Ron Paul 38%, Barack Obama 39%

Ron Paul and Barack Obama are in statistical dead heat in a hypothetical 2012 general election matchup. The latest Rasmussen survey of likely voters reveals the following:

Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul earns 38% of the vote to President Obama’s 39% […]

Paul, whose long run afoul of the GOP establishment with his libertarian policy prescriptions, picks up 61% of the Republican vote, while 78% of Democrats fall in behind the president. Voters not affiliated with either of the major political parties prefer the longtime congressman by 10 points – 43% to 33%. […]

Seventy-six percent (76%) of Tea Party members support Paul. Fifty-one percent (51%) of those who are not members of the grass roots smaller government movement opt for the president.

Paul leads Obama by 11 points among male voters but loses female voters to the incumbent by a similar margin. Voters under 30 prefer the president, while Paul edges the incumbent in all other age groups.

The president leads among voters who earn $60,000 or less a year, while the GOP candidate is ahead among those who make more.

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of the Political Class favor Obama. A plurality (46%) of Mainstream voters support Paul. More…

But how about Ron Paul’s chances of winning the Republican nomination?

According to the latest Gallup poll, Ron Paul is now third among declared GOP candidates, pushing Michele Bachmann down to fourth place:

  1. Rick Perry 29%
  2. Mitt Romney 17%
  3. Ron Paul 13%
  4. Michele Bachmann 10%
  5. Herman Cain 4%
  6. Newt Gingrich 4%
  7. Rick Santorum 3%
  8. Jon Huntsman 1%


  • Lie Detector

    The extremist “mainstream media” conspire against Mainstream America to hide facts on the lier, called Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro)

    Google: Obama Lies

  • Kaligyrl365

    Made my choice. Paul/Ventura 2012

  • Kaligyrl365

    Im tired of these two machines. Ron Paul is educated and wise.

  • Kaligyrl365

    Ron Paul makes sense. He should be elected president in 2012.

  • levi

    If obama was a republican with exactly the same views and policies he has right now, he wouldnt have nearly enough democtratic votes behind him. Dems just vote for anyone whose a democtrat no matter how good the republican opponent is. Republicans are guilty of that as well but not as much as democtrats. You guys need to get your heads out of your asses and vote for whats better for the country, not youselves.

    • Truth Is Self-Evident

      If Obama was a Republican (he is, they used to be called Rockefeller Republicans but they were exiled and became the DLC) then of course those Democrats would not be voting for him… but you Republicans would, you are no better… UNLESS you nominate Ron Paul. Then you are better. I’m an independent, I belong to no party because I am an American, not a Democrat and not a Republican.

  • I hope the establishment war-mongerors, industrial criminals, greed-diseased, counterfeiting financial terrorists and exploiters, liberty and social responsibility shirking tyrants and mainstream media social-brainwashers are trembling in their stolen boots!

  • American should wake up. Obama is a serial lier. How can any sane mainstream American vote for a serial lier, such as Obama. The US media is just as corrupt. The media doesn’t show Americans how their President lies, because they support the lies. The media has become the extremists. The extremist media is afraid of the truth.

    Ron Paul Correctly Predicts Obama Lie

    • Truth Is Self-Evident

      How can any sane mainstream American vote for a serial liar, such as Obama?

      Simple… the Republican nominee also being a serial liar!

      That is why we need Ron Paul… credibility.

