Happy Birthday! Ron Paul Moneybomb Pulls in Over $1.6 Million

Over the weekend, 2012 Republican presidential contender Ron Paul has scored another major boost in his campaign’s momentum with a fundraising haul of over $1.6 million in small individual donations.

“Our campaign is surging, and today’s money bomb results show the strength of our grassroots support,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “We’ve just come off of an impressive finish in the Iowa straw poll, and our growing poll numbers and strong fundraising proves that our message is resonating with people.”

This impressive fundraising feat was achieved despite a cyber-attack being launched against the campaign website during the online money bomb, shutting down the site for at least a few hours before it was restored. Paul’s campaign has now cracked the million-dollar mark in one day fundraising four times.

  • Jim in Alabama

    Congratulations! Amazingly I have not seen or heard anything on the media about this. The Democratic party only raised 6.7 million in the last quarter so this is really amazing.

    If more people knew what you stand for and understood the message more support would come from all parties but the media for some reason keeps you at the side lines. We are going to change that somehow.

  • Happy belated Ron!

    I’d like to see 1 million people donate 20.12 on the next bomb!

    When is it?



  • Ross Johnson

    Ron Paul supporters should consider reaching the older generation via their children.Ron has so many young people supporting him and they have access to schools and Universities. This is a cheaper way of marketing good political philosophy.

    The people are now distrusting the corporate and Govt media thus use the internet as their source of infomation.Do not discount the traditional forms of communication also,like flyers, letters,faxes and networking.

    Paul supporters are extremely active,vocal and enthusiastic.They can use their creativity to great effect!


  • Bruce Duncan

    Congratulations and God Speed Dr. Paul. Knock those other clown candidates out
    and go on to steamroller Obama in ’12. America needs you and your courageous patriotism working for us, if we’re to have any hopes of survival as a sovereign and free country.

    God Bless You!

  • Aisha

    Happy (belated) Birthday Dr. Paul!

    You’re the only person in this race that can fix what Oh Bummer’s done!

  • Good job guys/girls 🙂

  • CS Coleman

    Let the establishment make mistakes. They are loosing credibility day by day. WE are gaining strength and courage. THEY now live in FEAR of REA L Americans – all races, beliefs and ages. America is an IDEAL and a MISSION. Dr. Paul is showing us the path to inspire US to retake our sovereignty and dignity as a people.

  • Happy birthday! Do not lose your focus and keep fighting for the people-even the ones that don’t see the vision clearly. You are doing great getting on all the press programs. It gives us a lot to repost to facebook/twitter etc. We are out here helping further the cause. Folks repost his videos on your sites and put the signs in your yards. Let America know there are a lot of supporters!!!

    May God Bless you, your words, actions, and deeds.

  • Anthony

    Happy Birthday Dr Paul,you are a great man,and many Americans Love you..May you live many many more years..We need you,Dr Paul!!
    To all Ron Paul Supporters,PLEASE start going onto your local Tea Party websites,and show support for Dr Paul..There is a crack devoloping within the Tea Party..The war machine NeoCons have snuck into that group and are now trying to sway the opinions of others..PLEASE JOIN ME,in supporting Dr Paul..

  • Carol

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I’m behind you all the way

  • Sky Drummer

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. Go get ’em!!!

  • Dave Anderson

    Happy Birthday MR. PRESIDENT!!!! May you have many more, god bless.

  • Asian voter

    I was only able to donate $20.12, but I don’t think I was the only one. If the Dr. No campaign can keep it up then America will have a promising future ahead of us.

  • Great Birthday bash! Keep it up, they are wondering what the heck is going on with RON PAUL who is about to lead in the polls. Keep up the good work because America has the OBAMA BLUES!!!!
    Here is a little song that tells how we as AMERICANS FEEL.

  • sheri

    Happy Birthday!!! Go Get the White House!! God Bless!!

  • Dear Mr., I mean Dr. Paul,

    other than myself becoming a doctor, like you’re-self, can I obtain a third name? Become President.?. Sincerely, Rollin Hetwall aka RH Hetwall

  • Happy birthday Dr. Paul

  • Dear Mr., I mean Dr. Paul,

    other than myself becoming a doctor, like you’re-self, or swearing allegiance to two different flags can I obtain a third name? Become President. Sincerely, Rollin Hetwall aka RH Hetwall

  • PeoplePower

    Wow $1.6 million bucks lots of money for a birthday, buy a nice present, Gold or maybe fund the impeachment case against obama & friends lol.

    Go Ron Paul 🙂