"Backstage" before the CNN / Tea Party debate.

“”Backstage” before the CNN / Tea party debate.”Ron Paul

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  • PeoplePower

    Ron Paul is chillin, he just needs a beer lol, go get them Ron!

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Destiny

    Ron Paul

    No Matter what you do or say I will always Love you anyway!!


    A Genius with Compassion.

    A Man with Good Ideas and an Awesome Record.

    Ron Paul, We are doing what we can to get your name out!!!

    Passed out copies of your “What if?” speech today and hung up a bunch of signs on the sides of the roads. also left copies of the “What if?” speech at the local libraries and community centers.

    I am passionate about my country. I am a believer in Freedom and Self Responsibility. I believe in the Libertarian way<3 Volunteering Ranks Supreme!