the courage to follow your principles for so long despite the opposition you have faced. You have already won because of the movement you have lead in this country! But we are all in for a great bonus because you will soon be our president and this country will once again be on the track towards prosperity! You, through your courage and consistency, have become the vehicle for the people in this country to express their God given desire for LIBERTY! Thank you and Happy Birthday!

Samuel Moore
Columbia MD (But born in Utah!!)


May God Bless to you today, and all of your tomorrows! Here’s to a great campaign and a Win for the Presidency! You have my vote, as you did 3 years ago.

Patty McD

God bless you on your birthday, Mr. Paul! Keep up the fight! Our country needs you! From Vicki/San Leandro, CA

God bless you on your birthday, Mr. Paul! Keep up the fight! Our country
needs you! From Vicki/San Leandro, CA

Happy birthday Dr Paul my prayers are with you on this day and through your campaign!

Happy Birthday Mr. President! What a great one you would be!
You’ve got my support and prayers!!
D. Thomas

Happy birthday Dr. Paul – thanks for giving a voice to liberty-minded individuals everywhere. Keep up the fantastic work!

Minneapolis, MN

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

Thank you so much for igniting the brushfires of freedom in my mind!

I just bought Liberty Defined today and have begun to read it. For your birthday I pledge to fully study and understand your views and to put forth my best efforts to educate and inform those around me who are unaware or misinformed about your views.

Jared Thrasher
Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Happy 76th Birthday Ron Paul! You’ll forever have my support. ~Nick Aikey

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!
Have a blessed day! You’re an inspiration to ignore age and keep with it!
Carrie L. Osgood-Millsap and Haley Millsap
Dallas/Houston Texas

Happy birthday Dr. Paul. Keep your message simple. Help the middle class. Tariffs will bring back jobs, eliminate war, sound money.


Steve Schuetz

happy birthday dr paul have a blessed 76 and many more to come !!!


Happy Birthau! from the Pettit Family!

Dear Dr. Paul,

Happy birthday and best wishes for success in your quest to become President and undo the horrible damage done to the US by decades of the self serving sellouts and stooges masquerading as our elected statesmen. The choice is clear, I only hope and pray that the American people thwart the plans of the Establishment to derail your campaign and we can win a decisive victory.

Good Luck and God bless.

Ken Christensen

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul!
You are the honest one of them all
You do what you say and say what you mean
Now is the time to conquor the political machine!
You can do it!! Thank you!!
Paradise Valley, Arizona

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. May God give you strength and courage to continue working for liberty.

Steve B. Thompson, Esq.

Happy 76th Mr. Paul, Best of luck to you and your presidential campaign.

Scott Rush, OHIO

Happy birthday to us all, Dr. Ron Paul . . .

. . . if you are our next President!!! You are truly our last hope.

Only common sense (the lease ‘common’ thing in the world, apparently) along with your brilliant financial acumen can save us now.

Fingers crossed that we’ll have the celebration of our lives come next Election Day..


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Handsome! You are my hero…Thanks you for caring about our country and having the guts to be honest… You already won in so many ways

You are a good man!

You are rocking the boat and reminding politicians about the meaning of and value of conscious.

God uses the humble to do his will….

Its amazing what you have accomplished

Val Howard

Happy Birthday… Ron P…..Keep up the work…You’ve got my vote….Walt….San Diego, Ca.

Wishing you a great year ahead and many many more. I know that you are the one to restore this beautifull Country God Bless.


Dr. and congressman Paul,

The Komurek family wants to wish you the happiest birthday. Although, I know you have little time to enjoy the day. However, it’s a nice thought that you take a time to reflect on life, family, and your acheivements! You have our and everyone I touch here in AZ support. YOU WILL WIN, and I have never known anything more in my life more than I do this. You have inspired myself, family and a nation. So, from all of us enjoy you Birthday, keep smiling, and fight the good fight. We are all behind you!

Happy birthday, Dr. Paul, and good luck on your Money Bomb today! Thank you for spreading the message of Liberty!!!

