Ron Paul at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina

  • ps2nolimits

    I can vote for Paul next november since I’ll be 18, wordddd

  • Atticus1226

    Im 24 and itll be my first presidential Election i vote in…All Because of Ron Paul
    God Speed Good Sir….


  • rchicks22

    POLL!!!!! ron p only at 13% msn.c om

  • kasperx01

    greats vids man

    Plz go to MSN(dot)com and scroll down and vote for Ron Paul

  • kasperx01

    greats vids man

    Plz go to MSN(dot)com and scroll down and vote for Ron Paul

  • aguafinatv

    Go to MSM (dot) com and scroll down and look for the poll that says “Which GOP candidate do you like best?”. Ron Paul is currently losing the poll right now and needs more supporters to vote for him. The last thing we need is the media picking the 1 poll that Paul is losing and televising it.

    Thumbs this up and/or re-post this message so people can vote

  • SlickR12345

    that girl at 7.43 screamed like she got an orgasm, she probably did listening to the amazing speech of ron paul !

  • emailrafi80

    Plz go to MSN(dot)com and scroll down and vote for Ron Paul…

    Let Media and America know that –

    2012 is for Real Change…2012 for History…2012 for Us…2012 for Ron Paul…

    1. Rick Perry – 51,090 votes

    2. Mitt Romney – 36,905 votes

    3. Ron Paul – 29,146 votes

    4. Michele Bachmann – 10,190 votes

    “Thumbs Up” so that everybody can see this and vote for Ron Paul…

    Let Media know that we are beside Ron Paul

  • MissTammyChannel

    Dr. Paul got me interested in politics. I will vote for him.

  • jimamidon

    they actually asked good questions … I’m impressed …

  • kz888888

    I pray Ron Paul is the next president of US

  • emailrafi80

    Go to “Rick Perry” Channel (governorrickperry – Subscriber 369) = He doesn’t even have the balls to give readers/viewers the option to Comment or Like/Dislike.

    Go to “Mitt Romney” Channel (MittRomney – Subscriber 1,386) = seems “Dislike Button” is most popular option.

    Go to “Ron Paul” Channel (RonPaul2008dotcom – Subscriber – 99,072) = flooding with Likes

    America! Can you see the Difference?

    People are Waking Up

    “Thumbs Up” so that everybody can see this Statistic & Difference.

    Ron Paul

  • Reaper6207

    This man needs to be president NOW. He makes more sense than any other politician up for presidency. A leader who follows the constitution and the American way of life and believes in the American dream, that’s a leader I’d vote for.

  • pepperfart

    type “Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition” into google and sign! GET RON PAUL ON 60 MINUTES!

  • sciencegeekjsusfreak

    So you won the debate? Good on you mate. I knew you had it in you.

  • AffinityNetNews

    If we do not get Ron Paul as president in 2012, we will lose America it’s that serious.

    We’re on the precipice of total financial collapse – 50% of our manufacturing base is gone and not coming back – millions are now living in cheap motels – Euro central banks are threatening to melt-down the global economy to foment total control – we’re on the verge of WWIII in the mid-east…

    All of this chaos, tyranny and violence will soon be in America and will spread like a firestorm into insanity …

  • voodoochild12889

    Ron Paul ! FOR LIBERTY !

  • criticalthinktruth

    Shared 🙂

  • M1k4e


  • comeonmakemyday

    The commentators were very good , I think.