Ron Paul: The Most Likely GOP Candidate to Beat Obama

Two recent Rasmussen polls show that Ron Paul is not only statistically tied with Obama (38% vs. 39%); he does better against the current president than any other declared or potential GOP candidate:

  1. Ron Paul 38%, Barack Obama 39% (1% difference)
  2. Rick Perry 40%, Barack Obama 43% (3% difference)
  3. Michele Bachmann 39%, Barack Obama 43% (4% difference)
  4. Mitt Romney 38%, Barack Obama 46% (8% difference)
  5. Sarah Palin 33%, Barack Obama 50% (17% difference)

What will Ron Paul’s general election campaign against Barack Obama look like? Here’s what Paul had to say about then-candidate Obama in June 2008:

  • m16police

    this it who should be running this country

  • BaldyV

    Tell Ron Paul to pick Sowell as his VP! ron paul 2012 . c0m / contact-us


  • rmr355

    Ronny P

  • sutircomed

    Ron Paul is an extreme right-winger who gave the keynote address to the John Birch Society. His views on women’s, workers’, and civil rights are completely reactionary. He is just another Republican plutocrat from the isolationist wing of the party.

  • BlameTheFirst

    The last decade has revealed the two-party system for the farce it is. There is little, if no, difference between Democrats and Republicans. Obama is living proof. Ron Paul has the ability to attract a diverse range of support from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Thus he threatens the current political paradigm and status quo, which is why the media and establishment ignore him, or at least try to.

  • Iconoclast06660

    Oh there was a change all right, IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!

    • Truth Is Self-Evident

      I didn’t support Obama, because he is Black Bush.

      Same foreign policy.
      Same monetary policy
      Same immigration policy
      Same internal security policy
      Same trade policy
      Same bailout policy

      No, I am not the biggest IDIOT in America who insists things only got bad, or even got worse under Obama. That is just substanceless partisanship, and it is just the line of the Ruling Elite trying to dupe the public one again.

      Ron Paul 2012

  • stonethugmusic


  • marcuswatsonlife

    Obama Lied and I use to like Obama in 2008 but Paul is right No Change at all

  • gamstajames

    then lets get it to 100,000 views.. come if you really want Paul, then lets convince american people to vote for FREEDOM over government. He is the idea and we are the weapons….so if we really want to make a change then it is up to us “The People” to do so. ,spread the word,post signs, get bumper stickers JUST SPREAD THE GOD DAMN WORD

  • AnAmazingForehand

    Anyone But Obama!!!

    • Truth Is Self-Evident

      You sound like a Hillary Clinton supporter… she isn’t Obama!

  • madmercenary

    I’m from Canada and I love Ron Paul! A politician with integrity, and those two words are usually an oxymoron.

    Ron Paul 2012 – Yes He Can!

  • jimbronaugh

    We need one million people to buy Ron Paul a pizza every month between now and the Primaries. A large pizza with every thing (and a beer) costs about $25.00. If one million people who support Ron Paul would send him the cost of a pizza every month until the Primaries, he would have the money needed to win the nomination. Please! Buy Ron Paul a pizza every month.It’s easier and cheaper than buying a gun and fighting to get your freedom back once it is lost.

  • bossrube53

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 - Petition - CBS News 60 minutes – Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition


  • bossrube53

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 - Petition - CBS News 60 minutes – Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition


  • thisismyusernamemr

    I can’t believe people still don’t get it.

  • abukamoon

    Obama, is the new Bush, who was the new Clinton and so on. There is no change because the same people are in charge despite the stooges in the White House. The same special interests are running the show.

  • MultiGazman

    Ron Paul or Riot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Travis

    So, I shared this link on facebook and got a reply, which I’m glad I did, saying he clicked on the link and it lead him to Ron Paul’s site. Therefore, credibility is the question. Anyone have a link to the unbiased true source?

    • Travis

      Nvm. I got a link to the direct source. You guys had me worried for a second. Speak the truth, and nothing but the truth. We can do this

  • nagasako7

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win the GOP nomination if its fixed…

    Then run as a 3rd Party and show liberals he has more social liberal ideals than Obama and then show GOP he means what he says on cutting debt unlike GOP status quo.

  • Hellbrigade88