Ron Paul: We Need a Revolution of Ideas

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    If you are angry at the media, for ignoring Ron Paul and the American people let them know!
    FOX news room 212-301-5800
    CNN news desk 404-827-2751
    CNN news desk fax: 404-827-3368
    MSNBC – 212-664-3720
    We must make our voices heard, we can make a difference. Call and let them know we see what they are doing and there will be consequences, like not watching their sorry excuse for news. Join the Ron Paul Sign Bomb so that we can show them how much suport Ron Paul has

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    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 - Petition - CBS News 60 minutes - Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition

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    America is brainwashed by the Media,wake up and help your country don’t just seat there thinking the Goverment will do everything for you.

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    What Happened To The Constitution? A first rate video documentary that the mainstream media will never show:

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    We need to change our system in order to prevent our economy from collapsing. The FED have complete control over our economy and they have no government agency to regulate them, which means they could do whatever they won’t, short of embarrassing themselves. If you want to take down the FED, visit my channel. There’s a petition that needs your name on it! Help -us- make that happen.

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    young liberals are libertarians in the making. they all love the social freedom notion that comes with the left wing agenda but they are now seeing how big goverment always manages to screw everything up

  • bossrube53

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 - Petition - CBS News 60 minutes - Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition

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    How is it that people outside our country are urging us to vote for Paul? My theory is that he knows wtf is going on with economics.

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    Presidential hopeful? I’d say front runner.

  • The Branch

    Article 1. Section 9.3} No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall
    be passed.

    The 14th Amendment fails these basic tests of Constitutionality. That amendment is a bill of attainder
    and it was passed ex post facto. Article 1. Section 9.3 is probably the reason that the Antebellum South so confidently seceded. Seceded or not, the North was and still is bound by that limitation of power. The North had no power over slavery in 1861, and it still had no legal power over slavery in 1865. The history of the 14th amendment has been well documented, and it truly is a testimony to the power of murder by the Government.

    Article 3. Section 3.2} The Congress shall have power to declare the
    punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work
    corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person

    Article 1.Section 9.3} declared
    that Congress may not pass Bills of Attainder or ex post facto laws. Now
    we see an exception or a mistake. The Constitution contradicts itself here.
    Attainders of treason are permitted with some very serious restrictions
    on them to protect the descendants of the traitors. That is us. The most dangerous problem is the 14th Amendment.

    The value of the slaves and Southern war bonds concern us here. That value is the forfeiture that is Constitutionally bound to be returned to the Southern people , as we shall not suffer Corruption of Blood or lose our property EXCEPT
    during the lifetimes of the Confederate Politicians and Soldiers. They
    are now all dead. Also, the theory known as the Incorporation Doctrine
    is defunct. The application of the 14th Amendment to the States and the people is illegal. The traitors are dead!

    The application of the Incorporation Doctrine is Corruption
    of Blood and is Unconstitutional. We, the Southerners living now, are
    not and have never been Traitors to the United States. We are thereby
    under the jurisdiction of the original Constitution . Corruption
    of Blood is being allowed to function as the Supreme Law of the Land
    rather than the Constitution of the United States. This cannot continue.

    Further, in black and white, Amendments are NOT Unconditional. They are a delegated power to the Federal Government, and are vested as a privilege. Notice the Articles of Confederation had no such delegation. It has been abused time and again by the Federal Government .

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    Folks, don’t forget that if you want to vote for Ron Paul in the primary elections, you have to be a Republican. In general elections, you don’t have to be, but in the primary, you must. Thumbs up, so we can make this stand out. Don’t wait til it’s too late.

  • 57girl

    There is nothing I’d love more than to see these two run on the same ticket. We might even be able to save our Nation. What a concept!

    Paul/Napolitanto 2012!

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    Notice that these polluters are actually protected by the EPA

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    The super fund is a ploy to get the American people to pay to clean up after special interest corporations.

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    Who really is the ‘greener’ candidate? How many mpg do tanks, jets, drones, and aircraft carriers get? How much energy and greenhouse gas does the military industrial complex cycle of design, build, utilize, destroy, or dispose of?

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    “A politician trying to do what is best for the long term prosperity of a nation? No way this guy is nuts! The government has to hold our hand and protect us from evil terrorists that attack us because we killed their civilians. We’re too stupid to take care of ourselves! I prefer liars and actors like Romney and Perry.” — Anyone who doesn’t vote for Ron Paul

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    Judge Napalatono is a Libertarian true and true. A good man.

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    Ron Paul is everywhere! everyone is behind him! the media are a big fat ball of puss. they lie they lie they lie.