Ron Paul: There’s No Money for FEMA – The Days of Unlimited Spending Are Over

  • Casey Litton

    The true enemy in the information war of the elitist establishment is the internet, namely Facebook. The cowardly, seemingly unaccountable individuals of the establishment are running scared. The establishment is comprised mostly of “politicians” that claim to represent the people, but always cater to the elite. They are hopelessly out of line with what real Americans desire. I think the congressional approval ratings and poor job performance of congress, coupled with Obama’s sliding ratings can attest to that. A man like Ron Paul has consistently been what he says he is, not performing the usual “dog and pony show” that “politicians” like to practice among the masses. Facebook is an extremely powerful tool that can span exponential exposure through the power of networking that even the largest “mainstream” campaign fund can’t match. It just requires enormous effort and a non-defeatist attitude from every “true” patriot. It will also require patriots to hit the streets, hand out flyers, pamphlets, and break the spell of ignorance that has taken over the masses. Look at the polls despite the lack of coverage from the mainstream media. He certainly has a fighting chance. The time is now or we are truly in trouble. I candidly believe Ron Paul is the only man that save us and wake up the masses from the spell we have been under for the past hundred years. He is the closest in line with what our forefathers envisioned the Republic to stand for and it’s fundamental principles. Principles that represent true freedom, unabated pursuit of happiness, and limited, non-intrusive, and unobtrusive government that serves the people. We lost that around the turn of the last century, especially after the establishment of the criminal Federal Reserve system, lobbying, and the ever consolidating and biased mass media. A mass media that totally curbs a truly informed, free, and democratic-republic society. If you look at current polls regarding the publics’ view on limited government, you will discover that the vast majority of Americans support limited government that is truly guided by the Constitution. The majority of us want an old, prosperous, truly free America that doesn’t try to be the world’s police nor police it’s own citizens to the extent of a military police state. If you sincerely care about our country and humanity, you will treat this message like a chain-letter to save our Republic and perhaps the world. Thank you. God bless America. If you think I’m just a nut job, get a life, wake up, and look around you.. Don’t kid yourself anymore by your blind ego. If you really trust what you see on TV then you are a fool.

  • Volcano2014

    Perry is an antichrist. He preaches christianity yet is in the pockets of corporations and pharmaceuticals. Prepare for increase in mandatory vaccinations should he be elected.

  • Volcano2014

    How the hell is Palin ahead of Ron Paul? She is so ditzy!


  • Volcano2014

    We need our military men home to help us instead of off fighting wars they should even be involved in. It doesn’t keep us any more safe at home, only makes other’s hate us for being in their country and tearing things up.

  • Thinker

    Guys regardless of these online polls and straw polls the main objective is swing voters who make up the general American public. I doubt many of them will vote for someone like Perry or Bachmann. But they are wary of Paul because they don’t understand all of his views. They DO understand that current policies are not working but they don’t know what to do about it. When they watch the debates they will see the truth. We need to all submit important and though provoking questions here. They will not be able to ignore all of them if we do so. Ron Paul is the only one who will answer consistently and logically.


      You have made an observation that I can identify with. At least in part.
      I’m an Obama voter and I’m not happy with his performance overall.
      The difference is that I am more aware or knowledgable about Dr.Paul because I have followed him and read his books since 2008. I detest the GOP for their worship and pursuit of money. Paul is not one of those career politicians in it for profit.

      The point really boils down to appeal toward Independent voters.
      There are a lot of Independents that will not vote for snake oil or a cheap alternative. Perry is a religious nutjob and a parrot with no conscience or originality. Ask him about the NAFTA Superhighway that he supports!
      Newt is a NEOCON and therefore totally unacceptable and his act got old a long time ago.
      Bawkmann is another weak effort with corporate cash, a low IQ, and loony religious views. There are a plethora of GOP hopefuls that just don’t have what Ron Paul does……..a message backed by action that appeals to those of us that are tired of the same old game and lies every four years regardless of party affiliation.
      From an Independents point of view, Ron Paul is the ONLY electable Republican for 2012. The rest of the crowd is pathetic and incapable.

  • captkirkconnell

    I am bored at hearing “Ron PAUL will not win” mi\llions are spent to keep that phrase comming out. I was in a model shop today; the people in there were talking about the federal reserve and Ron Paul. I hear more of Ron Paul in the enviroment than any other candidate. RON PAUL is the only real candidate. rON pAUL CAN WIN, rON pAUL WILL WIN, say no to Gieco comercials and antipresants and OWE BOMB a lot- gee it is a joke and we pay the taxes. Ron Paul will win. We are waking.

