Ron Paul’s #1 Message: Restore Liberty!

  • doogleandalix

    Reminder : If you are a disillusioned Dem or unaffiliated, and you live in one of 18 or more closed primary states , U will not be able to vote Ron Paul in the critical primary! Some states are : AZ,CT,CO,DE,FL,OR,OK,NE,NC,SD,UT,NY,PA,LA,KY,WV,DC, AND MORE .Do not be cheated out of a vote,don;t cheat Ron Paul out of the nomination .The primary is where it counts -it determines the nomination

  • korzym

    Go post RON PAUL 2012 on Romney’s youtube channel and give all of Romney’s videos thumbs down!!!


  • ryanshaunkelly

    Why are the Neocons acting like guilty criminals?

  • duhg599

    “If half of the people aren’t paying their income tax, then we’re halfway there!”

    God bless you, Ron Paul.

  • ganjamerch

    Ron Paul + Chuck Norris = A Truly Free Country

  • wesleytarbuck

    whats the word on the street over there with reguard to ron paul? is he in with a show?

  • upgrade01a

    Peace brings the troops home – great for young people, and every person who recieves a dollar that they spend at home. No more taxes on tips! – great for the poor and students! Bring the National Guard home to their respective states – good for each state where they need emergency help! Veto every spending bill that is unconstitutional! Stop issueing new credit cards with higher dept limits paid for by inflation of the currency!

  • upgrade01a

    peace, liberty, and prosperity. Ron Paul says no more taxes on tips in his campaign literature!

  • downwindspiral

    an anagram~


  • knockzworld

    Ron Paul for President 2012!!! Give me freedom or give me death…

  • dradis84

    8 years of Ron Paul, I can see a constitutional amendment to give him as many years as he wants in the white house

  • dradis84

    hopefully the largest sector that will loose their jobs will be the govt sector…

  • Musicman829

    Its shows he is 3rd in the race 🙁

  • socalking421

    chuck norris supports ron paul!

  • ParapaDrifter

    lots of people will loose their jobs if Paul is elected, he’s got to be prepared for the onslaught/ backlash that will happen if people are starving and unemployed.

    I’m all for building entrepenurship in this country but, the many who were busy suckling govts tits are going to need to be catered to. Not many people are privvy to ideology or ethic when they are desperate and starving
    If he doesn’t you could see those people fight for a socialist dictator like Mao. It’s called political backlash

  • upgrade01a

    Hopefully, people are finally ready for an honest, and consistent individual as their next president. Give peace a chance!

  • upgrade01a

    Now, I am finally getting the logic of the ad too. At first, I really did not like it, but this morning, I realized that Dr. Paul knows what he needs to do and knows much better than anybody what to say next. That is the amazing thing about this honest man, is that he is the expert; or at least one of the top. You cannot say that about any other politician in the last century at the federal level. They are all professional politicians who are experts at getting themselves elected.

  • lSaif

    About time, quit taking away the liberty of the American people granted by there forefathers under the proxy of “National security”!

  • upgrade01a

    So many great Ron Paul videos by many grass roots supporters are out there as well! Austrian economics number one issue is peace, by my interpretation. Every book that I have ever read on this theory and libertarianism emphasizes the power of peace and liberty. They recognize the fundamentals, and don’t make the mistake of experimenting on the people’s economic system, like we are in some sort of labratory, run by a few elite central planners.

  • balaalalaslk

    Paul for President!