Happy Birthday! Ron Paul Moneybomb Pulls in Over $1.6 Million

Over the weekend, 2012 Republican presidential contender Ron Paul has scored another major boost in his campaign’s momentum with a fundraising haul of over $1.6 million in small individual donations.

“Our campaign is surging, and today’s money bomb results show the strength of our grassroots support,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “We’ve just come off of an impressive finish in the Iowa straw poll, and our growing poll numbers and strong fundraising proves that our message is resonating with people.”

This impressive fundraising feat was achieved despite a cyber-attack being launched against the campaign website during the online money bomb, shutting down the site for at least a few hours before it was restored. Paul’s campaign has now cracked the million-dollar mark in one day fundraising four times.

  • Jim Boka

    Something stinks here. I just received in the mail today August 31st the request from Mrs. Paul to send Ron a card for his birthday. The letter is dated Aug 15 with a request to send it in time for his birthday. I was down with sending him more support but it would be too late for his birthday. How is it possible that I received it so late? Did this happen to anyone else? Is there some possible USPS sabotage against RP? I would like to hear from others that may have experienced the same. The card was addressed properly.

  • Ted Street

    Notice that Ron Paul made no comment on the Obama Amnesty of 300000!

    That says everything about his position on amnesty!!!

    Ron Paul was for the rule of law before he was against it.


  • Jackie

    Wishing you a “Happy, Happy Birthday” while looking forward to you celebrating an overwhelming victory in 2012.


  • I do not think that Ron Paul needs as much money as some of the other candidates to win, but I am sure the campaign can use whatever it can get. The Internet and other technologies can be used to get the liberty message out just as, or more efficiently than the mainstream media network.

    I think that Dr. Paul’s approach of avoiding name calling, and sticking to the issues is the best way to go, if those of us who enjoy liberty want any chance of winning. Name calling ultimately loses votes. Thomas Jefferson learned to just ignore statements against him during his successful campaign for president.

    The message of the evils of the central banking system and Dr. Pauls predictions of what would happen to our economy are two area that seem to be getting quite a bit of attention.

    The fact that Paul is able to work with good folks like Ralph Nader, and other so-called “uber-liberals” (Heard it on fox news) is quite interesting. Both ends of the political spectrum see a lot in common and these issues can be tackled first. Bring the troops home! Stop the wars!

    The president has veto power and is commander-in-chief of the military. There is quite a bit of positive work that a president Ron Paul could do, even if there is little support in Congress. Dr. No’s “no” vote will go a lot further than it does now.

  • Ron Paul is the only Republican I will vote for president in 2012, if they nominate him. He makes good, calm, rational sense and does not wear his religion on his sleeve. It makes sense that the individual people and then the states should decide the vast majority of the day-to-day political decisions in as many areas as possible.

    The body of the US Constitution is a list of exceptions to the rule, and is to be taken seriously, in the theoretical land of liberty and justice for all. It is the president’s job to keep peace alive as much as possible so that the people may freely trade.

    I am glad that Ron Paul knows how to talk about the issues, how to stick to the message, and how to avoid name calling. I am giving my support to Ron Paul 2012!

  • Douglas

    They fear Ron Paul. Thus is why they are pushing for 2024 occupation of Afghanistan. You have to understand the opium addiction too understand Afghanistan, I feel.

    It is only natural. But we all at some point must make things right. Putting the Elite in rehab may be a new policy we show consider?

    Yea, I know it is more than that. Feisty nomadic tribes that do not want Russia, America or China to have sovereignty over their land and do not want it to be the World Capital of opium production.

    What is the staple of our current global economic system? The global exchange rate is just based on the observation of GDP import export ratios?

    Look, the world is waking up to what is really going on. However, the world is wondering how we can get out of this mess!

    Top Evolutionary Scientist may be in relation with the same fools who have created this unsustainable economy. Think with me for one sec.

    The over consumption of natural resources is directly tied to unconstitutional monetary policy. The over pollution of our ecology is directly tied to unconstitutional monetary policy. The creation of wars is directly tied to unconstitutional monetary policy.

    Yes, by now you see where I am getting at and this is exactly why you are here with US. WE WANT CONSITUTIONAL MONATARY POILICY! Currency issued with proper representation will not need usury or in some cases repayment.

  • destiny

    Its an intellectual and peaceful Revolution!!

    Jump on board.

    Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • destiny

    Ron Paul 2012 !!!

    You are the BOMB!



  • destiny

    Ron Paul
    I used to be the Republican
    who agreed with all this stuff
    I listened to the fox news
    and I paid attention to politcs
    waiting for the next contender
    who would I support?
    looking listening watching
    for the lesser of two evils
    but then there was you
    The guy with integrity
    the guy who makes people think and talk
    the guy who brings the sides together
    somewhere in the middle
    the guy who gets the most military support
    the old guy with young ideas
    the guy who has the youths support
    I am a grandma… đŸ™‚

    Ron Paul 2012 !!!!