Who Won the Republican Debate at the Reagan Library?

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (89%, 8,372 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (3%, 319 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (3%, 262 Votes)
  • Jon Huntsman (2%, 170 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (1%, 124 Votes)
  • Herman Cain (1%, 112 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (0%, 31 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (0%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,416

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  • Zack

    Wow, total bias debate. Lets just pretend Ron Paul is not there, and when we do ask him questions, tailor them so he looks radical to average voters.

    Everyone notice how they asked specifically tailored questions to Dr. Paul that no one else had to answer. And also how he was given no chance to answer questions on the economy, healthcare, foreign policy, tax code etc


  • Michael Feldstein

    To even call this a debate is a disgrace. Our system is so broken and corrupt and it really dishearten me. Tonight felt like game 6 of the 2001 World Series. As a Yankee fan watching the Yankees pull miracle wins in games 4 and 5 at home lifted my spirits and thought that the Yankees would win one for the city. The Ames straw poll showing brought my belief in Ron Paul having a genuine chance this year to highest it has ever been.

    In game 6 in Arizona, the Diamondbacks won 16-2 or something of that magnitude as many cited the D-Backs stole signs and figured out that Andy Pettite was tipping his pitches. Then they really stuck the dagger in my heart winning beating Rivera in the bottom of the 9th the next night. Tonight felt like game six. The Yankees never had a chance in that game and Ron Paul had no chance to even get into this debate. And like the D-Backs stole Pettites pitches, the rest of the field stole his talking points making them their own. I think the moderators would have penalized him for sneezing!

    I’m not giving up hope, rather just expressing my feelings at the moment. You would think a liberal left-leaning network would favor Paul’s social policies that truly make him stand out against the field. They made him a non-factor and had no intentions of getting him involved. The Perry-Romney agenda being pushed on this evening was a disgrace to debates.

    Since the League of WOmen Voters stopped running the debates, they have had no integrity. Perot rocked the establishment in 1992 and it freightened them to the point where the Commision of Presidential Debates was created (Run by former RNC and DNC presidents) to prevent third party candidates from having a shot by setting hard to reach guidelines to qualify to make debate apperances.

    The internet is the only place where his message and ideas can spread out organically without being stopped by the media filters. This country is too stupid for its own good and our intelligence and understanding of our laws, constitution and history is lower than ever before.

    Newt was brave for calling out the media tonight. Cain did well as did Huntsman(although I don’t buy his message). All three got more time than Congressman Paul who has raised millions more than they have and has been polling around 13-14% in recent weeks. This September 17th moneybomb is essential to getting the message out. This is the 11th hour and tonight only confirms the media backlash towards the only honest man for the job.

  • Max

    Yes, Dr. Ron Paul, well, what else is to say? there is absolutely NObody I would give my vote to, Ron Paul speak the truth and nobody else on the stage could handle it, Ron Paul is the ONLY one who have a respect for our founding fathers who give their lives for us to have a chance to live free, for that reason alone, I vote for Ron Paul or NObody so help me God. God Bless Us and The USA

  • Garrett Williams

    Ron Paul does not have presidential demeanor. I love his stances on the issues, but I thought he struggled tonight to present as a “tier 1” candidate.

    Paul at times appears to be a babbling idiot and tries to address to many issues in a short time span. For example, I don’t understand how he got on $20 million for A/C is Iraq.

    When the Perry/Romney show became evident I knew other candidates would weaken their position by complaining out air time or cramming multiple issues into their time allocation.

    I thought Gingrich won the debate. He worked with limited time and yet addressed his issues clearly, succinctly, and in a presidential demeanor. With that said I will still vote for Paul, but he needs to win the debates.

    • Michael Feldstein

      You explain perfectly why he crammed so much in his time…he was awarded none! I was shocked at how much time Perry and Romney got…they had the first ten minutes to themselves with multiple exchanges.

    • Jim

      Presidential demeanor?

      What kind of statement is that? Who cares what he LOOKS like. Geeze.

      We are not going down the cereal aisle of the grocery store, and picking our cereal by how colorful and fancy they look, or whether it has a toy inside.

      Ask rather, what kind of nutritional value it has. Is it any good?


    • John

      You might not eat the fancy box, but you can bet there are millions of people that buy the cereal because of how wonderful the box looks. That’s why there is such a huge industry called marketing.

      Ron Paul is the only candidate I have ever totally agreed with in ideals or supported with a donation, but I do not believe he is an eloquent speaker in debates. He is not looking like a viable presidential candidate to undecided, middle of the road, uninformed voters. He really needs some coaching in this department or people are just going to see him as Garrett does… a babbling idiot.

    • Mike

      The whole presidential demeanor thing is something you should be fighting against, not feeding into. Obama has “presidential demeanor”, and he bows to every foreign ruler he comes across, how presidential is that?

      I realize the majority of ignorant citizens vote on color, looks, “demeanor”, but it’s the ideals you should be helping spread, the voting record, the concept of freedom and liberty. Don’t play into the “he’s not electable” game.

