Force vs. Reason: Rick Perry Gets in Ron Paul’s Face

During a commercial break at Wednesday’s Republican debate, Rick Perry and Ron Paul continued their spirited exchange on stage. Suddenly, Perry grabbed Ron Paul’s forearm while aggressively pointing his index finger towards the Congressman’s face. Alerted by Perry’s menacing gestures, Ron Paul’s bodyguard (front left) rushed to the stage and put his protective hand on the podium, demonstrating that he was ready to defend the Congressman.

Update: On Thursday, a Rick Perry spokesman stated that the two contenders were having a cordial conversation about border security. Ron Paul laughed off the incident, saying that he did not particularly focus on Perry’s body language during the exchange. And Ron Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton came out swinging:

“What it shows is that Rick Perry is a very aggressive, in your face person. He puts his hands on people, he tries to show that he’s the alpha dog, he tries to psychologically intimidate people and gets in people’s faces. Some people like that, but other people like someone who’s going to be a more thoughtful president, not a bully.”

  • Rio Sam

    This guy has absolutely NO class NO integrity NO principles. He’s just a globalist THUG. The MSM had better cover this rogue bullish display..and to his detrement..I guess they will need to have uniformed security at future debates to keep this guy in line..What a sorry excuse for a human being….and HE wants to be President…NO WAY

  • Anthony

    I dont know,if you guys have the connection to get this to DR Paul..But WE Love you Dr Paul..I saw his face at the end of the debates,he looked very upset!!Which he has every right to be..BUT,your going strong!!!You WON ALL the polls I could find on MSNBC,by a wide margin!!Keep up the good work,dont forget.You have MANY people that love you!!!And this CRAP of Rick putting his hands on Dr Paul and waving his finger in his face..This is an outrage!!!And the Nation is thinking of allowing that man to control our military!!!Ron Paul2012

  • kabster
  • Jim

    Hey Perry, get your friggin hands off of our future president. Better put that finger back as well before you pull back a stump.

  • Just a funny comment

    I assume something in the following sense:

    Rick: Now listen you freedom lover libertarian proud congressman with a solid vote record! If you ever, ever, ever again get on my tails when I am trying to make up words to cover my back and lie to the stupid people of America, I will make sure you would get my favorite Ricky’s optimum justice punishment in a private basement.

    Ron: heh, you done? Now you can go back to your basement and FYS…

    PS. sorry to put something like that in a Dr. Paul character, but only if I was there…

    • IDontKnow

      Hahaha looks like you beat me too it, as I started typing I noticed yours here’s my version.
      Photo #1:

      Rick Perry: (Grabs forearm of Ron Paul) Listen you old coot, I will not allow you to make me look like a little girl on national tv! I am not Al Gore’s cheer leader!

      Ron Paul: All I did was tell the truth.

      Photo #2:

      Rick Perry: (Flails arm out to the side) How you gonna do that to me in front of all my buddies Paul??? (stomps feet) You made me look silly out here, I’m tryina fight off Romney and here you go stepping on my feet! How could you!? *sob sob*

      Ron Paul: Listen Rick, I am compassionate as I told these doofus moderators. I understand your pain, here’s a tissue vote for me.

  • Ray Butler

    Ron thinks Iran should have nuclear weapons. That’s the only thing about him that is insane. The rest of his policies I agree with. Perry is a sleaze, but he’s a very sharp sleaze. A liar, but they ALL are. Either one would be a vast improvement over the illegal chronic liar we’re stuck with now.

    But then, if Ron really had guts, he would have gone after Obama’s impeachment, arrest & conviction LONG ago.

    • Jim

      LOL, that is stupid, he doesn’t think they should have nuclear weapons, he just says that it’s up to them to decide whether to have them or not. That doesn’t mean he WANTS them to have one.

      Geeze, get a clue.

  • Joe

    LOSER!!!! That’s all I can say about Perry. well, that’s not quite true, that’s the best thing I can say about him.

  • WTF

    This feels like someone just laid a hand on my granddad. This bi-sexual cheerleader, Perry, crossed the f-ing line. This better not go unpunished.

    • PeoplePower

      Rick Perry the al-gore w*ore lol, attacking Ron Paul is like attacking the us constitution!

      Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Andy

    “Now, Ron. I’ve warned you about this before. Leave. Cheerleading. Out of this.”

  • Mike

    I would like to know what this scumbag was saying!

  • R Buck

    My Question to Ben Bernanke regarding his answer to Ron Paul:

    I have a Question for all the Bankers, and in particular, Ben Bernanke, CEO of the Federal Reserve, who said “NO”… When asked by Ron Paul “Is Gold Money?”

    If Gold is not Money Mr. Bernanke, Then Explain to me, why a $1000.00 Dollar, Point 9999 Fine Gold, 1 Ounce Liberty Dollar Coin, Minted by Bernard von NotHaus in 2007… Is Now 4 years later… Worth $1,831 Dollars?

    Mr. Bernanke? Did you understand the Question?