  • PeoplePower

    I bet Bernanke tries printing gold, & breaks the disney bucks machine lol

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • xFreeGeox

    Big business took over government, most are corrupt and puppets. Ron Paul is our only chance! We must come together and spread his name ike wildfire! Anyone who stills care for this country and your families future must spread this mans name fore God sent him here for a reason… kick ass of corrupt demons.

  • eBe4IXcept

    Ron Paul does have bases of support, but they do not match up with either party. He says so himself when he criticizes both, yet he tries to get their nomination. It can’t happen. He should be running as a Libertarian because that is what he is. He’s not a Republican.


      He’s not a typical corporate prostitute Republican. He ran before as a Libertarian and I don’t see anything with wrong that party affiliation.
      We have had eight years of Republican failure followed by almost four years of business as usual. Paul won’t continue down the same path of endless failures and bankrupting the country maintaining an empire.

  • bossrube53

    If you are angry at the media, for ignoreing Ron Paul and the American people let them know!

    FOX news room 212-301-5800

    CNN news desk 404-827-2751

    CNN news desk fax: 404-827-3368

    We must make our voices heard, we can make a difference. Call and let them know we see what they are doing and there will be consequences, like not watching their sorry excuse for news. Join the Ron Paul Sign Bomb so that we can show them how much suport Ron Paul has. We need YOU!

  • bossrube53

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 - Petition - CBS News 60 minutes – Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition

  • justmichelle71

    Here in MO, McCaskil (sp?) & Blunt actually united to fight FEMA from taking Joplin $ and sending it to clean up after Irene. Just the fact that they had to fight to keep the $ here shows how dangerous it is to have a FEMA dependant system. Smaller statewide or municipal plans would be safer, more customized and cheaper. Ironically, it appears we survived before FEMA or DHS. We even had disasters and recovered. FEMA is nothing but wasted $.

  • dllnownz

    WoW there is an add saying ” gold used and trusted by Glenn Beck” yeah i believe him as much as the tooth fairy.

  • venuecam

    Wow, a nobody (Perry) and a liar and hypocrite (Romney) are surging ahead in a minisculely sectioned poll. Paul can out speak, outclass and outscore either of those clowns on any given day. No slanted newspoll from special interest groups or historically documented rigged voting machines will ever silence the will of the American people.

  • eBe4IXcept

    Perry is dumb, but their positions are compatible with most Republicans. Romney probably can’t win the social conservatives, though he is trying, but the finance crowd and the hawks can accept him. Bachmann and Palin are somewhat dingy and extreme, but most Republicans could hold their noses. But Ron Paul is radically opposed to all of the Republican base on one issue or another.

  • eBe4IXcept

    Fox likes Ron Paul because he is no threat, and when he loses the nomination, they would like some of his supporters to vote for their candidate. He cannot win the Republican nomination because of his positions. Pro weed legalization loses all the social conservatives. Pro gold standard loses all the finance types. Pro military emasculation loses all the hawks. And there’s nobody left in the Republican Party but the Paulbots themselves. He cannot win the Republican nomination.

    • destiny


      You are the only person that ever post negative comments on here.

      We are not amused by you rhetoric and hypothesis.

      IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO AWAY.. you are wasting your time.

      Go find something that you believe in and STAND TALL EVEN IF YOU STAND ALONE.


      Fox has never liked Ron Paul. Anyone with a semi-lucid memory from 2008 knows that or hasn’t been paying attention!

      You’re right about the rest of the GOP candidates though. But among the morons and dingbats you overlooked the biggest obstacle for Mitt the corporate raider(aside from the stink of Wall Street), that’s his religious affiliation. Enough conservative religious voters will not vote for him because of his religious affiliation.
      And the two dingbat girls aren’t electable. The GOP establishment found that out the hard way when McSame’s management team’s gag fell out of Palin’s mouth and people saw how mentally challenged she is. It’s a toss-up who is more stupid, Palin or Bawkmann. Either way, their mouths will sink what little campaign hope that they have.


      “Fox likes RonPaul”? You don’t have clue! They banned him from a Republican debate in 2008. They don’t “Like him”. They are scared of him and what he talks about.

  • IllegalsLeave

    watch?v=sLtdFtSAmLw WATCH THIS. Ron Paul 2012!

  • motorola99

    Hope he doesnt turn out to be another Obama with fake promises.

  • dawn4freedom

    How can anybody not see the logical common sense that Ron Paul speaks?! Vote Ron Paul 2012!! Join the rEVOLution!!

  • IllegalsLeave

    Oh I get it, Bank of America executives were the only ones polled. That explains the poll numbers. Ron Paul 2012!