Nichole Flores
Madison, WI

Happy BIrthday Congressman Paul!

God Bless you and God Bless the U.S.A. !!!!


A very happy birthday to the only genuine gentleman in American politics, from a Calhoun County

Pat in Seadrift

Have a wonderful birthday from all of us in Tucson Az


Happy Birthday to a true American!


Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. I hope you are enjoying your day. I am praying for you that the Lord will continue to bless you and give you the mental, spiritual and physical strength that you need for the task that lies before you. These are truly exciting times that we live in it will be fascinating to see the magnitude of the peace and individual prosperity the people of this country will enjoy once you become president!


Dear Dr. Paul!
Happy birthday and thank you very much for everything you do. Every single day I’m inspired by you and your words which encourage me to learn liberty. I hope and wish you won the 2012 elections as you are the only one who can change this vicious system and restore America.
With the warmest wishes Kirill, Russia

Happy Birthday Ron:
I just wanted to join in the chorus of concerned Americans wishing you a Happy birthday and thanking you for fighting our battle. We support you and the ideas that out founding fathers sought to instill in this country in our constitution. This one document sets the tone that this country is determined by it’s people not wealthy elites. Your insight has taught many people about what path out country is on. I do all I can daily on all the boards that I serve on and with all my social connections to take you from a media staged “no chance candidate” to Americas only true leader.
Thanks for all you do.

Best Regards,

Skip Davenport

Happy 76th Birthday, Dr. Paul!!!!!! May you have many more in the service of our country. I wrote you in the last two elections because I refuse to vote for the lessor of two evils. Hopefully, this time you will be the candidate and won’t have to write you in. In my opinion you are the only candidate who can save our country. Just hope it’s not too late. Keep standing for your beliefs!
Elaine Havens, Orange CA

Dear Dr. Paul,

You have my vote. Thank you for using your precious Golden Years to be President.

Happy Birthday,

Joel Bahr

It is my great honor to wish you a Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. Many times I have wished I could have met the great men in history. To me you are a great patriot and I am so happy to be able to hear you and read your books in my lifetime. Thank you for your contribution to Liberty!
Barbara Hampton

I am 10 years your junior, and I have been a crusader for 25 years on the same issues you have brought out for your contrymen and the world about banksters.

Best of luck in the years ahead as the next U.S. Presidnt.


John P. Gorman, B.A., LL.B.

Dear Dr. Ron Paul,

I wish you a happy birthday. I hope that you’ll become our president this coming term and guide our nation back on track. The faith of the this whole planet is at the hands of America. Planet Earth is without real guidance and we need someone like you with you great wisdom and knowledge. My birthday is the 31 of August and I’d wish you to be president.

God Bless,

Reza Nemovi

Happy Birthday, Ron Paul! Thank you for running for President and being the sole representative of what I want for my country’s future.

Jay Heaney

Having followed your career for 30 years I am most honored to be in your corner and able to celebrate your Birthday. Let the Money Bomb Roll Along With Liberty.

Hooray and Viva Ron Paul!!.


Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!!!

Thanks for your message of Liberty, Freedom and Peace…
God Bless You,

Robert Bartley

Ron Paul 2012!!!

Dr. Paul,

May God give you his richest blessings!

Thank you for all you have done and are doing for our country,

Tom Kershner
Houston TX

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!!
Here’s to 2012!!

Curtis Backus

Happy Birthday Ron Paul!
We are watching and supporting you with our sympathy and expectations from Adelaide, Australia. Your election next year can cause a domino effect in many other countries.
Mark, Eve, and Halina J.

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul.

God Bless you on your road to be President. With age, comes wisdom. I have been a registered Democrate all my life, but always voted my conscience, YOU have my vote in 2012…God Speed!!


Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Best of luck to you on getting the truth out about what’s going on in this country. Thank you for all your hard work.

