Ron Paul: The One Who Stood with Reagan

Ron Paul’s new TV ad:

The establishment called him “extreme and unelectable”. They said he was the wrong man for the job. It’s why a young Texan named Ron Paul was one of only 4 congressmen to endorse Ronald Reagan’s campaign for President, believing in Reagan’s message of smaller government and lower taxes. After Reagan, Senator Al Gore ran for President, pledging to raise taxes and increase spending, pushing his liberal values. And Al Gore found a cheerleader in Texas named Rick Perry. Rick Perry helped lead Al Gore’s campaign to undo the Reagan Revolution, fighting to elect Al Gore President of the United States. Now, America must decide who to trust, Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader, or the one who stood with Reagan.

  • harj2009

    Regulation doesnt work. Ron Paul understands that any govt regulation will just be taken over by Lobbyist.


  • mrenzine


  • iannetta11

    I trust Ron Paul. RON PAUL = SOLID GOLD.

  • Kenny2k08

    Why isn’t Ron Paul getting the attention he deserves?! Why do I have to choose between Rick Perry or Obama again?

  • Deadwind002

    No matter how powerful you are, you simply cannot control everything. Any tyrant, no matter how brilliant, ambitious or soulless cannot control life. Anyone who thinks other wise is a fool. They do not control everything and if they were as powerful as you say, why haven’t they just assassinated him or leave him out altogether? I doubt they like Paul talking about the Shah or predicting this recession. If they are so bad ass, why haven’t they perfected their brand yet and enslaved us all?


    like ron paul but I Hate ronadle reagan he was th eprick who relly kick the drug war in to high gear!

  • XtraordinaryAtheist

    ron is like reagan…senile

  • TheCatsLastWord

    Meh, not a fan of this ad… I’d rather they be more positive than focus on making another candidate look bad.

  • JZarter

    I will vote for Ron Paul as I have done in the past.
    Paul has been in the congress 30 years, I like his record on 1. never voting to increase taxes, never voting to increase the debt ceiling, never voting to give himself a raise, never voting for TARP ( like Obama did), never voting to give my money to a foreign power, never voting to stimulate the economy by giving my money to a GREEN movement (Al Gore lied, people have died).

  • scrosnoe

    Seeing this ad in front of the debates last night really set the stage for all that occurred during them. I cannot believe that R’s are letting the liberal msm air the debate and ask the questions from the Reagan Library though. But the truth will shine forth and our Champion of the Constitution will do his part to actually reduce the size of government and actually bring our troops home if we will do ours and put him in office!

  • paranoidgoldfish

    Goodness, you americans are nuts.

  • johngorgis

    fuck reagan but i like ron

  • peltecs

    We are gonna need a super leader and maybe suffer through a lot of austerity because the USA is really really FUBAR. I wish we could all go back to the 80s and live then…ever since then this country has fallen from greatness and both Republicans and Democrats have done the damage…and continue to do the damage.

  • claudia sperrholz

    great ad really classic tv

  • heyimnotflapjack

    your damn right Ron Paul approved this message thank god im 18 now i dont have to sit infront of tv and watch people vote for the wrong person cause as the old saying goes 1 vote could make a difference

  • MadnessOnFilm

    Ron Paul was assaulted by Rick Perry!

  • SkyRifter

    Vid is called;

    RICK PERRY’S GARDASIL Kills & Maims Young Girls – Announces Presidential Bid
    -Youtube search it.^above, SHOCKER!*

  • SkyRifter

    >Urgent New;
    PERRY Killed LITTLE GIRLS WITH Forcing GARDASIL upon being injected into them,

    ALEX JONES can prove it; Perry is a mass murderer! Lols* it’s true.

  • jahellaspartan


    RON PAUL FOR 2012! Bring Freedom back to our people and country!

  • jahellaspartan


    RON PAUL FOR 2012! Bring Freedom back to our people and country!