47 responses to “Bruce Fein Joins Ron Paul 2012 Campaign”

  1. thẩm mỹ viện

    Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer,
    it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, great blog!


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  2. Joe Cortina

    I could give you credentials up the ying-yang - but if you do not know me personally - it would not matter to the average reader one iota - understanably.

    Here is something that you can ALL 'sink your teeth into' and take to the bank!

    (1) ALL you need to know about Fein is that he is an evil 2 faced deceitful hypocrite JEW! - raised as a traditional jew, with a jew wife PERIOD! They are both $ worshiping IsraHELL firsters. IsraHELL is Satan's 'home office ' here on earth - been there seen that, from the INSIDE!

    (2) ALL you need to know about JEWS is written by God in the New Testament in the Gospel of John Chapt 8 vs 44+. There you will LEARN that our Lord Christ exposed the jews for WHO they REALLY ARE ( and VERY CLEARLY - NOT just Pharaisees and Scribes) - as the "SONS OF the DEVIL" - PERIOD!


    Now go save Dr Paul from destroying his campaign by 'sleeping with whores'.

    Joe Cortina


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  3. S

    This Constitutional Republic is a failure; it is too easily corruptible, as we have seen. All the safeguards put in place by our Founding Fathers, who were brilliant men and warned us of the Jewish threat, have failed. Voting will not fix this; there is no one person that works in the interest of the (White) American people. Even Ron Paul is in their pocket, this is simply more evidence. The time to fix this peacefully was over 100 years ago.

    When the majority of (White) America comes to the realization that "Democracy and Freedom" are a sick lie in order to establish more control than most oppressive dictatorships could ever hope for, *then* we can strive for real change and a better tomorrow. But if that day does not come, then this nation and people are doomed for all eternity.

    Democracy is a fairy tale; illusion of choice to pacify you while they rob you. And it worked, they overthrew this country without firing a single shot.

    Wake up.



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  4. Pat H

    I think it’s important that we all parrot words and phrases fed to us by - um - by smarter people.

    I mean - I don’t think we should be using tools of the enemy - such as “logic”, “fact-checking”, or god forbid “critical thinking”. I just think it’s obvious how “anti-semitic” those things are.

    Nobody wants to be known as a “hater”, “racist”, or an “anti-semitic Nazi”. Those “anti-semites” are a really bad kind of enemy. They seem to be immune to propaganda techniques that have devolved into social pressures allowing people to willfully ignore “neo-con” infiltration into the Ron Paul campaign. Those “anti-semites” don’t seem to love Israel Firsters such as Bruce Fein either.

    “They hate us for out freedoms”. Remember that one - it’s kinda catchy.

    “We have to keep Iran from getting an Atomic weapon”… even Ron Paul is saying that. Hmmmmmmm.

    I don't buy it.


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  5. Pat H


    Jews are taught from their Talmud that crimes against Gentiles, including murder, genocide, child abuse, prostitution, and the like actually are considered holy services to God, if you can believe it. Rabbinical exhortations to deceive, rob, hate and even murder non Jews are required, else Jews ultimately will be punished by God. Look, I couldn’t just make stuff like this up. Elizabeth Dilling, ( 1894-1966) conducted a 20-year study of Judaism and the Talmud:

    “The non-Jew ranks as an animal, has no property rights and no legal rights under any code whatever. .. ‘Milk the Gentile’ is the Talmudic rule but don’t get caught in such a way as to jeopardize Jewish interests.

    Summarized, Talmudism is the quintessence of distilled hatred and discrimination, without cause, against non-Jews …

    “The Talmud is characterized by obscenity and more obscenity, a setting up of laws seemingly for the purpose of inventing circumventions, and evasions; delight in sadistic cruelty; reversal of all Biblical moral teachings on theft, murder, sodomy, perjury, treatment of children and parents; insane hatred of Christ, Christians and every phase of Christianity. “(The Talmud) characterizes the Virgin Mary as a ‘harlot’ and adulteress and Jesus as a ‘bastard’ and sexual pervert who was crucified as a ‘blasphemer of Pharisee Judaism.’

    Jesus’ punishment was to be ‘lowered into dung up to his armpits’ and then strangled. Christians in hell are punished by ‘hot boiling excrement…”‘ “(The Talmud describes God as being) a nature essence which has no attributes and can neither know nor be known. That is atheism … ”
    (The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today, Elizabeth Dilling, 1964)

    A few choice observations from the English translation of The Soncino Talmud: Jesus was born a bastard and his mother, Mary, was a harlot (Mishna Yebamoth 4,13). Jesus practiced black arts of magic (Sanhedrin 1076).
    Jesus is now suffering eternal punishment in a boiling vat of filthy excrement (Gittin 57a). The murder of Gentiles by Jews is said to be a “holy sacrifice” to God (Zohar, III, 2276 and I, 38b and 39a). Death of Gentiles by beheading is especially recommended (Pesachim 49b ).

    Moral relativism (if it feels good, do it) and secular humanism (an atheistic viewpoint holding that humanity controls its own destiny) are the hallmarks of the modem Jew and are what allow Jews like Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz to advocate torture of prisoners in America. Lacking a moral compass, anything goes. Israel, in fact, acknowledges that a majority of its population profess to be atheists.

    The Jew’s “religious” studies leave him mentally twisted and often perverted, with significant wounds to his psyche, the result of which is to view all non-Jews as lesser beings, to be used and abused as he desires. Consider the manner in which Palestinians are treated by Israelis, for example. “The attitude resulting from such teachings has been resented by non-Jews in all countries and centuries. Such resentment, however, is always portrayed by Jews as persecution of the Jews. ” (Dilling, Ibid)

    “It’s cultural,” I hear repeatedly from Jews, a statement with which I wholeheartedly agree. Jewish mothers, and all that. Problem is, evolution has made it genetic, as well, but that is just a different form of culture, albeit far more durable.

