Ron Paul Takes New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll With 45% of Vote

It’s been a good week for Ron Paul: a statistical tie at the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa last Saturday, a thousand New Hampshire voters at the Concord, New Hampshire office opening Wednesday night, and today, a resounding victory in the New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll in New Castle.

With 45% of the vote, Paul soundly beat his closest rivals at this traditional lobster bake, with Mitt Romney earning 10% of the vote, followed by Thaddeus McCotter and Rick Perry, tied at 8%.

“Ron Paul’s message of traditional conservatism — fiscal restraint, limited government, and strong national defense — is clearly the future of the Republican Party,” said NH Chairman and State Senator Jim Forsythe, who spoke on behalf of Congressman Paul at the Straw Poll. “The other candidates know that and sound more like him every day. But there are convenient copies, and there’s the real thing.

“It takes more than a sound bite and a flip-flop to fool New Hampshire voters. That’s why there’s real momentum here for Ron Paul.”

New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll Results

Ron Paul – 45%
Mitt Romney – 10%
Rick Perry – 8%
Thaddeus McCotter – 8%
Gary Johnson – 6%
Michele Bachmann – 5%
Herman Cain – 5%
Jon Huntsman – 3%
Rick Santorum – 3%
Buddy Roemer – 3%
Newt Gingrich – 1%
Rudy Giuliani – 1%
Paul Ryan – 1%

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  • PeoplePower

    Ron keeps winning the straw poles! kick their ass Ron

    Go Ron Paul 🙂


  • Brian Canadi

    This is fantastic news.

    I’d like to know that if Ron Paul should not make the republican primary (let’s face it the long termers probably wont support anyone who is not for big government), how many would vote for him if he has to run independantly? I unfortunately know too many who will only vote party.

    • michael peck

      I will vote for him, and no other rep or dem, if he doesnt run, im voting maybe straight libertarian, or a mix of indepenents, but never again a rep or dem…ive had it… RECALL BILL SCHUETTE NOW

    • I’m stickin’ to whats right and everyone else should too! He has proven himself the only honest politician and he has been saying the same thing for 30 years. He predicted the recession and housing bubble. Regardless of his “Label” he is a very smart man and we should start paying attention.

      Donate to his campaign even if it’s only a few bucks!


      Buy Yard Sign and bumper stickers!!

  • Marty Lamb

    I have used a bar of soap on my car windows to voice my support for Dr. Paul.. People must know he can and will win both the republican primary and presidential elections.Suggest we all do it, then perhaps people will realize how much support he truly has. It has been a long time since we had a honest and courageous american president. The time is at hand, at last. RON PAUL WILL BE THAT PRESIDENT .

  • John

    Unbelievable that I had to do my own research to find out Dr. Paul won this poll.

  • Michael Kline

    Why has this article not been covered by the media. I will be sending money to the bomb this week in hopes that the campaign will not be silenced. I urge all supporters to use all methods necessary to announce the meaning of liberty and why we need Mr. Ron Paul to lead. I use the internet to voice Mr. Paul’s progress on every web site. Tell everyone to do their own due diligence on Ron Paul and make their own decision without influences from Corporations and the paid mainstream media. God Bless Ron Paul.