Ron Paul on 9/11: Ask the Right Questions and Face the Truth

by Ron Paul

Ten years ago shocking and horrific acts of terrorism were carried out on US soil, taking over 3,000 innocent American lives. Without a doubt, this action demanded retaliation and retribution. However, much has been done in the name of protecting the American people from terrorism that has reduced our prosperity and liberty and even made us less safe. This is ironic and sad, considering that the oft-repeated line concerning the reasoning behind the attacks is that they hate us for who we are – a free, prosperous people – and that we must not under any circumstances allow the terrorists to win.

Though it is hard for many to believe, honest studies show that the real motivation behind the September 11 attacks and the vast majority of other instances of suicide terrorism is not that our enemies are bothered by our way of life. Neither is it our religion, or our wealth. Rather, it is primarily occupation. If you were to imagine for a moment how you would feel if another country forcibly occupied the United States, had military bases and armed soldiers present in our hometowns, you might begin to understand why foreign occupation upsets people so much. Robert Pape has extensively researched this issue and goes in depth in his book “Cutting the Fuse: The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop It”. In fact, of 2,200 incidents of suicide attacks he has studied worldwide since 1980, 95% were in response to foreign occupation.

Pape notes that before our invasion of Iraq, only about 10% of suicide terrorism was aimed at Americans or American interests. Since, then however, not only is suicide terrorism greatly on the rise, but 91% of it is now directed at us.

Yes, the attacks of 9/11 deserved a response. But the manner in which we responded has allowed radicals in the Muslim world to advance a very threatening narrative about us and our motivation in occupying their lands. Osama bin Laden referred to us as “crusaders” with a religious agenda to convert Muslims, westernize their culture and take control of their resources. If we had targeted our response to only the thugs and criminals who attacked us, and refrained from invading countries that had nothing to do with it, this characterization would seem less plausible to the desperate and displaced. Blaming Islam alone is grossly misleading.

Instead, we chose a course of action that led to the further loss of 8,000 American lives, left 40,000 wounded and has hundreds of thousands seeking help at the Veterans Administration. We are three to four trillion dollars poorer. Our military is spread dangerously thin around the globe, at the expense of protection here at home. Not only that, but we have allowed our freedoms to be greatly threatened and undermined from within. The Patriot Act, warrantless searches and wiretapping, abuse of habeus corpus, useless and humiliating searches at airports are just a few examples of how we’ve allowed the terrorists to “win” by making our country less free.

Suicide terrorism did not exist in Iraq before we got there. Now it does. There are no known instances of Iranians committing suicide terrorism. If we invade and occupy Iran, expect that to change, too.

Sometimes it can be very uncomfortable to ask the right questions and face the truth. When a slick politician comes along and gives a much more soothing, self-congratulating version of events, it is very tempting to simply believe what we would like to hear. But listening to lies does not make us safer, even though it might make us feel better about ourselves.

The truth is that ending these misguided wars and occupations will make us safer, more prosperous and more free.


  • Jwhite198620

    After hearing the boo’s from the crowd, I immediately became angry. However, I feel that is against, the libertarian stance. If those people want to believe that way, that is fine. I will say I feel sorry those people, though.

  • ray5059758

    Im jamaican but i vote Ron Paul !!!!

  • Calomari

    I am a democrat. I like what Ron Paul said. He was honest and truthful about the reason why we were attacked, the reason why people hate our government, and why we should get out of their countries if we want to stay friends with them. I’m going to change to Republican just to support him. I am going to try hard to support Ron Paul, and ask all my family and friends to support what he said. He is an out-of-the-box thinker and we need someone like that in Washington.

    Ask yourself this question – Why don’t we help the Palestineans? Because they don’t have oil? If they had oil we’d be begging for their help!

  • bossrube53

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

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    3 - sign the petition

  • montagespreader

    I knew people in the world trade centers and it affected my personal life. I know that it was terrible that we were attacked but I and people I know are not as ignorant as Rick Sanitorium to the simple principle of “cause and effect”. We invaded and occupied foreign people’s homes and influenced their personal lives enough to PISS THEM OFF. What did they do? They retaliated for those sole reason and not because we are a free people. Who honestly gives a shit?

  • MrBigEnchilada

    people dont get it, “any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.” – Ben Franklin, scientist, inventor, diplomat, philosopher, political leader and journalist.

  • portales2010

    This is the one issue I take with RP. He does not publicly push for a new 9/11 investigation, however he keeps his eyes on the US goverment as the main terrorist. The twin towers and building seven fell not due to planes and fires. You can bank you bottom dollar on that.

  • What Free country?

    It is true when people from different countries are polled, they say they hate the US government because they are occupiers, but they hold nothing against the people here. I was told that when you travel, you should say you’re from Canada-as they are much better liked.
    My brother was on a plane in Malaysia March 26, 1991 hijacked by 4 Pakistani men. They did hate Americans as they asked if there were any on board. One man admitted he was and they just roughed him up a little. Their reason for terrorism was not occupation, it was to fly to Australia where their former Prime Minister’s husband was jailed and to have him released. That must have been in that 5% not terrorizing because of occupation.