    It is Clear to myself, and Everyone in this Country, that this “Competing” (not Counterfeit) Currency, has a much greater Value than your worthless Federal Dollar Bill… And if Gold is not Money, then why do you and the Federal Government Hoard it, while making it unlawful for the People to Possess in this form or that?

    You Mr. Bernanke, have a serious problem.

    One third of your problem Sir, happens to be that the Value of Gold is Determined by World Demand, and that you have no control of it. Therefore, Gold is Money, always will be Money, and will forever and ever, put your idea of Money to Shame, as it will always carry greater Value.

    The Second Part of your Problem is simply that the American People know what you’re doing to the purchasing Power of the Dollar, that you make them work so hard to earn. They know you Manipulate it at will, making them poorer by the Day, all as you sit and blame the People themselves for not spending enough, as if it’s their Fault! Be very Clear Mr. Bernanke… The People WILL have a Competing Currency of THEIR choosing… It’s simply a matter of time. Which I might add Sir… You and your Cohorts are fast running out of.

    The Third part of your Problem, is quite possibly the Strongest Name in History since Washington Himself… RON PAUL. In case you haven’t noticed Sir, Your Persistent and unrelenting grab for Power is Failing you. You no longer have the Power to control and Enforce the dwindling Value of this Country and it’s People… Because you simply cannot devalue it any more. We have nothing left… You can no Longer threaten the Congress with Martial Law if they Fail to Agree to, and Cover up your Crimes. This Republic Sir, has come out of it’s Slumber. You have awoken a Sleeping Giant… And You have already Lost this War of yours… You just don’t know it yet.

    You Mr. Bernanke, and the entire Congress should be quite careful in your Unlawful and Unconstitutional Monetary agreements… As I think it quite Possible Sir, that the People of this Country who have made you so Rich, will soon be the very People who throw Congress out on their Ear, Make Ron Paul President, and Drive you and your Mafia to the Furthest reaches of the Planet, Never to return to this Soil.

    This Country’s Dealings with you and yours… Are coming to an End.

    I guess I owe you a Certain debt of Gratitude… For if there ever comes a Revolution… It will be your doing… And no one else’s… Because You Incite Violence against the People by depriving them of the ability to gain real wealth of any kind.

    I have a great deal of Faith in my Country and it’s People Sir… That said, you can rest assured: Though you may think you control our Military and our Congress… That Military and Congress is made up of the Hearts and Minds of Men and Women who Believe in our Constitution even though you Don’t, And those People will take orders only so far before they begin to turn all of their collective might against you, and those who protect you. And those who do protect you, will only do so as long as Congress and the People allow them to do so.

    Let me break that down into laymen’s terms for you: Just because the D.O.J. and the Treasury Protect you now, it doesn’t mean they always will.

    A Legitimate Competing Currency will simply Transfer Wealth from you, Back to the People of the United States… And that Sir, you SHOULD be Afraid of.

    So… Mr. Bernanke? Do you think Gold is Money now?

    Thank you for your time.

    R.S. Buck
    New Hampshire

    Mr. Perry… You DO NOT… Have my Vote.

  • jersey girl

    What does America need?
    1. A president with military experiance who is not afriad to bring home the troops and not afraid to stand up for America when we are threatened or insulted by another country. A true patriot with the God given sense to know when to go to war and not to and when we are at war, when it is time to come home.
    2. A president with a medical background to help change our health care system.
    3. A president who understands women’s right to choose and knows first hand why it is important not to send women back to the back allies and butchers.
    4. A man with enough intelligence to know that we do need our freedoms back.
    5. A man that does not say things just to please the public. He is brave enough to speak the truth if we want to hear it or not.
    Dr. Ron Paul 2012

  • Scott Twist

    Dr. Paul, I’d put this sob in a headlock and you can kick him in the shins!

  • This is as radical as one can get…especially in front of a live audience. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT WA SAID DURING THIS EXCHANGE!

  • Mark Jones

    YOU CAN TAKE HIM! I bet he can’t bike all over Houston.

  • R3volution
  • Concerned Citizen

    Ron Paul knows he needs to stand up to these thugs so his grandchildren don’t have to. We have your back Dr Paul!

  • Anthony

    Every Ron Paul supporter needs to BLOG about this and share this picture with ALL Americans..A picture is worth a thousand words..Rick is a scum bag..I have already put it on yahoo news

  • Jacob

    What is Rick Perry saying to Dr. Paul here? Is he using his so called government power to threaten Dr. Paul like he did the state trooper that pulled him and his driver over. Then Perry went on saying he’s better than the people in his state.
    I’ll will fight for you Dr. Paul and I see the anger your beginning to harvest because they are treating the constitution like a paper that get thrown in the trash. Lets organize everyone just incase our government treats us as terrorist for defending the constitution. I live in IA, is there others that live here?

  • I heard all that talk about talk about Rick Perry being a little sweet in the bum, perhaps he has the hots for the constitutional statesman aka our future president! RON PAUL 2012