Ron Paul: There’s No Money for FEMA – The Days of Unlimited Spending Are Over

  • hopeurforfreedom

    ecuuuuuse me “you CAN count on America to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else”.

  • forenough

    so what is presidential material these days? i hear that alot, bush, clinton, bush, obama? just what exactly do people mean by presidential material?

  • IndianaPolitico

    Ron Paul needs our help! Donate during his Constitution Day Money Bomb on Sept. 17th, and let’s “Restore America Now!”

    Vote this up, For Liberty!


  • 1dayU2canBdaGreatest

    Our generation will suffer more if ron paul is elected president because of his spending cuts but i suppose the future generations will be better off. But i dont care about them they can sort it out im voting for barack again!

  • Jack

    I have the one question Ron Paul should ask at a debate on one of the proponia stations. Have you been polled???

    via Bill Hicks..

  • clborg88

    Um, PALIN??? PALIN??? WTF??? WHEN did she enter the picture? WTF???

    1) Irene = OVERHYPED

    2) He didn’t “bash” ANYTHING or ANYONE he never has.

    3) He’s not a third or 4th rate candidate, you neo con zionist WHORE.

    Oh yea, back to Palin. WTF???

  • motorola99

    that poll represents the votes of Faux Noise employees

  • hotheadedjoelhaha

    FOX NEWS SUCKS. THEY LIE EVERYDAY. RON PAUL, 8%? If Perry wins, this Country is Done!

  • charlycash

    Does anyone notice how they have the Congressman talk about Rick Perry and have you think that he’s the real front runner i see the mind control.

  • MrKingjohnrocks

    What will this man do if he wins?Im demorcratic and im rooting for him.

  • MrKingjohnrocks

    If ron paul becomes president.. I hope he can make the economy just like clintion.How about make the WORLD better then clintion did. What will this man do if he runs for president?


    Hey you guys (and gals lol), youtube/ google is doing something where the Repbublican candidates answer our questions. You can send your questions as text or video right now. Why don’t we asked them the hard questions that reveal them for the lying corrupt crooks they are? Let’s get our voices heard!

    Here is the URL:

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

    Thumbs up so others can see and pass it along. Thanks 🙂

  • AllKnowingCreator

    Uh that poll includes Palin? She is not in the race. She will not get 4% of the vote. Paul last I read was about 13%. Romney Perry Paul Bachman were up top. 3 of the 4 are Neocons or RINOs however ou feel to describe them.


    Here’s a department that I agree could be eliminated.
    Look at how miserable the FEMA response was in new Orleans…G.W. had that horse trader running the outfit and I doubt that he even knew where Katrina hit. And Bush really didn’t worry too much since there weren’t a lot of corporate donor$ in that region.


      Anyone remember seeing footage of all of those park trailers lined up on lots that were never used? Or the ice trucks that never got there?
      Somebody made a lot of money on those two deals and they didn’t help anybody!
      Pull the plug on it when it’s that incompetent!

  • ImNotVoting4RonPaul

    who is ron paul?

    • Libertarian777

      The next president of the USA

  • jezza1789

    Wow Sara Palin has 8% and Paul has 7%? Thats it were screwed USA is doomed. You know your nation is screwed when an idiot who thinks Africa is country is ahead of a man who predicted the economic collapse of 08.


      What’s scary is that Palin is not really much different than the rest of the herd.
      Look at Bawkmann and Perry. None of them are smart. That’s why the corporate media pimps them out to the public so hard. They are easily led.

  • Gioxtream


    RON PAUL 2012.

  • destiny

    Houston Chronicle Poll

    Ron Paul 73%

    Rick perry 9%

    Texans know the truth!!!

    RON PAUL IS HOT !!!!

  • Jeff

    Ron Paul’s right, FEMA is non-essential, they will do just fine without them. It’s only a tropical rain storm, so it’s not going to be a worry anyway.

  • datruth170

    please all my ron paul supporters youtube right now..lowkey obama nation pt 2 please check it out please…or u can even go here watch?v=bB-vYuYhdSE