  • broosycruise

    I’ll back Ron Paul, even though I’m in Australia :P, The American government needs a change, REAL CHANGE!

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • RoyElvisBand

    Ron paul on yahoo news articles, it always gets deleted soon after. 2 weeks ago … I figure if both sides of the media are trying to ignore Ron Paul he must be the man to vote for. Romney + Perry will Just give us the same bullshit another wasted 4years we need to give Ron Paul a shot in 2012

  • Bill

    Ron Paul is the only candidate brave enough to tell the American public the truth. Unfortunately, the American public, and especially the Conservatives and Tea Party, are not ready to hear the truth. The same mentality that accepts on ‘faith’ Bachman’s assertion that HPV vaccine causes retardation, is not going to accept any scenario wherein America is anything less than 100% “pure and right because God is on our side”. I understand that the only way to even be at the political table is to be in one of the two major parties, but since the religous right’s insurgency into the Republican Party, there is no room for someone who puts truth and science over blind faith. RP would do better as a fscally conservative, anti corruption Democrat, in the tradition of TR.

    • AdamGmoney

      uh, Bill… The Tea Party IS Ron Paul’s support. We agree with what he says but he needs to be more clear as to exactly what he means when he talks about ‘Palestine’ & our occupation.

      If he is simply saying that the ‘palestinian’ people are mistreated, & that we can do more (or less) to change that, he is correct. No doubt, the palestinian people have been neglected by their fellow muslim states, who use them as international leverage against Israel. Jordan’s king refused to allow the palestinian immigrants back into Jordan, where they came from, for example. In Israel, you are allowed to practice freely any religion, & any person of any religion can serve in the Israeli government & they do, unlike any muslim nation. If the Palestinians want to live in what they claim to be their homeland, they can, & many do, but most refuse to live peacefully alongside Christians & Jews, or any other religion for that matter.

      If by occupiers, Ron means Israel, which he never said & I hope he doesn’t mean, then he is grossly misinformed. In fact, Islam is solely founded in conquering land & occupying conquered land. This is the case with Israel & once muslim-occupied Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not mentioned one time in the Koran, because it was conquered centuries after the founding of Islam, opposite to the reality of Jewish &/or Christian biblical history.

  • Sonicthehedgehog73

    Us Ron Paul supporters have been motivated and very well organized, but we need to do much more.

    We need to get his message across to everyone in this country and beyond. Unite and dedicate a few hours everyday to spreading the message. We are getting so close. Don’t back of yet.

  • travz21

    We get it, Ron. Your problem will be trying to convince the ignorant citizens of America. Us freethinking Americans know about blowback and know all of the terrible things this country has done the last 30+ years. Plus, Bin Laden even told us his motives! What other proof do people need?

  • MikeTheReinholder

    Broke your heart ? they booed the quote from bin laden, had Doc quoted to the cia, they would have cheered. some ignorant Americans can get hijacked by a fake tea party, but I doubt that will have any effect on the many who have joined the Reloveution.
    That was no loss Doc—– your doing exceptionally well, keep doing it

  • Stephanie

    The number of “thumbs down” votes on the quoted post I posted below, which is clearly Pro-Paul 2012, yet is also Pro-Israel, shows the number of Anti-semites (probably muslims/ idiot dems) posting here. Clearly, Ron Paul’s policies & his success in the 2012 race, so we can return liberty to America, are NOT what some here are interested in. It’s quite obvious, that being Anti-Israel / anti-jew is some here are all about.

    • JFB

      Thanks to remind me, I’m not a fan of Israel so I’ll give you a thumb down later, I just missed the party. Normally I couldn’t care less about what happens so far away but when someone brings a pro-Israeli post I’m telling myself -uh-oh- another one who will beat the drums for a war against Iran soon.

  • Chris from Florida

    Congressman Paul:

    You are right, of course, in what you said. Rick Santorum’s attack on you in last night’s debate was an outrage. Like he frequently does, he distorted what you said and gave the audience the impression that you said we deserved to be attacked on 9/11. The audience reaction was telling. Rather than being informed, rather than knowing the truth about our government’s actions and motives, most Americans would rather be stupid, but think they’re exceptional, because it makes them feel better about themselves.

  • Robert

    I consider myself a liberal democrat, but find Ron Paul’s views and statements on 9/11 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq brave and refreshing. After 9/11 there were questions like “why do they hate us?” None of our leaders have dared to really look at that questions honestly. Intstead we get rhetoric and aggression and the loss of so much of our greatest treasure – our young people. Keep talking about this Mr. Paul!

    Peace is Patriotic!

  • bossrube53

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  • dude

    Too soon and too close to 911 to bring up this issue Ron. You need to be more subtle with people. Even though it has been 10 years, people just arent ready to swallow the pride. No one wants to believe they have been lied to. Stay under the radar then drop these bombs after you win. Just like everyone els now adays.

  • Shonenut213

    CNN Poll Results:

    Rep. Michele Bachmann/Minnesota: 4%

    Herman Cain/Businessman: 4%

    Newt Gingrich/Former House Speaker: 2%

    Rep. Ron Paul/Texas: 84%

    Mitt Romney/Former Massachusetts Governor: 4%

    Rick Santorum/Former Pennsylvania Senator: 1%