  • Bob

    Honestly, what did we just watch??? It was the Romney/Perry Show with a couple extras thrown in. It was obvious that there was an effort to sideline Paul by asking him one question and then making him wait for 40 minutes before getting another one. The first question asked of Paul was combative while Perry/Romney got softballs and they generally choose not to answer the questions!

    Ron Paul is not the greatest speaker but his record and his honesty and integrity made the others look like children fighting over a toy (Cain was not bad either).

  • Asian voter

    Wow. I thought the MSNBC debate was going to be fair. At least the Palmetto Freedom Forum asked the candidates generally the same questions so we were able to hear what each would say. They all sounded like Dr. Paul. Maybe MSNBC knew that and figured why ask Dr. Paul when the other candidates (except maybe Cain) will just copy his answers.

    Dr. Ron Paul for president, but Herman Cain might be a useful guy when it comes to economics. Newt would be an awesome guy to pick if you needed an angry neighbor.

  • Rod

    There was only one CLEAR winner- Mrs. Reagan! Gotta miss her lavish spending on occassions and her man’s tripling of the national debt!!

    If we were to come out of this recession the Reagan way, why we’d raised the deficit ceiling to 52 trillion dollars!

  • Tim
  • WhatABunchofShi

    Another FARCE Debate! Let’s see now Hmmm…

    Bring Home the Troops
    Stop Inflationary Policy
    Fire Ben Bernake
    States Rights
    End Obamacare

    They ALL sounded like a Bunch of Parrots as in Ron Paul Parrots. I think I’ll stick with the guy with the 30 YEAR TRACK Record! Go Ron and thank you for showing up for that farce. We need you more than ever.

  • Jeremy

    Interesting debate. Paul was handed some awful questions by the moderators and left out of a few of the major topics where he really dominates and what makes him the candidate I’m voting for. He brought it back to a topic once, but he needs to get around some of the nit-picky moderator questions and hit hard on the big issues. Of course the after show MSNBC media is trying to turn it into a two person show (with Bachmann falling out.. which I agree, she is done IMO).

    I think Cain and Huntsmen represented themselves well, Gingrich had a strong showing of unity and spoke well, Perry was far from special, Romney spoke decently enough but didn’t change much, Santorum nothing specail, and Paul did a good job of batting Perry around but still needs to do more to drive his points home and make people realize he is the best Candidate.

    Ron Paul Revolution 2012

    • Fem

      The issue of immigration is disgusting, it’s only used for political gain, no one seems honest about that, or to even care about it.

      Gingrich suggestion about English and US history is just out of touch with reality, and Perry’s comment on south of the border immigrants being the cause of low graduation numbers is worrisome.

      The mos honest on this issue seemed Bachman.

      Do keep in mind that immigration employ people, and the immigrants buy the cheap products already in the country. They also maintain other institutions in several ways.

      I just wish the issue would not even be brought up.

  • rhonda

    What is wrong with the voting? It’s not working for me.

  • IdontKnow

    Ron tonight’s debate was such a pile of **** that I’ve decided to finally fork out some cash to buy a T-shirt and a bumper sticker. If the media refuses to acknowledge your existence, then I will help to make you known! I hope you Ron supporters do the same! Trust me I really don’t want to spend 22 dollars on a T shirt or 2-3 dollars on a sticker, only for Ron Paul I will!

  • charles

    Im sorry but that debate was a joke. They might as well have just had perry and romney on the stage.

  • Shakespeare66

    I don’t think anyone really came out great except Mit Romney. None of these other people are presidential material. Ron Paul included–his ideas are too far-fetched and “radical.”

  • bob


    as ron paul often reminds us, george w. spoke of a foreign policy that did NOT involve nation building, etc. did he not do just the opposite? do you think a puppet like Perry will be any different?? i find it hard to believe that you support Ron Paul’s message but are so naive as to think that Rick Perry is actually being any more honest than Obama was when he promised to bring the troops home FIRST THING–take that to the bank!

  • fred

    Ron Paul was great in this debate and should win the election. But it is hard to win a debate (and an election) when you get almost no questions.

    It is telling that so many of the other candidates are starting to use RP’s talking points. You can’t trust the other candidates, but they know they are using these points because the public wants to hear it.

    Also, it is funny to hear them parrot RP and then imply that he is crazy.


    Ron Paul has my vote!

    How can we keep telling other countries how to run their government and invest their money when we can’t even do it properly in our own country? Why do we send Foreign Aid to 174 countries (most with positive bank accounts) when we are 14 trillion in debt and can’t take care of our own people in disasters? Where are the National Guard when we need them? Aren’t they supposed to help our people at home?

    Why not Bring the troops home, stop the foreign aid, take care of our own, stop aggressive wars that breed hatred, invest in a free market with opportunities for new inventions and new ideas for energy and such? Why not let states decide on issues such as same sex marriage and drugs?

    *r(EVOL)ution * Liberty * Ron Paul * 2012 * Freedom* Constitution * rights * Love*

  • scott

    Ron paul is my favorite and always been. I wish more people would open there eyes to his message. But Rick Perry gets my second vote. Never heard anyone else except Ron talk that way. I think Obama is done.

  • Clintok

    Ron Paul wins every debate!!!

  • Dan

    It all boils down to who’s monetary policy do you trust to sign the check? Ron Paul’s.