Jacob Heintz
Santa Cruz, CA

God bless you and keep up the fight for liberty. Carter Harris, Columbia, PA

Happy Birthday!! Yesterday when I was riding my bicycle I had the pleasure to ride with a gentleman for about 10 miles- as we rode I found out he was 75 years old! Amazing- he ended up doing a 25 mile ride up here in the White Mtns of NH. I told him about your comments the other day about riding in the Texas heat- he loved it and also was very open to supporting you- keep riding Doc!! Cheryl Fistick

Dr. Paul, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. You are the most inspirational figure of this generation. You have my full support, and hopefully I can get to one of your speeches!

Aaron F. Denick-Maryland

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, Dr. Ron Paul!!!!! From Stef of St.Paul, MN

Happy Birthday Dr Paul
New York


Julie Holmes


Chester, VA

Dear Ron Paul!

Let me offer you my warmest congratulations!
Thank you for all your work and leadership, for educating and ispiring us!
Thank you for being an example of courage we need so much in this bleak hour!
We are eager to assist you in every way we can.
I wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true!



Moscow, Russia.

Happy Birthday also from Switzerland! I wish good health and much success.
Go on!
René Keller, Basel, Switzerland

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. God bless you and keep you safe and healthy! We need you!

HAPPY 76th Birthday to you Dr RON PAUL

D. Kwok & Mei Foo /Australia

A Lim & Dewi / Australia

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! The world is a better place for having you

in the past i did not give you any consideration for president, but now i am finally coming around, too bad america had to come to this to get me thinking, i know their is a lot more citizens just like me, so i feel this is your election, happy birthday ron paul.

zackery from pittsburg ks

You look more like 56, Sir.Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Les MorosiSan Diego, Calif.

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. May God bless you and keep you. We are with you always.


Happy Birhday Ron Paul!!!! Just remember..you are geting better with
age!! I truly hope your wisdom and integrity bring you through to take care of
our country and constitution!!! Much happiness and success,
Mrs. Cathy L. Banks

Dear Dr. Ron paul,

Thank you for being a leader. Happy Birthday! May you have 100 more.


Dear Sir I would like to wish you all the very Best to you. and to thankyou for the work you are doing for All the good people in the world.
Please stay safe.
Lots of Love to you and yours from us in liverpool England XXX

Happy birthday!! We share the same birthday!

Skylar Vanel

Happy Birthday! The American people support you.


Happy Birthday Sir,

We are so lucky to have a Leader such as yourself. You are a TRUE American and you stand for the values of TRUE hard-working Individuals. Keep up the fight against those who don’t represent us.
God Bless you and your family each and everyday!

With the highest respect,

Paula Savvinidis

Have a wonderful birthday! Can’t wait to vote for you! E.H.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. The baby you delivered for my sister-in-law is doing just fine.

Neil Thex, CPA

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Keep up the fight for the cause of liberty. Thank you for so many years of faithful service to our country!!


Spartanburg, SC

Happy birthday Dr. Paul.
You are my representative and I live in Lake Jackson also.
We have met a few times professionally (you delivered my wonderful son who will be 17 in October) and once politically.
I have been voting for you since 1988 – my first vote.
As my representative you *never* cause me concern.
I* never* have to call and express disappointment in the decisions you make in congress.
This is a great comfort.
Thank you for your excellent service.

Highest regards,

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

Your statesmanship and leadership are second to none. Thank you for helping me keep the faith for a better America. Your tireless efforts have brought together people from all walks of life, economic backgrounds and diverse ethnicity’s. In a time when our nation is in crisis and has reached a crossroads with the path ahead uncertain, your steady hand and common sense approach is what our nation desperately needs. Happy Birthday and God’s speed

Peter Fee
Parlin, NJ


Happy Birthday! I only hope that you spend your 78th birthday in the peoples house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. Best wishes, and keep fighting for us regular folks! This country needs you, too bad that they just don’t know it!

Bill Ellis, North Tonawanda, NY

Wishing you continued good health and prosperity in all that you do for the American people. Thank you for your service.


Best goldstandard wishes from Munich,
Karl Siebold

I wish you a happy birthday and a long, healthy life!


