Force vs. Reason: Rick Perry Gets in Ron Paul’s Face

During a commercial break at Wednesday’s Republican debate, Rick Perry and Ron Paul continued their spirited exchange on stage. Suddenly, Perry grabbed Ron Paul’s forearm while aggressively pointing his index finger towards the Congressman’s face. Alerted by Perry’s menacing gestures, Ron Paul’s bodyguard (front left) rushed to the stage and put his protective hand on the podium, demonstrating that he was ready to defend the Congressman.

Update: On Thursday, a Rick Perry spokesman stated that the two contenders were having a cordial conversation about border security. Ron Paul laughed off the incident, saying that he did not particularly focus on Perry’s body language during the exchange. And Ron Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton came out swinging:

“What it shows is that Rick Perry is a very aggressive, in your face person. He puts his hands on people, he tries to show that he’s the alpha dog, he tries to psychologically intimidate people and gets in people’s faces. Some people like that, but other people like someone who’s going to be a more thoughtful president, not a bully.”

  • I’ve said that least 3770514 times. SCK was here

  • I’ve said that least 2034100 times. SCK was here

  • TerryVestal

    I wonder what the race for president will look like in 2016. I have a feeling it will be much more violent than this

  • TerryVestal

    I wonder what the race for president of 2016 will look like.

  • Il Duce

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  • Bill Goode

    Someone earlier posted that Ron Paul was cowardly. That doesn’t show in these pictures at all. I also notice in the pictures that Ron Paul isn’t backing down. Neither is he smiling.

    Ron Paul is a gentleman to his core. He wants to win the campaign on issues, not personalities or emotions. He is not interested in making an issue of this confrontation between Perry and himself.

  • chris

    if ron was my dad or grandad i would have serious words with that parry perry who ever he is !!
    education wisdom solace wins the day.

  • TedFire

    It shows that Rick Perry is a sociopath and Ron Paul is a cowardly lion.


  • Hilda

    I would NOT vote Perry…. Not even if He were running against Obama.
    I would have to sit the election out…….. DO not care for Perry at all.
    He is a Red Neck Bully………..
    Think Ron Paul is a great guy…. would vote Ron Paul

  • HopeG

    Wow, Rick Perry appears to think he can “strong arm” his way into the White House. Americans aren’t going to buy it, we’ve had enough of this kind of aggression. Does Perry look like someone who will listen to the people? He knows it all and will govern with a total disregard for what Americans think.

    • Just ran across another poll out there showing that somehow Perry is only trailing Paul by 1% we all know this one isn’t accurate. Check the Link to Vote on It.

  • Jason

    Rick almost got up close and personal with Ron’s body guard. Some people get angry and aggressive when they know they are out classed.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Dawid

    Vote for who won the debate on fox poll:
    Scroll down the page, its on the right side.
    Ron Paul 2012!!!