Ron Paul at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina

  • HonestJohn60

    There is a huge group of youths, not even old enough to vote that say Ron is in the Illuminati, a cult member, or some kind of crap like this! – As this group is lost to begin with, they continue to push this Bull thinking they can save the world! – We need to put them in their place ASAP! – Then we can rebuild the education curriculum of this Country, and our kids can grow smart!!
    Ron Paul NOW!!!


  • johnovision160

    God Bless Ron Paul! The only person besides my own family, that I would jump in front of machine gun fire for! Ron Paul 2012! 🙂

  • PiranhaVixen

    If Americans don’t elect this man, we are all screwed. If liberty falls in America, the domino effect around the world will be devastating. I would die to have America’s constitution and a politician like Ron Paul here in Canada, but it means nothing if there is no one left to defend it. If that isn’t worth fighting/dying for, then I don’t know what is.

    I think they are closing off the Canadian border to prevent Americans from leaving and Canadians from coming to the defense of true patriots.

  • kstaylor98682

    A few in the audience are perhaps just a little bit too excited 😀

  • NCsqrlkiller

    Hi, I’m Thomas Jefferson and I endorse Ron Paul for President!

  • aguafinatv

    You got my vote Mr. Paul and im only 24 years young. GO Ron Paul n Dennis Kucinich!!

  • TheSwissRepublic

    Holy shit I am so amped up for the debate tonight. He is going to destroy Rick Perry in tonight’s debate.

  • Road2Zionman

    I take that back. GOD has his back!

  • Evongelo

    I want to go door to door dressed in a white shirt and black tie and ask people if they’ve heard the wonderful message of Dr. Ron Paul. Although that may result in a great number of door slams lol.

  • PipeManChuck

    What was up with the idiots screaming dumb crap during his talk?
    Oh well, I’m glad people are listening, I hope they are hearing, and understanding. Peace to you all.

  • midwestcharm

    The One

  • Road2Zionman

    watch them poison him and say he died of “old age”

  • GovOfWolves

    Call me a wuss, but I get a lump in my throat when Ron Paul talks about freedom.

  • GreatDane8137


    The ONLY logical choice in 2012

  • AkronMatt1973

    We want to see Ron Paul for Presdent of TEXAS !!!!!!!!!!! Succeed, succeed, succeed !!!!!!!

  • statewithinastateuk

    The Jews will kill Ron Paul

  • Mattothee

    Obama = false messiah (antichrist)
    Ron = messiah
    o_O -____-

  • mikethecop45

    Ron Paul…..2012 can’t be sold or paid for! got to love his truth.

  • The great thing about Ron Paul is he is not like most politicians in Washington, but unfortunately that is his downfall. I will be voting for Ron in 2012

  • ganjamerch

    never voted cuz i thought it was rigged but im voting this time for Ron Paul even if it is rigged the numbers will show that Ron Paul HAS followers and it will bring attention to him, if people don’t vote your not helping the cause your making it worse