  • Anthony

    A question to ALL Americans??Do you love your country?Why do you refuse to look into things like,The Federal Reserve,The Bilderberg Group,The North American Union,The Rockefellars,The New World Order,Agenda 21..We The People MUST AWAKEN..When we do,The wars will stop,the border will be secured,racism will become null and void,The People will look after the poor and raise them up through education,not a hand out..The federal reserve will end,and our dollar will RISE once again..If you love this nation,dont give this thumbs down,but instead,look into these things.And you will see TRUTH..I have faith in this GREAT nation,we are young,but STRONG..Lift people up,say hi to your neighbors..And stop trying to control others,and be an example,and just maybe,those you disagree with,just might change there minds..America is a GREAT nation,founded on the ideals of the common man..We are not a nation of kings and queens,BUT rather,the true strength of the world..THE COMMON MAN Ron Paul 2012

  • Truth Is Self-Evident

    Ron Paul or Bust

    Obama will beat the other Republican hopefulls because they are so obviously phoney, just like Obama and most voters won’t throw out one phoney for another, party affiliation be damned!

  • Bruce Adams

    A pet rock could beat Obama right now because a pet rock doesn’t overspend ! Whoever wins the Republican nomination will win by a landslide. The Republican delegates will see beyond the lies and deception of Perry and Bachmann. Ron Paul has already won !!!

  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan
    There is room at the top they are telling you still 
    But first you must learn how to smile as you kill 
    If you want to be like the folks on the hill 
    A working class hero is something to be 

  • Anthony

    ITS ON RIGHT NOW..On,there are a few stories of political importance..A story on the fed,and a few others..YOU want media coverage for Dr Paul..Go get it..Educate other Americans about Dr Paul..Show America,there are millions of us..Stop whining and DO something about it..If I say ,are you awake,and you reply,what do you mean.Then your part of the problem..Get out there,and STOP waiting for others,including Dr Paul to do things for you..WE THE PEOPLE

  • giv3m3backmycountry

    There is a great awakening happening in America, this country is sick and America is calling Dr. Paul to restore her. Restore America Ron Paul 2012

  • ontarff

    Fox News just reported that Ron Paul is claiming that media is ignoring him yet he declined to be interviewed. Is this true?

  • Anthony

    A DIRE message to ALL Ron Paul supporters..Those numbers on the Tea Party are not accurate..Less and less and starting to support Dr Paul,within the Tea Party..There are many members that do,me included..But those of us that do,are starting to notice..That the neo cons are getting into the Tea Party and sowing seeds of doubt among the ranks…A BIG percantage are for Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann..A big percantage of the Tea Party doesnt care who is president,as long as its not Obama..Now me and some others have been spending alot of time trying to show them,that Perry and Bachmann are globalist and would not change a thing..I would suggest all of you,to sign up for a Tea Party website and get in on the fight..Ron Paul vs Neo Con status quo..Almost every state has a Tea Party and a website..PLEASE PEOPLE,WE NEED THE BACKING OF THE TEA PARTY..THEY HAVE MANY MEMBERS..But we also need the liberals as well..The only way Ron Paul will win,it will have to be a landslide..Or else the powers that be,will just fix it..We as a group as need not ignore the importance of going on mainstream media outlines(online) and comment on news stories,with info,support and websites for Dr Paul..It is a fact,the more people see his name,the more people will be inclined to look into it..We have much work to do..But if all of us spend an hour a day,on diffrent websites and news sources( will make a big diffrence..

  • Jeff

    In the end Truth, Courge and Honer will always win! Dr. Ron Paul has all three of these things in my book he’s already the winner just not moved in at the White House yet.


    Go Ron ! America needs a president who can speak the truth and where manipulation, deception and hidden agendas is a thing of the past. Ron Paul can help reform the american institutions that live by those patterns today.

  • Betsybugs

    Even Ron Paul’s own website underestimates his statistics……..

    “Seventy-six percent (76%) of Tea Party members support Paul. Fifty-one percent (51%) of those who are not members of the grass roots smaller government movement opt for the president.”

    NO AMERICAN WOULD SUPPORT OBAMA! If Paul was in an election against Obama 100% of the Teaparty and Independents would be behind him as well as 99% of all

  • Bringem home

    They are running scared…..go getem Ron!!!!

  • PeoplePower

    They forgot the 1% error lol, kick his ass out, Ron Paul for 2012 !!

    Go Ron Paul 🙂