Ron I can’t contribute funds, but I push for you whenever I can,I voted for u in 08,( McCain was my senator too.) I will vote for you again, if you promice to take the fed, and govet apart, and keep states rites


Ron , have a great birthday. Thanks for being who you are . It must take some courage to speak from your heart . Nobody else seems to do it. Joy & Peace, Don Jones. Santa Rosa,CA.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! You most definitely have my vote, sir!

Sam Finley

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Keep up the fight! DK Baltimore, OH.

Happy Birthday! I hope you undo everything Obama has done when you get elected.


Happy Birthday! And, God bless you.


Happy Birthday, Ron.

May God Bless you.


Dear Dr. Ron Paul:

Happy Birthday and warmest wishes to you and your family.

Oleg Shchedrov

Happy Belated Birthday Dr. Ron Paul. I am so thankful you have taken up the torch for liberty and have had the strength to run up stream with this message against the strong currents of power accumulation for so many years. You are a true patriot and a statesman who has pledge your life, your fortune and your sacred honor to the cause of liberty. I believe when you reach the pearly gates you will hear ?well done good and faithful servant?. Your life work has been valuable kingdom work and although you have suffered ridicule and been mocked the truth has come to light at it always does. I am so very happy it was within your lifetime.

Blessings in Liberty,

Judy Crowder, Rep. PCO 4003 (Colbert, WA)

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! My gift to you will my vote.


Happy Birthday Mr Paul from New Zealand (we love you too!)

Happy Birthday Ron Paul
You go guy! I know you know what’s going on and you are thinking in terms of what is best for America and the entire planet.
Alissha Champagne

I have faith in you.
Happy Biryhday!

David Aldana

Happy Birthday Ron! CW, Michigan

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! -AM, Michigan

Happy birthday, Mr. Paul! You touch so many lives, and I am supporting you 110% during your presidential campaign and beyond! God Bless You! -John, MN

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Justin Page Wood just uploaded new photos for Booth at the OC gun show and sign wave (Saturday) and (Sunday).

Dr. Paul,

On your birthday, my sincerest thanks for being the hero that you are.

Thank-you for sticking to your ideals like a bulldog for truth and never letting go.

I have never agreed with any public figure entirely, but never have I agreed with a public figure on more points than I do with you.

It is sad that the power cliques continue to marginalize you in any way that they can. It is clear that the Founder’s principles have been lost by this modern society. Thank-you for continuing to remind us and for showing us with your clear, intelligent teaching, how we have strayed as a nation, and what things we must do to right the Republic.

I truly believe that you are as special as the Fathers’ and I hope that the history books speak of your campaigns as the beginning of America’s return to the best principles for governing a society of humans that this world has ever yet known.

As you advance in years, I wish for many more. Know, Sir, that you will never leave us. Your books will speak the truth for generations to come. Your son Rand is a spectacular addition to the halls of leadership. The first of many of your children and grand-children to guide this nation with unfailing integrity, to be sure. I certainly hope to see a Paul in the White House, and for your family name to grace the halls of democratic leadership, forever.

I am proud to be a fan.

Your fan.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul.


San Antonio, TX

Happy Birthday Ron. Let’s take it to the White Hose in 2012
Robert Berry, Durham NC

Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

You’re the only politician in the whole wide world whom I unreservedly respect!

Yours sincerely, Henry B.

  • Joseph E. Krill

    Mr. Paul, May God continue to Bless and Strengthen you. Joe Krill

  • James

    Dr. Paul! God brings us all into this existence at the perfect time, for the perfect opportunity. Thank you for listening to your heart, it has helped me hear mine; while I was still young. With liberty, wishing you a happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. I can’t tell you how much gratitude I feel that you’re out there leading the fight to restore everything that made this country great. Everyone that believes in personal freedoms and liberties is truely blessed for the message you send. One can only hope that enough people hear it. Good luck in 2012… you have my support :-).



  • Wenona De Leon

    Happy Birthday Ron Paul!

    We love you! This is an email we sent out to everyone on our mailing list:

    Media is censoring this amazing candidate. Why? Have you checked him out? Ronpaul2012.com

    The liberal and even the conservative news refuse to air this candidate. What are they afraid of?
    Perhaps there is someone who can really help heal this country, and the truth is, the powers that be don’t want that to happen.

