Ron Paul at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina

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  • ChristianWorldOrder2

    Ron Paul= less government no wars freedom… everyone else for 2012 its the other way around so who is the right choice for America? this man in the video is the right choice



  • ryanshaunkelly

    Why are the Neocons acting like guilty criminals?

  • krissmith1986

    At 3:30 is that Colonel Sanders behind the guy asking the question?

  • Fons1958

    This is THE ONLY gay who EXACTLY knows…! God Bless Ron Paul !!!

  • bauer18

    lol i give up. you guys are mad dumb. not surprised.

  • ptchau


  • smoky281

    i truly love hearing this man speak

  • 1supkillsbats1

    Yea thats true, but im not American. I wanted Ron Paul back in 2008, but unfortunately Irish cant vote for Americas president.

  • bauer18

    so why is he the only candidate that sounds like a broken record? (insert some ignorant comment from a non-educated Ron Paul supporter) BCUZ HES LIKE DAH BEST, HE WANTS FREEDOM.

  • 1supkillsbats1

    Yea thats true, but im not American. I wanted Ron Paul back in 2008, but unfortunately the Irish can’t vote for Americas president.

  • 1supkillsbats1

    How all Americans don’t vote for this guy is beyond me. He is the only one, THE ONLY ONE!!!!!! who has the balls to stand up and say FUCK YOU FEDERAL RESERVE!!!! Please please please ALL AMERICANS vote for this man!!!! end the fed and therefore end all corrupt banks elsewhere, cause they all work off the same system = HOW TO SCREW US OVER!!!

  • notaznlee

    The Department of DEFENSE had become the Department of OFFENSE!

  • williamwagener

    1/3 of the BAIL outs went to FOREIGN BANKS while Americans were losing homes, jobs, and their children were being killed in Illegal WARS.

    RON PAUL is the only real American with a chance to be PRESIDENT. IF the
    GOP does not nominate him. BOYCOTT the ELECTIONS.

  • localnation

    What?… when did they start asking intelligent questions during political debates?

  • localnation

    What the fuck… who does the government’s job? Oh, corprations… OK.

  • tailgatebar

    Ron Paul is the future! Politicians all over the world tremble when they hear his name. Many countries now copy the U.S.! Make the people so afraid that they are just happy to have a job! Ron Paul will change all that. He is ready to be a servant and that is what I want. America keeps looking for a great leader but they need to look for a great servant. Serve our needs and our needs alone! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  • theunknowncove

    Of course on Fox news last night they showed clips of EVERY OTHER candidate speaking here and didn’t even mention that RON PAUL spoke at ALL. I WOULD LOVE TO HANG HANNITY BY HIS BALLS IN THE STREETS THAT NAZI PIECE OF SHIT.

  • Redlocokixx

    i did not see this on the xtrmidia……Ron Paul 2012