    So tell me - after knowing all of this - why would anyone be comfortable with Bruce Fein joining the Ron Paul campaign? Why?


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  6. Pat H


    Fifty years ago the "neo-connish" Money Creation Scammers decided it was possible to take over America as completely and thoroughly as it had Russia a mere half century prior to that time.

    Of course, America had been targeted a hundred years ago, along with so many European nations. Key to the goal of taking America was the removal from power of the White European stock that founded America and had been firmly in control ever since.

    Is the dumbing down of White America (via the "neo-con" designed so-called “No Child Left Behind” program – which is really the “No White Child Out in Front” program) and the smokescreen covering racial test score differences accidental? Designed to compensate for racial inequity? No, that never was the intent, as even a cursory glance at testing scores both then and now discloses. No. Nothing is accidental.

    Why, then? Because fifty years ago is about when the coup that now is reaching completion in America began in earnest.

    As was true in "neo-con"-controlled Russia of the 1920s, the next step for America is adoption of laws mandating prison for expressions of anti-Semitism.

    Death for anti-Semitism will follow, mark my words, just as it did in Russia.

    At first, it will be masked, as other laws are misapplied, just as today’s hate crime laws are misapplied as hate speech laws.

    Now that the average American has come to believe that hate speech is illegal, the laws outlawing pure speech are being put into place. It will happen the same way until “Say the J-word and die” becomes a reality.

    Just ask 20-80 million Russian Christians – oh, sorry, you can’t ask them because they are all dead, killed by Russia’s "neo-con" masters last century, many if not most simply for being anti-Semitic (and being Christian is all that it ever has taken to be called anti-Semitic).

    And Ron Paul signs up Bruce Fein...hmmm.

    I think I see where this is going.


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  7. Pat H

    Israel can do no wrong. Israel receives billions in US foreign aid each year, some of which comes back to America in the form of bribes … er, campaign contributions, to keep our elected officials in check.

    Only in Israel is interracial marriage illegal if one party is Jewish.

    Only in Israel is racial segregation the order of the legitimate government.

    Only in Israel is it illegal for foreigners to vote … or hold property.

    “Let’s boycott Israel,” some say upon learning the truth. Guess what? There is only one country in the world which boycotting will get you charged with a crime in America: Israel.

    Only Israel could have gotten away with the murderous attack on the USS Liberty during the Sixties.

    Only in Israel is wholesale and widespread trafficking in slaves, mostly Russian women and children, allowed to flourish.

    Only Israel could get away with erecting the wall now separating it from Palestinians, built well into Palestinian territory.

    Only Israel has an estimated 500 nuclear weapons, many nuclear missile submarines and massive biological/chemical weapon stocks, while officially denying it has any.

    Only Israel could threaten to take the rest of the world down with it in the event of a nuclear exchange with Arab states, yet have such a statement be ignored in the Decapitated governments in the West.

    And last, but by no means least….only an Israeli can maintain their Israeli citizenship and at the same time be a US Senator, a US Congressman, hold a key position in the US Federal Government, be a US Ambassador to a foreign county, the Mayor of a major American city………and so much more.

    And Ron Paul just signed up Bruce Fein onto his campaign...



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  8. Pat H

    As we have seen, the "neo-cons" have done all this and more elsewhere, most recently in Germany and Russia last century. In all cases, though the native populations eventually rose up and threw them out, those countries have been wrecked in the process.

    It likely will be no different in the case of America.

    Between 1933 and 1938, unemployment in the US actually increased – 19.5%. World War II is what did the job of pulling America out of the depression, as is well known to both the "neo-connish" central bankers and to America’s current policy makers. They now have painted themselves into a comer, economically speaking, far worse than that in which America found itself in the 1930′s. The tried-and-true solution, world war, remains to be used. It will be used, rest assured, as it is all that is left to them.

    The "neo-connish" cabal will seek to “lend” to both sides of any conflict – thereby keeping their “Money Scam” intact and operating. All while we die.

    A quick perusal of the recent Republican contender candidate debates illustrates just how hard the "neo-con" Money Power is pushing for war.

    You and I know the reason. The "neo-con" owned and controlled media isn’t about to go on air and spoon feed the reasons to Joe Six-Pack. Maybe you and I can. At least we can try.


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  9. Pat H

    I am very sorry to hear that Fein has joined the Paul campaign. A lot of people are stepping on eggshells using terms like "neo-con" when we all know what the real problem is. Nobody wants to be known as a “hater”, “racist”, or an “anti-semitic Nazi”. Those “anti-semites” are a really bad kind of enemy. They use things like “logic” and “critical thinking” - and we know how bad those things are for Greater Israel.

    We all know America’s failures are directly traceable to the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank system and the resultant handover to "neo-cons" of the reigns of government. As time went on, the fabulously wealthy "neo-conis" banking families saw to the takeover of America’s media, educational system, judicial system, most professions and most of the significant governmental power points. They then employed multiculturalism and massive third-world immigration as a prime weapon to weaken and divide us. Any repetition of this must be prevented, at all costs, in the future.

    “Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are the United
    States government ‘s institutions. They are not government
    institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the
    people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their
    foreign swindlers ”
    (Congressional Record 12595-12603: Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency (12 years), June 10, 1932)

    See... I didn't say the "J" word one time. Does that make you more comfortable?


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