Ron Paul at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina

  • bluetyee


  • ImNotVoting4RonPaul

    wheres my 10 cent gasoline?


  • thisismyusernamemr

    Dr. Paul speeks powerfully.

  • whatupwiththatdog

    Ron is pulling out all the stops and it is amazing!


    More likes than views ONCE AGAIN!!??!

  • baalisgod666

    “Spreading our goodness” ROFL.

  • Slyfo1

    If you manage to elect this man America, I will be proud to be a neighbouring Canadian for the first time in my life. (I was born after the JFK era)

  • AllKnowingCreator

    Ron Bloom.commie Janet Napalotano.globalist/socialist Foreign council of relations.Hilary clinton socialist. Gietner globalist/socialist Leon panetta Globalist/socialist Eric holder Racist/communist Ray Lahood Communist. Steven Chu communist Bill Daly socialist. Look up their own words stop thinking with your ass because you are completely dominated. As for Bush starting the policies I agree. He did not have to expand them and raise the debt 40% in 2.5 years. Obamas cabinet own words.and action

  • kingjojothegreat

    Thumbs up if you are going to vote for Ron Paul in 2012.


  • bradq

    RPNAC. Ron Pauls New American Century

  • libermusic67

    I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours watching Ron Paul videos and I must say that this is the first time that I have ever heard Ron Paul be wrong on. I don’t think he quite understood what the professor was asking. It must have just been an off day, clearly the federal government should assure all people equal protection under the law in the case of murder. Yes murder should be a state issue, but no state should be able to deny a person protection from murder based on their ethnicity

  • OzzysFilmProductions

    is now a good time to buy silver?

  • gretchenpc

    306 views and 320 likes….now that’s flat amazing. LOL!

  • MrPeterified

    I’ve never seen a video that has more “likes” than views

  • schrazor

    310 likes. ZERO dislikes! keep it going!

  • OuterDrake7000

    Legalize LIBERTY!!!!

  • loismlsx

    Ron Paul! greetings from a peruvian

  • bluepond32

    Who Chooses the Leader of a Nation? The Media or The People of That Nation?

  • hmgn142

    I bet that was humiliating for him HAHA 🙂

  • baalisgod666

    Good onya Carol. Stand by YM