Ron Paul Boycotts Obama’s Speech

Ron Paul skipped President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress, joining a handful of other Republicans, including Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who did not attend the president’s speech.

Ron Paul has routinely skipped many similar events, including State of the Union addresses by presidents of both parties, dismissing such orations as “a bunch of fluff“.

  • I along with Congressman Ron Paul do not need to hear a President that uses his office as a catalyst solely for the purpose of running for re-election at the expense of the American taxpayer. The use of Air Force One, 2 new Black buses, Marine One and all the military and civilian support and expense to stump for his job. Other candidates have to raise their own money. Some would say that is criminal.


    • Derek Dougherty

      It’s not okay for the current President of the United States to use the tools given to him as part of his presidency to help Congress see the need for a Bill to spur economic growth and create jobs for the last 14 months of his presidency?

      But it was okay for George W. to use his power, influence, and military and civilian support to seek re-election? Don’t think for a second Obama is doing anything differently than any other previous president has done to seek out re-election for a second term.

      Yes other candidates have to raise their own money, but so did Obama. It’s not as if he isn’t still raising money for his own re-election campaign.

      Before you dismiss the President’s compromising, bi-partisan bill, take a look at what the bill actually changes. It helps the tax payers…

      • ridehard

        Name one idea! that he or his advisors have come up with that actually worked!

        • Steve

          Killing Osama worked pretty well.

          • ridehard

            It was his idea to kill bin laden? you mean nobody thought of that before.

          • Derek Dougherty

            It was Obama who ordered the Intelligence community to monitor Osama’s compound for the 8 months prior to the raid, and It was Obama who eventually ordered the takeout after spending weeks with his closest advisers. So while he wasn’t the originator of the idea, he was the one who ordered, and pulled it off.

          • Derek Dougherty

            Just off the top of my head here are a few other “ideas” that the Obama administration came up with: the economic stimulus package that brought the financial system back from the brink of collapse, rescuing two automakers, universal health care, sweeping reform of financial regulation, and major changes in student loan programs, among many others.

        • JohnT.Williams

          i can kill a dead man too…

  • RonPaul2012alldaylong

    How is this disrespectful? Ron Paul just saved the tax payers 5,000 dollars not flying, getting a hotel, food, etc.

  • How many separate times did King Obama command his subjects to pass his bill last night? His Round Table of Twelve will pass it down to the underlings to sign off, or else. Is that about it? The one, to the twelve, to the many, and then it shall pass. Now I know what all of those old phone booths are used for – the bipartisan super committee. Here they come to save the day by further ignoring the constitution and its intent.

  • Chris

    Ill do the same thin, if they out-cast him again like in 08. ill write him in and what will be hilarious is i bet he will win. government cover-up will ensue. as usual.

  • Ron Paul Supporter

    I have to say that I DID watch Obama’s Speech only for the entertainment value……by entertainment, I mean counting how many lies Obama could say in his latest speech! I stopped counting when I heard at least 5 lies in the first 5 to 10 minutes!

    I am a Ron Paul Supporter and FULLY endorse Ron Paul for the sake of Liberty and Free Markets…even if I have to write him in 😀 *thumbs up*

  • Leo Smith

    All you folks who think this is disrespectful to our so called leader.Think about this,is it respectful to flaunt your wealth to people who have felt and delt with the wrath of your failed attempts at leading this country. Is it respectful to allow your wife to go on extended trips at millions of dollars a day of tax payor money while people loose their homes and their way of life. Would you be able to hold your head up and look people in the eye knowing you had caused so much pain and suffering. Would you expect to be respected by anyone

  • Lee Crocker

    i wonder if vitter is not attending for the same reason

    • Politiks

      Last I heard Sen. Vitter had to attend because Harry Reid set up votes to be held before and after the speech. Sen. Vitter originally planned to watch the Saints game with his family in New Orleans. I am grateful that he is my Senator.

  • mbstearns

    This is disrespectful and arrogant. Dr. Paul is a member of Congress and it is his responsibility to represent the people of the 14th District of Texas. He should be attending a Presidential Address to Congress with his peers, no matter how he personally feels about the matter.

    A man who refuses to do his job as a Congressman doesn’t deserve to be President. The President of the United States cannot choose to skip out on his responsibilities.

    Dr. Paul just joined the lunatic fringe of the GOP. No wonder he isn’t being recognized as a viable candidate. The biggest lunatic in the race, Michelle Bachmann is taken more seriously.

    • victor amarelo

      If Dr.Paul wants to hear lies he can watch on t.v.Why would he waste his time attending?

      • Derek Dougherty

        Why would he waste his time attending?

        Hmmm, I dont know?

