Big schedule the next four days. I just arrived in New Hampshire…

“Big schedule the next four days. I just arrived in New Hampshire for two days, then to Iowa and then to DC to be on FOX News Sunday.”Ron Paul

(Note: Check the Events page for Ron Paul’s scheduled events in New Hampshire and Iowa)

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  • John Fowler

    People are trying so hard to find something on RP–some kind of breach of his integrity, some dirt, anything. If you listen to the ad from ’08 on the site you linked to, Ted, you’d find that he was saying then the same thing exactly that he’s saying now about the immigration issue. He’s not for amnesty–i.e., he’s not for granting full citizenship to illegal aliens. His position is a moderate one on this, based on his unwillingness to undertake a mass deportation on the basis of law which hasn’t been enforced in forever. As a constitutionalist, he has repeatedly stated that certain things (entitlements, immigration, etc.) will not be fixed overnight, but a gradual reorientation of the role of government and the preeminence of the constitution as the authority on all political matters will become the standard for policy.

    Therefore, Ron Paul is not at all against the rule of law, but it is practically impossible to come in and shatter everything in place immediately. I think the only thing Paul really would do very quickly is to bring all of the troops home, and I believe that strongly enough to wager a month’s pay on it. Much of everything else is going to require more delicacy. Incidentally, I am not attacking your post or you. I only felt the need to defend Paul’s principles, as I know them by heart at this point.

  • Ted Street

    Notice that Ron Paul made no comment on the Obama Amnesty of 300000!

    That says everything about his position on amnesty!!!

    Ron Paul was for the rule of law before he was against it.

  • PeoplePower

    Good luck Ron! the people are with you, even if bs news tries to criticise you

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • John Fowler

    Wow. They’re finally going to give him some time on Fox? Good luck, Ron! You know what to expect from the Establishment hatchetman Chris Wallace. But at least viewers (hopefully disenchanted by now) will have the opportunity to hear a pure message from a man of integrity. That is incredibly scarce in these times. I’ll be watching!!