Ron Paul to Congress: Show True Compassion by Abolishing FEMA

by Ron Paul

In the wake of hurricane Irene, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is expected to come hat in hands asking for more money from Congress. Like the rest of the government, it is broke. It has been suggested that any additional funds allocated to FEMA should come from cuts elsewhere. This seems harsh and lacking in compassion to big government advocates who do not understand economics, but I would go a step further. FEMA should never have been established. It is based on misguided ideas of disaster relief.

This seems shocking to those who have never been subjected to the secondary disaster that is the arrival of FEMA on the scene of a catastrophic event. But explaining FEMA’s ineptness is not the same thing as saying no one should help people affected by disasters. Quite the opposite.

Victims of disasters should get any and all help possible, and there is virtually no limit to the generosity and compassion of good American people after devastation hits. One only need to remember the outpouring after Katrina to know this is true. FEMA, however, did more to get in the way of relief than to actually provide and facilitate it. The examples are numerous. When the call was put out for volunteer firefighters, they volunteered by the thousands. It was FEMA, for reasons of control and bureaucratic ineptitude, who made sure they were not, in fact allowed to actually help. When a group of firefighters arrived from Houston, instead of being put immediately on the job, they were told to sit around and wait. After waiting for two days doing nothing, they were simply sent home. One thousand volunteer firefighters were sent to Atlanta to undergo sexual harassment training while fires actively raged in the city. The ones that remained through this stupidity were sent to escort the president around or to distribute fliers instead of putting out fires. Computer engineer Jack Harrison was told his skills were needed to rebuild technological infrastructure. After being given the runaround for about two weeks, he was misallocated as head of security on the cruise ship FEMA had leased, when he should have been using his skills to help. All manner of help was turned away or mismanaged by FEMA while people suffered and waited. Even the Red Cross had its hands tied by FEMA.

It has only gotten worse since 9/11. Compare the stories of two flotillas – one after 9/11 and one after Katrina. Within an hour of the 9/11 attacks, the largest boatlift in history was organized spontaneously by locals who saw an immediate need and responded immediately. Over 500,000 terrified New Yorkers were taken off the island by ferries, tugboats, pleasure crafts, fishing boats and barges when all other access points had been shut down. A similar flotilla attempt was privately organized after Katrina. 500 boats caravanned to New Orleans to rescue patients from hospitals that were out of supplies and desperate. Unfortunately, FEMA had taken over by then and they were turned away, empty, while the patients languished, still stranded. Tragically, the Vermont Air National Guard helicopters were in Iraq when Irene hit, and they were desperately needed here.

The establishment of FEMA is symptomatic of a blind belief in big government’s ability to do anything and everything for anyone and everyone. FEMA is a bureaucratic organization. Bureaucracies, while staffed with well-meaning people, are notoriously slow and wasteful by their very nature. When people are starving, injured and dying they need speed and efficiency, yet FEMA comes along with forms and policies and rubber stamps. This sort of thing is bad enough at the DMV, but in matters of life and death where seconds count, this is just not acceptable.

True compassion would be to get FEMA out of the way.


  • RonPaul2012alldaylong

    Oh my, Dr Paul is truly playing hardball this time! I love it! Make the people see what FEMA is doing wrong. This was a wonderful time to release this. With the debate right around the corner, I literally can not wait to watch Ron Paul mop the floor with consistency and intelligence.

    Honestly how can anyone not be in favor of:

    Bringing the troops home, stop fighting undeclared wars
    Enforced Border
    No more bail outs for the rich
    Sound currency
    Saving the American Economy
    Drilling for Oil domestically.

    I’m ready Dr Paul. Let’s win this race.

    Our freedom is at stake

  • upgrade01a

    They must, because anybody can go see the wounded civilians in the hospitals in Lybia, Pakastan and elsewhere on YouTube. Everybody knows that military drone at least occasionally kill innocent civilians.

  • upgrade01a

    Liberty is an experiment that is not much older than Darwin. Like any experiment – Don’t Tread On It! Why do some people prefer autonomous drones over peace-loving, liberty-loving autonomous humans?

  • upgrade01a

    People with true compassion would bring at least the National Guard with their equipment and dollars to spend, home

  • upgrade01a

    People with true compassion would additionally not have their children and grandchildren pick up the tab so that rich people can have beach houses without bothering to get insurance. Private phone apps can replace most of DC info for a lot less per useful data

  • ImNotVoting4RonPaul

    youtube: cult of ron paul.

    • Blaseboniface

      “Cult” of reason which flows from the Foundational Principle of Liberty. Thomas Jefferson is not running this year, so our current best spokesperson is Ron Paul.

  • VMATT500C

    Logic, filled with compassion, RON PAUL

  • Skeptic121

    I think FEMA is going to be sorry they started a fight with Ron Paul….

  • 09051961butts

    VOTE RON PAUL 2012

  • bkr360

    I’m with you Mr. Ron Paul/President…

  • TheMMJCultivators

    Go Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diggnationfan1

    Come on guys focus on what he is talking about. The stories of public helping out during 9/11 and Katrina are real.

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  • PPPaRaDoXiCaL

    I hope Mr Paul would also look into the CPS, another out of control government bureaucratic thing that’s doing more harm then help.. I wish America would get their old values back, where they have a small system of government and sound money.. It would be a lot safer for the world..

  • eBe4IXcept

    True compassion rests in letting the winners decide if they want to share their booty or keep it for themselves.

  • chadwicks733

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 - Petition - CBS News 60 minutes - Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • ryuseabee

    Wow the paid internet trolls are attacking him on this page.

  • Idothisright

    The United States should be looked at like a beautiful home your great grandfather built with his bare hands. If it catches fire are you going to fight it for his memory or watch it burn

  • eBe4IXcept

    The good doctor has already peaked. It’s a pity, really, that it isn’t a straw poll election. He might be able to get 10 or 12 percent of the straws. Then he could stick them in his nose and ears and do a jig to entertain us. As it is, though, he’ll just fade away into retirement and turn over his sheeples to Rand.