        He’s a U.S. Congressmen, so he was elected by the people of Texas to represent their interests in CONGRESS. He was not elected to sit on his couch and watch an address to congress that he is supposed to be at.

    • Jim

      Disrespect my butt. Blow it out your backside.

      Gee, I guess since Hitler was in charge, the de facto president, you would give him respect as well.

      That’s great. You pass the test. You have won a free shower, just step inside this room here that has piping that looks like shower heads. Never mind the gas vapors, they are for your benefit, you will have no more worries.

    • Steve

      I agree that he should go only so that when decission time comes, he can make an informed one. Regardless of how he feels, if he thinks only lies will be told, he needs to be there to hear those lies so that when he makes his points he can site them.

  • Erika

    I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t go either. More lies and BS is all you will miss, no big deal.

  • Tuffy Petersen

    I hope Ron has Tickets to a football game. He needs a break. He has worked harder than Ben Franklin and has put in more hours than Paul Revere informing the masses. He (ron) is unlike our pres whom prefers to work the crowd at the golf courses. Needless to say, the pres will only say pompus B.S. that will undoubtably undermine our country and it’s constitution. Who wants to hear that?

  • JenLev

    Well I don’t plan on watching it either. When I hear Pres O. It’s liked to fingernails on a chalkboard. 300 Bill for some jobs…. Look when I gamble, I put 100 down on the black jack tables. If I win great, if I lose, I walk away. I don’t toss another 100 down to try an recoup my loses. I go to the penny slots and think about wtf I did wrong at the black jack table… lol

  • Shannon Tyrrell

    I wish Dr. Paul was going, at as a courtesy. I know very few, if any courtesies have come his way, but not showing on principle makes him appear extreme and bitter. I am planning on watching and using my own mind to process it. I predict that while Obama is a great speech giver, the actual content will be a failed plan to dump more money into a desperate, bad idea. But my family will watch as it will be history, and I do not wish to hear my kids say one day…”we did not watch it because my mom thinks President Obama is a failure”…I want to lead by example and let their minds form their own opinions one day…it’s called freedom.

    • Derek Dougherty

      First sane comment I have read on this website. Don’t let the pundits tell you what to believe. You are exactly right. People need to form their own opinions, and stop waiting for someone else to decide for them.

      • Bruce B

        Well, I’ve seen, I’ve heard and I’ve decided, all on my own that Obama truly hates white America and will do everything in his power to destroy it and so far from personal experience, he’s doing an A+ job.

  • jim vanlint

    ron paul must win and stop the evil self serving war machine

  • vallan

    Last night you largely ignored Ron Paul once again, but the people are showing you it will not work anymore. He is our choice. Deal with it….Ron Paul 2012 !!

    • Trollman

      Who are you talking to, exactly?

  • PeoplePower

    Everyone needs to boycott obombers speech, maybe he’ll take the hint …

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • DRobinson

    Sorry…total lack of respect. He is the President, you were elected to represent US…you are paid to be there. I have to show up for work, so should you.
    I have always backed what you have done, but this is petty.

    • Daniel

      You act like hes skipping work to go golfing or something. No, hes skipping because he has better things to do for the American people, which is what we pay him for, not to go and sit and listen to someone lie through their teeth and offer nothing constructive.

      Wake up.

    • Tyler

      I’m ok with this, but I am also slightly in the same boat as DRobinson. It would be rather disrespectful for him to start a open boycott, but i don’t know if that is actually what he is doing. Just saying you aren’t going to attend something doesn’t mean you’re trying to start up this big event for everyone to join to purely detest this speech. I think Dr. Paul is a little better than that, and I do not find any reasonable evidence in his words that means anymore than … I just have better things to do, I’ll catch the cliff-notes later.

      Be careful with the titles of articles and who actually wrote them, make sure you truly understand what is being said and going on…… of coarse I could be wrong about this, it’s just what I am observing from this article alone



      -Withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest

      -Refuse to buy or handle (goods) as a punishment or protest

      -Refuse to cooperate with or participate in (a policy or event)

      boycotts, plural

      – A punitive ban that forbids relations with other bodies, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods

  • BillK

    I don’t really blame Ron Paul for not attending . All we have heard from Mr. Orator Obama is talk and no action . This country is in bad shape and while Obama sings , many other politicians and mainly the public aren’t dancing anymore

  • Peter Babcock

    While I agree that this is a bunch of fluff and the speech is pretty much pointless, I’m worried that this will open the door for a new line of attack on the campaign.

    At the same time, I trust your judgement, Dr. Paul, and believe that you have considered the consequences. I’m still behind you 100%.

  • Kathyjlo

    Wake me up when it is over!

  • Tee Pee

    Dr. Paul has better things to do then sit there listen to lies and B.S. 🙂