Force vs. Reason: Rick Perry Gets in Ron Paul’s Face

During a commercial break at Wednesday’s Republican debate, Rick Perry and Ron Paul continued their spirited exchange on stage. Suddenly, Perry grabbed Ron Paul’s forearm while aggressively pointing his index finger towards the Congressman’s face. Alerted by Perry’s menacing gestures, Ron Paul’s bodyguard (front left) rushed to the stage and put his protective hand on the podium, demonstrating that he was ready to defend the Congressman.

Update: On Thursday, a Rick Perry spokesman stated that the two contenders were having a cordial conversation about border security. Ron Paul laughed off the incident, saying that he did not particularly focus on Perry’s body language during the exchange. And Ron Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton came out swinging:

“What it shows is that Rick Perry is a very aggressive, in your face person. He puts his hands on people, he tries to show that he’s the alpha dog, he tries to psychologically intimidate people and gets in people’s faces. Some people like that, but other people like someone who’s going to be a more thoughtful president, not a bully.”

  • anonymous

    lol I wonder how much media coverage this would’ve gotten if Perry did this to Bachman…

  • Nicky Nelson

    This behavior by the evil asshole that works for Bilderberg is completely unacceptable and will NOT be tolerated. This crosses the line! Gloves are off!

    • Nicky Nelson

      Oops, that was not my profile, but I still mean it!


    Elder health

    Rick Perry doesn’t know sh!t. How dare he touch my President!!
    I am feeling a little kung fuey 🙂 but Ron Paul a man of Integrity <3

    Ron Paul I Love You. I would take a bullet for you. America needs U.

  • JCE

    GUYS, GUYS, GUYS!!! Are we going to be hypocrites and do the opposite of what we preach?! Do we preemptively attack when threatened or do we defend ourselves when really attacked?! JEEEEZZZ!!!!

  • Kathyjlo

    I wish Ron Paul would have busted out with some Kung Fu! Biatch slapped Perry and said “How ya Like me now Punk?”



      I have to agree!!

      That’s why we love Kung Fu!!

      Ron Paul 2012

  • Megan Farrar

    Why isn’t this front page news?

  • debbie pizzat

    Wow! Can we get any audio on that conversation?

    • Anna

      This was filmed by MSM. I’m amazed the photos even made it out.

  • Josh Doohen

    Rick Perry juts drips of puke. I can’t believe hardly a word he says, can’t believe some Americans do. Who grabs someone elses arm, Rick is just a scared bully with some financial thugs to support him. People are starting to see the mess we are in. Ron just keep pushing through buddy!!

  • William

    Get your hands off my President, Perry! Or Dr. Paul will beat you down with the Constitution.

  • Dug

    Ron Paul’s body guard should of kicked perry’s ass! thats what you pay him for!
    Perry should of been saying “Don’t tazz me bro!”

  • Stephanie

    “Humanity marches on. You can fight it, or fight for it. When we say revolution, we say it with love.” – Adam Kokesh

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • New Ron Paul Supporter

    Maybe Rick Perry was inviting Ron Paul to pray for the country. Haha!

  • Pam Montgomery

    Let me start by saying I’m a registered Democrat. My husband and I both worked very hard for President Obama in 2008. I remember how elated we were when he was elected. We believed he had the even temper and tenacity to bring both parties together, and correct some issues that are crippling this country.

    We have watched Dr. Paul in several debates, and are warming up to him in leaps and bounds. Yes, he has some extreme ideas, but in my own personal experience, extraordinary times call for extrordinary measures.
    (I have friends in Texas who give me alot of insider info) Rick Perry is an opportunist…corrupt and in the pockets of the Koch brothers. Throwing religion around like confetti, where the deeds of this man are in direct conflict with MY Christian teachings. Pray for rain, and get fire?! Wow! Don’t think he has G-d’s ear as much as G-ds ire!

    The last straw was this episode (GOP debate)of GRABBING Dr. Paul and shaking his finger in his face. Disgusting! This type of knee jerk reactionaryism is going to get this country in more trouble if he takes that “tall in the saddle” demeanor out to the global community.

    Anyhow, I’m taking my sorrow and disappointment to the polls in 2012 and voting. Just call me a Democrat for Ron Paul.

  • Peter Daagrate

    this is the man who wants to be president? This is an immature child, much like his predecessor GEORGE W. BUSH! The pic on top must be brought to the attention of the American people since the Media will not……I copied these numbers from below….call these a.. media companies and tell them about the pic…..this nation is in serious trouble…..serious trouble….if Paul does not not win I fear there may be an all out violent revolution…the nation cannot take another four years of building tent cities all over the nation!

    • Peter Daagrate

      sorry I forgot to paste the numbers…lol….

      MSNBC (212) 664-4444
      MSNBC 212.664.3720
      FOX news room 212-301-5800
      FOX 212-301-3000
      CNN news desk 404-827-2751
      CNN news desk fax: 404-827-3368
      CNN 404-827-1500

      • Peter Daagrate

        p.s Blloomberg. com has an article front page proclaiming rick perry the established front runner! What can we do about this? How it can even have come to this in what is a democracy I dont know! Please see if there is any way to counter….you may be able to go to the site itself and find the feedback button, there you can site the article and ask these people…nicely if possible….to correct this claim…..this is becoming a matter of life or death for this nation…you must combat the media….the media is going to spread nothing but lies about Ron Paul….the only way to defeat that is to undermine the media’s credibility in the eyes of the American people….something that is not likely too hard to do by this time….I am truly disgusted by a media so vile as this….a media that has helped to do so much damage to this nation…..

  • A_bodyguard

    Body Guard should have grabbed rick perrys arm and twisted it off Mr. Paul as soon as he touched him. Physical contact at a debate? I have never seen such a spectacle, the man is a savage.

    • Fairplay

      Bodyguard should have choked Perry out, that would have been a spectacle worth seeing.

    • PeoplePower

      “The real” Rick Perry a nut-case, I bet even his mom won’t vote for him lol.

      Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Politix

    Spread this image to everywhere.

    Such threatening behaviour cannot be tolerated and people need to see what kind of person Perry really is.

  • Another funny comment

    Rick: now you listen to me Congressman, If you select me as your vice president, I promise to make sure all your words are put into action in the way we do things down south. BUT, and this is a big BUT, if you don’t want to do what I say, I will keep on copying every single policy you have in mind and add Perry spice to it up to a point where I can get my arse in the Whitehouse, and then screw it all!

    Ron: I don’t need an idiot like you in my cabinet, period.

  • mike


    • David

      If he’s not the republican nominee, I hope you still vote for him (a write in) or vote for an independent or libertarian.

      • Richard Kahn

        I did just that in 2008.

  • Jared Rodriguez

    How is this NOT all over the news.

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    Angry Rick Perry the Neocon
    Dr Ron won’t join the corrupt