Ron Paul against the “Pretty Boys” (Mitt Romney & Rick Perry)

Here’s a great new ad by the pro-Paul RevolutionPAC:

Help put this fantastic ad on TV in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina by supporting the RevolutionPAC with your generous donation.


Voice: If you believe the media, here’s our choice for President: this pretty boy, or that pretty boy. Mitt Romney, who is praised by Barack Obama for his Massachusetts healthcare program, or Rick Perry, who applauded Hillary’s healthcare plan and forced young girls in Texas to be injected with an STD vaccine.

Wait a minute, can’t we do better? How about a man who gives us a truth, not a bunch of rehearsed answers, who saw the housing collapse coming when other candidates were oblivious, and whose devotion to freedom and the Constitution no other candidate can even touch.

They supported the bailouts, Ron Paul said no. And only Ron Paul listened to our founding fathers who warned that constant war means debt, taxes, and the destruction of OUR Republic. Everything Ron Paul has predicted is coming true.

We need the teacher, not the student; a man of integrity, not a shill for the bankers; a statesman, not a plastic man. For jobs, for prosperity, for freedom, Ron Paul for President. The RevolutionPAC is responsible for this communication.

Ron Paul: And we have that opportunity.



    Great job Revolution PAC (money well spent).

  • gspot6916

    RON PUAL 2012!!! 😀

  • MrRoachclips

    just got my vote… maybe. although they always look like the right choice before the election.

  • StolenMonkey86

    If you live in Virginia, you don’t register by party.

  • WhitePOweR11ranger

    You know that a candidate is good when people are glorifying him/her without their asking, and when there’s actually good reasons behind it. Not like Obama who got all the votes just because he was black and excited us with hopes of ‘change’ which we so desperately wanted after the Bush failure

  • tubeviewerX20

    Ha Ha Great ad.

  • PapaLuvTLC

    “The object of the superior man is truth.” – Confucius
    Ultimately the Truth WILL Prevail >>>
    Ron Paul is a Man Of Truth >>>
    V4Victory ~ TLC

  • mealloveryou

    Great commercial! Ron Paul 2012-2020!!!

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  • SisterBenedict74

    Don’t just plan to vote: Donate NOW so Ron Paul will have the funds to run ads to change minds.

  • TruthIndeed

    Is it just me or did the whole CNN Tea Party Republican debate last night seem to revolve around Rick Perry?

    I made a quick compilation of it. Check it out:


  • joygarner


  • ofellazu

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  • lilHippo

    im a democract but if he wins primary i might give my vote to paul

  • BeerBottleSlide

    Ron Paul is very presidential!

  • Sonicthehedgehog73

    Us Ron Paul supporters have been motivated and very well organized, but we need to do much more.

    We need to get his message across to everyone in this country and beyond. Unite and dedicate a few hours everyday to spreading the message. We are getting so close. Don’t back off yet.

  • 130hc

    Anonymous – The New World Order <<

  • wheelmanstan

    If all was fair, Ron Paul would easily be president. But Bilderberg meetings, corrupt media, and voting fraud have to be taken into the equation.

  • ItalianMike97

    hey glenn beck remember when u were waiting for george washington to rise up, well here he is. ron paul!