Ron Paul 38%, Barack Obama 39%

Ron Paul and Barack Obama are in statistical dead heat in a hypothetical 2012 general election matchup. The latest Rasmussen survey of likely voters reveals the following:

Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul earns 38% of the vote to President Obama’s 39% […]

Paul, whose long run afoul of the GOP establishment with his libertarian policy prescriptions, picks up 61% of the Republican vote, while 78% of Democrats fall in behind the president. Voters not affiliated with either of the major political parties prefer the longtime congressman by 10 points – 43% to 33%. […]

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Tea Party members support Paul. Fifty-one percent (51%) of those who are not members of the grass roots smaller government movement opt for the president.

Paul leads Obama by 11 points among male voters but loses female voters to the incumbent by a similar margin. Voters under 30 prefer the president, while Paul edges the incumbent in all other age groups.

The president leads among voters who earn $60,000 or less a year, while the GOP candidate is ahead among those who make more.

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of the Political Class favor Obama. A plurality (46%) of Mainstream voters support Paul. More…

But how about Ron Paul’s chances of winning the Republican nomination?

According to the latest Gallup poll, Ron Paul is now third among declared GOP candidates, pushing Michele Bachmann down to fourth place:

  1. Rick Perry 29%
  2. Mitt Romney 17%
  3. Ron Paul 13%
  4. Michele Bachmann 10%
  5. Herman Cain 4%
  6. Newt Gingrich 4%
  7. Rick Santorum 3%
  8. Jon Huntsman 1%


  • Ted Street

    Notice that Ron Paul made no comment on the Obama Amnesty of 300000!

    That says everything about his position on amnesty!!!

    Ron Paul was for the rule of law before he was against it.

  • JO

    Very Important… BUT PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR STATE TO SEE THEIR LAWS: Here in California you CAN VOTE in the PRIMARY ELECTION June 5, 2012 for any PARTY only if you are registered as ” NO PARTY PREFERENCE ” If you regested as an Independent or such YOU CAN NOT VOTE for DEM or REP. Please Make sure what the LAW is in Your STATE so you can VOTE FOR RON PAUL in The Primary June 5, 2012 VERY IMPORTANT because this IS the VOTE that will get him in To run against obama ….

  • destiny

    Ron Paul

    A wise old man with young ideas.
    Honest and refreshing!

    A non-interventionist who brings people together and makes people start talking about important issues.

    Ron Paul

    Its a Revolution!
    Educate yourself about Ron Paul.
    Now is the time to jump on board!!

  • Thomas

    Ron Paul or none at all!

  • Lie Detector

    Banned Footage Of Ron Paul RC Debate 2008

    Fox bury this footage It was never shown again

    I cannot believe I missed this guy in 2008. He is not only convincing. He is honest. Who else is honest on the political arena? Just name one besides Ron Paul.

  • Lie Detector


  • Lie Detector

    “Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Obama Exposed Finally