Ron Paul: The One Who Stood with Reagan

Ron Paul’s new TV ad:

The establishment called him “extreme and unelectable”. They said he was the wrong man for the job. It’s why a young Texan named Ron Paul was one of only 4 congressmen to endorse Ronald Reagan’s campaign for President, believing in Reagan’s message of smaller government and lower taxes. After Reagan, Senator Al Gore ran for President, pledging to raise taxes and increase spending, pushing his liberal values. And Al Gore found a cheerleader in Texas named Rick Perry. Rick Perry helped lead Al Gore’s campaign to undo the Reagan Revolution, fighting to elect Al Gore President of the United States. Now, America must decide who to trust, Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader, or the one who stood with Reagan.

  • jamil316

    Vote Ron Paul 2012 … Last Hope for America & the World


  • tupacoutlaw3

    Just by looking at this guy (ron paul) you can see he’s an honest person
    I will vote for him on 2012 thats for sure

  • keekie5

    Im sick of voting for the less of two evils. This time i am voting for WHO I BELIEVE IN. Ron Paul 2012

  • RonPaul2008dotcomluv

    Reagan SAID the right things, but the problem with his presidency is that he was FORCED to have George Bush Senior as his vice-president, and Bush Senior was the real president in charge while Reagan napped for eight years. It is well known how evil Bush Senior is.

  • djkhaled412

    RON PAUL IS YOUR ONLY CHOICE AMERICA……………if he doesnt win your all fucked

  • keekie5

    IM SICK of Voting for the less of two Evils. THIS TIME IM VOTING FOR SOMEONE I BELIEVE IN. Who Agrees?

  • MegaSeekthetruth

    Ron need to be protected. He looks so vulnerable to open attack. He needs massive no. of security people to protect him. We sure dont want JFK tragedy to replay yeah.

  • keekie5

    Rick Perry will be found out that he is NOT a conservative like Ron Paul says. Ron Paul IS the ONLY Candidate we can trust. Dont forget to vote for Ron Paul. Your vote WILL count, so many say “why bother he wont win” How about voting for him so HE WILL WIN. Dont waste ur VOTE.


    Rick Perry issued an executive order which mandated that 11 and 12-year-old girls would be forcibly given the Gardasil vaccine.
    I am frightened that,during a Rick Perry Presidency,President Perry would issue
    an executive decree which would mandate the sterilization of people that he might consider as unfit to procreate.


    Ron Paul has been elected to 12 terms in Congress.He has more than enough experience to lead our nation.

  • InfamousShogun

    MAN!! Rick perry must be really pissed by this lol


    Ron Paul should do well in the GOP primaries and caucuses next year.

  • jbertclassic

    If the topic is race, Ron Paul does more to expose the war on drugs than all other candidates (including Obama) do combined. Blacks are incarcerated and criminally charged with drug crimes far more than whites, yet they constitute a smaller percentage of total drug users. That, my friends, is racism.

  • AstralFrost22

    Reagan was awful, and certainly not a conservative. Conservatism has an honorable tradition, but Reagan was not it. This ad, however, is fantastic. If you want to score points with the Republican base, then this is the way to do it. Very effective, and PERFECTLY set before the debate!

  • Arnarstyrb

    Here in Iceland, if a teenager needs a drug rehab, everyone pays for it and also for his welfare check. We all pay for his parents neglect.
    Some people on welfare even get higher than average salary.
    I think that equality is poverty.

  • amm8399

    Ignored again oops

  • amm8399

    Ron Paul got ignoted

  • HugoNewman

    If anything, the video makes him seem LESS distinguishable from the populist fools he’s running against. Finally, a point on style. Isn’t a bit embarrassing? I mean, the movie voiceover is almost patronising, as if to say, “Hey, young people, look! Politics CAN be exciting and epic, like in those Hollywood films you all watch!”. My impression is that this is precisely the kind of thing people are sick of in US politics. p.s. I 100% support Ron Paul. I’m saying this out of genuine concern.

  • djh215

    LOVE Ron Paul. HATE this ad.

  • HugoNewman

    I don’t like saying it, but I think this is a bad move on the part of the Ron Paul campaign. While Reagan had his good rhetorical moments, on policy he was pretty abysmal. I don’t see the point in highlighting the association. It also implicitly idolises Reagan, which is totally unwarranted! What’s more, I don’t like that it seems to engage Paul in low-brow political mud-slinging with his opponent. Surely Paul’s principles and conviction should be enough on their own?