Ron Paul at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina

  • AllenYew

    Only Ron Paul can save US now , hope is not too late


  • ganjamerch

    great job !!

  • Mokstuhh


  • ForLiberty888

    RP superior mental strength to stay on the general topic at hand without deviating to minor details or pandering to the audience puts him apart. Do not wait for general election, join GOP to vote in primaries.

  • QofLife69

    shoulda gave ron paul a chair

  • RandallSteen

    The last question spoke to a misguided belief that the federal government through the 14th Amendment has a moral majority. Bull! There is no one of greater or lesser quality or condition before God. The very reason we are alive is to struggle with the HUMAN CONDITION. It is a fatal conceit to think that there are those of us who can rule others.

  • L33T70Mage

    maybe the mayans predicted ron pauls loss……. I live in Australia and still want to vote for ron paul.

  • thejobloshow

    It’s a shame anyone who goes after social programs gets a shellacking in the general election.

  • dickstoyevsky

    That professor is a smart dude.

  • greenback001

    The Constitution is amazing!

  • jasonxe

    I thought he was kinda fluster. I decided to replay it again but not watch the video. Seem pretty normal 😀

  • TheAzza0999

    ron paul is the man
    america lissen to him

  • North2016

    Ron Paul is the man, Jim Demint you should be ASHAMED of yourself for calling yourself a “constitutional conservative” and later break your oath of office by voting in favor of the unconstitutional Patriot Act.

  • Staatsmacht12

    I would suck paul`s cock although im straight

  • juicejon1

    this is incredible this man is a genius yet his ideas are easy to understand and resonate with the people

  • EsCurve

    He’s got burly back muscles from cycling


    Ron Paul sounds winded 🙁

  • Landazar321

    Vote for him, and don’t think about what the media tells you.
    And save the world at the same time.

  • gouda25

    Only Candidate wanting to bring our troops home. We got Bin laden yet the war isn’t over???? The whole mission was to get Bin Laden. So shouldn’t the WAR BE OVER!?!?!?!? Ron Paul is the only candidate speaking to bring the troops home. Vote Ron Paul 2012 and let’s end this nonsense.

  • zezimafan99

    “came from our creATOR” DISGUSTS ME.