Ron Paul: The Most Likely GOP Candidate to Beat Obama

Two recent Rasmussen polls show that Ron Paul is not only statistically tied with Obama (38% vs. 39%); he does better against the current president than any other declared or potential GOP candidate:

  1. Ron Paul 38%, Barack Obama 39% (1% difference)
  2. Rick Perry 40%, Barack Obama 43% (3% difference)
  3. Michele Bachmann 39%, Barack Obama 43% (4% difference)
  4. Mitt Romney 38%, Barack Obama 46% (8% difference)
  5. Sarah Palin 33%, Barack Obama 50% (17% difference)

What will Ron Paul’s general election campaign against Barack Obama look like? Here’s what Paul had to say about then-candidate Obama in June 2008:

  • Chad

    100% for Ron Paul / 0% for the rest. “Look Out” because the Ron Paul freight train is coming. The 5-0’s coming. Let’s clean house in DC.

    Country folks for Ron Paul. This should be his campaign ad.
    Hank Williams – Country Boy Can Survive

    City and NFL folks for Ron Paul
    Nifty – Who Gon’ Stop Me @ 3:15 (Ron Paul) The 5-0’s coming (50 states unanimously for Paul.)

  • destiny

    The Revolution is here!!!


    Jump on board!!

    Ron Paul



    Bring the troops home.

    Leave the states responsible for their own laws.

    50 states- 50 ideas on healthcare, education, balancing budget, drugs, same sex marriage, parks and nature, environment, energy, jobs etc….

    States would then be able to compare and adopt ideas from other states.

    Supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Supporter of the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Supporter of LIBERTY.



  • M1k4e

    like and favorite all Ron Paul videos he doesn’t get featured enough from the media so lets make him featured online RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

  • a49614

    Ron Paul loves the people. Not more to say.

  • BFKAnthony817

    “He probably doesn’t have real solid beliefs. He’ll be converted when we convert his young people, that’s what we are converting”. : Ron Paul on President Obama’s young followers converting into Paul followers.

    That’s what happened to me, I voted Obama for change, but all we got was false hopes, lets make Paul our President of America, and the leader of the free world! Ron Paul for 2012!

    Now that’s change I can believe in!

  • startravelnow

    we need ron paul to save american 2012

  • tubub

    Obama has said “Everyone should go to college.” Remind you of anything? A decade ago, Bush said “Every American has a right to home ownership.” Bush helped firms like the Lehman brothers in doling out loans to those who couldn’t afford it. Obama has extended and expanded loans to people who can’t afford college! Education is the new bubble!


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  • PeoplePower

    Obama just got pwned, Ron Paul for 2012 !!

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Carole Riggins

    Ron Paul is the only one who can save America!


    Another topic that Ron Paul nailed with an accurate prediction.
    Obama has not changed much of anything.

  • ChristianWorldOrder2

    obama is more worried about libya than America so one big ass mistake america aka obama can go be PRESIDENT over in Libya step down as president here and hand the white house keys to Ron Paul and allow Ron to run this Country Ron Paul 2012!

  • Erik

    What can people do to boost Ron Paul? I’m tired of the media bias against him and misinformation some people have been spreading.

    • Truth Is Self-Evident

      What I do is inform myself, then participate in local political discussions. I attend Tea Party and Patriot Party groups, letters to the editor for my local newspaper, and engage in the on-line discussions locally through the newspaper. Remember, all politics is local, that is where one can make a real impact. People are coming Ron Paul’s way, because we are making sure the People know the real Ron Paul and not be overly influenced by the Media distortions.

    • Chad

      Keep telling everyone. Put signs out. Emails. Send YouTubes out. Don’t believe Ron Paul can win, but believe he’s going to win.

  • Truth Is Self-Evident

    If these polls got the same level of Media coverage as Rick Perry did for the past two weeks, by Labor Day Ron Paul would have a 20% lead over his nearest Republican rivals and at least a 10% lead over Obama head to head.

  • theblackmanOyeah

    spoken like a champion of liberty

  • Ezio Romano’

    Please go on Mr Ron Paul!

  • anryth

    As Milton Friedman said, although it is nice to vote the right person into office, in reality you get positive change by making it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing.

  • destiny

    YEAH !!!


    2012 !!!

  • OfficialTribe

    Here Here!!!

  • EdMan2012

    Spot on, Dr. Paul. Any 08′ Obama voters here? If you want real change with a clear constitutional direction, then register republican and vote in the republican primaries for Ron Paul. Then when he wins, you can see the real national debate that should take place in this country vs Obama.

  • jeffy12