Ron Paul at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina

  • Vallan14213

    It’s Ron Paul all the way in 2012 for my family and I !!!!!! Tired of being screwed over and lied to by the media and political whores.


  • dlozar1986

    Love you Ron Paul!!!

  • MizzShady

    Is he gasping for air. I hope hes not over doing it. We need his brain not his body. He should be sitting down. Hell I would be sitting down..

  • MizzShady

    My God he is so smart. I love this man so much

  • merculiv

    This guy will definitely make President! Keep spreading the word!

  • michcool1012

    Perry made two accounts to dislike this… he’s just that much of a jerk.

  • variablestatus

    Total of 204,582 votes – 9/7 GOP debate rusults 2:50a.m. 9/9 go to google “firstread msnbc debate votes. you can vote there too.

    Ron Paul57%(116,649 votes) Mitt Romney14.6%(29,845 votes) Rick Perry12.4%(25,339 votes) Jon Huntsman6.1%(12,530 votes) Newt Gingrich4.1%(8,396 votes) Herman Cain3%(6,150votes) Michele Bachmann1.9%(3,789 votes) Rick Santorum0.9%(1,882 votes)

  • timmoh89

    Ron Paul has never wavered from his message of liberty and following the consitution of the fathers of the USA. The founding Fathers in their forsight saw trouble ahead, but would any one pay heed to their words. Well one person has and thats RON PAUL…go Ron hope you win!!!

  • lehcar8004


    Because of him I know that there is still hope!

  • befuturenow

    If Ron Paul is this unstoppable “internet phenomenon”, why are there so few views on all these videos? 10,000? 40,000? Is this all the people who intend to vote for him, 18,000 in this case? Not even, since this represents the interest for the entire planet.
    A celebrity wardrobe malfunction can get millions of views in 24 hours, what gives?

  • Otzmatron

    Love this guy.

  • threelowlys

    One weakness of Dr. Paul is his body language, with his ideals and message + Obama’s body language, this man would be unbeatable. I’m not an American but I know this man is not only needed for America but also for the world, God Bless~

  • methson vote now.

  • DeercreekPatriot

    Ron Paul 2012!!! Liberty or Death!!!

  • bimbo818

    00:24 LOL WTF? 00:30

  • bimbo818

    00:24 LOL WTF?

  • mcksvnssn1

    I never see Ron Paul in my TV on news. Only Obama :p.
    I dont live in america

  • mcksvnssn1

    The risk are only 25% :(((.

  • mcksvnssn1

    I hope that Ron Paul wins.

  • comeonmakemyday

    Ron Paul needs to get himself some body guards to protect him from paid assassins and Rick perrys grip.