    Did you know:
    -Ron Paul was the 2008 candidate with the most contributions from military families?
    -Ron Paul has received next to the lowest in terms of media coverage yet he has raised MORE support, even without media than Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorium, Tim Pawlenty or Rick Perry?

    -Ron Paul is the only candidate whose every vote is based on the principles of our constitution.
    -Ron Paul is the only candidate dedicated to defending the USA borders on our soil first before sending our soldiers abroad
    -Ron Paul is the only candidate who doesn’t believe that we should be telling other countries what to do or sending our money overseas trying to buy friendships or force cooperation
    -Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan for restoring the rights of states and individuals
    -Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan for restoring the strength of the dollar
    -Ron Paul is the only candidate with solid fiscal understanding and plan to stimulate the job market
    -Ron Paul is the only candidate respected internationally
    -Ron Paul is the only candidate elected to 11 terms, with no record of ever having raised taxes, voted for abortion or voted for bigger government
    -Ron Paul is the only candidate who has been married 50 years
    -Ron Paul is the only doctor in the bunch who understands the challenges facing health care.

    Why is it that the media are afraid of him? Perhaps someone is making money off wars. Perhaps someone is funding the media, the journalism schools and the government who doesn’t want our country to be healed. Perhaps it is the same someone who pulled the strings to make an anonymous man a president, and who is keeping him from being impeached despite his many violations against our constitution.

    Did you know that today is Ron Paul’s birthday?

    –Without any media coverage he has received over a million dollars in contributions.
    Because INTEGRITY and FREEDOM make Ron Paul stand above the crowd, even when he isn’t given the podium.

    Don’t believe the press. Listen to Ron Paul. Understand his philosophy. You will love him!

    Check out Ron Paul at ronpaul2012.com

  • Argon

    Happy Birthday Ron,You have my vote.

  • Libertarian American

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. PAUL!!!!! We love you!

  • Vicki Newell

    Happy Birthday, wishing you many more. Thank you for giving us a voice. may it be heard loud & clear.

  • Tanya

    Happy birthday, Dr. Paul! Just made my contribution to your money-bomb. I wish it could be more, but I’m proud to be just a small part of your campaign. You are the real deal.

    In Christ,
    Hayward, WI

  • Catherine Rightsell

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. You have my vote and my donation and my prayers!!! We need you!!! Thank you for everything you are doing! Hope you have a great day!

  • Mel Thomas

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

    Many happy returns of the day!

    I’m happy to note you share this day
    with myself, and two of my nephews!

    Best wishes on your political campaign

  • Lia Dixon

    Happy Birthday and many, many more!!!! Thank you for having the courage to speak up on the truly important issues! May victory be yours!

  • Roy Ferguson

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE RON PAUL ! From A real fan in Calgary,Alberta, Canada

  • Harry

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, give thanks and keep fighting the good fight! Harry

  • al wood


  • Holly Gleason-Wise

    Thank you, Dr. Paul, for your unwavering support of liberty and your steadfastness over so many years. We wish you all the best and support you completely in your Presidential campaign. God bless you, and we hope and pray to see you in the White House!

    Very best regards,
    Holly Gleason-Wise & Michael I. Wise

  • Anthony J. Cuozzo Jr.

    Happy birthday, Ron! This is only the beginning…

  • Marie

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Best of luck in 2012!

  • bill detzner

    Happy 76’th birthday, Ron. Please know that millions of people across the country support your campaign to restore the Constitution to its rightful place as the supreme law of the land. We also share your vision to end both the warfare and the welfare state. Keep spreading the word, Ron. People are beginning to wake up and listen!

  • Paul Hucks

    dr. paul

    im a active duty sailor and just wanted to let you know that there are alot of us here supporting you. we need you and you have your vote. happy birthday mr. paul

    a sailor in va bch.

  • Happy Birthday Mr. Paul. May God be with you and bless you as you take on the establishment.