Ron Paul Boycotts Obama’s Speech

Ron Paul skipped President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress, joining a handful of other Republicans, including Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who did not attend the president’s speech.

Ron Paul has routinely skipped many similar events, including State of the Union addresses by presidents of both parties, dismissing such orations as “a bunch of fluff“.

  • Abboi

    Dr Paul,

    Can you get congress to invesigate the collapse of building No 7 on 9-11?

    Congress needs a new investigation into the collapse of Building 7, which must include the probable use of explosives to bring the building down.

    Thank you.

    Richard Gage AE 911 Truth Re-Investigate 911 -KMPH FOX 26 Clovis/Fresno 5-27-09

  • love Ron Paul my nex president teacher of the good keep it going


  • love Ron Paul my nex president techer of the good

  • Dawid

    Vote for who won the debate on fox poll:
    Scroll down the page, its on the right side.
    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • Kate
  • Douglas

    What is true US Constitutional Monetary Policy? This is what you have been deprived of over the past one hundred years under the Ashkenazi Federal Reserve System. What we need to understand is that America has achieved tribal coagulation. Tribal wars are a serious issue when it comes to natural resource consumption. However, they have been courted and exploited by secretive international forces that are very racist and do not see themselves as being at the same Human Level as the rest of US!

    They (the Elite) have set themselves apart from all Humanity and feel that they are superior and above all other human animals. Like a freak show they put US down as useless eaters while they enjoy the fruits of our labor.

    The truth is that they are Satanic Fools who are digging a hole into their own damnation. They are under the occult control of demonic powers that seek only the ultimate destruction of Mankind. Why! This is scientifically the exact question one should ask.

    Why! What is the Dark Force? You have been brain washed into this concept through movies but you should know what the truth is. You need to know what the dark force is propounding because the stupid Elite do not know what Demons they are dealing with. Did you watch the forth kind? That was no alien; it was a dirty filthy Sumerian Demon.

    Yes, they have all power over international monetary policy, the media and the power to influence political herding. But they have no power over the one true power of God and all the Angels stationed around our Planet Earth who are responsible for hundreds of millions of years of ecological and biological evolution.

    Moses tried to teach this to the tribes chosen out of Exile. But He broke these tablets because they were not ready for them. To this day your police forces uphold the original Ten Commandments. However, the dead seas scrolls prove that there is more to the story. This is scientific evidence that proves what I say.

    The power of the Army of Gods Angels is going to prevail for the sake of the Book of the Living. The Book of the Dead is going to try and pull as many souls down they can for spite and resentment because they have lost their right to reincarnate.

    The scientists who embrace chance mutation theory live in a nebulous nether cloud. This dark matter they see is only a void of cause and effect displacement. However, if scientist do try and incubate humans in artificial chambers they may succeed in facilitating very powerful nefarious demons beyond what we well know as mediums or the demonically possessed.

    Natural policies of medium of exchange (Constitutional Monetary Policies) will allow US to develop a sustainable civilization that can deal effectively with any adverse consequence associated with the natural progression of our Planet Earth. Spiritually it is best to maintain freedom of religion, a hallmark that has helped maintain peace. Thus should be stated equally with freedom from racism because we are all Gods children.

    But there is no peace when it comes to the natural resource consumption of the Elite. They are like a virus that seeks only their perpetuation and the prospect of their civilizations systems continuation. So, there is no golden answer to their creation, only blood, sweet and tears. Never accept their chip because it is like accepting all the murder they have committed over many centuries. It is better to be put to death than to accept their plan of ‘Global Economic Slavery’. However, I in no way am implying that we should not fight the good fight and plant seeds of true freedom.

    So who will live to perpetuate what is true constitutional monetary policy? Let it be many so we are not driven back to far into a dark age. Let US take what we have learned and take it to the next level. Let US not be disenfranchised, let Us Keep and Preserve the achievements we have gained. Let US bypass this evil force that seeks only cowardly secretive deceptive powers to maintain itself.

  • kabster

    People, it is clear who most of the American people want. It is up to us to get him there and demand media accountability.

  • James Murawski

    If a man says he’ll do something then he should do it, If he says he he should not do something then he shouldn’t do it. And I think Ron Paul made the right decision.

  • ridehard

    Sorry folks, I have to respond to derek dougherty up here since he used up all the replies. You bring up only general topics instead of facts. Lets discuss your topics. You refer to bank bailouts. That, was no more than a taxpayer give away to their rich shareholders and top brass. While everybody else with retirement and saving funds took the loss, though it was no fault of theirs. You also bring up obamacare. Were you aware that he is stealing one half trillon dollars from Medicade to pay for it ! What about the seniors that depend on it. I use the term stealing because it is taken out of every workers paycheck under the title of Medicade. You also mention a financial regulations. You must be kidding! he has surrounded himself with Wall Street retreads. Sorry! no chance of any meaningful regulation.

  • Jason

    Keep up the good work Dr. Paul. You have my vote.

  • Jerry

    Dr. Paul is correct to refer to this (and other) speaches as “a bunch of fluff”. His job is not to go and sit through the endless droning and demands to pass a bill that makes NO SENSE. His job is to review the bill and represent his voters with a decision to support or deny the bill. Of course, since the bill contains unconstitutional mandates, he’ll “nay” it, but not until he’s read and has a thurough understanding of it.
    It may be construed as a sign of respect to attend, and by default a sign of a lack of respect to not attend, but one of the things that makes Dr. Paul such a great representative is that he puts aside those political games, and does what makes sense instead.
    Thank you Dr. Paul, for your sincere efforts to save our contry and its people!

  • Travis

    Oh, the pain of watching the pep-rally entrance. Oh the pain of hearing the same old rhetoric. I am glad Dr. Paul was not there. It was so fake. Ron Paul is the real deal and I hope he becomes our next president!

  • ridehard

    The speech was nothing more than a Pep Rally for himself. same ole shit different day.

  • Robert B evans

    If you have the time PLEASE watch the DVD “Agenda; Grinding Down America” you can get it at It tells it like it really is !! Thanks