Ron Paul against the “Pretty Boys” (Mitt Romney & Rick Perry)

Here’s a great new ad by the pro-Paul RevolutionPAC:

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Voice: If you believe the media, here’s our choice for President: this pretty boy, or that pretty boy. Mitt Romney, who is praised by Barack Obama for his Massachusetts healthcare program, or Rick Perry, who applauded Hillary’s healthcare plan and forced young girls in Texas to be injected with an STD vaccine.

Wait a minute, can’t we do better? How about a man who gives us a truth, not a bunch of rehearsed answers, who saw the housing collapse coming when other candidates were oblivious, and whose devotion to freedom and the Constitution no other candidate can even touch.

They supported the bailouts, Ron Paul said no. And only Ron Paul listened to our founding fathers who warned that constant war means debt, taxes, and the destruction of OUR Republic. Everything Ron Paul has predicted is coming true.

We need the teacher, not the student; a man of integrity, not a shill for the bankers; a statesman, not a plastic man. For jobs, for prosperity, for freedom, Ron Paul for President. The RevolutionPAC is responsible for this communication.

Ron Paul: And we have that opportunity.


  • ninjabunnyman

    If someone wanted to bring the troops home, stop spending bucketloads of money on unaccountable bureaucracies, and restore my liberty, because they believed it would make the magical mars men of alpha-five happy, I’d vote for them any day over an arrogant wannabe tyrant who shares my opinion on the nature of the universe.

  • N8Revolution

    This I believe is exactly the message that needs to be put out there .. The campaign needs to embrace the widespread discontent and anti-establishment sentiment, go after and tear apart the counterfeits, and not do any more pussy-footin around. If we can weaken them by exposing them for the frauds they are, Ron Paul has the grassroots devoted base to lean back on why the other campaigns dwindle out and fall apart.

    Ron Paul the ONLY True CHOICE!!!

  • AnosmicJoe999

    the only candidate who takes his religion seriously is the only one who kept his oath of office.

    so his position on evolution? get over it

  • dilan4me
  • orionsdad1

    Excellent at for Ron Paul. Love it.

  • fsvoorhies


  • peterscottfrost

    It’s a good ad, but ending the wars is the one issue that gives Ron Paul a huge advantage over Obama and every other Republican.

    Perry will fade, Romney’s upside is limited. Let’s focus on the big picture. Paul needs to be reaching out to the independents and Democrats who want to end the wars. If they change their party affiliations early enough, they can affect the primaries and caucuses.

    Ending the wars and bringing the troops home should be the focus of future ads. How about infomercials?

    • JFB

      If Obama withdraw most of the troops of Iraq by the end of the year it’s a double -edged sword. Also he is targetting the primaries right now; you seem to underestimate the number of GOP voters who don’t like his ideas on foreigh policy.

  • UselessInfo101

    i dont like these smear ads. i really thought ron paul was better than this:P i mean bashing other candidates to boost your votes? something typical of someone like perry or romney, but from paul, its really dissapointing. i still greatly support ron paul. dont get me wrong. but i think he needs some more integrity within his ad dept.

    • Travis

      He actually didn’t approve this add. It was done by the Revolution Super Pac. If you listen it doesn’t say, “I’m Ron Paul and I approve this message.” But regardless, it’s a great add and talking about his predictions about the 2008 crash is something that I think should be pushed quite a bit more. Ron Paul is a genius.

  • citizensnips83

    Ron Paul I love you!

  • eBe4IXcept

    That’s a good ad.

  • RageAgainstNWO

    Woooo Ron Paul is a true American, and would make an amazing president.

  • This Ad is GREAT!

  • IBloodSweatTears

    This Ad is GREAT!

  • LOLOLOLOLOL, Hahaha, Funny. You crack me up.

  • LOLOLOLOLOL, Hahaha, Funny. You crack me up.

  • xxSmoklahomaxx


  • TheTommy626

    this one is awsome i hope i goes viral across the usa. RON PAUL2012 !!!

  • Great Ad.

  • Smithfriend

    Great Ad.

  • First.

    Ron Paul 2012.