Ron Paul on FEMA, Inflation and 2012 Campaign


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Neil Cavuto: After Irene, you pay. But Ron Paul says you better not, we better not. The presidential candidate was loud and clear: the government in the big disaster relief business is bad and now bust. Congressman, good to have you. So you’re saying this whole FEMA thing is something that was manufactured and has gotten bigger than it’s worth?

Ron Paul: Yea, I think it was very misleading, it’s always like a government program that promises to do wonderful things. But the whole principle of FEMA and the flood insurance program is deeply flawed because it’s enticing people to build in areas that the market is saying is unsafe and the insurance is too expensive. So it’s a type of a welfare program where people go in, they can’t afford it, and then the government goes in debt bailing everybody out and cleaning it up. But the worst part is the bureaucracy of it all, the central economic planning and the control they have on land later on that bothers me. Governors can take care of these kinds of problems if we would allow it to be that they kept these National Guard units in their state where they could use them if they needed some emergency help.

Neil Cavuto: What if the states are broke? Haven’t we fostered a sort of a weaning process here for governors to have to hit up the federal government for money?

Ron Paul: Yea, but where is the government going to get the money from, the federal government is broke too, they don’t have any money in the bank and we’re 14 trillion dollars in debt. Now the one thing I have done and since I have a coastal district, and I have Galveston, when this issue comes up, I say, “Yea, I’ll vote for the funding if you take it from some place and save enough where you can cut the deficit”. I’d save some program from spending overseas a billion dollars, put half of it towards the deficit, put 500 million dollars into one of these programs like this. But you just can’t keep spending, this is the problem, it’s always nobody can deny it.

Neil Cavuto: That’s where you look, fairly or not, I know what you’re saying, Congressman, as much as I was telling Governor Johnson, “He’s heartless, look at all this suffering, look at all these folks who are hurting and some of them in areas that normally don’t get hurricanes so there was no way to prepare for this, so we got to help them out”. What say you?

Ron Paul: Well, what I say is if you continue to do what we’re doing, the suffering is going to be much, much worse.

Neil Cavuto: How so, how so?

Ron Paul: Because we won’t have any money, we’ll just print the money, it will lose its value, you’ll have runaway inflate. And even the people in Social Security will get checks, but the standard of living will go down; it’s already started. And the economic consequences of a currency crisis is much worse than people dealing with these problems at a local level. But the bureaucratic method of doing this at the federal level is just not the way to go. I had more complaints about FEMA in my district than all the other agencies of government put together.

Neil Cavuto: Oh, I believe that.

Ron Paul: I mean, just think of all this stories told about what went on in New Orleans with …

Neil Cavuto: I know you’re right, Congressman, but can I just ask something, because I was with Governor Johnson, and you’ve been a victim of this to a lesser extent, obviously. But this “who’s invited, who’s not invited” to a debate. He’s not invited when you are, but no one takes you seriously even though you register quite well in the polls, you’ve been on this show many, many times, people love you. And I have this theory that people just sort of marginalize if you’re not in the top two. And then you get in top three and they say, “We’re only talking about the top 2, not top 3”. So there’s no way for you to win. And now I had a theory on the (?) thing which could apply to you, but another theory is that they’re run out of podiums, there are only so many podiums. What the hell is it?

Ron Paul: Well, I guess you can’t have a debate with 25, and if you had, everybody that signed up to run, then you have to do something about it. But I heard your little comments with Garry a few minutes ago, and I don’t think you had him, but you could have had… he was a Governor for 8 years.

Neil Cavuto: Absolutely. And I’m saying it’s not as if we have 50 people running, we could put all of you in our conference room. I mean, they’re a lot of you, but there aren’t so many that it would be unwieldy. And I’m saying that if given the chance, if people hear you out and they’re intrigued by what you have to say, people hear Governor Johnson and they’re intrigued by what he has to say, I’m not here to say either one of you should be president, I am here to say that you should have your day in the proverbial court where people can get to hear you and not be blocked hearing you.

Ron Paul: And I like interviews like you do much better, because I don’t know how much the debates accomplish; I guess they accomplish something. But there has to be a better way. My personal desires are to have more interviews where I’m allowed to answer the questions and people get to notice and they should make sure that all the candidates get those interviews.

Neil Cavuto: Yea, but when they’re blocked, you know, it’s not fair, it’s not right. You just a created a groundswell, the governor might be able to do that, but it’s a sad way to go that you have to create your own momentum, is what I’m saying. And if we had this sort of structure at the time of Abraham Lincoln, we’d never gotten Abraham Lincoln.

Ron Paul: He probably wouldn’t have made it.

Neil Cavuto: No, no. Congressman, it’s always good to have you on, thank you very, very much.

Ron Paul: Thank you.


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    Hire the unemployed Americans to clean up and rebuild…..

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    Glad to see someone in the media likes Dr.Paul. There’s quite a bit of videos of Mr. Cavuto interviewing Dr. Paul. A lot of people watch Fox, so this is great for Dr. Paul.

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    I knew…Neil has finally seen the light…he likes ron paul

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    Neil Cavuto went up a little bit in my book because he is acknowledging the consistent logic of Ron Paul.

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    We need Ron Paul …. if America stays on our present course of the wealthy people who control our leaders, then we will fall. Welcome to America; no longer
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    Neil Cavuto’s temperment toward Paul has changed profoundly. This is a positive development.

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    Three terrible words in one sentence nooooooo! chill folks we have Ron Paul 🙂

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    Hey…do I have to buy that guy’s $150,000 RV…why didn’t he drive it out of the path of the storm?

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    Why should I pay for someone’s beach home to be rebuilt when I cant afford a home of my own? I shouldn’t, and Ron Paul knows it. RP 2012

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    There was a “top tier” of candidates after the straw poll of 3. Ron wasn’t in there. Now that Bachmann was just hype and she’s plummeted in the polls that tier has been conveniently moved to a 2 person tier so they don’t have to talk about the Doc.

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